Assad says Syria received first S-300 shipment from Russia

Assad: We received 1st batch of Russian S-300 missiles

Israel says "checking" report Syria received Russian S-300

In interview with Al Manar, Syrian president says more shipments of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles will arrive soon; adds the Syrian government will not stop Syrian groups attacking Israel in order to liberate the Golan. read more

Israel says will act to prevent S-300 missile systems from becoming operational

Yori Antar: mbaru niang preservation, flores island, indonesia

A local architect has started a movement to preserve local building culture and tecniques, beginning with a almost-forgotten tied bamboo conical read more


Brazil's Neymar admits to nerves ahead of joining Barca

"What I feel are chills in my stomach," the gazelle-like forward said referring to his impending move before adding that the nerves would not distract him from the Confederations Cup.

The tournament being played in six cities in his home nation is a warm-up before Brazil hosts the World Cup finals next year. more

Fighting in Syria, Hezbollah charts risky course

The giant posters of Hezbollah fighters killed in Lebanon's wars with Israel still dot the picturesque landscape of southern Lebanon, the few remaining reminders of some of the epic battles that once made the Shiite guerrilla group and its leader Hassan Nasrallah heroes in the Arab world.


Jet diverted to Stansted after two passengers 'tried to storm' cockpit

Two men who tried to burst into the cockpit of Pakistan International Airlines flight from Lahore to Manchester Airport were in police custody last night.

Obama tackles Guantanamo, drones in security speech

France 24 - US President Barack Obama on Thursday announced plans to scale back US drone strikes against extremists abroad and launched a new bid to close the Guantanamo Bay military prison, in a major foreign policy speech after weeks of domestic scandals.

The Vixen Q&A: Somaya Reece Clashes With Rappers' Girlfriends, Denies Friendship With Kat Stacks And More

The Vixen Q&A: Somaya Reece Clashes With Rappers' Girlfriends, Denies Friendship With Kat Stacks And More


Sleek, Sexy, And Supportive! - Kim Kardashian: Official website

Sleek, Sexy, And Supportive! - Kim Kardashian: Official website

Liberace finally plays the Cannes Film Festival

USA Today - The flamboyant piano player comes to life in the Cannes competition film 'Behind the Candelabra' starring Michael Douglas and executive produced by Jerry Weintraub, who was a friend.

Egypt troops in Sinai sweep mistakenly hit funeral

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The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Premiere

Stars attend various premieres during the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. cont'd

Will Sky City in China Become the World’s Tallest Building?


Jodi Arias asks jurors to spare her life

CNN - Jodi Arias, after indicating she would ask a jury to sentence her to death after her murder conviction, instead pleaded that her life be spared Tuesday, saying she could teach people to read in prison and make a positive impact on inmates.


Harper waxes eloquent on the environment

With several dozen protesters outside the venue and a couple of probing questions from the floor about Canada's environmental record, Harper defended his regulatory approach to emissions reductions as the most …

Diani Beach wallpaper

Diani Beach wallpaper

24 hours before Mayweather vs. Guerrero



Facebook becomes police's new favorite weapon
Siemens cuts 2013 outlook amid weak industrial demand


Selena Gomez Rocks A Bikini In Miami

The 20-year-old former Disney star was spotted working on her tan with some pals, as they spent time around the pool on Saturday. Gomez donned a multi-colored cont'd.


A doctor for the poor

Michalis Charalampidis is unemployed, but still has lots of work to do. He volunteers as a crisis doctor in Thessaloniki, offering medical advice and treating the poor. The catch: they pay nothing and he earns nothing.


The making of a very Middle Class Monarch

The making of a very Middle Class Monarch

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Emirates flies into 25th successive year of profit

Capital.co.ke - The Emirates Group has announced its 25th consecutive year of profit and company-wide growth ending the year in a strong position despite continuing high fuel prices and a weak global economic environment.

The group’s 2012-13 annual report shows the company posted an US$845 million net profit, up 34 percent from last year.


GOP's Perry 'welcomes' Obama to Texas

President Obama is headed back to Texas this week, and Republican governor Rick Perry and his people couldn't be happier about it.

When he visits Austin on Thursday, Obama "will find a state that has been very successful in creating jobs and a healthy state economy," Perry's office said in a statement.

Autopsy reveals Michael Jackson's secrets

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner returns to service in Ethiopia flight

An Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner has flown from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, the first commercial flight by the Boeing aircraft since all 787s were grounded in January.

Italian minister removed after a day for gay 'ghetto' comment

Italy's equal opportunities minister has been removed from her post only a day after being sworn in to the new government, after saying homosexuals invited discrimination by "ghettoising" themselves.


German police hope to use new spyware

German investigators are hoping to gain greater access to telecommunications data in order to combat terrorism. But there is controversy over the spyware they want to use to keep tabs on private computers.

German fighters in Syria raise red flags at home

DW - Germans are fighting alongside Syrian rebels against their common enemy, Bashar al-Assad. Security officials in Germany worry that the fighters will return as terrorists. But can they accurately be termed "jihadis"?

The German chancellor's Polish roots

The family tree of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has caused excitement in Poland. Her grandfather Ludwig Kazmierczak was Polish, and fought against the Germans in World War I.