Rant: DFW Airport Overhaul

I just arrived home from North Dallas and everything looks okay, I saw about two cop cars otherwise traffic is moving just fine. The reason i'm typing this is because I was just there and the traffic from last weeks journey kinda made me want to sit down and share a word something about the construction happening over at the North Entrance - Exit bothers me. I went the wrong way I was going to visit someone one evening during the rain and disliked looking for my car, leaving the bus terminal and searching for my car. The airport is located in a very bad place far from downtown, near Irving where the Cowboys used to play football. Late night and morning traffic problems I don't like to explain what was just completed but it's that bad. Anything happening there is none of my biz but if you look around and notice the incomplete road work, it should be considered a serious matter. One cannot help but brave thru the traffic it's a congestion as you leave the malls and area restaurants. While your driving the wait inside the car and obvious road conditions made me suspect something could be going on ahead of us, so can someone help me understand what could be wrong with the TxDOT. So I did some searching but couldn't find anything about it except for maybe some competition about, how you want it designed. Since I always go by there I just wanted to say that it's looking much better but don't know who could have finished it. Some international airports like in Great Britain, Qatar, Italia, France and Japan could be better or local ones such at Alaska, Atlantic, Hawaii, Michigan, Washington, Maryland, San Antonio, Houston, Newark these are perhaps better traveling on such short notice. The traffic is still there but with some of the lanes closed as I was going past there I believe the only thing happening is the new terminal D. Notice planes parked but it's going to take a lifetime remodeling my local airport..it just needs more upgrades to match other high performing airports like in Tokyo situated along the globe.

Bloomberg: Won't Tell Chick-fil-A To Stay Away

Mayor Bloomberg says he'd have no problem with Chick-fil-A doing business in NYC despite the chain chief's anti-gay marriage stance — even as other big city mayors warn the chain to stay away.


James Lawton: The appeal of the Olympics is the stunning possibility of exceptional deeds

As the Games officially begin today with football, Michael Phelps dips into the Olympic pool as athletes prepare to push themselves to new levels and excitement courses through the East End more.


2012 London Olympics

London 2012: Boris Johnson visits Olympic village – in pictures Theresa May defends deploying 3,500 extra troops for Olympics security Memory of Prefontaine prevalent at trials as Rupp breaks 5,000 record Wheating has another chance for stardom ... and not just in videos Olympics: Sexiest Women Of Team USA Inside the Olympic village: McDonald's, karaoke – and a pub with no beer Lightning Bolts: Why do all the top sprinters come from Jamaica? GB soccer team wrong to ditch Beckham... China-made U.S. uniforms raise ire more here.. China-made, U.S. Olympic uniforms spark outrage in Congress Meet New England's Olympians An Olympic legacy London Games to open in troubled times London hopes it's set for the Games Who can knock Germany off high horse? LA Times - London Olympics: Michael Phelps goes out as he came in — on top London 2012 Olympics: Half man, half superhero, Usain Bolt powers right through the barriers of history London 2012 Olympics: After her historic success, Britain's boxing champ Nicola Adams yearns for some fast food - Telegraph Olympics as it happened - Telegraph Usain Bolt becomes living legend at London 2012 Olympic Games with a little help from compatriot Yohan Blake - Telegraph London Olympics: USA and Korea in women's volleyball semifinal (photo essay) Allyson Felix, U.S. track and field teammates, have stellar night at Olympics Day 13: Women’s soccer final, track and field, women’s basketball semifinals London Olympics: Women from three Muslim countries are pioneers Editorial: London Games' hits and misses Sanya Richards-Ross intimidates Olympic rivals with the goddess look London 2012: USA women's basketball: always winning, always ignored more. London 2012: Britain’s Mo Farah feels the crowd’s love at 5,000m gold medal win London 2012: Usain Bolt joins the Olympic immortals London 2012: Syrian hurdler is second competitor to fail drug test London 2012: Nike’s Volt shoes capture marketing gold Clean Passes and a Sparkling Finish read more. EYES ON LONDON: US runner on Bolt: ‘Wow. He’s a monster’; first gold for Trinidad and Tobago Guor Marial: A man without a country on world’s biggest athletic stage article What medals mean for Swiss sports here. Volleyball: Brazil's women strike gold again Olympics Volleyball Slideshow

Hotel replaces Bible with 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

A hotel in the United Kingdom has replaced in-room Gideon Bibles with the steamy bestseller 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' link

Coming soon to a stadium near you: World-class soccer

Some of Europe's best clubs will be in China this week for exhibition matches It's soccer week in China. Several European clubs are making their way across the country, with just about every day this week featuring big-name stars and friendly matches.


Sunday Words: Yu and the Rangers

Rangers vs. Angels The stars at night, are big and bright - clap here - deep in the heart of... (the only state to claim their own kind of toast) Texas. The pageantry, like a cheap version of a MasterCard commercial..Darvish 66 m.p.h curve-ball.

The MLB season has been going on for sometime now and despite the sluggish movements and the setbacks I think Texas has a good chance of winning most of the games, after the world series it's about time we got past our differences and hot climate to end the season. Perhaps it's too early to predict looking at the way they've started playing it's not impossible to give any hint but I just think baseball is no longer something I enjoy watching. I just wanted to wish them "good luck" even if they happened not to beat anything last season. I suggest they do something about the batting lineup, it's an open field the ball goes into the left field and the stadium is going to be on espn at 4am. I cannot follow up on that and i'm not around to watch it..doesn't make the sport look safe at all so return to perfecting the look of the team..the lineup to watch for areas of improvement.

Rangers lose opener in big series with Texas
Matchup: Matt Harrison vs. Dan Haren
Rangers hit two million mark in attendance
Rangers RHP Colby Lewis out for season
MLB Monday Night Boston Red Sox at Texas Rangers: Start Time, Odds, Free Pick


Madiba Day infographic

If you don't know by now former South African president Nelson Mandela celebrated his birthday, I heard about this from BBC World and am glad to say it kinda makes up for everything wrong that's been done to me..anyway i've been sitting here for a number of hours and seem to be in no mood to celebrate the occassion alone. Take a look at the infographic and it's clearly all for the former president I suppose he did a good job and never lied to Africaans.


The main suspects behind Saitoti/ Ojode deaths uncovered

It’s No secret anymore, the suspects are well known...MP Rachael Shebesh didn’t get her facts from outer space...Today I will unveil to you the main suspects..You be the judge as to who you think killed the two. First and foremost I would like to clarify one thing which is that Saitoti was the main target in the Helicopter crash ...Orwa Ojode was just a victim of circumstances better known as collateral damage. Before I mention the suspects, it was well known that police commissioner Mathew Iteere was supposed to be on that very flight but he missed it by a whisker...Why? ati he was delayed in a flight bound for Mombasa from Nairobi. Anyway here are the main suspects: - Saitoti family, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabab fighters and Raila Odinga, the Kenyan prime minister.


Raila’s fightback plan amid Miguna storm

Daily Nation - Prime Minister Raila Odinga plans to counter allegations contained in a provocative new book by his former aide in an effort to control potential damage from his acrimonious falling out with author Miguna Miguna....


London 2012 Olympics: 14 days to go - live blog

Is anyone interested in the coming Olympic Games click here to get Live coverage of all today's news in the run-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Looking back on previous athletic events such as this one which took place in The United States in 1932, I seem to want to ask what about the climate? it was in Berlin 1030 X Olympic congress or IX that a gathering of 600 canoes were offered just as an usher. The issue of venue security has been a vexed one for London 2012 organisers. Not to worry that security is going to be regarded as high level, I don't intend to be attending so sitting home sounds normal despite a lack of income and transportation. Sitting home at my computer and wondering about going to the Olympics is something I rather not discuss now. But coming back to my previous point of the climate, how is the public trasportation going to function. "Our advice to those going to the Olympics is to keep up to date with the forecast to know whether to pack your sunscreen, a poncho or both. Always go prepared for whatever the weather has in store." If you do happen to make it to London 2012 what about driving to see beach, this doesn't sound like a walk in the park the biggest event in world sport. Unlike France i've seen and heard alot about the hotels in Britain some very expensive, if I was to try directing while looking around I don't need to get uncomfortable they cannot just simply find it. London has spent billions preparing to host the 2012 Olympics, constructing state of the art stadiums, overhauling transport links and installing anti-aircraft missiles to beef up security. But there is one thing organizers can't control: The Great British Weather. It’s the International Olympic Committee. So how do they decide? According to the "Official website of the Olympic Movement:" “To make it onto the Olympic program, a sport first has to be recognized: it must be administered by an International Federation which ensures that the sport's activities follow the Olympic Charter. If it is widely practiced around the world and meets a number of criteria established by the IOC session, a recognized sport may be added to the Olympic program on the recommendation of the IOC's Olympic Program Commission.” What about the Saudi females/women? Al Maeena says it's not about challenging norms (the women play in private female-only facilities) but about wellbeing. "It's a social debate that we have to go through to promote [sports] and tell society, or the opposing segments in society, that we're not going against our religious or cultural beliefs," Al Maeena told CNN in February.


When digital beef gets real: What Drake, Chris Brown, Meek Mill can learn

Hello, I just want to post this article on my blog concerning this beef between the performers, i've been picking them up and trying to think what it all could mean..I guess by now there is a lack of respect and obvious jealousy online. Because how can men like one thing, how come the person being wanted cannot find a way out of the relationship trap? they just want to squabble or be spoken of the interest ain't even available. Rihanna is all over doing promo's i'm at a loss for words today this just seems like a person unable to control themselves. Landing in more and more trouble even though problems have already been explained, you just cannot stop from stepping into it to hurt yourself. It's the reason why there is fighting but really in order to explain how it all started I would have to put blame on Rihanna, she's been thru this before so she needs to show some kinda maturity about the brawl anyway fighting is not the right thing to say just make sure you see Chris Brown he's got a girlfriend. Must read VH1's Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta article.


Video: Wale & Meek Mill Ft French Montana – Actin Up

Check out the official video for ‘Actin Up’ featuring Wale, Meek Mill and French Montana. Directed by Mr. Boomtown. “Self Made Vol 2″ in stores now.


Curren$y f/ Big K.R.I.T., Young Jeezy x Lil’ Wayne – ‘Jet Life (Remix)’ | New Music

Curren$y rethinks track 13 on The Stoned Immaculate, subbing Wiz Khalifa‘s verse on “Jet Life” for 16s from both Young Jeezy and Lil’ Wayne. Cont'd


To Beat The Heat, Qatar Invents Artificial Clouds For World Cup 2022

If nothing else, hosting the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 will provide more than a few stories like this one. The tournament's organizers now say ... More: Qatar's World Cup 2022