Court Rules That Student Loan Company Isn't Above the Law

Bloomberg - This lawsuit could have blocked borrowers from getting their day in court.


Tyga Is Riding Around and Getting It in “Ice Cream Man” Video Read More: Tyga Is Riding Around and Getting It in "Ice Cream Man" Video - XXL

Tyga Is Riding Around and Getting It in “Ice Cream Man” Video

Read More: Tyga Is Riding Around and Getting It in "Ice Cream Man" Video - XXL | link


Wikileaks Announces New Release Of Documents Exposing Military Industrial Complex

Wikileaks Announces New Release Of Documents Exposing Military Industrial Complex

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'Star Wars' boycott hashtag calls film 'anti-white'

There has been an awakening of "racist" outcry, as the third and final trailer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens sparked a movement to boycott the J.J. Abrams-helmed

ISIS Shows Off Its First Graduating Class Of Soldiers In Afghanistan

Vocativ - 24 armed men appear in the new photos undergoing weapons training and physical fitness drills

Assad Makes Unannounced Trip to Moscow to Discuss Syria With Putin

(New York Times) President Bashar al-Assad of Syria flew to Moscow late Tuesday for an unannounced visit with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to discuss their joint military campaign and a future political transition in Syria, a Kremlin spokesman said on Wednesday.

Park Place plans to open a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Arlington

Dallas-based Park Place owns 16 dealerships in Texas and Las Vegas, including three other Mercedes-Benz stores in Dallas, Grapevine and Fort Worth.

Park Place Motors to build Mercedes-Benz dealership in Arlington


Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: Oct. 16-18

Whatever the opposite of “howdy” is, get ready to say it to Big Tex. This is the final weekend of the State Fair of Texas, and this is our final guide to everything to do at the fair.


Who Should Taylor Swift Bring On Stage At Her North Texas Show?

Hoffarth: Bad blood between Taylor Swift and LA Kings fans

Of deadwood critics and the death of literary criticism in varsities

Daily Nation - The book debate in Kenya has been taken over by mediocre academics who have little to show for their long stay in institutions of higher learning.

Steve Ballmer Says He Owns 4% Stake in Twitter

Bloomberg - Twitter shares rose 4.9 percent to $31.15 at the close in New York, their highest level since July 30.


WOW: $1.45M Eclectic East Austin Home for Sale

EA Patch - It won’t stay on the market for long.


Toronto Blue Jays 6-3 win over the Texas Rangers

Today, I just wanted to comment I wanted for us to win it seemed certain before seeing something about them not winning, it's devastating I don't know how much some of these folks put into observing a baseball game but I am sure it's nothing small. Right now just searching but it's probably best to just sit back and let it all in as we hear exactly what happened, as for the headlines each morning it felt like an extremely excruciating ordeal having to watch baseball games. I remember this one time I went to fill out an application and it was for a part-time job everything was silent some walking out, we had just been eating at KFC and then an argument erupted concerning some cash I could locate. Anyway, we've battled and played Kansas, Houston Astros and now it's the Blue Jays take a look at the schedule. I heard about them winning it from a news report then it all ended with ESPN saying they left their bench at the bottom of the 7th poor we obviously didn't speed it up or pause when we had to. Sometimes it's best to toughen up and learn how to just step it up over there at their scrapping yard. Soon after arriving maybe next time we gain back our composure from the lose and get smarter we hope to get to it once again but thru another way leave. Your welcome to follow up on them thru the local news station NBC DFW.

Jose Bautista HR caps wild 7th inning for Jays, Rangers

Jose Bautista's blast send Blue Jays to Game 5 victory


4 Russian warships launch 26 missiles against ISIS from Caspian Sea

RT News - They're going about this well but because their Russian warships I don't want to mislead with this announcement haven't you heard about it in the news? when are the documentaries going to stress leadership and not just this showboating considering stuff costs annihilation ends who requested for the Teflon don. Topics like this don't come across to be interesting they make me recall systematic weapons of genocide. I've been in embarrassing situations even discussed by requesting to be told where certain things are you may notice the silence it's probably because of violence in neighborhoods, there's a lack of income to fuel gangs like in the old days when they made films or hidden meanings within street signs, I guess. People get abused it's never fun walking into situations which prove them unhappy such as at the traffic light and train stations, i'm not a fool but African-Americans sometimes react different cultures have limitations nobody knows what's going where. I guess the smarter you become the more you start to realize political situations not familiar faces especially in the early morning when you've got plans yet find locked doors. I am not illiterate I know where i'm going but some produce cheap tickets still having to provide others something they aren't supposed to. It's not cool abusing a society let me just say even when there's a situation where the nail has to go into the piece of wood regardless. The Russians get bribed it's obvious when you consider they've got cops and Vladimir Putin thinking he's a global ambassador sounds anti-business getting the world's attention to something involving terrorists abusing women, I am no communist I deny saying I go places and encounter problems. Where their going whoever has sent them didn't care. It maybe all over the news but something should be said about these immigrants exercising freedom of speech it's not their it's ours. What about arriving there then starting to think we're here to wait for something to happen but they're locked in there mean people suck, if an accident were to happen? i'm standing but it's not like I was warned I just think it's dumb. ISIS members carry weapons sure but what's to be done about making payments making money? don't be in a rush crash that stratagem not curious solve problem. I got places I need to be going I notice stuff whoever is listening definitely took it upon themselves to arrive on time not miss the show.

Worldwide Market Fuels Illegal Traffic in Organs

Some doctors may feel that the Hippocratic oath prevents them from turning away a sick patient with an organ ready to be transplanted. Others may simply be tempted by the money involved.


Refugee homes near Copenhagen hit by arson

A new construction project meant to house refugees in Dragør just south of Copenhagen was set on fire over the weekend, officials said on Tuesday.

Outdoor Film Series

This sounds interesting because I was just there about an hour ago walking past Holocaust Museum and realized my destination was on the other end of the block, you should Try Dallas I thought to myself early this morning when I made plans to leave home and go see Dealey Plaza where the JFK assassination took place. It's however located near a highway so I had to find a place to park before taking the walk, entering several buildings before actually getting instructions to proceed to this MEPS location. She said it's on the next block behind her reservation desk. Once I arrived I entered thru the next door behind a gentleman there were two armed men, one of them is African-American. I was told to avoid going there because they normally accept people with escorts and that I need to contact my recruiter as i'm entering there are two men who I notice walking opposite me as we're following prior to entering a Federal Building. One my way out I notice a policeman he's walking looking at me I stopped at the lights, a uniformed policeman explains to me to avoid returning towards Dealey Plaza right there at the light. I realize I have made a big mistake so I just peacefully listen close as he tells me to go around their making a film, a second gentleman with a phone in his ear or something tells me to walk around. So I do as they tell me that's when I notice the cop and walk past Subway arriving at my car where I just ignore the noise from all the construction workers and start my car, to begin the journey back home.


Dallas Holocaust Museum

Downtown Dallas

Dallas News


Rant: Becoming Rihanna

This was somewhat interesting I haven't been checking for the FaderLauren Hill the critics have channeled her sound into this box where all your able to experience are the problematic episodes of her craft. But I don't find what she's making very hard to create no matter who she get's into the studio to work with, why not get better product out of her album the stuff sounds like it's trying to do it but it's not making her any cash. For this purpose I got into listening to African R&B singers, a few religious acts they say a lot of nice things about God and i'm searching to find dance musicians creating all this work, I mean it doesn't have to grab my attention but it's just dumb a waste of time in a moment explaining to someone who Jay-Z is who me? who it is/ what it do?? they're just wasting my time meanwhile over there. So regardless when I manage to see and meet famous acts perhaps the sound doesn't catch of off tempo it's just incredible I would like to suggest fans look into her fragrance she's powerful indeed granted you want swatches.

Kenya: Robbers Steal Sh20 Million From Othaya Equity Bank - allAfrica.com

Kenya: Robbers Steal Sh20 Million From Othaya Equity Bank - allAfrica.com


Russia Carries Out Airstrikes in Syria for 2nd Day

NY Times - The Russian military incursion may not be limited to Syria, the deputy foreign minister, Ilya Rogachev, suggested on Thursday in Moscow. He indicated that Moscow would be receptive to an invitation by Baghdad to assist in the fight against Islamic State in that country.


Apple Music: Will you be subscribing once the trial ends tomorrow?

Independent.IE - It is judgement day for Apple Music – three months on for its launch, its users must now decide whether to start paying for the steaming service.

Judgment day for Apple Music: Will you be subscribing once the trial ends?

A Crucial Day in the Music-Streaming Wars