M.I.A. on Paper: A Q&A With the Pop Star About Her New Art Book for Rizzoli

Do you love the blown-out, pixelated artork on MIA albums? You may want to buy here coffee table book then.


Apple iPhone 5 sales prediction for the weekend set at 8 mill

iPhone 5 is estimated to sell 8 million boxes this weekend I was looking at it looks fantastic but how many calls and numbers will you able to store with just this one gadget. Feeling blue coming to see skyfall not going anywhere tonight but will have to look up that sort of invention. I'm clueless why Google could be doing in Kansas.


Kenyan IT gurus to get training from top notch firm

Kenyan graduates studying Information Technology will now be able to undergo free high level SAP certification training thanks to a three year partnership between the Kenya ICT Board and leading enterprise application software provider SAP. Cont'd



Tech Crunch ~ This is about my social network there is alot to be saying that is happening over there has anyone heard lately about this domain, if you've surfed there and enjoy seeing how it functions please don't be afraid to explain what could happen to it. I hear share holders are disappointed I don't work there, but I think the legal thing to do is go there. Does it need to be shut at this moment it appears otherwise it's a bug and it's supposed to make money. I have been using the social network Facebook for a long time, but I think they waste it and are giving users this impression of success and organization, those techies who like to look for the next best mishap. Yet destroying morality and loosing does it lack discipline sure. Appreciating another hopefull success story, perhaps if they move on. Who would know how to "make a shilling" the way the internet portals should function right. Using Facebook isn't very much a coincidence nowdays. I like to drive but the waiting it's like there's plenty of stuff happening with friends, they're not yet going to leave that place their going to see us walking out. I really prefer receiving some kinda cash or tokens. To play for cash like selling magazines, playing video games, buying cellphones the clock is ticking the stock could be, better droop it Google is at the 600 mark.

Remembering 9/11

If you or anyone would like to see what took place on 9/11/2001 take a look at some of this photographs. I would also like to note the former president George Bush, I doubt if anyone bothered asking for his autobiography at the local library but I have done it. It's been hard on us Americans this just happened and whether anyone is to blame is up to the Lord to decide it. The power to express my ingratitude has been tarnished sometimes by the constant attention being given to techies who don't really seem to care about the poor. In order to move up one sometimes has to figure out and obtain whatever is necessary to help himself get over such a tragedy. This is very complicated and one might need to speak to a law enforcement officer, someone with legal ends or a pastor. But I really think Al-Qaeda came down on that day it's not even worth it telling you what has taken place since that time. Only problem is the darkness that needs to be checked upon because i'm not going to sit and tolerate such a catastrophe theory will someone tune to Cnn.


Photos: Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea Ditches All Of Her Basics For Nude Face Shoot
Read more: http://globalgrind.com/style/iggy-azalea-no-makeup-clash-magazine-cover-photos#ixzz265ljWjBI

Glory EP tracklist

Making Ideas Happen

Today, I would like to make some progress here by posting this tip about Having Trouble Finishing Your Labor Of Love? Second article is about potential so clicked the article about The Undeniable Allure of Potential


Obama Salutes Jay-Z at Made in America Fest: "He Worked Hard and Plain Refused to Quit"

President Obama has way more than 99 problems. But trying to cop a sick musical endorsement ain't one. While Mitt Romney and the Republicans flooded Tampa with whatever the fuck a Welsh cake is and refused to give awesome people high fives, President Obama made a totally hip appearance at his homeboy Jay-Z's Made in America music festival. Cont'd