Hello everybody how is your summer going? I will not be able to make an adequate payment to any bank know why, it's because of recession i've just been seeing some of my online contacts and they seem to be very interested with social networking. I regard living online very highly I mean sometimes I march all over the crib wondering who will pvt message me. I'm at the computer desk and there seemed to be some talk about privacy what does it all mean. I supposed people change we just use e-mail; frankly there is nobody I know doing anything wrong everything is explained as self-employed that sounds like a long dry response. This is a personal blog i'm using I normally working PT until the oil spill. When driving along the highway I feel lucky and belive this should be alot more than asking up for notebooks, i'm waiting to speak to someone about work. I viewed the world cup happening in South Africa ask anyone the Japanese lost. Otherwise I walked outside soon before it was over I missed the opening ceremony performances. I had to go repair my personal computer which was recently destroyed. I'm unable to listen to the radio know what I mean. I bought a nice t-shirt afterwards walking to the movies alone; but seriously need to shop here. I have to catch up with the Black eyed peas think their new album conveys an open message.

Rap artist Kanye West upstaged by his cheeky girlfriend Amber Rose as she frolics in an orange bikini

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Puerto Ricans targeted in massive ID theft schemes

"I think people noticed that no one was paying attention to those documents," said a Puerto Rico-based FBI agent on the cases, who requested anonymity because the agent works under cover. "In the future, this could be linked to everything, even terrorism. I don't doubt that it could go that way."

Born in a U.S. territory where he has lived all his life, Jose Marrero Rivera didn't know his name and social security number were racking up thousands of dollars in unpaid charges in Chicago and Miami.

The snack bar worker cont'd

10 retailers at risk

Companies have slashed costs and hoarded cash to try to ride out the recession.

For some that may not be enough.

Here is a look at retailers facing financial difficulties.

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15,000 Motorcycles Recalled By BMW

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration BMW has recalled 15,000 motorcycles due to three entirely different problems. From their enduro and dual-sport line BMW is saying that an attachment for the roll-gear pin could fail with fragments becoming lodged between the rear sprocket and chain thus ...


England v Germany

England v Germany: Fifa want 'better refereeing' not goal-line technology.

Fabio Capello blames referee and linesman for World Cup exit.


Rudd on the tracks

The Economist is reporting that Australia has voted for a new Prime the lady's name is Julia Gillard. Speech Accepting the Office of Prime Minister of Australia below ...

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four


- The country's first woman leader, quickfire party poll that stunned observers and left the ex-premier in tears

- Welsh-born lawyer

- Australia's commitment to keep troops in Afghanistan

- quickfire party poll that stunned observers

- climate change, border protection and ending the stoush over the mining tax as her three top policy priorities

- consulting directly with Kevin Rudd about his future

- Julia Gillard is a member of the Labor Party


Fortress Apple

Apple's new iPad is more than just a gorgeous consumer electronics device. It's also a kind of challenge to the Internet itself—or at least cont'd.



Hello everyone I just wanted to post yet another update i'm sitting here watching Wimbledon. I don't play tennis very often I would rather watch soccer so goes the dilemma of having to sit through the entire Switzerland vs Chile match. My computer is outside being repaired I was unable to connect to the NET. World cup South Africa ends July 11.

Merkel at odds with Obama on financial policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday contradicted US President Barack Obama, saying that Europe will push for a swift exit from fiscal stimulus programs and focus instead on budget cuts at the G20 meeting.


Microsoft's Xbox motion control system is Kinect

After calling it Project Natal for more than a year, Microsoft finally gives its motion-control system a real name, formally unveiling Kinect during a special Cirque du Soleil performance.


British PM pledges help in spill

British Prime Minister David Cameron offered on Thursday to help deal with BP Plc's Gulf of Mexico oil spill, saying he would take it up with US President Barack Obama, as the beleaguered company's shares rebounded from 14-year lows.

It was the first time that Cameron had spoken publicly about the crisis.

2010 NFL Schedule

I found this here weeks ago i'm now able to proceed to share it with everyone. Is anyone interested with Pro Football? yes/no.

Who's really to blame for the Gulf spill? Some inconvenient truths

You would not think it possible for a major environmental disaster to take on the tone of a football match, but such is the case this weekend with the Gulf oil spill.



Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data

Google is "almost certain" to face prosecution for collecting data from unsecured wi-fi networks, according to Privacy International (PI).

There is absolutely no way South Africa will win the World Cup

So the World cup match schedule is giving me a buzz I intend to watch from home, it appears okay right up until he decides to place the ESPN sport miles away from downtown Johannesburg. I just think it necessary for nobody pull the plug on the fans seated in the restaurant; as South Africa turns down Tokyo invitation. I suppose I asked to blend into the crowd my interest could be shortsighted. Welcome to mega luxury i'm away from the bar unable to see scheduled matches. Some journalist lost his/her camera I do not live in that kind of system where all I can watch is return of the dragon.

Well in order to win that World cup the media does infact take alot of footage, from previous historic rivalries Africa may be champions. A news headline read $9 billion in insurance in place for soccer World Cup. What bank has got this much money? Lloyd’s of London insurance. Staging the tournament presented South Africa with three challenges: infrastructure, transport and security. what can I do it's worth half a billion, to say the managers aren't available would be a poor standpoint. Loosing the world cup will not mean anything expecially when the concensus includes taxes and surcharges. Let's suppose that African players weren't superstars counting money sure sounds like fun, would anyone be speaking to them about counterfeit money, I would like to include their team jersey's.

On Wednesday, an armed gang stole electronic equipment from a team of Portuguese journalists during a robbery at their lodge near Johannesburg, police and one of the victims said .

Look at this from the players point of view, it's going to be crowded and it might be cloudy to challenge the loser either way the media is going to be on the cover. So maybe i'm wrong but I want for the best to happen again i'm only just a viewer from America I don't like to gamble on a player moreover in the thick of it is team Mexico. Starting June 11 hoped to travel there but not certain buses taking in passengers pulling up at the airport, and sitting down the new high speed train. Everything will depend on the coaches, what if the players don't show up, a ticket doesn't get sold, you missed a match, you can't go to certain locations. That place certainly appears dry. I wouldn't get upset if the worldcup winners gave South Africa the money behind every winner is a choice this decision didn't sound right but I will vouch for the truth of it. I know the greetings and challenge everyone to enjoy the matchups.


World Cup ready to open in South Africa and vuvuzelas will make plenty of noise

Of all the South African sights and sounds that will make the 2010 World Cup unique, none promises to rouse more controversy than the blare of a plastic horn.

Facebook’s Gone Rogue; It’s Time for an Open Alternative

Now, say you you write a public update, saying, “My boss had a crazy great idea for a new product!” Now, you might not know it, but there is a Facebook page
for “My Crazy Boss” and because your post had all the right words, your post now shows up on that page. Include the words “FBI” or “CIA,” and you show up on the FBI or CIA page.

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Hortefeux convicted of racial insult

France's Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux has been convicted of making a racial insult about a young man of Arab origin Friday. RFI


Wu Tang Clan Name Generator, Too Gangsta To Miss

The rap clan created this as a Facebook app a while back to gain some free promotion by their fans. If you forgot your previous Wu Tang name or want to ...


British Airways Cabin Crew Continue Strike

British Airways cabin crew walked out for the 14th day Monday in an on-and-off strike over pay, benefits and working conditions, and a union leader said disruptions could continue into the summer.