Pentagon: US ground troops may join Iraqis in combat against Isis

Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel and General Martin Dempsey refuse to rule out greater role for US ‘advisers’ if airstrikes cont'd.


Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana 2 Results: What Went Wrong for El Chino?

Marcos Rene Maidana earned a rematch against Floyd Mayweather after an impressive first battle in May. Unfortunately, he was not up to the ...


NASA taps SpaceX, Boeing to carry astronauts to space

C|net - In the return of human space flight for the US, NASA awards both private aerospace companies a combined total of $6.8 billion.

Hilton chain, launched in Texas, continues its growth in state

Of the 15 hotels under construction or recently completed in the Dallas area, one-third will fly a Hilton company flag, according to data from STR, formerly Smith Travel Research. That’s a greater percentage than for any other hotel company building now in North Texas.

Safari Rally 2014 review

Kenya Safari Rally targets 2017 slot in World Rally Championship

ARC challenger Essa pulls out of Safari

MISSING IN ACTION: Mohammed and Thuo pull out of 62nd KCB Safari Rally


Hillary Clinton returns to Iowa, and Bill Clinton almost steals the show

Yahoo News - It was two for the price of one at the 37th and final Harkin Steak Fry in Indianola.


Entire Leadership of ISIS Opposition Wiped Out by 'Unexplained' Explosion

Breitbart - Nearly fifty senior commanders of a major coalition of Islamic 'moderates' opposed to ISIS in Syria have been killed by an explosion at their secret command bunker as they met to discuss strategy against the the Islamic State.



Uhuru beats the WRC drum as Safari starts

Capital FM - President Uhuru Kenyatta has pledged the Government will make every effort to bring the Safari Rally back into the World Rally Championship circuit.

President Kenyatta flags off 62nd KCB Safari Rally Speaking during the ceremonial start of the 62nd KCB Safari Rally 2014 at Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), the president ...

Fmr Alaska Gov Sarah Palin

Don't you know who I am?! It's a powerful question that has blown up in many a celebrity's face. Sarah Palin and her family were reportedly involved in a "booze-filled brawl" in Alaska last weekend when the Mama Grizzly allegedly screamed, "Don’t you know who I am?" amid the chaos. No word on whether anybody responded, "Tina Fey?" Though the former Alaskan governor is the latest to have dropped the cocky phrase, she's hardly the first

Destiny Media Trailer | Official Site of Destiny the Info

Destiny Media Trailer | Official Site of Destiny the Info


Oscar Pistorius trial judge to deliver homicide verdict

The judge in the trial of Oscar Pistorius is due to announce if the South African athlete is guilty of the culpable homicide of his girlfriend.

How NYS Will Become 'Social Change Army'

How NYS Will Become 'Social Change Army'


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford hospitalized with suspected tumor

NYDailynews - Humber Regional Hospital said in a statement Wednesday that Ford had been complaining of abdominal pains and that an examination has resulted in a working diagnosis of a tumor.

Status Update

Hello, tomorrow marks the day Sept 11, 2001 when hijackers attempted to take over New-York by overpowering the federal government and striking a building that landmark event at the World Trade center towers in Manhattan whoever stayed awake that night knows what happened.

Today I got up in the morning to think about Nicky Minaj she was supposed to be making an appearance on television show ellen, so I didn't see the video mom returned from work and brought me something to munch it's Jack-In-The-BoX. The news has been talking about a Baltimore Ravens player assaulting his girlfriend inside an elevator sounds terrible. Despite my job situation I look forward to speaking to someone about getting my job back, since i've been asking people in the office to hire me they've told me to go away. I was sitting down at home football, my journey, getting hired, staying focused putting our lives together look at the sky as it was falling nothing more to say. I've been surfing to twitter alot i'm getting fed-up just asking about it. I recently saw a news story about an incident where someone interrupted the president as he's making a speech in front of a crowd sort of like the shoe throwing incident. The president is however a busy person in order to see him you would have to get out there and drive etc, they are in Migori County in South Nyanza the president and his bodyguards. As he was speaking on the microphone someone or certain group of individuals ruined the speech, someone interupted him to tell him off the bodyguard claim they were inside a car or stuck in traffic during the speech with the man known as Uhuru Kenyatta. They ran close by don't think I would bother asking what made them do it, who did it etc but it was very embarrasing to see such a peaceful meeting get ruined. The vice-president who is known to fly onboard his brand name jet was puzzled as he responded to questions about the election riots at the hague, hecklers normally sit and look onward to travelers leaving the state capital what's so nice inside that airport which recently caught on fire? I was thinking if I wasn't at home in East Africa sitting
down listening to the radio, the security and the rubbish the announcements is somewhat difficult to understand. As for securing the leader of Kenya I would blame the way he travels on this sorry cheap aircraft they have asked him to buy something like what the vice-president is walking down from a real executive jet not the state owned airplane like the ones Etihad is using for Cargo. I blame the crowd for interrupting that speech, bursting instead of speaking in a soft tone language they got dirty going back to town feeling humiliated unpeaceful. The way KTN made the announcement putting the black in man breaking the means of transport for him and his automobiles. Why not act in obedience to his leadership i'm going to see if I can step into the Apple store to listen to one of these records if impossible the electronic store. Of all those musicians I been listening to some urban songs which sound okay while in Florida which ones do you recommend I order? go and find. SIA is one of the best artists by far in my opinion our trip is coming up in a couple of months, I will not be seen there anytime soon I called about the ticket and was told I couldn't buy it $1000. So I heard it's best dreaming about it from where I am sitting a "Jaguar XF" was parked I ask you to please not drive, cars are cool but what about money, power, respect? if you can stay cool all those other sedans don't sound right they make them look safe their faking it.

Sneakerfiles.com review

I recently made my way into one of the footlocker stores here nearby where I live right afterwards i'm walking out and I notice they've still got the old school pair of Adidas the black and white colors. I definitely may need to grab them but the customers inside were busy making their payment and i'm standing behind about to ask about getting a job. So I left my name for this gentleman who appeared to be wearing an employee dressed in black pants and a referee shirt, the job fair i'm really interested in but it made Women's basketball seem possible to enjoy who's is it seriously? it's a Lincoln Mark 9.

mita sneakers x Reebok The Pump ‘Electric City’

‘Bleached Denim’ Nike Air Max 90 QS – Official Images

Did Katy Perry Confirm Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Song Is About Her? | Billboard

Did Katy Perry Confirm Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Song Is About Her? | Billboard

Did Taylor Swift Know Katy Perry Was Trouble When She Walked In? Deciphering Pop's Newest Feud | Yahoo Music - Yahoo Music

Yahoo! - Taylor Swift is never, ever getting back together — as friends, colleagues, or anything else — with a mystery diva who's the subject of one of her upcoming songs.


Gracyanne Fitness

Just would like to share these with visitors a link of Gracyanne as she works out doing the formula workout, normally find working out impossible but she's in great shape healthy. Link One, Two & Three.

Lloyd Banks Shoves Security Guards, Refuses Protection

Hiphop DX - Lloyd Banks says he doesn't need security in Budapest, Hungary.


Formula 1 - Boullier: McLaren could test 2015 Honda F1 car this year

Yahoo Sport - McLaren could give their 2015 Honda-powered Formula One car its first track test in Abu Dhabi after the end of this season in November, the team's racing director Eric Boullier said on Saturday.


Teachers wear NYPD shirts to school despite union warnings

NY Post - Angry city teachers who refused to be bullied by their union posted Facebook photos on Thursday of themselves in NYPD T-shirts — after the UFT warned them not to wear the “inappropriate apparel” on...

Starbucks Plans New Store Designs: Upscale in Seattle, Speedy in New York

FOx Business - The coffee chain announced two new types of store to capture growing demand for upscale coffee, and a test of a Manhattan 'express' store.

The Growth of ISIS guide to understanding their violent ambitions

U.S. and Allies Form Coalition to Destroy ISIS

NY Times - The two-pronged strategy would include working to bolster allies on the ground in Iraq and Syria, while attacking Sunni militants from the air.


Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (English Version) ft. Sean Paul, Descemer Bu...

NATO responding to "aggressive" Russia

Russia has drawn line into the war with Ukraine, a Russian weapons and movement putting hate into the spotlight, a Russian tanks can be observed moving sometimes with soldiers on board sitting moving across bordering towns but seriously who is going to dislike Vladimir Putin's movements as he quickly battles both the foreign press and criminal courts. I want to say that the anti-government forces appear stubborn and very uncaring when it comes to discussing why they did this to Ukraine, basically the news shows people stepping up to talk but what they say has to be translated. I don't speak good Russian most of the time I just try to imagine listening to them speak a foreign language which I cannot understand where are they going with this? because since the disappearance and terrorist attacking Malaysian Airlines (flight 17) a lot of killing and wounding of civilians in urban areas, which have lately turned into battlefields has taken place. I just noticed a CNN correspondent magnificent the latest attack showing burned trucks and military convoys moving left and right undercover in certain areas unknown to a training sniper. These troops who appear to be Russian actors are known in these parts of the world but the news indicates their quitters without jobs, and maybe anti-government forces being paid to lay down pretend to be private citizens. When really their haters waiting to turn around and/or kill backstab civilians. I would like to request that they get into details about what really happened after the coup attempted by Ukraine forces under the guidance of president Petro Poroshenko. This man claims to be the new leader of Ukraine but the country has really fallen down like a brick, I mean they really destroyed this country those rioters and protestors. It just makes it seem like we are in some kind of fishbowl with everything happening to destroy our lives and then something happening to act like a guide to pull us forward. I agree with the programming sometimes but i'm not desperate to watch Russian television especially if this is how their acting how childish for them the Russian people to walk around town. Before the war started it was okay but hopefully NATO can spearhead them to answer certain political questions it's costing people money, resources going to waste because he's feeding this hunger games. Aren't these people armed and unarmed civilians looking for better leadership their lives being shown daily, from the look of it they're crazy. Pro-Kiev volunteer battalions under the Ministry of Defense or under the Interior Ministry please don't do that again whatever happens now depends on maybe aggressive actions being taken by the United States of America trade and economics. To cool down foreign media who seem to take it we're helping rebuild and arm dictators. So much is happening but it's like the broad vertical push to realize we're hurting one another keeps people like him in power and in office, the money may have come and gone but the way they keep spreading hatred and communist ideology is extremely depressing. We should keep them out of the press want to know exactly what's happening not just because blackouts happened but our privacy is in question the cellular phone records in the European Union the German Chancellor Angela Merkel being talked about nothing more to say it's unlawful and dangerous. Someone should tell these people it's mission impossible changing current events to match your criteria, but if you insist on explaining then accept the unacceptable to put food on the table and make ends meet, in certain areas of the world. But the internet is turning out to be the place to witness their actions.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay has called on both sides of the conflict to lay down their arms.

"The trend is clear and alarming. There is a significant increase in the death toll in the east," Ivan Simonovic, U.N. Assistant Secretary General for Human Rights, told journalists.

Mr. Putin is known for littering his public statements with twists of braggadocio, immortalized in a vow he made as prime minister in 1999 to root out terrorism in Russia. “If we catch them in the toilet, we’ll whack them in the outhouse,” he said of the terrorists then.

Russian Aggression Puts NATO in Spotlight

NATO Unveils Rapid-Response Force to Counter Russian Troops in Ukraine

Ukraine crisis: NATO to create 'high-readiness force,' secretary general says - NATO members are expected to create "a very high-readiness force" to deal with Russian aggression in Ukraine and other international conflicts.

Failed Diplomacy: NATO Hardliners Push for Firmer Stance against Russia

Immediate crisis Russian president war with the West from the Far East. Invaders to provide Ukraine support pushback Europeans disapproving voices disapproving of the new sanctions and speaking out against penalizing Russia. David Cameron said something about Adolf Hitler there are no parallels the Holocaust Jews dying. But in the early stages if nothing is done someone will have to pay. NATO interest keeps Germany looking to attack Ukraine but down, Russians in just about collective defense how to provide stability need several things to work. To bring an end to this war you need to stop arms shipments from traveling over the Baltic and Black sea, NATO to defend it's own principle and/or stay in it's own territories. A free and batter more stable Europe ignorant of the previous events for instance after WWII, one that is able to achieve a meaningful entrance into the EU meanwhile others ignore this line. Europe finally have own future market economy etc Russia has problem with neighbor because of the World Stock Exchange rates and impact of war not locating funds. It's dangerous for a future market economy such as the one called the EU to be corrupt, it was started by Germans and made to cater to workers who seldom care what really happens to their money much less at the Stock Exchange Forex. It's a banking problem because in order to be secure, someone says do something and you should do it is what this looks like. Say more than when NATO wants to take this whole problem the cost of war could be more than the entire Euro GDP combined some 120 billion euros and Russian President Vladimir Putin may have to answer it.


Engines to Roar in Pearl of African Rally

The Star - Organisers finalise the course for 62nd KCB Rally The route course for the 62nd KCB Safari Rally has been finalised. The seventh round of the FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) will extensively traverse the Mount Kenya region running on the weekend of September 12-14.

Engines to Roar in Pearl of African Rally

Herdsboy who rose to rule Kenya for 24 years hits milestone

In an interview with the Nation on Monday, Mr Njiru said that Mr Moi had a million reasons to be grateful to God and Kenyans for giving him time to serve them as President for 24 years and another 60 years in the high-stakes arena of politics.


My Girlfriend Has a Better Sneaker Collection Than Me

Confession: My Girlfriend Has a Better Sneaker Collection Than Me

"Fellas, if you're in the same boat as me, embrace it." http://bit.ly/1t7ncN5

Asian stocks dip, euro stuck near one-year lows

TOKYO (Reuters) - Asian shares drifted lower on Tuesday, with momentum from prior gains fading as investors were left short of cues with the U.S. markets closed on Monday, while the euro continued to probe one-year lows in the uncertainty over the European Central Bank's policy decision later this week.

MSCI's broadest