Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicates in favour of son

BBC - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicates in favour of her son Prince Willem-Alexander - an event being celebrated across the nation. Netherlands' Queen Beatrix gives farewell speech Netherlands welcomes first king in 120 years


FBI agents search Rhode Island home of Boston bomber's widow and 'take sample of her DNA after that of a woman is found on one of the devices'

FBI agents search Rhode Island home of Boston bomber's widow and 'take sample of her DNA after that of a woman is found on one of the devices'
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Brazil telecoms hang on to profits as sales stagnate

SAO PAULO - (Reuters) - Brazilian phone companies relied on cost cutting and data-hungry cellphone plans to maintain profitability in the first quarter as quickening inflation and a saturated mobile market slowed sales growth to a trickle, according to a Reuters poll of analysts.


Older Boston bombing suspect spoke of "jihad" with mother: report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The older suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings spoke to his mother about "jihad" in a 2011 phone call secretly recorded by Russian officials, CBS News reported on Saturday.
Al-Kaida twittert


Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks - Recap - April 23, 2013

NBA Basketball Recap: Final statistics from the Boston Celtics vs. New York Knicks


Rant about Boston

Since the authorities have apprehended the people who did this I just wanted to add my dime and nickle, to explain how I came around to finding this from CNN. I heard something about the incident but didn't know where it happened until I switched on the computer. It's in the afternoon and I normally get these kinds of alarming news segments unofficially online, so the television may have been on but the story caught my attention. What you see is people running but where are the bystanders I am supposing the marathon comes on normally like a suprise to those who watch extreme sports or are tuned into major networks. The tv is everywhere I was traveling and watching Fox a major network which is sometimes the first place I come to locally. The level of trust can be alarming because I am told certain things and certain things happen in my life that I cannot control but they still strike me by suprise who and what may have happened is none of my business and regardless of whether it's silent here in Texas accidents happen there is just no explaining where they are going to happen next and what we are to do about it the response and so forth. I want to say that bystanders have a responsibility to intervene you maybe don't want to become a statistic but from the looks of the explosive device used I wouldn't challenge a terrorist from the far east with credentials and right in front of various flags it's like illiteracy came to a climax and media frenzy we all just gave into the news feed immediately. I am not a psychologist but I heard about Facebook and was even warned by someone not to post anything regarding the incident, I find the level of information i'm receiving disturbing because I know for a fact there was something relating to me a pressure cooker and the face of a madman out to paint a clear picture of where the next problem and/or trouble is going to lead to. I am not in control of my finances so perhaps it's a professional hitman out to boost his ego because if you think about it controlling the situation is what that dude did for a number of days. His family may have been asked to step outside and speak to the media but what about the citizens and the way they reacted post information time and press briefing. At the white house press briefing Jay Carey appears to be the only person leading us into the fiasco. So i'm just throwing guesses because the suspected person(s) involved were two brothers I had a brother but he's not here to explain why he hasn't been speaking to us. Are we living in some kind of German tank where America is the wide load? Jay-z visit to Cuba. A NYTimes article asks if we as citizens of the U.S need to respond if a crime has been committed I believe not because in a city like Boston where stuff happens all the time, the entire country kinda expected it to happen I make mistakes all the time but I suppose it's not because of my status and knowledge of terrorism. The city is at fault and no matter what you tell me I stepped into a troubled situation the Boston marathon should have been stopped or something should have been done to curve the ball. Sometimes while driving I ran into a traffic stop and everything appears fine but turning to the right and I see a smoke flare and there was a car moving fast away from me. The brand of car I don't want to name but they were right in front of me a very serious situation because I can see a police woman and she is trying to control the situation, I didn't see the MLK special on CNN but I think it had something to do with the level of inscience and unscholarliness, again I am only speaking in regards to my safety and the destination I was traveling to that morning it's not funny. I missed how they said he was gunned down and to tell the truth I could see the entire thing taking shape with the dreaming and everything life just switched off into number one. If asked Have you ever been a bystander when somebody has gotten hurt, either physically or verbally? What did you do? Why did you make that decision? I didn't sit down but we live right next to the border and everything stops when your indoors as soon as you step into a store to buy something it's usually not with a person you dunno it's with a person who is getting paid more than you. So it's perhaps about the paycheck but how dangerous is it going to get with all the festivals and culture events shaping our lives why bother a baseball game make it there. Psychologically I attended college courses regarding this matter and I feel like the president is trying to say leave the girls alone but the situation room is ringing it on I don't want to lie and say I wouldn't fail but just because I tried does mean I am going to fail at something. I try to reach out to speak to women about stuff all the time it doesn't work, they appear to be bored with men and out of their minds some are friendly but others are a challenge conversations happening together in secret. I cannot be involved with anyone in that part of the world because they didn't do what they were supposed to do which is protect the visitors at the event, but I am supposing it's because of a simple blame game between the Olympic committee and the city itself try and find them on CNN you notice they continue to speak to us like we are tourists with money. I don't want to work there but if they hire me i'm going to keep my eyes open because it's obvious they are gunning down people for no reason. I'm at college and finding out about gangsters sitting down and taking it from politicians but why, on this blog I have mentioned the incident it wasn't all that bothersome until I recall hearing some sad news. I was on my way to the terminal and the news camera's are sometimes over inside there interviewing people I guess to find the right choice of words we have been brought to a point of no return and America cannot turn away from the smoke. I witnessed the incident and said I don't believe it I don't care if they apprehended the suspects if this never happened would we even know? I know when I should get involved and that is when it's said and done with. I cannot offer my help so I just want to send my condolences to the family of this young man who i'm told took his life the day after the bombing in Boston. Anytime you are pushed to follow others it's always appropriate to leave the arguing divert the problem leave the situation, I don't think it's about terrorism but peer pressure and showing off, so long for the air, wind and gas money. I had called Brooklyn east but something took place in Boston, I got a call from Canada but something happened in Boston, London, Paris, Budapest it's all familiar soon as this ends perhaps those kids come to their senses.

Status Update

Today, I was multitasking and come to realize the important gadgets like Apple notebook missing from my desk, I onc3 owned a notebook but it wasn't a a fancy Apple MacBook Pro. Real time news updates go missing and it's become a problem finding a connection maybe it's our local ISP, the internet should be easy to obtain and affordable to use. Since starting this weblog I have found very few instances a notebook can really support with the chatroom and socializing it is important to locate one a.s.a.p or else this is going to seem harder than it looks enjoy the rest of your day.


Lufthansa cancels 1700 flights due to Monday's union strike

Lufthansa cancels 1700 flights due to Monday's union strike Read more: go here


ACLU asks feds to probe wireless carriers over Android security updates

"Defective" phones from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile pose risks, ACLU says.

Battered Town Seeks Missing After Explosion Kills at Least 5

Several firefighters who had rushed to the scene of a huge explosion at a fertilizer plant in West, a small town in central Texas, were among the missing, the authorities said Thursday.


Quana Dancing to Wine Slow

Quana Dancing to Wine Slow

Powerful explosion rocks small town north of Waco .

WEST, Texas — A large explosion rocked the town of West, Texas, 19 miles north of Waco, on Wednesday evening.
"It was like a nuclear bomb went off," said one man who was looking for a lost relative on Willie Nelson Road.

Police recover fabric from bag thought to have held Boston bomb

Police investigating the deadly blasts at the Boston Marathon said on Tuesday they had recovered fragments of black nylon that may been from a bag used to conceal one or both of the bombs detonated at the race, the FBI official leading the probe said. Boston bomb suspect said to be identified in video

Tennis-Frenchman Simon suffers early exit in Monte Carlo

Last year's semi-finalist Gilles Simon suffered a shock 6-3 7-6 loss to Spaniard Roberto Bautista Agut in the Monte Carlo Masters first round on Monday.


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Musharraf unveils party manifesto

Pakistan's former president Pervez Musharraf has announced the manifesto of his party, the All Pakistan
Pakistan's Musharraf 'ready to face jail'
Musharraf announces APML’s election manifesto
Musharraf to announce All Pakistan Muslim League manifesto today
APML unveils manifesto

Runners, spectators describe Boston Marathon finish line chaos

Today the Boston Herald reporting of an explosion which was reported from CNN at this years Boston marathon. Announcement from Boston Mayor Tom Menino and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick regarding downtown Boston. Marathon runners can be seen approaching the "finish line" when all of a sudden in front of various flags a bomb explodes. I've just watched the news briefly and president Obama said something about caught suspects to be investigated. I dunno who is in charge or what could have caused the two explosions happening just minutes apart from one another in front of crowds who were at the location.
Police: JFK library event a fire or explosion
8-year-old killed in Boston Marathon bombing One of the two victims of today's horrific Marathon double-bombing is an 8-year-old, the Herald has learned.
Lawmakers suggest terrorism involved in Boston


Study: Iraq War Cost 190K Lives, $2.2 Trillion

The Costs of War report, released ahead of the 10th anniversary of the war on March 20, said that the financial calculation included "substantial" costs to care for wounded U.S. veterans. read more

At a glance: al-Qaida's most wanted

The arrest of Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, an al-Qaida spokesman, fundraiser and son-in-law to Osama bin Laden, is another victory in the war against terror.


An Open Letter To Jay-Z And Beyonce About That Cuba Trip... from Michael Skolnik

Dear Jay-Z and Beyonce, I hope the United States government investigates your trip and threatens to fine you, under the "Helms-Burton Act of 1996 (Trading With The Enemy)," which p...


'Disconnect' star Paula Patton a little scared of tech

After co-starring in movies such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Precious, actress Paula Patton turns to the dark ...

Two dead and dozens injured in Texas highway bus crash

Bus carrying 45 people was heading to casino in Oklahoma and struck a concrete barrier before toppling into center median go here


Google pays homage to Wangari Maathai

Google has created a special Doodle on its homepages across Sub Sahara Africa to mark the 73rd birthday of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, ... Google Honors Wangari Maathai with a Doodle cont'd


Margaret Thatcher leaves mixed legacy in Ireland

The late British prime minister's blunt style and politics were not well received in either the Republic or Northern Ireland, which she once famously declared 'as British as Finchley.' cont'd


Hard-Line Muslim Rally Demands Anti-Blasphemy Laws in Bangladesh

The group singled out bloggers who have called for the death penalty for those found guilty of war crimes during the 1971 war for independence. read more


Book: Beyond Expectations

This novel is about understanding corruption and its gratification. Konzans are good people, like people everywhere in the modern world. Some contents in the novel may be exaggerated but resonate with corruption everywhere in our society. Even in the developed west, there are notoriously corrupt government officials.

NL architects: pool home proposals in florida

Desig Boom - three proposals creatively re-interpret the role of the traditional swimming pool with radically different variations of the same concept.

Kerala minister quits after wife says he beat her

A minister in Kerala has resigned following allegations by his wife that he had physically abused her for over a decade. N.Korea pressures South by halting entry to industrial zone Check-in delayed for Delhi airport hotels over security Google to sell new version of Nexus 7 tablet from July - sources

Recap: LA Lakers vs. Dallas - Basketball Wires - MiamiHerald.com

Recap: LA Lakers vs. Dallas - Basketball Wires - MiamiHerald.com
'Tough season': Stakes high for Mavs, Lakers


White Supremacists, Mexican Drug Cartel Suspected in Texas Prosecutors' Murders

Texas authorities are using helicopters and dogs to search for two "dangerous" Texas inmates who escaped from jail this morning by squeezing through a gate, leaving behind their black and white prison suits on the … The double murder took place two months after Heese was gunned down in the parking lot across from the Kaufman County courthouse, as reported by CBS News at the time. Texas law enforcement officers are investigating whether the two killings are … God Forgives. The Aryan Brotherhood Of Texas Does Not - Nobody knows for sure who killed two Texas prosecutors, but authorities are looking closely at the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas as possible culprits. The Kaufman County District Attorney's office where the prosecutors worked helped indict 34 ...