CIO update: Post-mortem on the Skype outage

As a follow-up to last week’s outage, here is a detailed explanation of what transpired, the root cause, and plans to mitigate this from happening again in the future. For starters, it helps to understand that Skype is based ...


Donuts: 12 Lame Excuses For Loss To Raptors

Interested with this article about a matchup at their place. Although I no longer notice the Mavericks taking a firm use of advertising. The new stadium has only been erected for a number of years, the entire squad definately needs this kind of attention. Why don't they add a commericial should this basketball team lament over traffic driving thru their place? allow the mavericks sometime to chill enjoy this New Year.


Putin to put Russian government on Linux by 2015

Putin to put Russian government on Linux by 2015. article


Skype Outage: What You Need to Know

More than 24 hours after a Skype outage hit users around the world, the service has come back online for most users.


Daft Punk's orchestral score for 'Tron: Legacy' reveals a new side

Article - Times staff writer Chris Lee, who landed a rare interview with Daft Punk, writes about the French electronic music duo who scored "Tron: Legacy. ...

Inhabitat newsletter

A inhabitat newsletter post found from earlier this month I would like to post it on my blog also Europe’s tallest building by Renzo Piano tops out in London .


Nelson Mandela lawyer to defend New York coffee shop staff

He has defended some of the world's most prominent political dissidents, including Nelson Mandela and Vaclav Havel, against prosecution by authoritarian regimes.

CNN's Larry King exits after 25 years

Larry King, the CNN personality known for his nonconfrontational interviews, colorful suspenders and complicated personal life, said on Tuesday he would end his talk show in the fall after a 25-year reign as a key promotional stop for the rich and famous.

One hack of a ride for angry misfit kid Bradley Manning

IN May, a steady stream of electronic traffic was sent more than 10,000km from a US military base near Baghdad.


Today, I just went and picked up my computer from repair it had a blue screen on startup. I would sometimes stay idle and not get instant messages, so this is just to set clear what has been happening here. I am now able to post notes and blog my router was disconnected I just checked and it no wire dunno how the laptop will work but it's been giving us problems. I looked at how to access the net while the computer was being fixed and Cisco techy told about the access key, i'm unable to use the notebook however "do know nothing" what the router is capable of doing behind shelves.


Captain Beefheart (Don Van Vliet), Dead at 69

Don Van Vliet was an American musician and visual artist best known by the stage name Captain Beefheart. His musical work was conducted with a rota...

Video: Rapper Fabolous Talks About His New Aston Martin Rapide

We're happy to report that rapper Fabolous, a.k.a. John David Jackson, is the proud owner of a new Aston Martin Rapide sedan. He was spotted i...


Baidu Launched Open Platform for Mobile

Baidu's open platform for mobile was launched early today. Currently the service it offers is not really interesting, but easy and useful.



I don't normally sip this stuff called wine but I rather explain what happened to me on my last outing. I went shopping for groceries and didn;t expect to be carrying a bottle of some of this drink. Due to the fact that I had very little to chip into the offer I managed to taste it food traffic behind i'm questioning. I was visiting my friends when I sneaked out and went for a ride in a Porsche sike. I can be sitting here lying to myself if you let me explain because I was lost in Dallas.

I was parked at the bank thinking a spot where I normally never go it reminds me of the old school days. I would use the tram to my class going passed the highway, they've now closed all the toll booths in North Texas. This is wine a drink with a dark flavor to it and fresh although from Africa, the mix took me by suprise. I have a plastic cup on hand, but I couldn't get hold of the person who helped me get it opened. I happened to have been at two different superstores, they had all these bottles of wine. During traffic I recall seeing cars go by I become excited looking at the two door Audi S5, I've got some dollars.

It's almost time for dinner so I get a call telling me to go back home, i'm looking around inside the store asking for a fridge magnet the customer doesn't know what i'm talking about. I had just left the house arriving to google Brooklyn flirting over on visitors guide.

It's was not the wrong kind of drink, it was only during the next visit
I happened to drive by the store again why I forgot what had happened. When I was done tasting I wanted to leave knowing I had to drive back to my previous location. Your not going to drink very much after a full course meal it was during dinner. It's very uncommon to drive up onto someone's garage after midnight but at the store i'm walking around I feel dizzy and want to use the men's room all of a sudden i'm back and barelly able to see the road. A black Jaguar drove past in Texas during this time of night luckily I wasn't arrested.


Q&A with OpenDNS: We're being blocked, FCC should act on net neutrality

And that could crush startups like them, says OpenDNS founder David Ulevitch. He says the San Francisco domain name service is already being blocked by Verizon Wireless. He fears other Internet service providers trying to compete with it could do the...


Rio drug traffickers are surrounded by police and army

Brazilian police have surrounded a Rio de Janeiro slum, after the end of a sunset deadline to drug traffickers to turn themselves in or face an assault. article


Is it really about Internet Censorship and Free Speech?

Well i've been watching my tv lately and it's not really clear cable is available sometime I watch alotta this german news and think it's approaching time for me to get a fix. Since yesterday i've only worked to see things upgrading is my main objective here the blog takes out alotta time. But if it wasn't for the entertainment center I would really like to obtain a new entertainment center i'm not scared over at myspace. If you want a cup you should be reading the latest issue of Kanye West journal. This a very interesting individual who overrides isht, I want to see myself become something like that despite the lack of attention from the masses.

Singapore Airlines to fly three A380s home without passengers after oil stains discovered

I had been watching the news lately and there seemed to have been a problem with Quantas Airways plenty of buzz concerning this matter Airbus aircraft's in the news so despite the mishap is fortunately never going to travel anytime soon. In London .last week the shares of Rolls Royce got devastated and closed four decimal nine percent lower on Friday with concerns looming that the engine failure of Quantas A 380 might be a signal of a bigger problem with its manufactured engines for the jetliner.


Boxcar 4.0 Is the Indispensable iPhone Notifications App

Currently, Boxcar is a most excellent app for that straightforwardly pushes notifications from services like Twitter and Facebook to the iPhone. Boxcar 4.0 is going to make your iPhone feel like it has a million,


Google error hands disputed territory to Morocco

Google has become embroiled in another battle over territory after wrongly identifying a tiny rocky outcrop in the Mediterranean as belonging to Morocco, ...

David Cameron urges China to embrace democracy

Prime Minister David Cameron says China's growing economic freedom should go "in step" with political reform, in a speech to students in Beijing.

Stocks headed for a weak open

U.S. stock futures were little changed prior to the opening bell Wednesday, as investors await a slew of economic data. Go here


Japan's PM criticizes U.S. trade-target plan: WSJ

Asked to reflect on the chill that has come over China-Japan relations since the collision, the prime minister made only the most-indirect criticism of what ...


World’s First Commercial Spaceport

Foster + Partners Unveil World’s First Commercial Spaceport

Read more: Foster + Partners Unveil World's First Commercial Spaceport | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World


World Series

Just know and have talked to some few clients on the web where do I begin what should I say sometimes never know. In the meantime I feel like nowdays could be I could be guilty for anything can I claim to earn enough i've say down and watched the presidential news conference. See enough sports to know about Rangers certainly would have tasted success not to just loose themselves and the world series I want to try and explain. Never in history has a team like the rangers taken up baseball into the country, I was here waiting for it to happen unfortunately the opposing team won taking the lead.

Never has the game gone with no Philadelphia Phillies, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Cleveland Indians, New-York Yankee, Atlanta Braves, Minnesota Twins, and Boston Red Sox. Overall baseball does take you places but, where I seem to be going is back I want to ask you what to think. I just think the halloween celebration went over the top only one person knocked at my door i'm moving around town making stops at the library and finding the rates and timing very demanding. Bad luck happened to me but how bad? I already went to see good luck chuck, lucky slevin, goodnight & goodluck a few good movies but where is the milk? How about shopping where I normally go to for petcare over there is a bookstore with enough time I could be looking at newspapers, there isn't a beach here my nightlife certainly takes me towards the ballpark.

I was worth and i've returned down south somewhat perplexed to see our hometown so sad over the news that they lost it has rained and there are no flash flood warning signs Rangers passed me by the way what about them? i've never been to first base is it somewhere within distance? I want to blame the zoning regulations and fire department but know there is more interest with football, perhaps too busy to notice us. Our hwy is new was just changed and given a new name of Ronald Regan Expressway should someone do something about public transportation? if ever do meet baseball fan supporting those teams I certainly would ask alot of q's the weather condition of some of these places. Moving forward is important how come we didn't start looking to win. Despite loosing the noise level was enourmous I kinda felt ill but again having doubts. I am on location looking at the hospitality at some of these facilities on the opposite side of the medical city. Absolute chaos the news was on and they were speaking to the Mayor and finger pointing to the camera. The following day I heard about voting our state needs changes, the tickets I kept wondering if everyone had viewed the local news channel - seen their plays during the World Series ever before I should have just parked outside the ballpark. At this time no commenting.

Sony's 10 Greatest Tech Flops

Sony has had many successes, but not everything hits it big. Here's a look at some products that didn't quite make it.


A battle of overrated quarterbacks?

ecomagination.com Learn how Smartgrid Technologies are opening up supply to meet unprecedented demand


My AT&T Customer Service Nightmare

One move, plus one e-mail password snafu add up to one frustrating week for this PC and iPhone user. Dear AT&T: You should be able to do better customer service than this.



I've been driving mostly during the day ever since I was taken to the airport arriving back to witness yet another strange event, going past five european cars asian model car a fire on the side of the road a number of fire trucks witness this everyday. I want to learn about architecture since learning hearing about it at school, certainly going to ask questions about economics. Apple is also gearing up for the challenge, and so while outside yesterday arriving without a navigation device, I parked next to a newly developed Hospital no wonder. But for instance virgin music completed a very large store downtown, I have gone past there numerous times and heard cars. What do you think about cubicles and trains? if any of these things interest you leave a comment.

Cars and Wind: What's Next for Google as It Pushes Beyond the Web?

Google, a vanguard of the Internet, has placed its bets on the high-tech transformation of non-tech industries -- cars and wind energy.


Tokyo Mandarin: Yours for a Night and $672,150

It would be Mandarin-O-Palooza: Luxed-out hospitality meets princely libations for the ultimate slumber party.

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Tokyo is turning five years old this December.


Microsoft Smartphone !ncluded

Somehow, Microsoft Is Even More Uptight Than Apple About Its Apps Store

Read more: here


Guide to copy-and-paste in Windows Phone 7

If your interested in any of these headlines about the Microsoft phone just leave a comment I asked for and noticed the electronics store no longer selling Sony products such as the boombox. So I started to feel uncomfortable knowing I couldn't trust any other manufacturer. I called Sony before walking there again to ask about their new line of camera's. I spoke to a sales man i'm told to register this product so I don't loose it. I have already sold it, it was a new camera purchased at the store. I hope your going to do your homework before believing in any of these gadget guides. I just regret loosing my camera the remaining thing isn't Sony it's the empty hand. What do you think should Sony USA have created this gadget instead of Microsoft I already noticed the Apple ipad what about letting Sony electronics for a change. I no longer notice consumers going to the local electronics stores to choose blueray dvd's and/or talk about that empty spot on the rack. See the headlines

The current version of Windows Phone 7 lets you move the cursor, but not highlight any segment of text. So I imagined that the copy and paste feature would ...

Microsoft: Copy and Paste coming to Windows Phone in early 2011‎

Find info about the new Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system and how it is revolutionizing mobile devices and smart phones.


Italy's problems go deeper than Berlusconi

The bungling prime minister is only the public face of a morally corrupt society to which a weak opposition poses little alternative


London Design Festival 2010

We're always excited to see what the internationally renowned Designersblock exhibition has in store, and this year's quirky, thought-provoking selection for the London Design Festival did not disappoint. The show itself was housed at a location that was just as interesting in terms of design as the products were - the Bargehouse down at the South Bank. The Bargehouse offered a raw and unpretentious atmosphere where each piece of work - from the amazing Brick Habitats meant to attract critters to your building walls to beautiful "patchwork" locally-produced furniture - came to life

Read more: London Design Festival 2010: Designersblock | Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World



Nas Goes In On Def Jam In Email

Read more: Nas Goes In On Def Jam In Email | Necole Bitchie.com

I from on it does seem as though the world is moving faster not only do I have to respond to erroneous entries about online articles, but i've even lost complete arguments with some of these music domains such as World DJ. You may not know what i'm talking about but i've run into some issues with on that website, I had been asking the webmistress some questions. I opened my account but lost the password my bio is posted but I cannot access and/or make repairs. I only notice the ignorance because a movie about the Brooklyn doesn't coordinate with where this guy is from which is Queens. Does it not bother you to find nobody solving the problem, does it not seem obvious that it's impossible getting what I ask for? i'm just over there looking and seeing really no point in spending anymore of my talent there. The solution if you don't cover your ears is prefix time to get up.


Games India Isn’t Ready to Play

The fiasco of the Commonwealth Games shattered illusions of the country’s progress.


The Five Most Bogus Rapper Apologies

For rappers and celebrities, apologies are statements drafted by lawyers and publicists with the sole intention of appeasing business partners. Her... article


Nissan Townpod Concept at 2010 Paris Motor Show

Looks like: Nissan Leaf meets Chevy HHR; Defining characteristics: Hideaway second-row seats; Ridiculous features: Movable “pucks” to hold accessories; Chance of being mass-produced: It's possible we'll see some wild electrics in the ...


Cowboys-Texans: 10 Things We Learned About Both Teams in Week 3

The Super Bowl is being played in Jerry World (Cowboys Stadium) this season, and Dallas has enough talent for more than a few teams in the NFL, so they were the “logical” choice to make the Super Bowl.


1800 Privacy

Verizon Wireless will bring a next generation of wireless broadband to 30 "National Football League cities" by the end of this year--but you'll have to wait a little longer to find out just which places it has in mind and what its 4G service will cost, among other details.

I was wondering if coding errors may have something to do with taking down websites? this may interfere with the laws. I recommended to someone awhile ago that if it was okay for them to include a FAQ and Copyright info link on their company website. This is a relative of mine I didn't want to come across racing to conclude my suggestions; so I asked him about it because I was browsing the website and found it open. Since I am not the webmaster I afterwards heard something about it, but it came across in form of a music video so I think the word spread and now everyone's recognized.

Ready to browse the net particularly books about The Matrix sitting here looking at Social Network movie trailer schedule for release on Friday, means that I need to be there it's impossible to tell you exactly how or when i'm supposed to enjoy seeing another flick. So while browsing through my tv guide menu I notice executive decision and select it knowing it's an extremist movie about many topics. Seeing that I have been trying to assist someone immigration clearance, never going to the theater anytime soon. Although I didn't see much of it having already called the a travel agent who used this same professional name, I found it on the verizon yellow pages meanwhile looking to purchase a ticket the facebook page includes details. Walking to the computer I find nothing left to do this is a light movie maybe try and see it entirely. The yellow page seek clients and that is just the same exact title no strings attached.


Medvedev, Putin grapple for power in Moscow

Russian President Medvedev made it clear from the beginning that he does not stand in Vladimir Putin's shadow. Two years into his presidency, Medvedev is making a play for more power as he seeks to assert himself.

Czech Republic blocks Google Street View for privacy violation

The Czech data protection authority has said Google Street View must change its data collection methods. The authority claimed Google was taking photographs from too high up, intruding on residents' privacy.


5 essential tips on how to save and achieve your financial goals

1 – Set important goals
Set goals and draw plans that make the sacrifices worthwhile. Saving is nothing more than that: sacrificing present consumption spoon to enjoy a better future. The stronger your desire, the lower their sacrifice.

2 – Make saving simple
There is a plethora of techniques, tactics and recommendations to save money. Choose the simplest rules and the percentages more comfortable. Think hard before choosing their tactics. Once chosen, break up and take complete control of the situation. Do not adopt any tactic that you do not dominate and restrict the boundaries of those savings you believe you can deliver, albeit with some sacrifice.

3 – Be disciplined
Little early for lunch to save and spend on dinner. By day’s end you will have saved nothing. If you’re willing to reach any financial goal, be aware that need time and discipline. Choose simple rules and parameters that are easy to be together and be faithful to them.

4 – Pay on the first day
Do not expect the end of the month to see how much will be left. The right time to separate the money into savings is when you receive. Whatever the amount or percentage established, separate immediately that part for your buck, as if you had not received that value.

5 – Resist temptations
Do not allow the money saved is wasted. Avoid stirring in reserves to meet consumer impulses. There are three important factors to facilitate the accumulation of wealth: the principal, the interest rate and time. There is no doubt that time is the most important.Do not interrupt investment ahead of time, and be sure to do the amount of resources planned. Learn to add $ 100 a month for twenty years resulting in an amount greater than $ 400.00 together for ten years, or $ 1,000 for five years, considering the same interest rate. And admit it is much easier to separate a little money each month than a large sum near when you will need.

"Money Never Sleeps" Faces Hard Time on Wall Street

"Wall Street has been dragged through the mud in the last year or so. It has been scapegoated," said Kirman. "There is nothing that Oliver Stone is going to say...in this movie that our president has not said himself. It's not going to be a huge punch against Wall Street."

Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says

The Titanic hit an iceberg in 1912 because of a basic steering error, and only sank as fast as it did because an official persuaded the captain to continue sailing, an author said in an interview published on Wednesday.

China tells U.S. to keep out of South China Sea dispute

China told the United States not to interfere in a regional dispute over claims to the South China Sea , saying it would only complicate the matter.


Status update

The blog is doing okay it's been a few months since opening but I prefer to keeping updates. The World Cup has ended there is some talk about hacking attempts but just secure your passwords.

What about e-mail which I recalled giving out to my classmates? just don't give information to anyone because i'm getting messages and want them to stop.

The U.S passport is joining the digital age while at the airport recently I realize them accepting e-tickets.

As for the power of this blog there isn't much to say the system is pentium dual core E5300@2.60GHz i'm thinking of making upgrades but how?

EU unveils its plans to end financial market 'Wild West'

Comparing the current climate on financial markets to the 'Wild West', EU Financial Services Commissioner Michel Barnier has outlined plans for tougher controls on the sector, especially on derivatives trading.



New York fashion week

A look behind the scenes at New York fashion week, where designers including Betsey Johnson, Diane von Furstenberg, Christian Siriano and Jason Wu talk about the inspirations for their latest collections


Actively Exploited Flash Player Vulnerability Patched in Chrome

Google has released a new version of Chrome, which fixes a Flash Player vulnerability currently exploited in the wild, even though an official patch from Adobe is not expected until Monday.


Boeing plans to send passengers into space

Boeing Co plans to offer passengers the chance to fly into space on a craft it is developing for travel in low-Earth orbit, the aerospace company said on Wednesday.


From Vodacom to Startup, South African Mobile Social Networking Founder Makes Waves

Vodacom's The Grid just launched, but team leader Vincent Maher is already onto his next venture--a Ning-equivalent for mobiles in South Africa and emerging markets

Whole Foods: Don't Eat That, Eat This

They weren't playing around at the spot where I asked for 2 pounds worth of hot chicken, from my last time going to this store to pickup food I had doubts because I had very few dollars and it was a holiday. So after making my selection I had nobody to share the meal with and so I just put it in for storage until it was completely gone.

I was going to need some bread while stepping through that very same situation I happened to pass through that counter recently without saying a word. There are three grocery stores in the town where I live in Whole Foods is one the other side of town, I don't want to become obese I was sitting at the parking lot of my second choice located nearby waiting for my uncle who had been running an errand. I noticed they weren't eating I dunno why but requesting for money and eating a dish doesn't make for the fact that I was the only person wanting to step out of there and run. So the third location I don't normally shop there because the muslim grocers store is also on my list of places to look for food. Whenever i'm around the third location my mother is with me but after ordering 2 pounds worth of food from the other place i'm beginning to think like that is foul.

So before going on a journey recently I parked the car at this same spot and walked in there to order alot of bbq and hot marinated chicken. Afterwards, going to a party and it turns out that I maybe ordered too much. Because it was only three of us sitting in the car. It's just better not assuming that people are going to munch the things made at the store. Sometimes it's snowing your at the "second choice" next to a Mcdonalds whats to eat? ski towards transition.

The Frightening Beauty of the Gulf Oil Disaster

Canadian photographer Edward Burtynsky is most famous for his arresting images of oil consumption, compiled in the excellent book OIL (which we wrote about earlier this year). It was only natural, then, that he would turn his lens ...


Bush forfeits 2005 Heisman Trophy - Boston.com

Bush forfeits 2005 Heisman Trophy - Boston.com



Going the Distance

This is yet another day where so much could be done to help others, I would just like to hope everyone a fabulous experience. For this sport of Football I recently had to mention our Cowboy Stadium several times meanwhile we loose the season opener this isn't dream girls men. The evening was spent viewing the VMA's instead of ESPN a football tv channel for sports enthusiasts. See the Patriots a rivalry during this new football year. Sports network ESPN take a look at these contract extensions.


Facebook inches past Google for Web users' minutes

U.S. Web surfers are spending more time socializing on Facebook than searching with Google, according to new data from researchers at comScore Inc.


Facebook passes Google as most-viewed site in US in past week

There seems to be no stopping Mark Zuckerberg's wunderkind - perhaps because it's doing something that search cannot ...

click here

How an Anti-Piracy Firm Became Banned In Its Own Country

A notorious Switzerland-based anti-piracy tracking company has to stop harvesting the IP addresses of citizens using P2P networks. The Swiss High Court ruled that IP addresses cont'd...


Ferrari fined after German GP one-two

Ferrari were fined $100,000 and risked further sanctions from Formula One's governing body on Sunday after Fernando Alonso won a German Grand Prix clouded by their use of banned 'team orders'.


Square Enix and Yahoo's History-Making Game is a Free Browser Game

It's not a new Final Fantasy or search engine game; it's a web-based, free-to-play strategy game. 1up


Eminem and Jay-Z: Hip-hop giants deliver Detroit double-header | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Eminem and Jay-Z: Hip-hop giants deliver Detroit double-header | detnews.com | The Detroit News

2010 Motorcycle of the Year: BMW S1000RR

BMW made stately tourers and sport-tourers and adventure-tourers that only looked sporty in a single-line dealership. For decades it was said that making motorcycles was just a part of the German car-maker's image ...


End of Combat Mission

Last night combat brigade rolled/withdraw from Iraq into Kuwait end of operation iraq freedom 7 yrs 5 months longer than World War 2. Secrecy at night 50,000 $1 trillion no longer american war. Is this the end? combat troops yes the war isn't really over rebranded helping iraq transition 2100 people take on military functions buying car equipment. What kinda day? for the troops know because if staying will be deployed to Afghanistan problems Shiite Sunni can the Iraq do it. I am watching the situation room now and they are leaving only a number on ground thousands working at the embassy continue in different form just changing relationship of the combat morale.


'Anti-Facebook' eyes launch date

An open alternative to Facebook will be launched on the 15 September, the developers of the Diaspora project say.

The ups and downs of social networks here

'Anti-Facebook' raises cash here

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Your Business Facebook Page


10 things pres Obama must do in 10 weeks

President Obama is facing criticism that his message has gone off track at a crucial time for his party and administration. With the midterm elections just 10 weeks away, the president's approval ratings are at their lowest.



So as I was looking at the calendar there are still some few weeks left until the Summer officially ends. While i'm seated here at my computer I realize the XP computer is asking for upgrades. It's a kind of mess but I am able to listen to new music without creating anything. Just radio I feel the vibes where is it all going are you interested because i'm here listening to new music and dunno if I should be carrying on without mentioning these artists; people you and I know their videos are on television I just don't want to sit here alone. How I found out about the fires from Russia, I was sorta suprised because I didn't know about their number one search engine Yandex. President visit to the United States appearing on the evening news if you didn't notice. Facebook is taking up most of my social time making me change around privacy settings instead of showing concern for my climate.

Top 10 best digital compacts: ultra-compact cameras

Big zooms, massive sensors and manual controls are all very well, but sometimes the most important thing of all is to have a digital camera you can fit in your pocket

Read more: review


Poll: One In Five Americans Incorrectly Call Obama Muslim

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, is based on interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to construct a mosque near the World Trade Center site.

Inside Soccer City Johannesburg

as the main stadium for the 2010 world cup, soccer city in johannesburg played host to the opening ceremonies, a number of matches and the final game. designboom was given a personal tour of the facility by gavin tucker, senior architect with boogertman and partners, the design firm behind the project.


Rap Retirement Plans

One writer looks at the hypocrisy and impulse rappers use to wave retirement. Does it say something about them, or about the yearning for appreciation that 2010 Hip Hop yields?


Taylor Swift bowls 'em over in Arlington

Taylor Swift bested Justin Bieber to secure a spot in ... the International Bowling Museum?!


Rihanna featuring Eminem 'Love the way you lie'

Hellow Yellow!: Rihanna featuring Eminem 'Love the way you lie' of...: "In the words of the great Lady Gaga: THIS LEFT ME SPEECHLESSSSSSS! You know, when I first saw the pics from the photo-shooting last week I..."

Browser 'Privacy Modes' Not So Private After All

All the major web browsers have a privacy mode that's supposed to cover a user's tracks after he or she finishes an Internet session, but a trio of researchers have found those modes fail to purge all traces of a Net ...


So you wanna be a Test Kitchen intern.... Meet Joe Moon

Whoever likes eating at their favorite restaurant know that i've been munching alot lately dunno whay maybe it's because my mom's b-day was last month and i've wasn't able to purchase anything. Since last month I went to the movies once and couldn't get around much besides going to my uncle's to drop off some luggage. Before seeing Karate Kid I was at the store grabbing a t-shirt you know and trying to get into the club. This however didn't work I am short of money nowdays because my hours have been reduced and i'm hating cause I don't have got a nice ride.

So you wanna be a Test Kitchen intern.... Meet Joe Moon


Innovators gather for 'techonomic' summit

Google and Hewlett-Packard are just two of the companies represented at the inaugural Techonomy conference, which is taking place near Lake Tahoe and is focused on the economic power of innovation cont'd.


Cheap ticket

Spirit airlines have never been on this airline but after seeing that ceo selling/buying a cheap ticket speak to the media i'm asking myself why I don't travel as much as I should. With innovations such as this new Tesla roadster are consumers going to take the risk of speeding through past the counter to a gas/electric powered automobile? if you've ever been to the port you often have to ask for the rental counter a local airport isn't going to offer you the amenities a large hub provides. What's next for these new inventions and brand names which never existed. You can try finding where your going, nowdays getting from point A to B isn't as simple as you would think. I've been asked to go help take a car for repairs but couldn't find the address because of my decision not to take a map. A map is good but the gps is very expensive. It's the cost that always takes precedent over the service i'm only looking for my destination. How many are out there driving for miles unable to arrive on time? i'm certain that whoever got their travel arrangements taken care of it certainly would never be me. I see the point the ceo is trying to make putting everything into a bundle and offering the viewer a rough estimate, it's just hard to interpret over the counter companies. What do I see it's the competition taking most of the space, citizens need to unite against thses sorts of privileges that nobody bearly knows how to do.


Google: The search party is over

Yes, the company is still growing at rates that would be the envy of the rest of the Fortune 500. But its core business is slowing, its stock is down, its Android mobile platform generates scant revenue, and competition (hello, Facebook) is fierce. Can Google find its footing in this brave new world?


An Influx of leadership

How is everybody doing i've so far started to keep track of stocks on my homepage, this is risky because bloomberg tv is already doing that you get the idea surf to it check out my biz and begin guessing about the kinda organization i'm offering biz clients.

Right now the amount of ideas is overflowing I noticed the numb brain freeze which was a cause of me getting others to help me. The obvious is they went as fas as repairing this old computer system, i'm no repair man I just doubt if I can do without an Apple computer. Have you been to the store and seen their display? if I could afford it my leadership credentials could help focus. The Kindle is available and I seem to think the small sized biz concept is getting plenty of buzz.

What next for me it's to continue screaming about a webhost, it certainly isn't easier the cost is perhaps never going to get paid for. I just intend to lay low, keep a tab and balance the budget my bank has been recently bought over. This puts leadership behind and focus in front where I see this ending up is really at the office. As a lawyer may get fired but he/she is capable of using language that is far much more better for you instead of you drowning. I do intend to make personal progress I am entitled to complete my learning. I needed to explain to everyone why I believed in seeing the freedom writers movie.

Microsoft issues 'critical' patch for shortcut bug

Parking Lot Pimping: The Funkmaster Flex Car Show from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Cybersecurity: Your Guide to Protecting Yourself Online

Microsoft has issued a "critical" security update to fix a flaw in the way Windows handles shortcuts.


How do I create and use a Windows 7 System Image to recover from a crash?

It is a fact, systems crash eventually. Jack Wallen shows you how to use System Image to recover from catastrophic system crash.


End of the jobs machine

Corporate America isn't the jobs machine it used to be.

Job seekers still face intolerable odds

Facebook data harvester speaks out

The man who harvested and published the personal details of 100m Facebook users has spoken out about his motives.


WikiLeaks drops 90,000 war docs; fingers Pakistan as insurgent ally

WikiLeaks has published over 90,000 mostly-classified US military documents from the war in Afghanistan.


Sony now facing single class-action for PS3 other-OS removal

Sony has been hit with seven class-action lawsuits over the removal of the "Other OS" option in the PlayStation 3 firmware, and the court has now agreed to bundle these suits into one large action. The result? Settlement becomes more likely, and simpler for all parties.

CES 2010: Sony


BP agrees $7bn (£4.6bn) asset sale to fund oil clean-up

BP is to sell assets in Texas, Canada and Egypt, to part-fund the clean-up cost of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.


James Bond 007: Blood Stone

Joss Stone is the new Bond Girl, but she won't be appearing on the big screen. The latest James Bond film has been put on hold indefinitely, however…

No Bond Girl: Angelina Jolie on 'Nightline'

Not all of 007’s chicks come from Russia with love. We take a look at five of James Bond’s more exotic beauties


Germans won't give up on euro

The reason for their irritation is that Greece and other so-called peripheral economies “broke the rules” of the euro by living beyond their means, said Joerg Kraemer, chief economist at Commerzbank in Frankfurt.

Lohan arrives at jail to begin serving sentence

Lindsay Lohan has arrived at a Los Angeles County women's jail to begin serving a 90-day sentence for a probation violation that is likely to be whittled down to a few weeks.



Take this Cocktail Ingredients Quiz

Apple Battles Frauds in iTunes

While the number of accounts that were breached in the latest incident was small—Apple said about 400 of its 150 million iTunes users were affected—it renews concerns about how well companies and individuals are protecting sensitive data.


Toyota Educates Customers as Floor Mat Alert Ignored

Toyota Motor Corp. ’s U.S. sales chief said many owners still ignore warnings not to stack floor mats beneath accelerator pedals and wants dealers to familiarize buyers with model features so they’re not mistaken for flaws.


Opinion: Should We Extend Unemployment Insurance?

Opinion: Should We Extend Unemployment Insurance?

I noticed the recent Time Magazine article on newstands and recall it being about america. I had just left the local bank and was waiting there when I decide to look into what all the fuss was about. Is America really going broke? I seem to think so only because i'm a citizen of this country. My earnings don't reflect on what i'm able to do do, many places I prefer going to and very little change to help meet my day to day errands. So what "I don't get paid from the neck up" i'm only just interested with social networking but not if it will interfere with my overall progress.

My Own Private India

How the Jersey town named for Thomas Edison became home to the all-American Guindian

Read more: Time magazine


Fire on Maersk ship under control

Container still burning after two days, but efforts to keep it in check appear to have worked go here.


Road Test: 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour

In the end, the Crosstour surprised me. The styling is neither the elephant in the
room some critics claim nor as avant-garde as Honda would like to believe. ...

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Slashdot: Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Released

"Mozilla has released the first Beta of Firefox 4, the next major version of the popular web browser. Apart from the new 'Chromified' tabs-on-top UI, there are many major improvements in performance and HTML5 support. This release also adds support for the new WebM video format. Other changes include faster DOM and CSS performance, improved UI responsiveness, hardware 2D acceleration, experimental WebGL support, and better JavaScript performance (though this beta does not include the new JaegerMonkey JIT engine). More details on the Mozilla blog."


Sarkozy lashes out at ‘smear’ campaign in France

French President Sarkozy is under pressure amid allegations that his party received envelopes filled with cash from Liliane Bettencourt, heiress of French cosmetics group L'Oréal.

How Google can beat Facebook at Social

The rumors that Google is creating a Facebook competitor called Google.Me have not been denied. But does Google have to change its own persona to create a social network that can rival the world's largest?


Oil "super skimmer" arrives in Gulf of Mexico

A massive ship converted into a "super skimmer" has arrived in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico to assist with cleanup of the BP oil spill, a government spokeswoman said Thursday.

Tracking the Gulf oil disaster


A stand for free speech

THEY WERE bold words. " We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on Google.cn ," a spokesman for Google blogged on Jan. 12. "We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down Google.cn, and potentially our offices in China." Google followed these words with...



Hello everybody how is your summer going? I will not be able to make an adequate payment to any bank know why, it's because of recession i've just been seeing some of my online contacts and they seem to be very interested with social networking. I regard living online very highly I mean sometimes I march all over the crib wondering who will pvt message me. I'm at the computer desk and there seemed to be some talk about privacy what does it all mean. I supposed people change we just use e-mail; frankly there is nobody I know doing anything wrong everything is explained as self-employed that sounds like a long dry response. This is a personal blog i'm using I normally working PT until the oil spill. When driving along the highway I feel lucky and belive this should be alot more than asking up for notebooks, i'm waiting to speak to someone about work. I viewed the world cup happening in South Africa ask anyone the Japanese lost. Otherwise I walked outside soon before it was over I missed the opening ceremony performances. I had to go repair my personal computer which was recently destroyed. I'm unable to listen to the radio know what I mean. I bought a nice t-shirt afterwards walking to the movies alone; but seriously need to shop here. I have to catch up with the Black eyed peas think their new album conveys an open message.

Rap artist Kanye West upstaged by his cheeky girlfriend Amber Rose as she frolics in an orange bikini

Read more: here

Puerto Ricans targeted in massive ID theft schemes

"I think people noticed that no one was paying attention to those documents," said a Puerto Rico-based FBI agent on the cases, who requested anonymity because the agent works under cover. "In the future, this could be linked to everything, even terrorism. I don't doubt that it could go that way."

Born in a U.S. territory where he has lived all his life, Jose Marrero Rivera didn't know his name and social security number were racking up thousands of dollars in unpaid charges in Chicago and Miami.

The snack bar worker cont'd

10 retailers at risk

Companies have slashed costs and hoarded cash to try to ride out the recession.

For some that may not be enough.

Here is a look at retailers facing financial difficulties.

slide show

15,000 Motorcycles Recalled By BMW

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration BMW has recalled 15,000 motorcycles due to three entirely different problems. From their enduro and dual-sport line BMW is saying that an attachment for the roll-gear pin could fail with fragments becoming lodged between the rear sprocket and chain thus ...


England v Germany

England v Germany: Fifa want 'better refereeing' not goal-line technology.

Fabio Capello blames referee and linesman for World Cup exit.


Rudd on the tracks

The Economist is reporting that Australia has voted for a new Prime the lady's name is Julia Gillard. Speech Accepting the Office of Prime Minister of Australia below ...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


- The country's first woman leader, quickfire party poll that stunned observers and left the ex-premier in tears

- Welsh-born lawyer

- Australia's commitment to keep troops in Afghanistan

- quickfire party poll that stunned observers

- climate change, border protection and ending the stoush over the mining tax as her three top policy priorities

- consulting directly with Kevin Rudd about his future

- Julia Gillard is a member of the Labor Party


Fortress Apple

Apple's new iPad is more than just a gorgeous consumer electronics device. It's also a kind of challenge to the Internet itself—or at least cont'd.



Hello everyone I just wanted to post yet another update i'm sitting here watching Wimbledon. I don't play tennis very often I would rather watch soccer so goes the dilemma of having to sit through the entire Switzerland vs Chile match. My computer is outside being repaired I was unable to connect to the NET. World cup South Africa ends July 11.

Merkel at odds with Obama on financial policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday contradicted US President Barack Obama, saying that Europe will push for a swift exit from fiscal stimulus programs and focus instead on budget cuts at the G20 meeting.


Microsoft's Xbox motion control system is Kinect

After calling it Project Natal for more than a year, Microsoft finally gives its motion-control system a real name, formally unveiling Kinect during a special Cirque du Soleil performance.


British PM pledges help in spill

British Prime Minister David Cameron offered on Thursday to help deal with BP Plc's Gulf of Mexico oil spill, saying he would take it up with US President Barack Obama, as the beleaguered company's shares rebounded from 14-year lows.

It was the first time that Cameron had spoken publicly about the crisis.

2010 NFL Schedule

I found this here weeks ago i'm now able to proceed to share it with everyone. Is anyone interested with Pro Football? yes/no.

Who's really to blame for the Gulf spill? Some inconvenient truths

You would not think it possible for a major environmental disaster to take on the tone of a football match, but such is the case this weekend with the Gulf oil spill.



Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data

Google is "almost certain" to face prosecution for collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks, according to Privacy International (PI).

There is absolutely no way South Africa will win the World Cup

So the World cup match schedule is giving me a buzz I intend to watch from home, it appears okay right up until he decides to place the ESPN sport miles away from downtown Johannesburg. I just think it necessary for nobody pull the plug on the fans seated in the restaurant; as South Africa turns down Tokyo invitation. I suppose I asked to blend into the crowd my interest could be shortsighted. Welcome to mega luxury i'm away from the bar unable to see scheduled matches. Some journalist lost his/her camera I do not live in that kind of system where all I can watch is return of the dragon.

Well in order to win that World cup the media does infact take alot of footage, from previous historic rivalries Africa may be champions. A news headline read $9 billion in insurance in place for soccer World Cup. What bank has got this much money? Lloyd’s of London insurance. Staging the tournament presented South Africa with three challenges: infrastructure, transport and security. what can I do it's worth half a billion, to say the managers aren't available would be a poor standpoint. Loosing the world cup will not mean anything expecially when the concensus includes taxes and surcharges. Let's suppose that African players weren't superstars counting money sure sounds like fun, would anyone be speaking to them about counterfeit money, I would like to include their team jersey's.

On Wednesday, an armed gang stole electronic equipment from a team of Portuguese journalists during a robbery at their lodge near Johannesburg, police and one of the victims said .

Look at this from the players point of view, it's going to be crowded and it might be cloudy to challenge the loser either way the media is going to be on the cover. So maybe i'm wrong but I want for the best to happen again i'm only just a viewer from America I don't like to gamble on a player moreover in the thick of it is team Mexico. Starting June 11 hoped to travel there but not certain buses taking in passengers pulling up at the airport, and sitting down the new high speed train. Everything will depend on the coaches, what if the players don't show up, a ticket doesn't get sold, you missed a match, you can't go to certain locations. That place certainly appears dry. I wouldn't get upset if the worldcup winners gave South Africa the money behind every winner is a choice this decision didn't sound right but I will vouch for the truth of it. I know the greetings and challenge everyone to enjoy the matchups.


World Cup ready to open in South Africa and vuvuzelas will make plenty of noise

Of all the South African sights and sounds that will make the 2010 World Cup unique, none promises to rouse more controversy than the blare of a plastic horn.

Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative

Now, say you you write a public update, saying, “My boss had a crazy great idea for a new product!” Now, you might not know it, but there is a Facebook page
for “My Crazy Boss” and because your post had all the right words, your post now shows up on that page. Include the words “FBI” or “CIA,” and you show up on the FBI or CIA page.

Read more: http://www.tokyo-genki.com/#ixzz0qHTt9nVp


Hortefeux convicted of racial insult

France's Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has been convicted of making a racial insult about a young man of Arab origin Friday. RFI


Wu Tang Clan Name Generator, Too Gangsta To Miss

The rap clan created this as a Facebook app a while back to gain some free promotion by their fans. If you forgot your previous Wu Tang name or want to ...


British Airways Cabin Crew Continue Strike

British Airways cabin crew walked out for the 14th day Monday in an on-and-off strike over pay, benefits and working conditions, and a union leader said disruptions could continue into the summer.


New Cell

Earlier watched an edition of BBC news where they showed some youth soccer players from Africa who appear underage. They seem like future coaches but the segment asked is there a possibility for a world cup getting played in Kenya? answer is a reoccuring subject let's just say never say never. Black sportsmanship on television because of the sponsors hosting an event like this isn't as simple as it sounds. Women are not the majority and may not be so interested; if you look at what comedy has done for hollywood it's simple to say i'm not joking looks and the appearance really does matter. The politics of offering everyone a fair share of the bargain price for tickets, employees, marketing paper etc isn't as simple as it may sound. Construction effort is alos another factor if your looking at Germany then you recall noticing their country, you will note the difference in overall structured venues. I'm motivated to distinguish this difference because the World cup seen from the 2002 FIFA World cup played in Japan wasn't so popular but it set precedents for some of what I discover today OOIJER, ANDRÉ ranked as a top player in the 2010 World cup. While watching it with or without a job we all made alot of incredible decisions and prospered due because we knew the outcome and could see that obvious question and then listen to the blueprint. As for sponsers I doubt if we are able to notice them all there are many more than just Adidas footwear, what about transport companies and taxi's, chefs, hotels, banks, design firms that would take part in such an event to make it work? in Kenia there is space to look now that South Africa is going into host this yrs events but you would have to stand up and take the journey, Mandela's group says World Cup will help Africa. Before going you need alot of pocket money because the health risks increase can africans endure intolerable cruelty. I could definitely watch them playing soccer even without a friendly reminder. Broadcasting the entire world cup on a satellite dish look simpossible I will need to make a request. Speaker needs to be fluent in foreign lingo but finding the muscle to embark on such challenges is far away and hard to resolve.

World Cup 2010 Debate: Which Asian Team Has The Best Chance Of Reaching The Last 16?


'Karate Kid' update breaks down some Chinese walls

The biggest modern movie co-production between a U.S. studio and China had access to spectacular locations under censors' watchful eye. For years, Sony Pictures considered cont'd.


BP: At least another day for "top kill" in Gulf oil spill

The "top kill" procedure aimed at stemming the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico by shooting mud into the blown-up well 5,000 feet underwater ...

Bid to save teacher jobs falters in House

A $23 billion payout to save thousands of educators' jobs faltered Thursday — perhaps for good — to election-year jitters among moderate Democrats over deficit spending and only lukewarm support from the White House.

Afghanistan: America's longest war

Afghanistan is far from America's bloodiest war. It has drifted in and out of focus and, for much of its life, been obscured by another war, ...

Michael Jordan on NBA 2K11 Cover?

Michael Jordan – you know, that guy in those Hanes commercials with Charlie Sheen – will reportedly be on the cover of NBA 2K11.

Sports network ESPN has reported cont'd..


Facebook’s Power, and Its Weakness

Facebook’s network is a weakness as well as a strength because it greatly amplifies the company’s problems. article


Can Jobs Still Wow After Leaks?

Two or three times a year, .Steven P. Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, dons his classic black turtleneck, blue jeans and grey New Balance sneakers, and presents new or updated products that start with an i.

Kenyan Shilling Weakens Most in 13 Months on Eurozone Concern

Kenya’s shilling slumped to its weakest level in more than 13 months versusthe dollar on concern that Europe’s debt crisis will spread and threaten to halt the global economic recovery

Internet Explorer’s 8th Wonder – is it really?

Just when I thought I was content and somewhat complacent about my web browser, here come the Windows people with their latest version. Internet Explorer 8 claims to be faster, easier and safer.



Today I was wondering about something regarding musicians and I stumbled upon this newspaper article about Analog haze and smooth static, any more questions?


Rant: Explorer

Yeah, yeah, yeah it's the internet again and I wonder how it's supposed to function? when there are so many networks and channels all working to provide me with news, entertainment, movie showtime and more. UNlike at&t time warner seems to be doing a great deal of movement although I prefer SBC instead because of Yahoo. Well that was then this is now more than anything I requested for mobile internet at a very high cost of $70 I could install everything and use the notebook at the park, airport and on the road. But this never happened i've had to sit at my desk thinking about making the investment and reaping the benefits. Time Warner simply makes you tube look coold perhaps and advertisement but I noticed the tube turning clockwise and asked myself should I give up flying. I'm not here to blame Isp's and I certainly don't want to stop obeying all the safety regulations. I'm just distinguishing the different biz services and pinpointing air travel as the reason why, luxury cars as the reason how, motorcycles as the reason whoever considers how your going try not mixing them because each transport should work together and safely. I support all the efforts being made expecially during bad weather it's only a service that I intend to use in the future but i've had doubts. What if the notebook doesn't ever operate? will I have to request for the geeksquad to change my machine? what machine? my browser doesn't function without the internet.

Layoffs Continue to Mount

The U.S. job market is finally steadying, as initial jobless claims fall. Still, layoffs continue to arrive at a steady pace. . Here's a look at the companies that have laid off workers since the beginning of the year


Seventeen years in, Marc Ecko is still street

On the eve of his company's first fragrance launch, streetwear pioneer Marc Ecko tells what he's learned about success.


canon neoreal 'prism liquid' by akihisa hirata and kyota takahashi

the space is structured as a polyhedron, which glows in various prism-like colors.

read more


Car hackers can kill brakes, engine, and more

University researchers have taken a close look at the computer systems used to run today's cars and discovered new ways to hack into them, sometimes with frightening results.


Tudou to Stream 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Online

While the world's football fans are tuning in and doing the final countdown toward the 19th 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa in June, Internet video websites in China are experiencing steaming competition over the video broadcasting rights to serve an audience of over 400-million Chinese Internet users in the far eastern land.


General Election 2010 latest: live

Queen confirms Conservative leader as PM following Gordon Brown's emotional resignation on steps of No 10. read here

Cameron Is Great Britain's New Prime Minister

Gordon Brown's Full Resignation Speech

Gordon Brown tendered his resignation as Prime Minister accompanied by his wife, Sarah. This is a full transcript here.

Unemployment rises again - timesfreepress.com

Early this week I watched a press conference with press secretary and it seemed like everything moved smoothly until I started to wonder about my Unemployment situation. There does seem to be a problem making purchases expecially with someone else's credit card; so to speak does it bother you to not be able to buy things - earning money while seemingly living to spend most of someone else's money? I shouldn't be speaking about finances it's a complex issue that is fragile understand.


US Issues Approval for First Offshore Wind Farm!

A blurb about the Cape Cod wind farm, it's outdoors and certainly a marvel for the environment.


Weekly Address

The Mothers day is today and still a number of things to do. So perhaps anyone surfing c|span may overhear the situation unfold within Britain & Greece. The news website BBC continued to cover the UK elections as Labour faced off with Conservative & Liberals in a rather controversial campaign. I was searching for the current events list for our weekly pres address onto find the following US-China relations. I want to join the two documents because i'm not a Windows 7 user; regardless of that commercial this is what to think about The China currency flap: reading between the lines.


Germany team

To outsiders, the Germany national team has a squad full of stars. That may be true, but are those stars ready to shine at the World Cup? DW looks at the Germany players currently struggling for form and fitness.

Faster Forward: Google tweaks search pages and logo

Google's search results should look a little different today. The Mountain View, Calif., company is rolling out a redesign of its search pages that includes a freshly scrubbed version of its logo.

Google Blog


Johann Hari: Welcome to Cameron land

David Cameron cites Hammersmith and Fulham council as a 'model' of compassionate conservatism. So what can the actions of Tory councillors here tell us about how the party would behave in government?

Cameron embarks on marathon tour of Britain in last-ditch bid for votes

With time running out to capture millions of wavering voters, David Cameron dispensed with sleep and campaigned across the North of England through the night.

go here


I went to the local mall yesterday to ask about employment, when I arrived I parked as like I usually do on the lower level a lady was entering the facility as I walked behind. Anyway the entire place was clean there is an ice skating rink when you enter, I realized I hadn't done anything since arriving so the new tenants seemed busy putting up with the entertainment. Everyone looked puzzled but I continued walking to the second floor where I stepped into Aeropostale to ask about something when I notice a woman who seemingly appears to be the manager walking aside as the muslim customers babbled about something, wondering what they could be shopping for I left to go look for ice-cream. I asked the vendor about open positions and was really not interested with walking through the food court, when I went past there it was okay to say I felt hungry but arrived at Oakley to ask for work. This place is full during the weekdays I suppose the movie theater could be hiring but I fled onto Guess store at the lower level, there is someone at the front counter so I asked if she was hiring and am told to come back. How do you feel about getting a massage here? when told to return I simply went back to ask but found myself inside the handbag store. Anyway next door is a sunglass store so I put back my application and leave with zilch but returned back downstairs, there is someone there waiting to hand over the application I suppose the sales woman went out to lunch. After applying for the job I see a magazine on the table; i'm trying to calm down because I haven't got any money there is something to buy I wanted a job.

If you've ever been in this kind of situation you would turn around and never come back but i'm used to walking past the food court without anything to eat, this isn't recommended because time is money whenever possible I could be going to the theater. But it's now late in the afternoon and something tells me I should leave go home, there is some waiting to do was told to leave the paper nobody is standing at the front counter a woman is trying to make a purchase, Zoe Saldana has been put aside. So i'm prepared to leave here empty handed I seem to like this blazer hanging on the wall it's expensive really needed $77 for food, arcade and decent pair of pants but my budget doesn't allow it. So I go to Game Stop and see a few patrons walking by I used the restrooms and stepped in here to challenge myself to get into videogames. It's getting late everyone is bored with the young ladies speaking to each other on the ice so I sit down and begin to write.

Afterwards i'm ready to go back outside some more people are stepping into shop, there are many entrances I choose this one far away and have to return. Expect
to get a response while avoiding their remarks some ice-cream the shop wasn't there darn. I make a stop as i'm walking past the little youngsters playing by this ice rink, and do not notice the circuit city store which had been closed down. I stop to look at the girls and it they don't want to do anything so i'm wondering about why I decided to pause because I was walking out..another fantastic moment. Mothers day is sunday, May 9.

Check out this article from DailyFinance

Check out this article from DailyFinance


Jay Leno BOMBS At White House Correspondents Dinner

If you like your jokes covered in bland gravy with a side of telegraphed punchlines, then Jay Leno's White House Correspondents Dinner was a feast for the funny bone.


Shanghai, china's most populous city, welcomes you to the opening of the world expo 2010, the biggest and most expensive outdoor entertainment event in history. here is what we have published so far. designboom's editor fei fei song made the trip, more to come soon


Apple's Jobs slams Adobe's Flash technology

Apple Inc Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Thursday sharply criticized Adobe Systems popular Flash multimedia software, calling it unreliable and ill-suited for mobile devices, escalating a pitched battle between the two companies.


The 2010 TIME 100

As a young man, Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, decided to be the Beatles of computing. I once said that I make what the Beatles would have made if they made cont'd


Robot vessels used to cap Gulf of Mexico oil leak

Robotic submersibles are being used to try to stop oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico from a damaged well almost a mile (1.5km) below the surface.

Goldman probe heralds SEC clamp-down

Goldman probe heralds SEC clamp-down - Polls - Editor's Desk - News - FinanceAsia.com - The network for financial decision makers

I'm not a Broker neither do I work for Goldman if in fact they did profit from the decline in the U.S household crisis the executives need to be terminated. I began to ask well how far was I going? because owning a home in North America is practically impossible without a PT job. I have been past those new housing locations and still haven't figured out why the paper didn't cover them the way they have done with automobiles. I was thinking perhaps someone would say something help me get familiar with the entire cycle of going to work and arriving at a new/used home nothing. It just flew over me how someone could construct a flat nearby and dug holes only to escape with this blame infront of my bank. Please read about how net longs like Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Washington Mutual, Citigroup, Bank of America, Wachovia…the list goes on. Do a google search on any of these names and you’ll come across words like “bankruptcy,” “billion dollar losses,” and “government equity stake.”


Blackberry needs new tricks, fast

Research In Motion, maker of the Blackberry, needs to produce evidence next week that it is close to cont'd

The company may also use the trade show to launch the long-awaited high-end Bold 9650 and lower-end 3G Pearl.


Buggy McAfee update whacks Windows XP PCs

Update to antivirus software attacks the OS on many Windows XP computers, causing networking problems, reboots. article


For Gates, the next big challenge

Bill Gates fields the Globe's questions about Apple's new tablet at MIT.


23rd Bond film put on hold as MGM struggles with debt

Work on the 23rd film in the Bond series has been suspended indefinitely as MGM studio faces a £2.4bn cash crisis


Deja Vu

This could be deja vu while seated i've just realized that it's Friday and there music available for download some of them aren't all that I expected. Well as a single African American there comes a time I regret most of the items within reach, the weekend was here there isn't anyone to chat with here goes. It's not a challenge helping myself to a good read sometimes I find reading very interesting because the satellite TV, music and tattoos took nothing. The things I thought of when in motion lately though the memories and expressions slowed, dreaming did start occurring. I'm puzzled with that technology for family got bigger and I now judge society with sorrow for the look on their faces shows when I could have bothered to think about. I just assumed Twitter was popular now that they say they're going to put ads why bother going into the bookstore? i've been away for a long time next to all this listening. I guess the campus became a lot more organized after I left to come home and watch TV; is anyone going to comment perhaps you watch 5 or more hours of television and have something to share. As a college student not attending it puts me behind aeons knowing that I got downgraded, have no job and strike to fit in with the generation that is on magazine covers, traveling, shoplifting, going to the movies, investing and taking vacation to Michigan. I will try to remember school this year incase I forget what schooling really stands for.


Jay-Z sues David Ortiz over nightclub name

First hearing Jay-Z rap and went quixotic could have dressed much better, the old days are long gone what's happening now is this a lawsuit against the Boston Red Sox put the rapper under the radar. Is Jay-Z leaving the press and playing with our emotions? Is Jigga man traveling without the e-passport? as a fan of Jay-Z I do enjoy carrying his album. From his most recent filmography and onto consistent chart toppers I would need to go & grab The Blueprint 3. I never knew there would be so much controversy about hiphop in general the rocawear laced heavy metal music video on sucker free television - it does seem like the guy isn't guilty.


President Hu deals with devastating quake in NW China

"At this difficult time, I need to return to my country urgently, to be together with the people of China, pitching in with the earthquake rescue efforts," President Hu Jintao explained why he had to cut short his visit after the deadly earthquake.


Kenya flower industry hit by flight cancellations

Kenya's flower industry has been badly hit by the cancellation of flights across Europe because of the ash cloud caused by a volcano in Iceland.

In pictures: Flight disruption


DJ Envy & Red Cafe

Anish kapoor: arcelormittal orbit

anish kapoor's 'arcelormittal orbit' has won the competition to design london's olympic tower for the 2012 games. it is set to become the largest work of public art in the UK. read more

Sarah Palin Earned How Much Since July?!

Pundits can debate the political costs and benefits of Sarah Palin's decision to step down as Alaska governor, but the monetary advantages of leaving her $125,000-a-year public service post are beyond dispute. Sarah Palin - Politics - List of Governors...

Read more: article

Twitter Blog

Although our services extend beyond the Web, Twitter ranks as one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Over the years, we've resisted introducing a traditional Web advertising model because we wanted to optimize for value before profit. The open...

Read more: here


Apple computer

The ipad got recent release and Apple founder Steve Jobs was on the cover for Time magazine. Since I do not know anything about what it is I suppose the only way to review this 16GB model gadget would be through a rant. The TV review showed how to flip through the pages of a Novel - why should I try and grab an iPad if there are paperbacks available in the store? I had doubts if there is anyone interested to see how a Nazi got left with paper TV news is full of authors making books. Reading is needed while at home consider how important next time your outdoors. The iPad makes it seem like nothing else ever existed. I think without paper I cannot buy it, without paper recycling is easier the gadget made news the market our entire stock exchange could not do without it. Apple review very hard to use if it’s about touching a flat screen you could put inside a notebook. Like a page from a magazine rank the iPad it really takes it to the next level through it’s interaction with the person, it’s just a mobile computer put on TV for review. This gadget saves from wasting recycled paper it is not a Bed and it doesn’t tell you where to go, whom to wait for and it doesn’t have a personality so don’t bother asking it for directions. This reminds me of GPS navigation devices show you a map from the sky above whose going to look at the stars.