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Hello, I've been busy working and haven't had the time to update my blog so I hope your not looking for problems because at the moment I am unable to provide visitors with a spicy website but it's coming. As far as I know anywhere you go everyone is busy doing their thing and no one is a friend they just keep getting better at hustling, I am really a hustler I like to make money & my ends meet. After recently locating my cousin who explained to me the reason he needed to see me, I was asked to take someone to meet him at this one dealership some miles away. We went past some expensive neighborhoods along the road I didn't see the bank until we pulled into the Dodge dealership and I was surprised I had never been to this place but I had to park my ride. It was approaching mid-afternoon that day this person had his child in the backseat so I had to drive behind since he asked me to follow behind him, I got ticketed for running a red light he drove the Jeep which was parked nearby. I looked around for someone resembling my cousin he arrived within a few minutes by himself so I tried not to ignore the moment when I had to drive behind these people. I wasn't looking for anything in particular they had many cars on sale, if anything it looked like the stuff happening on the right side of the road wasn't upscale except the overpass and construction vehicles like the caterpillar. I made a mental note it was a perfect situation to play basketball or instruct someone about North Dallas. Since I had to call him from the dealership I got confused since these are new cars and I wasn't necessarily searching for anything other than to maybe just leave the repair shop and make my way back home, so I ran into this person and my cousins requested that I follow him to meet him at this location. There were many cars running past the along the freeway I really wanted to get a black jeep or some kinda Dodge Durango I notice someone moving one away as I turned to the left so many cars speeding past I think this is the right address. There is no reason to not own such items so I prayed to God that someday I may have to get out there, drive back home in a brand new Dodge. If you have ever been to Denton or Ft-Worth then you can notice they've got so much space that it's really not necessary leaving your home to drive to someone's home, for instance there aren't any restaurants I was introduced to these places thru a friend some Nigerian man who wanted to sell my cousin a brand new home. We ate at this fast food restaurant after leaving the dentist on arrival at Braum's Ice-Cream we argued about something inside the car I was with my mom and it's three people unable to make a decision, so I decided to just be silent and look forward to whatever they had coming up. I am not wealthy but I notice the niceties about Texas if I was I would definitely go back to Wiley, TX where we went which was in so magnificent they've now settled near where my cousin stays in Denton. The highway road looks good they completed the project which now looks okay everything going past the IKEA Dr in Frisco but I think there's more happening in and around the Tollway as you approach my city thru the "North & South" exit.


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