I've been at home since earlier today basically creating this blog was something I liked doing, despite my unemployment situation sitting here all day has become common. On Tennis there is the Australia Open sometimes catching up but there aren't any females playing this year I wonder why? I watched for a few minutes and decided to choose watching more at a later time. There's also skiing which has been showing since the end of december, soon as the match ends i'm going to see to it that I return here and make a comment. But for now taking a nap after sleeping with a reason during the early morning sounds hard.


'Hope For Haiti' Telethon Takes Over TV Sets, Heavyweight Artists Put On A Show

"Hope For Haiti," a two-hour telethon broadcast over 25 networks, took over millions of televisions on Friday evening (January) to help in raising much needed money for the country's earthquake relief fund. While it's still unknown how much was raised during the show, the phone lines remain open...

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Obama: A leader's first year

Jeffrey Pfeffer is the Thomas D. Dee II Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.

Washington post

Obama facing huge economic challenges ahead

WASHINGTON -- One year in, President Barack Obama faces a perilous economic choice.

Spike Video

If you would like to know what took place at the video game awards 2009 there is a copy of it here.

HOT PHOTOS: Megan Fox's body for Emporio Armani

HOT PHOTOS: Megan Fox's body for Emporio Armani

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Microsoft to issue IE patch

MICROSOFT said it will issue a patch to fix the old version of its Internet Explorer browser that allowed recent attacks on Google's network in China. The Australian

Hillary Clinton attacks China's new 'Berlin Wall'

Hillary Clinton has deepened a row over freedom of expression in China by warning Beijing that its alleged attack on Google would have "consequences" and comparing its censorship of the internet to the Berlin Wall.

The Australian


Google denies leaving China, seeks negotiations

Google Inc enters a second week of high stakes brinkmanship with China's government, amid speculation the firm has decided to pull out of the world's biggest Internet market over cyber-spying concerns.

Google ‘may end China operations’

Internet search company Google says it may end operations in China over alleged breaches of the e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists. source: bbc

US ‘no longer technology king’

The US has lost its position as the world’s primary engine of technology innovation, according to a report by the World Economic Forum. bbc

Japan Airlines’ New CEO Is A Buddhist Priest Who’ll Work For Free

Last Monday we told you that debt-ridden Japan Airlines would be declaring bankruptcy, throwing the airline industry into disarray.

Google may leave China over Gmail leaks - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal


via Google may leave China over Gmail leaks - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal:.

New Gran Turismo 5 Trailer Breaks Free From Its Wind Tunnel Prison

Toyota’s FT-86 G concept sports car will feature in Gran Turismo 5, which handily explains why it’s the star of these new screenshots more.


I'm somewhat of a boxing fan when I heard about this I looked forward to getting the news and knew after the expected bout between Pacquiao vs. May weather that someone would turn out to be one of the best boxing champs the sport has ever encountered. The sport of boxing is said to be dangerous there are lots of reasons why they never had a fight. However next to sitting at home bored during the weekend I’m always surprised to see someone from the sport getting highlighted no longer have Hbo I’ve canceled my newsletter from them. If you would like to know what happened see post.

source: sports illustrated


Google founders plan big stock sale

If anyone has been wondering about google finance i'm pleased to announce their latest headline which is above. Google has been getting plenty of buzz since saying it may end china operations, I must have spent very little time listening to what happened but I now realize Google may wanna pull out of china a.s.a.p google.cn is a popular domain one that cannot compete with baidu, places where hackers like to launch attacks own because they can. Please see their new approach to china here.

source: cnnmoney

China's future inflation is a present headache

Wang Zihua's last pay rise was two years ago and the 56-year-old post office worker in the northern Chinese city of Harbin is concerned his 1,200 yuan monthly salary is being eaten away by rising prices. source: reuters


The blog was recently moved and is now getting updates from me. Hello this is my blog, I recently made changes and would like to maintain it here sorry for the downtime but the address was edited then changed to what it is now.