Durban University of Technology closes hostels

Student residences at the Durban University of Technology were closed on Thursday, the institution said.


Daft Punk: The Creators

Daft Punk: The Creators

Swizz Beatz on Art: Rick Ross, Alicia Keys, and Big Sean Support | Karmaloop TV

Swizz Beatz on Art: Rick Ross, Alicia Keys, and Big Sean Support | Karmaloop TV

CNN Weather: Who's to blame for this mess?

Winter storm hits Atlanta storm causes gridlock on highway people trapped, many drivers ran out of fuel and no shelter. I just found this in the news they are talking about it so I guess the ice covered the roads more than 40,000 people stuck on the roads, they show traffic it started yesterday or last night and mentioned just some moments ago I wanted to make the announcement because it looks  like an emergency they just reacted by showing the mayor's twitter statements. Who is to blame? because so many are stranded there is no asking how it happened.

Was Atlanta asleep at the wheel?

CNN's Carol Costello Confronts Atlanta Officials Over Snow Response

Weather cripples Atlanta, but what about the children?


It's a wrap! Avicii's first stop of his #TrueTour was wild!

Four cities, four massive arena shows: the Australia Day long weekend was the scene of serious celebrating, following the first official headline tour from the world’s hottest DJ: 24-year-old Swedish superstar AVICII.


Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t Hardcover

Simon Sinek an unshakable optimist, is the author of the bestselling book Start with Why, which challenged traditional assumptions about how great leaders and great more here .


ODM Past, Present, Future?

While watch the media about Kenyan politics a question popped up about the future of ODM since they lost to TNA during the election for the 4th president. I never voted but Kenya really is the only place to see such habits from the book of politics business if you have a job must continue it's just like looking at them thru the computer screen and ODM still is a political party they have become known as CORD or Orange Democratic Party.

Since the trials I been trying to take note of exactly  where the ODM candidate members and supporters are going. It all began in 2005 one evening when I read about ODM's leader and current president Raila. He and a rap star from the slums in Nairobi have a news article posted about them on BBC,  rap. Says  it had some beef with how the country was being driven and the politician stated he was going to try and be president by running along with other candidates for office. It is no surprise to me because at the time I had never been to Afrique but hear a lot of things about the women and how they appreciate living in those parts of the world. Simply put one could go into a post office station in Nairobi and conduct business by standing there to send a gift really fast to someone in Australia, the infrastructure seems well off walking across the city bridge next to a Islam man or walking to the bus station with your family. Life appeared to be going places a rider on a bike arriving to make challenges. This all changed when I see the way they pulled me over one late evening right after we had left someone's apartment in California, I had been to the village and probably wasn't in the mood for convo because it's just me and my associates at someone's crib waiting to meet friends. The police asked us where we had been I said coming from back there it wasn't for very long just a short traffic stop the gentleman was carrying a firearm I remember because the roads were full and I kind like looked confused or surprised because I wasn't intoxicated or anything he let us go. But to my surprise it was dark and the new highway system appeared to look just like the ones in America. Not much happening I was planning to skip the bus station for the journey home to visit my grandparents, but wealth mgmt. isn't a game in Kenya I had been waiting to go somewhere for so long not easy looking foolish on the long road to greenfield after drinking the Captain Morgan. This all changed when I arrived in Kenya nobody expected the problems, for some reason it was about culture then society, meaning Kenya got doe after the president was voted into the office his name was Mwai Kibaki who's bonus is in the million range.

A lot has happened since then the current leadership isn't so worried about the lifestyles of the poor and nameless or the middle class. I am guessing in order to get into office the Kenyan president had to stand up to convince the polite business owners, elders and county MP's of his presence as an African. On the flip side Raila Odinga was clearly scorched by author Miguna who claimed in certain texts of his Nigerian heritage and eccentric behavior during meetings and press sightings. Just look at how fragile we've become as students sped off back to school weren't the resuts just ready? I guess the minute you see the glory about Kenya one hint sets everything else aside no foreign media greatness. From getting to see the sunrise after a long night the journey's these people will endure is quiet seats next to small at the criminal hearings in The Netherlands. The cold weather sometimes I don't know what else to say but I know they are going to take it there, so many arguments over land I know where land is but I see arab's driving from town sometimes notice Anglo Saxons preparing to get into a bus the scene's are interesting my knowledge of genocide and oppression under the post Mau-Mau beam used for hiding. I am telling you about my short visit as a foreigner the president doesn't look like a y man or microphone fiend president Uhuru isn't worried about waving off tourists you heard, Kenya is primarily concerned with seeing foreign intelligence sources from other nations a post on social network Facebook.  The new leader imposed rallies to boost his leadership, Kenya is taking business to new heights only cheap food sold under the hospice of some serious banking system unknown to a civilian shying forth public scrutiny. The criminals became fortuitous over obvious mishaps at rallies new republics under the past in my knowledge it wasn't British but French crowd royale. Only concern was finding work but where because when I asked I was told business closed moving out to another address, university portal not teaching anything I had with me newspapers magazines not sounds Nairobi stock exchange.

ODM doesn't have a future  especially since the only artistic endeavor is to raise our hopes of electing his party then force everyone living abroad to drop down and splice the results I lost patience sometimes drifting from what I was focused on doing. You notice since they lost TNA is foreign contractor scouring for cheap furniture petrol and sex rides. I think the citizens in Nairobi need help can they sit down and talk about religion within ODM or CORD leaders about leaving out the deceptive means to making it there. The deceptive principle of putting another gangster/gentleman into the State.. .it isn't going to happen., taking Luo people's attention then giving them chicken afterwards the attention unwanted but journalist reading Tea democrats who were they pointing at? Uhuru Kenyatta is the winner everyone appears to be against cheating but they do it to us because we are hard to please a guy well dressed battling like doctors without borders.

Coming straight from the villagio to enter into the forbidden State capital it's not noticeable but I maybe need to get low a higher paycheck and clean salary to answer the call to be in ODM nice. ODM sounded like a good idea because it wasn't worth putting to Al-Shabbab because the two parties cannot get along even if you said look it's a black thing, gold, silver, bronze fast food those with jobs maybe had the better part of it I notice KANU. Those with jobs maybe have liked the way life was during that time but after 10 days KANU took the lead and my culture had to learn from the German media how to talk and hold talks with separatists. It was difficult how to control Western Kenya and then take Mombasa from Kenyatta. Parts of Kenya became battle grounds during the election people getting arrested spies, and various economic issues to do with devaluation and surprise attacks. I was seated but because America ignored the result taking space to new highs it was over before I could go there. Talking bad could get someone arrested ballot boxes went missing who lost? which way? what gun? some few things to remember about me they weren't any profits made my home business had to concentrate too avoid the skirmish riots on CNN asking for a brand new beginning.

 ODM seemed like a joke because the British arrested many men if you even looked like you could be in control of the media your spot the problem showed up again and your military defacing civilian property who knows? shifting across to the Somali border, loosing public holiday celebration why the hate crimes looked like someone carrying the entire country back to the future a mentor meant something to think about accepting interview and not getting the job made people loose interest with Omolos. How could they allow us to migrate away it became lonely but life often doesn't throw curve balls it introduces you to really interesting people.

I didn't find a partner but looks can be deceiving I always intended to clean up my act and find something to do it now looks different. I worked as a sales associate after Barack arriving to learn only to return and face the violent oppression taking oath sitting down to think about how I was going to end up getting out of prison very sensitive to Europeans. I meet people from other countries to network one of them South Africa some Uganda, Liberia, Congo the knowledge to sit and behave impossible meanwhile appearing to be able to climb the mountain from USA just wasn't correct.

I tried to cover their media report a claim to be well respected in school I would arrive years later unable to understand the flood. This wasn't right it was empty dumb to come to the club ask for a drink and then leave for the ATM when the show was right in front of me. A fantastic voyage a impossible to possible sentence because I heard it was 20 years does an African mean $20? gravity now playing. A possible calamity the way I realized the new leadership unable to enter into office who was she referring to? the French radio announcement in French and not English. Anyway, just because Tanzania swore in their leader an unknown individual at the time it wasn't late but in broad daylight. Leaving Kenyans to move to the realization that it was indeed madness time, a moment to speak about transportation corruption they despise Kenya I don't know who it is but the love & hate is serious leaving CORD in the cold woods and adding some additional arrows to throw and jabs to discuss from various country flags. I could understand if you could see Kenya living lavish and riding the train ticket straight downtown. But since I found what I asked for there is no reason to confuse them or be rude straight up there is nothing to buy we're poor. We stuff just looks like all difficult too many people walking out there it's freezing why aren't they living like real people is China to blame? since the old days we sound like people unable to put gas in our cars, drink our own coffee, pray in church peacefully getting along. The hotel advertisements ODM doesn't run anything and neither does TNA it's viewed as a curse but the dream team is from France, India and not Jamaica. Many of the smart kids are from Kenya the ODM party isn't going to help them with much the ones in Sweden, Japan, South America, California, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Great Britain neither do they know where to go read or party the French navy does that for them.

TNA vs CORD give us a clue to Kenyatta a legacy for a better country his late father was the first president back in the sixties. If you ask how the cultures including mine have appeared after all that time I would say we ended up with a piece of the pie cutting it into the Luo half my tribe. If we did anything wrong only God knows my culture doesn't know how to pause and reflect we can control the cabinet I guess it's by co-operation and respect for others especially for the items purchased. Artists especially have showed us love some of who do a lot to make profits for the police and YMCA. Technology and hospitality maybe isn't looking to good you got satellites covering the SKY news broadcast most of the day i'm seated nobody talking to me about business it's the weekend. More coverage from CNN the locals listening as the prime minister is sitting in his office perhaps with a secretary the stone throwing never ended so much was lost but taxi drivers were involved Cord is to blame not TNA.

So Africans just meet each other half way sometimes in unusual circumstances involving other cultures what's needed is economics and advancements in religion. Let's count the blessings because we cannot ride along ODM kind of represents me, my culture and generation let's do some listening and try to stop the spread of the viruses and disease. Can you see where the building is now? only a few can Asia, Ethiopia etc, etc have come and gone because the real question is did CORD understand TNA blocking a loss constructed to hurt the present political leaders who served historic mistakes from God knows where certain leaders? of course it does need fuel no need to announce who did it for real and why.   


Wartime ammunition still rotting in German waters

Millions of tons of poisonous gas, fire bombs and ammunition continue to rot in the waters off the coast of Germany. They contain deadly toxins, which are seeping into the environment. go here.

Russia to study video threatening Sochi Olympics

MOSCOW (AP) -- Russia's counter-terrorism agency says it's studying a video posted by an Islamic militant group that asserted responsibility for suicide bombings which killed 34 people last month and is threatening to strike the Winter Olympics in Sochi.


Work to begin at doha sharq crossing by santiago calatrava

Qatar’s government officials have announced that construction of ‘doha’s sharq crossing’ is to get underway in 2015, five years after santiago calatrava initially floated plans for the project.

The fight against ‘extremism’ is a losing battle | GulfNews.com

The fight against ‘extremism’ is a losing battle | GulfNews.com


Cosa Nostra News: Bonanno 'Enterprise Corruption' Trial Set for Next...

Cosa Nostra News: Bonanno 'Enterprise Corruption' Trial Set for Next...: Are those stitches in Nicky Mouth Santora's head? Next week, the big Bonanno trial is expected to begin. The defendants were r...


Samantha J's US east coast tour a success

Burgeoning Jamaican act Samantha J just concluded a career-defining promotional tour of influential media outlets on the eastern coast of the United States (US). The tour began with Samantha J making stops in urban …


New Year

Hello, It's the beginning of yet another new year and so far so good I have managed to have heard so much about aviation especially in 2013. I really miss watching Radio Canada or CBC during the morning I watched their news it's interesting because I really like that country over so many others. Here at home I spoke to someone just before the years end about satellite programs after it was installed, I did a search to see if it was possible to set the frequency but found the stuff about Kenya more interesting. Space is nothing like earth it's going to be a challenge following all the news from around the world happy new year.

Pitbull - Timber ft. Ke$ha

Beyond selfies and twerking … the words that really mattered in 2013

- Forget twerking, selfies and taking selfies when you're twerking. Not everything we said this year was completely trivial. Steven Poole explains the words that actually meant something in 2013 – while Anna Hart reminds us of the ones that were annoying nonsense

Russian NGO harassment strains ties abroad

Russian officials have launched a campaign to determine which NGOs active in Russia - including German groups - should be classed as 'foreign agents.' Disputes over Russia's move have soured German-Russian relations.


Tarrant County’s first baby of 2014 is a girl, born at JPS in Fort Worth

Tarrant County’s first baby of 2014 is a girl, born at JPS in Fort Worth Read more here: go here