'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' still dominating the movie galaxy

LOS ANGELES (AP) — "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" is continuing its dominance over the movie galaxy as expected, outpacing three new releases. The eighth installment in the Disney-owned space saga is expected to add another nearly $69 million to its coffers over the weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday.


Raila digs in as State warns him over swearing-in plan

The Government Thursday invoked the offence of treason to caution Opposition leader Raila Odinga against attempts to be sworn in next Tuesday.

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NEWS adidas Take Nike to Court Over Flyknit Technology

The Three Stripes move to strip Nike of their Flyknit patent. click here


U.S. Navy plane carrying 11 crashes into Pacific Ocean off Japan, 8 rescued

Washington Post - The Navy is conducting search and rescue operations for the remaining three.

President Trump and accusations of sexual misconduct: The complete list

Washington Post - There are at least 13 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct. Here's the complete list, with their evidence.


Status Update

Hello, I just wanted to post this status update because I haven't been surfing the web but have decided to type something. I am very sorry about the way this blog has been operating it is sad to say that there's not enough happening to bring me online, if you think that is the wrong thing to say then so be it. I have this one notebook which I use but my speakers are now blown and don't work so I use the speaker on the notebook which sounds terrible. As of late it has been difficult surfing but I make amends for the misunderstanding, you can find me scrolling thru the Kenyan news portal Kenya Moja a site i've often been visiting.

Since traveling to East-Africa this year I haven't had time to be productive, it was so boring to have gone to visit my family living in the rural parts of Kenya. I had to listen to the politics and arguments which were broadcast thru the television the television was running on solar power, so each time that we needed to power it up we had to connect it to the car battery. The car was never around but when it was we listened to the politicians on television speaking Swahili it happened some months ago, I don't know how to tell someone that you are willing to leave a certain spot for the long drive back to town. But I begged mom to take me to my daddy's village I am told that I don't need to ask I can just come there myself. I am not that well informed to leave one place in the traditional setting and go walk up into another, I was not knowledgeable to do it alone. We used the Matatu after the bus dropped us off my cousin picked us up he would often be running errands. He recently moved to East-Africa from the Netherlands, I was told it's best to try coming back to East-Africa I told him I got a nice job and don't want to interfere with anything, they are newly married.

Traveling to Kenya was cool we left here in the morning of June and traveled thru Doha, Qatar they have been having problems for awhile regarding their support of extremism both countries. It wasn't difficult walking thru the airport but when we arrived in Nairobi we had to get our stuff thru customs this process didn't take long I just paid for the Visa and asked to use the restroom. We were in the city for a week but had to get going cause my cousin wasn't at home he had been offered a job somewhere. I got to see Qatar aboard their airline arriving in Doha we left East-Africa late in the night so many travelers i'm grateful we weren't involved in any problems, we bumped Rumba the entire time we were in the village. I dunno if they like rumba in the city? just in case you dunno what it is I have shared the link with you.

I dunno why we left the city to travel to the countryside after visiting the bus station it just became obvious we were leaving because of the arguing regarding elections, you could tell the city was jam packed I guess because everyone was in Nairobi it felt like a ghost town at night a few cars late evening when we arrived just so much traffic during the day. We were offered eggs I think this was the first thing we ate it was with corn bread the minute we arrived with all our bags. We had to pay this airline back in Dallas nearly $700 we took all our things and walked off when we arrived in Kenya. They asked what it was we were carrying and I kept my mouth shut my mom had to answer in Kiswahili what it was we were carrying. To tell you the truth we had packed up some electronics notepads purchased in Texas, the plan was to arrive and try selling them to get cash. Anyway I really enjoyed my flight before arriving in Qatar I watched some movies and listened to music, we flew over some desert areas places I shouldn't mention. It was raining when we took off from Dallas/Ft-worth and raining when we arrived back.

After just one week we booked a trip to the village by bus the drive took all day we were to meet other guests, my cousin and her husband and their kids would be coming to East-Africa also. We visited grandma for two days their village is nearby where we were it just wasn't appropriate to leave there without visiting so we made plans to come visit her before coming back to the city at the last minute. We didn't intend to run out of time but our stay in Kenya was for only one month and we had expected to arrive in Nairobi on Saturday then depart on Sunday night. We arrived back in town just in time to realize how much they had missed speaking to us, while in the village we had a lot to eat I even went out to the club. We went to the shopping mart and got flat tires the next day we went out looking for a replacement tire which cost money, I wasn't going to chip in but I noticed the locals riding around in motor bikes. If it wasn't for the constant viewing of television I may have lost my mind but during the evening we would watch the news and see the president talking in Swahili I got bored but my cousin had to be at two different places at the same time. Your welcome to read up on the campaign if you want, the difference in setting may have spoiled the journey but I had to experience it.

I really wish to return to visit the city of Nairobi my family is living there some have relocated and are no longer living where I thought they would be staying. After traveling back from the village I realized we had spent nearly 3 weeks away from town and everyone was on the up-and-up speeding motorists. We got dropped off near the mall on a Saturday so we just asked them to let us out, we got out and tried to use the cellular phone. What had happened is mom got ride of the phone we were using in the village to make calls, so when we arrived we just stood there looking at traffic and the buildings. We asked if we could use a strangers phone and they gladly let us make calls, my uncle spotted us standing on the side of the highway and parked his car. He told us the directions we had been giving him were for a different spot, I was just glad to have run into him very glad he found us standing there. We picked up a bite to eat parked next to Dominoes finally back in town, we got some food but it wasn't pizza. The journey out of Africa wasn't simple I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help, the man who gave me some food in hand back in the village. So many people to thank, the bus driver who carried us from town into the village I appreciated the music and the scenery. Doha, Qatar wasn't what I expected they had people from the air-force I am guessing helping passengers I notice the uniforms. Anyway, that's what I been up to. I even went to a concert to settle things but that's another chapter in this story..in the end I realize it isn't about the money and power but it's about loving your family the different cultures friends, coming to peace and leaving with an open mind.

AMISOM Says 1,000 Troops to Leave Somalia

(Voice of America) African Union peacekeeping troops will start withdrawing from Somalia next month, says the head of the AU mission in the country.


Police arrest teenager over London train attack, hunt for other potential suspects

LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — British police arrested an 18-year-old man in the ferry departure area of the port of Dover on Saturday on suspicion of being involved in the bombing of a London Underground train and were looking for more potential suspects on the loose.


Millions vacate as Hurricane Irma strikes Florida Island

Daily Nation - One of the most powerful hurricanes ever to slam storm-prone Florida, Irma is threatening dangerous storm surges

This is why teens in Kenya are committing suicide

Daily Nation - “Some parents tend to compensate for their absence with money and material things - experience has shown that this is a recipe for disaster.”


7 screenwriting tips from Aaron Sorkin

BBC - You might not have heard of Aaron Sorkin, but we're pretty sure you'll know his work.


See how Miami's growth since 1992 puts thousands of new homes in Irma's path

CNN - The population of south Florida has grown considerably since the last Category 5 storm to hit the region, Hurricane Andrew, ravaged the coastal state in 1992.



The US-based National Super Alliance (Nasa) consultant who was deported from Kenya days to the August 8 election has termed the Supreme Court ruling “a victory for the Kenyan people and democracy worldwide.”


Uhuru disagrees with court ruling as Nasa demands purge

Daily Nation - He had won the annulled poll by 54 per cent, polling 8,203,290 votes against Mr Odinga's 6,762, 224 (44.74 per cent).

It’s back to square one as Court orders fresh poll


Alexa be more human

C|net - Inside amazon's effort to make its voice assistant smarter, chattier and more like you.


Mayweather, a Defensive Mastermind, Beats McGregor With His Fists

NY Times - He reddened McGregor’s face with a barrage of right-handed bombs, leading the referee to stop the fight a little more than a minute into the 10th round on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena.

Mayweather vs. McGregor: Highlights From Every Round

Dramatic Rescues Unfold All Across Waterlogged Houston

NY Times HOUSTON — The rain had begun to fall again on Sunday afternoon when there was a roar over Interstate 610. A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter was hovering overhead, a rescuer and a resident joined together by a harness and arms.

Harvey Brings Catastrophic Floods to Houston; at Least Five Reported Dead

Hurricane Harvey in Photographs


Divers search McCain's flooded compartments for 10 sailors

Navy Times - Navy and Marine Corps divers will enter flooded compartments on the USS John S. McCain to search for 10 sailors missing after the destroyer and an oil tanker collided in Southeast Asian waters, the 7th Fleet said Tuesday.


We should move away from messiah leadership to structured democracy

Daily Nation - Watching the aftermath of our recent General Election, I was left pondering a phenomenon that appears after pretty every such event in these parts.


Stream Damian Marley’s First New Solo Album in 12 Years ‘Stony Hill’ [LISTEN]

Stream Damian Marley’s First New Solo Album in 12 Years ‘Stony Hill’ [LISTEN]

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Obama's Message to Uhuru and Raila on Election Day

Former US President Barrack Obama on Monday night sent a chilling message to President Uhuru Kenyatta and NASA Leader Raila Odinga asking them to...


South African Airways 'is on verge of bankruptcy'

BBC News - South African Airways (SAA) has run out of money and is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, according to information given to the country's parliament.

Steve Harvey on Miss Universe Mishap: I Took a Bullet for a Lot of People

US Magazine - "I took a bullet for a lot of people and I'm a bright guy," Harvey, 60, told Us Weekly and other reporters during the Television Critics Association press tour on Thursday, August 3. "I can read and I can hear. I read and I did what I was told to do."

Lorde 'So Gutted' After Lollapalooza 2017 Set Canceled Due to Weather

Mobb Deep Rapper Prodigy's Cause of Death Revealed as Accidental Choking


Neymar’s £198m fee has distorted the market – now wait for the ripple effect

The Guardian - Neymar’s move to PSG from Barcelona will make him the first player in 85 years to more than double the previous transfer record. An already inflated environment will feel the consequences


Chester Bennington's Widow: 'Now He Is Pain-Free'

"We had a fairytale life and now it has turned into some sick Shakespearean tragedy," Talinda Bennington writes Cont'd

Al-Jazeera Says to Fight Any Bid to Shut Its Jerusalem Office

The Qatar-based Al-Jazeera news outlet on Thursday vowed a legal fight against Israel if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pursued plans to shut its ...


Spicer out, Sanders and Scaramucci rise in Trump shake-up

Spicer remained loyal to Trump but frequently battled perceptions that he was not plugged in to what the president was thinking.


Lobbyists cash in on dispute between Qatar, Saudi Arabia

Both sides hope to head off any punitive measures from Washington while seeking favorable terms in any American-brokered settlement.

10 New Artists You Need to Know: July 2017

Once again, we talked to 10 of the hottest artists who are climbing the charts, breaking the Internet or just dominating our office stereos. This month: K-pop sensation BTS, alt-rockers Missio, worldwide dance smash Jonas Blue and more.


U.S. threads needle of politics to run air war against ISIS from base in Qatar

(Tampa Bay Times) From his office on the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East, Air Force Maj. Gen. David Nahom can look out his window into a cavernous room with banks of screens and find the position of any aircraft in the region.

Trump and Macron, once cast as adversaries, show they have much in common

Washington Post Both are political outsiders holding their first elective positions and relish having defied their countries’ main political parties, and they maintain contentious relationships with the media. Both have pledged to dramatically shake up the establishment and rid their capitals of power players and bureaucrats who have long wielded influence. Both have stressed business-friendly policies and promised to roll back regulations.


Police Officers to Get 100 Percent Salary Increase From July

A secret report has revealed details of President Uhuru Kenyatta's new plan before the upcoming August General Election. According to the leaked document...


Cambodian Sneaker Factory Workers Suffer Mass Faintings

Sole Collector - Women working at Nike, Asics and Puma factories fall victim.

Jubilee and NASA in war over manifesto

Standard Media - The Opposition alliance in a statement said Jubilee was only unable to explain to Kenyans why it had not fulfilled the promises it made to them in the 2013 election blueprint, saying the document launched on Monday mirrored majority of the failed promises.


Facebook is opening a new wind-powered data center in Texas

Business Insider - Facebook broke ground today at a new data center in Fort Worth, Texas. The company says it will invest at least $500 million in the project.

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Chinese want to make sure Xi dodges 'embarrassments' with the impulsive Donald Trump

The Chinese want to make sure Xi dodges 'embarrassments' with Trump

When Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Donald Trump convene in Palm Beach, Florida, this week, don't expect any intimate, behind-the-scenes moments.


Trump’s travel ban impacts air travel, threatens US tourism

Yahoo Finance - On March 6, President Donald Trump signed an executive order revising the controversial travel ban he issued on Jan. 27 that banned refugees and people from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US. At the ITB travel fair in Berlin on Thursday, Emirates President Tim Clark revealed that...


Why Raila Odinga’s bag of tricks will backfire this season of deceit

Why Raila Odinga’s bag of tricks will backfire this season of deceit
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1992 Acura Integra GS-R - Racing Rarity

1992 Acura Integra GS-R - Racing Rarity: A 1992 Acura Integra GS-R is already a rare sight, but Robert Romero made his even more elusive by building it into the world's fastest 2nd gen. Integra.

Melissa McCarthy on SNL shows the power comedians have under a Trump presidency

Washington Post - "It feels like comedy is a weapon that we can use against them, that they don’t have,” says comedian Nikki Glaser.


Deputy President William Ruto Makes Stop at Makutano Junction Causing Heavy Traffic

Kenyans.co.ke - Deputy President William Ruto on Wednesday evening caused chaos on Mombasa road after his team decided to....


S. Korea plans to tighten battery regulations post Note7 crisis

A government agency agreed with Samsung's view that faulty batteries caused the Note7 to overheat cont'd.


Airport protests erupt across the U.S.

Dallas News - Thousands of people swarmed airports across the country on Saturday to protest Donald Trump's executive orders banning all refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days and denying entry for 90 days to citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries.


A Blue Valentine - Poem by Joyce Kilmer

(For Aline)

Right Reverend Bishop Valentinus,
Sometime of Interamna, which is called Ferni,
Now of the delightful Court of Heaven,
I respectfully salute you,
I genuflect
And I kiss your episcopal ring.

It is not, Monsignore,
The fragrant memory of your holy life,
Nor that of your shining and joyous martyrdom,
Which causes me now to address you.
But since this is your august festival, Monsignore,
It seems appropriate to me to state
According to a venerable and agreeable custom,
That I love a beautiful lady.
Her eyes, Monsignore,
Are so blue that they put lovely little blue reflections
On everything that she looks at,
Such as a wall
Or the moon
Or my heart.
It is like the light coming through blue stained glass,
Yet not quite like it,
For the blueness is not transparent,
Only translucent.
Her soul's light shines through,
But her soul cannot be seen.
It is something elusive, whimsical, tender, wanton, infantile, wise
And noble.
She wears, Monsignore, a blue garment,
Made in the manner of the Japanese.
It is very blue --
I think that her eyes have made it more blue,
Sweetly staining it
As the pressure of her body has graciously given it form.
Loving her, Monsignore,
I love all her attributes;
But I believe
That even if I did not love her
I would love the blueness of her eyes,
And her blue garment, made in the manner of the Japanese.

I have never before troubled you with a request.
The saints whose ears I chiefly worry with my pleas
are the most exquisite and maternal Brigid,
Gallant Saint Stephen, who puts fire in my blood,
And your brother bishop, my patron,
The generous and jovial Saint Nicholas of Bari.
But, of your courtesy, Monsignore,
Do me this favour:
When you this morning make your way
To the Ivory Throne that bursts into bloom with roses
because of her who sits upon it,
When you come to pay your devoir to Our Lady,
I beg you, say to her:
"Madame, a poor poet, one of your singing servants yet on earth,
Has asked me to say that at this moment he is especially grateful to you
For wearing a blue gown."


Congo ruling party, opposition sign deal for Kabila to step down