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This sounds interesting because I was just there about an hour ago walking past Holocaust Museum and realized my destination was on the other end of the block, you should Try Dallas I thought to myself early this morning when I made plans to leave home and go see Dealey Plaza where the JFK assassination took place. It's however located near a highway so I had to find a place to park before taking the walk, entering several buildings before actually getting instructions to proceed to this MEPS location. She said it's on the next block behind her reservation desk. Once I arrived I entered thru the next door behind a gentleman there were two armed men, one of them is African-American. I was told to avoid going there because they normally accept people with escorts and that I need to contact my recruiter as i'm entering there are two men who I notice walking opposite me as we're following prior to entering a Federal Building. One my way out I notice a policeman he's walking looking at me I stopped at the lights, a uniformed policeman explains to me to avoid returning towards Dealey Plaza right there at the light. I realize I have made a big mistake so I just peacefully listen close as he tells me to go around their making a film, a second gentleman with a phone in his ear or something tells me to walk around. So I do as they tell me that's when I notice the cop and walk past Subway arriving at my car where I just ignore the noise from all the construction workers and start my car, to begin the journey back home.


Dallas Holocaust Museum

Downtown Dallas

Dallas News

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