'Force of the Future': career flexibility, fewer moves

AFT - A detailed blueprint for how to rebuild the military personnel system has landed on Defense Secretary Ash Carter's desk.

The dozens of recommendations from the Pentagon's top personnel officials would fundamentally change how the military recruits, pays, promotes and manages the active-duty force of 1.3 million troops, according to a draft copy of the report obtained by Military Times.

Maria Sharapova forced to pull out of US Open with leg injury

Maria Sharapova has pulled out of the US Open on the eve of the tournament.

Mario Balotelli set for Italian air force-style behaviour clause in Milan contract

Mario Balotelli will have a good behaviour clause inserted into his contract with Milan which will ban extravagant haircuts and clothing and commit him to a healthy lifestyle.

It appears like he's not going to be appearing on North American television screens for awhile only in Europe of course but does anyone care? he's kinda famous you know. I first witnessed the Italian appear in the FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa then Brazilia. But following last weekends selection process in front of Russian executives and investors World Cup soccer isn't taking the upper hand it's replaced boring air time especially on the weekend after that sorry sales pitch social networking is buzzing and/or get outta here to be lectured about your lifestyle. In a separate incidence soccer fans should maybe change how they share information following this controversy which involved FIFA president and members of his staff certain individuals just don't know where else to turn to for support however demeaning a task around God knows who. I didn't know what to think when FIFA granted the cup to Russia, there was trouble before that moment things have calmed down more minutes added to the hour. Not to sound selfish but lately it's become uncommon to go places I guess the more migrants they arrest and harass the worse it become what is all this nonsense? I never been to Milan. Headlines posted below about this next World Cup an event which looks grand, I don't want to make anyone do anything but do something just click and read. Russia won the rights to stage the 2018 World Cup under Blatter’s auspices. That 2010 decision, along with the award to Qatar of the 2022 tournament, is the subject of a Swiss criminal investigation running parallel to the US action.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin accuses United States of ‘meddling’ over Fifa arrests

Sepp Blatter deserves Nobel prize for work with Fifa, says Vladimir Putin

Singapore leak four second half goals away to 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar

After it was over it just doesn't sound like soccer is organized no credit was given to events which lead to the South African World Cup. I wrote about it on my blog, Russia isn't obviously going to mismanage the soccer biz their looking for profits which I had expected North America would experience unfortunately biz doesn't share anything the audience get's counted the problems don't get repaired like boom. Swiss judicial authorities are investigating the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar as part of a far-reaching corruption scandal that has also raised questions about the 2010 event in South Africa. Evidence of corruption this perhaps means taking the World Cup to places it doesn't need to go to for instance whoever had it before the Brazilians, and there aren't any jobs the World Cup is bigger than some may think of it to be. I was guessing to maybe promo the brazilian World Cup event by mentioning a cheap tournament by reducing the cost doesn't anyone want to offer cash and coupons anymore, just go to where it's played. There just isn't any money some do whatever it takes to make ends meet but as far as I know Mario Balotelli wears a jersey for Italia and he's getting into all these problems I don't know what to expect anymore. It doesn't sound good but he's a cool guy intelligent soccer player black coaches loosing their jobs looking around I don't find it ironic I opened this blog to begin with. There is nothing to do now I knew it was over when the Malaysian Airliners went down I missed the "On the run tour" we're taken by suprise, they showed it on television who knew Dutch Safety Board Investigation needs to provide answers quickly. Ukraine and the west suspect it was destroyed by a surface-to-air missile fired by Russian soldiers or Russia-backed separatist rebels fighting in the area.Your also welcome to look at these interesting articles posted below.

Japan Reveals Official Emblem for FIFA Club World Cup

Long road to glory begins with a small step

Happy Birthday to you!


Six simple techniques for the modern farmer in search of more profit

Daily Nation - The college, now owned by the County Government of Nyeri, is the destination of many farmers who flock there to learn the best farming practices – all for free.

We sample five simple technologies that you can easily replicate to boost your earnings from the soil.

How we clinched deal to supply veges to supermarket - The group brings together over 2,400 farmers who farm in groups scattered across the county.

Solar energy may be just what Kenya needs for industrial take-off - The government is determined to ensure each rural household has a solar panel within the next five years.

Fetty Wap Receives the Key to His Hometown

Fetty Wap performed at a back-to-school concert for Paterson, N.J. high school students on Thursday (Aug. 27). Patterson Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres presented the rising rapper with the key to the city.

Chris Brown Owns 14 Burger Kings

A$AP Rocky Stars in Footlocker’s New Campaign for the Adidas Tubular Runner S

US Rapper Banned From UK Over 'Violent Lyrics'

Sky News - Tyler the Creator is forced to cancel his UK shows, as the Government claims his songs "encourage violence" and "foster hatred".


Zaha Hadid's danjiang bridge uses a single mast to support 920 meter highway

Design Boom - the design is located at the mouth of one of the country's largest rivers, and will serve as a key part of the region's upgraded infrastructure.


The Middle East’s Morality Police

NY Times - It is a mistake, though, to think that only Islamist movements like the Muslim Brotherhood obsess over morality. Nominally secular regimes will often outdo religious conservatives in the “decency” contest.


Glass 'sky pool' coming to London

USA Today - If you're scared of heights, this might not be the pool for you.

Winners of The Presenter season 2


"It's been a great 6 years working at KTN," News anchor Edith Kimani

Ghsfla - Janet Mbugua threw her 60-year-old mother a surprise birthday party that was graced by well known celebrities in the industry.

#WCW: News anchor Edith Kimani- Six years of transformation to greatness
Read more at: link

"It's been a great 6 years working at KTN," News anchor Edith Kimani
Read more at: link

Paid In Full: are hip-hop producers being exploited?

A growing number of producers are complaining about being ripped off by rappers and groups who aren’t giving them payment or credit for their work cont'd.



@the_padded_room I will always remember this interested? having noticed the posting on Tumblr i'm not going to let anything slide because I always want to wear nice shoes but when they got me some wack paired shoes problems started. When I went to the concert I wasn't necessarily looking to be wearing a cheap pair of shoes with some outfit but it turns out everything went okay I don't know too much about fly sneakers but I try. Check out this pair obtained by rapper Trinidad James but i'm over here I been to the mall the shoe store had gotye a wall. It's back to school certainly walking thru the Galleria mall watching folks step out after shopping listen driving up at the stop light I realize I need directions. I really needed money that day a nice lady walks over after responding at this shopping center to give me directions i'm inside the car recall traffic how to get in there I ask? up to this point I believe it's not my fault. But I came all this way to get an application for work, I was sitting outside the store on the first floor writing stuff down on the application when suddenly I start to see bling you know the armored truck I knew what time it was. Dallas is a nifty place to drive thru it's a typical excuse not having friends to follow know what I mean??? no bill I could had parked close by walking out and onto the next shopping mall. After arriving something tells me I made the mistake of going to the big city when really all I needed to do is exit thirteen but like always this story must come to an end.


UEFA President Michel Platini Stuck In Another FIFA Controversy

IBT In June 2014, Platini fired back at his critics, and denied his Qatar vote was influenced by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and a secret meeting with Qatari former FIFA vice-president Mohamed bin Hammam.

Harvard student loses Facebook internship by releasing friend stalking Chrome extension

As for Khanna, he’s already secured an alternative internship at another company. He insists the extension was not meant to be malicious, he made it in response to always hearing how we’re losing our privacy.

How Will Dr. Dre's Assault On A Female Journalist Impact His Legacy?

Huffington Post - VIBE's editor-in-chief explains why the music mogul's violence against women "needs to be documented."

Coffee Talk: 'Straight Outta Compton' Tops Weekend Box Office

‘Straight Outta Compton’ Tops Box Office



'Straight Outta Compton' raps to a big box office opening Friday


Japan marks WWII anniversary amid criticism

Al-Jazeera - Emperor Akihito offers "deep remorse" over war, but neighbours China, South and North Korea slam PM Abe's statement.

Samantha J Collaborates With Dej Loaf, Samples King Jammys

Jamaica-Gleaner - Jamaican pop/dancehall artiste Samantha J has collaborated with American rapper Dej Loaf for her new single called League of My Own.



DJ Clark Kent Reveals Jay Z Recorded a 2Pac Diss

XXL - Crowds was like, ‘Oh, shit’.” 2Pac died in September, 1996, two months after Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt came out; in November of the same year, Death Row dropped The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. On the opening track from that album, “Bomb First (My Second Reply),” Pac raps, “I’m a Bad Boy killer/Jay Z, die, too.”


Ice Cube’s “Ride Along 2” Release Date & Poster

The promotional poster for Ride Along 2 has been released on the film’s Facebook page.

How does Russia view the West?

If you ask Western policy makers about the main security threats facing Europe, they come up with two: Jihadists from the so-called Islamic State and President Vladimir Putin's Russia.

UT Arlington professor

Oak Cliff With Overdevelopment

Winners chosen in Student Logo Design Competition

Schools of Architecture, Urban and Public Affairs unite

Landscape Architecture professor receives Excellence in Teaching award

Congrats to Xitong Li


MH370 relatives angered by debris confusion

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak announced a wing piece that washed up on Reunion Island last week is from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. However, French, U.S. and Australian authorities stopped short of full confirmation, frustrating relatives with mixed messages.

Germany's far-right movement stirs ghosts of gruesome past

Mashable - to respond this shows how terrifying elaborate these marches can be but since they got coming the election for next world leader, I don't have much to say i've seen the response from the previous races and we just sit back and let the ball roll. The politics is interesting I must say they covered the elected individuals and held tea parties however, it's very late to look back and regret that these were the ones chosen to represent. At the moment the news is all I listen to I got my eyes wide open but I dislike the way someone a stranger can enter into the public eye and is followed by viewers who claim him/her is a saint. They think i'm just going to walk in to make a selection, for someone unemployed I don't want to make those same mistakes. To just think about how we ignored the bickering during the morning drive to work and favored the social media, the celebration, the trafficking and sports media, everything about capitalism. As each hours goes by I seem to think i'm getting nowhere but to watch the current elected leaders controlling the situation by stealing our hopes and dreams assuming their out back for flights. Mis on juhtunud with that lack of progress and rumor mill, sourcing used to be interesting it isn't a game life is serious. I've met people who came across like they were classmates or fellow citizens they're terrorists i'm saying this because just look at this guy, Obama acts GQ. Why isn't he acting Hawaiian? the man is on television to joke openly about various things putting viewers to shame. Is he seriously doing the right thing? whatever happened to the weekly address? not picking up on governance the way he should Barack Obama is out of control the elements that placed him back in office aren't on our side he's not for our freedom it's negative but there's something wrong he's done. I have to support the negativity look at me i'm powerless, without income, I get sick but I may as well forget coming to this country with all these problems no unemployment income etc. But I went to school I see how they put notebooks on the table and teach about history, government, mathematics the country should stop doing this to the world not like Europeans, Germans but like founder and explorer. Sometimes we make mistakes what to say about this government is unknown because I don't believe it happened I just seem to think he's out of control I got nowhere to go and so do others like me. I use computers and the internet but with all these messages cops cannot stop harassing it takes effort but often some don't get it cannot do it their locking up African-Americans kids aren't reading. I just think it's not ironic that i'm speaking to police and telling them not to arrest me, perhaps if they think instead of act maybe the relapsing and the shouting will end we can sit and become free like we ought to.

Can South Korea's family firms maintain their grip?

BBC World - In the annals of business crime, the events of 8 March 2007 still stand out as particularly bizarre.



This is a person who's very talented yet very opinionated about crime likewise his/her drink of choice i'm not a famous musician only thing I can do is chill and/or indulge in these conversations about food, liquor, beer I find the rapper Nas to be somewhat of an intelligent republican. Equally true was his album which I located within the record shop I however was unable to obtain it of course it's jamming standing outside of the record store. But what about a Martini? and what about Bombay Sapphire? the brand I selected and would request be added to the list of contenders. Sometime ago I purchased them from our local wine store having made a selection after noticing the balance on my account the evening coming to a close, where is this new store I heard so much about? they tell me where it moved to and I quickly left. Certain liquor brands they want to show and prove to be the best I also seem to appreciate imported liquor correspondingly with the infamous Tex-Mex dish. I would rather walk out with the London Gin which offers a better taste for your budget it's well crafted and the bottle resembles the Russian brands it's well worth enjoying if your under budget and unable to bounce on short notice ask the bartender.


Beautiful, Intriguing, and Illegal Ways to Map the Internet

Wired - When you hear the word “Internet,” what do you picture in your mind? Is it a series of pipes, or a three-dimensional spacescape, or maybe a browser on your phone’s screen? Visualizing the Internet is tough, perhaps because it’s this weird combination of physical and conceptual things

Windows 10 – Il test di installazione di Geek | Geek TV - Powered by Bismark.it

Windows 10 – Il test di installazione di Geek | Geek TV - Powered by Bismark.it

Marines' commandant is Obama's pick for Joint Chiefs chairman, officials say

Dallas News - "If it were Gen. Dunford, I've known him very well for many years. He'd an outstanding leader. I'm extremely excited about his selection. He's a combat veteran. He's a warrior," said McCain.


Taiwan’s Submarine Saga

The Diplomat - The Indigenous Defense Submarines program has had a long and convoluted history.

Gold Crash Costs Russia and China $5.4 Billion in Just Three Weeks

The two biggest bullion buyers cont'd.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott announces 'historic' Navy ship build for South Australia; submarines remain uncertain

The Federal Government has detailed its plans to build $40 billion worth of new surface ships for the Navy in South Australia but the Prime Minister would not be drawn on where the service's next generation of submarines will be built.

Kenya’s Commercial Banks Losing Customers To Chama’s

Micro finance institutions and chama’s are now offering free collateral loans with only borrowers having to prove their capability to pay the loans and offer a third party to act as a guarantor if they are unable to pay back in order for them to recover their money in case of a default.

Matthew McConaughey Shares Family Photo as Wife Camila Alves Obtains U.S. Citizenship

Yahoo Newz - Matthew McConaughey has an all-American family.

The Dallas Buyers Club actor celebrated his wife, Camila Alves, becoming a United States citizen on Tuesday and shared a sweet family photo — and some nice words — to mark the special occasion.

'Too Pretty’ Female Engineer Launches #iLookLikeAnEngineer

Yahoo - Her coding skills are mostly self-taught, though she did attend one of those intensive software engineering bootcamps that churn out master coders in the span of three months.


J. Crew is alienating its most important customers — here's why

J. Crew is alienating its most important customers — here's why

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Instagram To Follow, Lira Mercer

Lira Mercer - is living proof that indeed everything is bigger in Texas. Check her IG out and you’ll see exactly what I mean.—Nathaniel Mathison

Rant: For Ronda Rousey, UFC 190 Is All About The Sisterhood

- I don't exactly know when the MMA intends on getting out of those women this upcoming fight they're promoting it and both fighters seem to dislike entering their weight adding to the attention it's brought to the sport event. I however would want to add that it's alright for humans to argue and to box each other and mixed martial arts only get's dangerous after someone get's hurt why all the confusion? it doesn't seem to be promoting self-defense awareness just health concerns. The fact is today everyone wants to be wild and dangerous i've noticed on some occasion the Policemen in public I guess it's okay out in public you've got nobody coming to help it's outside at the mall nobody to call you out in fact their cooking witches the individuals creating trouble when she became famous doing that you know what I mean? what to do next there's nowhere to go but down. After watching Ronda Rousey on screen during Furious 7 I kinda imagined it was impossible but that's what people look forward to these days sitting down enjoying the impossible despite the cloud it places on their fans. I don't really want to discuss who won the fight but I noticed the actress Michelle Rodriguez showing viewers how stuff gets done. The film took in $68 million I guess that's what the stars expect or look forward to no matter the consequence of media involvement so an actress in a movie generally nobody would care but it's not interesting to find celebrities in films I dislike seeing the two getting mixed together. I understand she can fight but her popularity is foreign when you consider the reaction to the film indeed during the filming I heard about the crash reports about safety standards injuries on the film set, she appears desperate the movie is controversial Ronda Rousey needs to stop doing that she's going to ruin everything. But I just want to put it out there it's not what their saying because I went to see it and it turned out awful. It appears beauty does help get these celebrities more exposure but how when the reality is rarely can you meet someone famous, because the box office isn't going to help people stuck outside partying never paid the bills it just goes to show how risky attending movies can become when you under estimate someone's intentions. Misfortune, leave that to the lost people because there's no time for such nonsense I guess I shouldn't mistrust the sport but MMA promotes violence what does she have? compare them make it work doesn't seem right very terrible. Some act tough running with strangers if you introduce yourself to me buddy I will respect you but out there it's a different world we got enemies, so i'm here to tell you even if their strangers they could be dangerous trust nobody watch what you say it's cool you gotta do what you gotta do maybe need protection avoid trouble makers.

Ronda Rousey KOs Bethe Correia in 34 seconds at UFC 190 title bout

Ethiopians hope Obama buzz will boost nation's growth

USA Today - President Obama's presence in Ethiopia is sign that the country is putting the famines and wars of the past few decades behind them.

Apple Leisure Group Cuts Ties with Trump Hotels

Travel Pulse - ALG released a statement specifying the exact reason for its cessation of relations with the Trump properties: Trump’s remarks about Mexicans during his recent announcement of his candidacy for president of the U.S.


Snoop Dogg Stopped By Italian Authorities