Kenya Airways alters flight times due to runway repairs

Daily Nation - New timetable has pushed forward several take-offs while others will take place earlier.

Germanwings crash co-pilot may have had detached retina: Report

Economic Times - Lufthansa, the parent company of the budget airline, said the carrier was unaware of a psychosomatic or any other illness affecting Lubitz.

Premiere: Watch Chronixx's "Capture Land" Video

Chronixx's latest EP Dread and Terrible

Ludacris Talks Ending Rift with Drake on The Breakfast Club

With the release of his long-awaited Ludaversal LP arriving this Tuesday, Ludacris made a stop by The World’s Most Dangerous Morning Show, The Breakfast club.

Jolie delivers empowerment message at Kids' Choice Awards

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The traditional green slime flowed at the Kids' Choice Awards, but it was Angelina Jolie's message of empowerment for youngsters that stuck.


Germanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz Hid Depression From Airline

Person familiar with investigation says co-pilot disregarded psychiatrist’s note excusing him from work cont'd.

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction

NY Times - “Their brains are rewarded not for staying on task but for jumping to the next thing,” said Michael Rich, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and executive director of the Center on Media and Child Health in Boston. And the effects could linger: “The worry is we’re raising a generation of kids in front of screens whose brains are going to be wired differently.”

(Video) Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Says Empire Stereotypes Black People

In Flex We Trust - Does Shad Moss aka Bow Wow Says Empire Stereotypes Black People have a point or is the point aimless? Is he just saying what a lot of people won’t say? If Empire was on BET instead of a major mainstream network, would more people say it was pushing stereotypes???

I never watched it so I wouldn't say anything I hear many talking about it but perhaps if Fox did more promotions, I would notice the tv schedule and select it on my receiver. Someone should sit down and talk about extending those episode's to repeated but it's unlikely for me to be that type of character because there is nobody willing to cough up the cash, instead these actors want to dress in flashy clothes which promotes a rich culture from a suburban stand point. I was okay having noticed the program which just so happens to have been the first episode about the car industry. Doesn't anybody think about safety and the late Tupac Shakur & Notorious Big killings the rivalries must be about some serious stuff not just about Femme Fatale. Black people got better things to do we're not going to sit and watch something that's called Empire. Because somewhere behind the curtain something should be said about snitching and the extreme people take for granted stuff to do with Mortgage, Pensions, Allowance, School Fees, Credit card receipts etc.

Status Update

Hello, I've been busy working and haven't had the time to update my blog so I hope your not looking for problems because at the moment I am unable to provide visitors with a spicy website but it's coming. As far as I know anywhere you go everyone is busy doing their thing and no one is a friend they just keep getting better at hustling, I am really a hustler I like to make money & my ends meet. After recently locating my cousin who explained to me the reason he needed to see me, I was asked to take someone to meet him at this one dealership some miles away. We went past some expensive neighborhoods along the road I didn't see the bank until we pulled into the Dodge dealership and I was surprised I had never been to this place but I had to park my ride. It was approaching mid-afternoon that day this person had his child in the backseat so I had to drive behind since he asked me to follow behind him, I got ticketed for running a red light he drove the Jeep which was parked nearby. I looked around for someone resembling my cousin he arrived within a few minutes by himself so I tried not to ignore the moment when I had to drive behind these people. I wasn't looking for anything in particular they had many cars on sale, if anything it looked like the stuff happening on the right side of the road wasn't upscale except the overpass and construction vehicles like the caterpillar. I made a mental note it was a perfect situation to play basketball or instruct someone about North Dallas. Since I had to call him from the dealership I got confused since these are new cars and I wasn't necessarily searching for anything other than to maybe just leave the repair shop and make my way back home, so I ran into this person and my cousins requested that I follow him to meet him at this location. There were many cars running past the along the freeway I really wanted to get a black jeep or some kinda Dodge Durango I notice someone moving one away as I turned to the left so many cars speeding past I think this is the right address. There is no reason to not own such items so I prayed to God that someday I may have to get out there, drive back home in a brand new Dodge. If you have ever been to Denton or Ft-Worth then you can notice they've got so much space that it's really not necessary leaving your home to drive to someone's home, for instance there aren't any restaurants I was introduced to these places thru a friend some Nigerian man who wanted to sell my cousin a brand new home. We ate at this fast food restaurant after leaving the dentist on arrival at Braum's Ice-Cream we argued about something inside the car I was with my mom and it's three people unable to make a decision, so I decided to just be silent and look forward to whatever they had coming up. I am not wealthy but I notice the niceties about Texas if I was I would definitely go back to Wiley, TX where we went which was in so magnificent they've now settled near where my cousin stays in Denton. The highway road looks good they completed the project which now looks okay everything going past the IKEA Dr in Frisco but I think there's more happening in and around the Tollway as you approach my city thru the "North & South" exit.


A Commission Document


Roy choi, co-founder of kogi BBQ trucks takes gourmet fast food to the streets

designboom interviews roy choi, and his vision for his project loco'l -- a fast food restaurant, using fresh ingredients, run by some of the best (read more)

Gong Li and Zhang Yimou Reunite in Coming Home

Huffington Post - The renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou takes a hard look at mental illness featuring his past muse Gong Li in a not-so-glamorous role, ...


Ty Dolla $ign Gets Sexy With Charli XCX And Tinashe On ‘Drop That Kitty’

MtV - The sexy, smooth jam hit the Web Tuesday (Feb. 17) and it’s decidedly not about mistreating felines…


Today I spoke to a policeman at DFW Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport about a complaint from someone I recognize, he told me about a complaint this woman had filed about me harassing her and sending text messages which were sent to her about work she is a new hire lady I recently sat next to at the airport and at the job. So I he gave me this notice of criminal Trespass Violation to take back home, I told them I didn't think it was going to be a problem getting my SIDA badge I tried not to talk since I've previously been told that i've taken it too many times it was impossible. So the man told me to keep my hands out of my pocket and gave me this warning, but as I was walking away another policeman told me to "get lost find another job somewhere else" outside I was told "no badge get going" so I told them but "This is a public terminal" Texas Penal Code section 30.05. I was upset because I had been waiting for almost 3 hrs they showed up but were kind of hiding behind me in front of the reservation desk while I was watching television. The woman whom they were speaking about walked off before I could think about what I was going to do next, stuff like this just happens I mean I didn't break any rule they should do something about all those people waiting outside the Office at DFW Airport terminal D.


Kay: Why I agreed to defend Uhuru at the ICC

NAIROBI, Kenya, Mar 17 – Lawyer Steven Kay, QC, successfully defended President Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court (ICC), because he believed he was innocent.

In an interview with The Hague Trials, Kay said he recorded Kenyatta’s movements between December 30, 2007 and the end of February 2008 and was convinced he did not incite violence but was instead calling for peace after the disputed presidential election of 2007.

President Uhuru Kenyatta secures major funding as Kenya, Japan vow to deepen ties

President Uhuru Kenyatta secures major funding as Kenya, Japan vow to deepen ties
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Tristan Walker aims to change the world—starting with razors

CNBC - After graduating from Stanford Business School, Walker started his successful rise through the often insular world of Silicon Valley. After stops at Foursquare and venture capital giant Andreessen Horowitz, the New York City native founded his own startup, Walker & Company Brands.


Inside Bin Laden's bolt-hole

Read more: Daily Mail - The 9/11 mastermind had declared war on America and planned a media campaign to garner international attention.


Indra Nooyi: The secret to Pepsi's innovation

Indra Nooyi serves as the CEO of PepsiCo, which runs both a strong beverage division and Frito-Lay snack arm.

CIA Linked To Apple Hacking Programme

Sky News - US and British intelligence services collaborated for years on efforts to break Apple's encryption coding, a report says.

Stemming poverty in Dallas requires rethinking mobility

Dallas News - When it comes to connectivity, Gonzalez said the goal isn’t to put one mode of transportation over another. It’s about giving residents mobility options.

“Cars are wonderful, but they’re very expensive in terms of their impact on the environment and the cost that it takes to maintain them and to keep them up,” Gonzalez said. “But they’re wonderfully convenient.”


Queen Rania: ISIS ‘bunch of crazy people' - Al Arabiya News

Queen Rania: ISIS ‘bunch of crazy people' - Al Arabiya News

Britons Protest Proposal to Widen Surveillance

NYT - Reported government plans to give intelligence services the ability to monitor the electronic communications of every person in the country drew fire on Monday

Ghana presidential jet catches fire

Ghana's presidential jet caught fire at the Kotoka International Airport in the capital Accra


Lupita Nyong'o's Stolen Oscar Dress Believed Found

Yahoo! - A dress that strongly resembles the custom gown taken from Lupita Nyong’o’s hotel room earlier this week has been recovered, a sheriff’s official said Friday. Los Angeles Sheriff’s spokeswoman Nicole Nishida says the dress found Friday afternoon at a West Hollywood hotel “greatly resembles” the pearl-adorned Calvin Klein Collection by Francisco Costa dress Nyong’o wore to Sunday’s Academy Awards. One of the actress’ representatives reported the dress was stolen from Nyong’o’s room at the London Hotel in West Hollywood late Wednesday. TMZ’s source also said the thousands of pearls adorning the garment were fake. The dress recovered Friday afternoon was found in an abandoned bathroom at the London Hotel, sheriff’s officials wrote in a press release.

Porn at the Pyramids: investigation after tourists make adult film at ancient wonder

Independent - This sounds very awkward because some of the critics who watch porn and still support the culture of the Middle East don't seem to care who goes there to do whatever, the article clearly makes effort for anyone wanting to do something about someone walking around nude. They are maybe desperate to get money presently there is no telling what people do for money, often someone can be in the hospital and mentally unable to communicate yet it lands in the news. I would not like to be caught at the pool naked but mistakes happen you can witness something and want to share it on this blog. But I don't seem to have a problem with the way it sounds just the fact that people waste time porn is good the way it is unregulated only after the cash. As for the nudist in the magazine I would be uncomfortable and they're don't allow males like me to get on the beach to walk and stuff unless I was female they allow her to go shopping & sleep on patio furniture it's a double standard makes me just want to pause and look onward be there when it happened but oh well survival of the fittest. In case you don't understand adult entertainers notice the article best following behind the hashtag #amazingrace or #survivor don't believe it just watch. I am however unable to obtain certain things like clothes because it's difficult the lights go out we get blackouts and nobody cares when the power will get put back, really wassup with the drama? are you aware of your surroundings.

President Uhuru warns public servants against engaging in corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned public servants against engaging in corruption go here.

Malaysia Airlines Struggles to Salvage Its Image a Year After Flight 370 Disappearance

Time - With a new CEO and an evolving marketing strategy, the beleaguered airline is trying to rebrand and reinvent

Malcolm X’s daughter, Ilyasah Shabazz, argues for white people’s right to use N-word

Ilyasah Shabazz, daughter of civil rights leader Malcolm X, has argued in defense of the N-word being used by white people in hip-hop....

Read more: link

Fuck What Happens Tonight LYRICS

Fuck What Happens Tonight LYRICS
French Montana


Madam Noire - I appreciate Master P and his response so much because it shows us how to stand up for the rights of women. (Note, that Master P was very respectful and direct in his approach.) We don’t have to smile politely or laugh it off. And it also shows that all women, no matter what they may do for a living or if they defy your personal, moral code, should be and deserve to be respected as human beings.


Delta plane veers off runway in landing at LaGuardia

USA Today - Delta flight from Atlanta with 127 passengers aboard veered off the runway Thursday while landing at New York's LaGuardia Airport, plowed through a fence and came to rest on a snowy embankment only a few feet from the frigid waters of Flushing Bay.

Delta jet skids off runway during snowstorm at NY airport


Colorado firm offers to assist Jamaican cannabis market

Colorado firm offers to assist Jamaican cannabis market

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omar victor diop presents remixed portraits of africa's past at design indaba

with one eye on history and the other on contemporary culture, the senegalese design indaba speaker describes themes of identity and heritage (read more)

US general: Iran role in Tikrit assault 'may be positive'

DW-World - Top US General Martin Dempsey has said Iran's involvement in dislodging "Islamic State" from the city of Tikrit could be "positive." Tens of thousands of Iraqi troops and Shiite militiamen have moved in around the city.

The Baddest Women in Reality TV Right Now

XXL - With that said, we take a look at 8 of the baddest women in reality TV right now.