Germany's far-right movement stirs ghosts of gruesome past

Mashable - to respond this shows how terrifying elaborate these marches can be but since they got coming the election for next world leader, I don't have much to say i've seen the response from the previous races and we just sit back and let the ball roll. The politics is interesting I must say they covered the elected individuals and held tea parties however, it's very late to look back and regret that these were the ones chosen to represent. At the moment the news is all I listen to I got my eyes wide open but I dislike the way someone a stranger can enter into the public eye and is followed by viewers who claim him/her is a saint. They think i'm just going to walk in to make a selection, for someone unemployed I don't want to make those same mistakes. To just think about how we ignored the bickering during the morning drive to work and favored the social media, the celebration, the trafficking and sports media, everything about capitalism. As each hours goes by I seem to think i'm getting nowhere but to watch the current elected leaders controlling the situation by stealing our hopes and dreams assuming their out back for flights. Mis on juhtunud with that lack of progress and rumor mill, sourcing used to be interesting it isn't a game life is serious. I've met people who came across like they were classmates or fellow citizens they're terrorists i'm saying this because just look at this guy, Obama acts GQ. Why isn't he acting Hawaiian? the man is on television to joke openly about various things putting viewers to shame. Is he seriously doing the right thing? whatever happened to the weekly address? not picking up on governance the way he should Barack Obama is out of control the elements that placed him back in office aren't on our side he's not for our freedom it's negative but there's something wrong he's done. I have to support the negativity look at me i'm powerless, without income, I get sick but I may as well forget coming to this country with all these problems no unemployment income etc. But I went to school I see how they put notebooks on the table and teach about history, government, mathematics the country should stop doing this to the world not like Europeans, Germans but like founder and explorer. Sometimes we make mistakes what to say about this government is unknown because I don't believe it happened I just seem to think he's out of control I got nowhere to go and so do others like me. I use computers and the internet but with all these messages cops cannot stop harassing it takes effort but often some don't get it cannot do it their locking up African-Americans kids aren't reading. I just think it's not ironic that i'm speaking to police and telling them not to arrest me, perhaps if they think instead of act maybe the relapsing and the shouting will end we can sit and become free like we ought to.

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