Airlines Do Fixes on the Cheap by Sending Planes Abroad to Unlicensed Mechanics

Alternet - Maintenance is yet another cost-cutting measure, but with potentially dangerous consequences.


Status Update

Hello, wassup? I just wanted to let visitors of this blog know that I will not be able to post updates, the reason is it's been three weeks since I was unable to completely shutoff my Lenovo. I went to work out or whatever and when I returned home from the fitness center a police woman knocked on the door in response to a fire alarm that had made her come to my home, it's weird because the same thing happened late one evening when I couldn't remember the fire alarm passcode. Soon after shutting it off or recalling the password which I entered into the machine a fire truck pulls up and I had to explain to them what I was doing. The notebook during the Christmas holidays couldn't shutoff so I had to sit there at my desk thinking about the New-Year etc, unfortunate because I wasn't able to understand the chat session it was just after using search engine(s) from my wireless cellular T-Mobile phone that I was able to locate a number after quickly shutting it down I called them. Lenovo asked for a serial number from underneath the notebook someone hacked into my computer no further problems. Not funny because I was introduced to someone who didn't even have a Facebook account, they in turn had to fly back home after the holiday's on short notice, she promised she was going to come back I cannot believe this happened lately it's been practically impossible staying awake. But in my opinion I think she got away with finding where I stayed I don't trust people who approach you and convince you their beautiful etc. This problem occurring shortly after hearing tornado warnings and sirens from a thunderstorm. To my surprise it was unable to shutoff but that's not a surprise I have issues with Microsoft sometime after obtaining the computer I installed an Operating System which I searched for and downloaded Windows 10, I am unable to use the notebook so you will not be getting regular updates from me until further notice.


Wiz Khalifa Plays "KHALIFA" Album For Airline Passengers

Hip-Hop DX - Wiz Khalifa's "KHALIFA" album is scheduled to release this month.


10 ways Diaspora folks keep it Kenyan while living abroad

SDE.co.ke - Diaspora folks may be the most condescending and annoying lot, but what you cannot fault is their immense love for their motherland. While living abroad often gets into their head, they certainly wish things were different and they will probably troop back home to live happily ever after.