President Uhuru Kenyatta in Sudan to woo investors

Today, Uhuru kenyatta arrived in Sudan there are many refugees fleeing South Sudan the politicians fighting for government in the country are from completely different backgrounds although from the looks of it Kenya's president left Kenya on a low profile. So I just would like to ask what you think of the work he has done in the past year? are Kenyan's spending, owning land and property? only because the people in places such as Mombasa are self promoting and claiming to be servants the two don't mix, despite what they are showing in the media the news there is no longer in French/English but in the native Swahili which isn't translated. The ICC trial no longer concerns president Uhuru as he goes to Sudan, traveling around in a plane unlike the vice-president who arrives on board Etihad or on board his own private plane. The president no longer has to worry about going places with a broken record. The Sudanese President Salva Kiir fighting former vice president-turned-political opponent Riek Machar as Kenyan's living in Sudan leave to arrive in Kenya's capital of Nairobi American soldiers were called there to watch after civilians and end rioting could have happened but the media is showing United Nations planes, and government officials arriving so I suppose it's not like the French occupation of Mali. Religious background a Christian looking after the Lord or looking for God in a place who's human right's record is Darfur full of hungry civilians not quite the same as Kenya. The Sudanese president is putting on a nice suite while the dictator increasingly violent activity in the capital Juba and elsewhere; Kiir is Dinka and Machar belongs to the Nuer ethnic group, and both have their staunch supporters. The dictator has on a camouflage while the policeman or opposite individual has on a uniform I just cannot tell where, who, what it's for but you know computer engineering. So is this some kinda threat to engulf whoever is strongly opposing leadership? perhaps childish if push came to shove it's unknown what were going to see next but it's maybe them standing, sitting down or leaving Sudan i'm just proud Uhuru Kenyatta TNA landed as president. He is a faithful servant who had handled the big & tall, so now God will give many responsibilities. Let's hope that the jobs these people leave behind in Sudan go to church and make up helping them get out of their country, this isn't a test.

allAfrica.com: Africa-Bound Passengers Stranded At Brussels Airport

allAfrica.com: Africa-Bound Passengers Stranded At Brussels Airport


McCain: 'Larger issue is Putin's behavior'

DW - John McCain is considered one of the most outspoken US senators. The former presidential candidate describes the conflict in Ukraine as "very dangerous," and tells DW about the importance of NSA oversight.


Former Japanese beauty queen takes on yakuza

France 24 - Ikumi Yoshimatsu, former winner of the Miss International contest, has suffered pressure and harassment at the hands of Japan’s yakuza. FRANCE 24 takes a look at her story, and a shifting tide that finds Japanese mafia facing greater scrutiny.


Congo rumba star Tabu Ley Rochereau mourned in Kinshasa

Thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have attended the state funeral of rumba star Tabu Ley Rochereau in the capital, Kinshasa. Soukous dance king rules Kinshasa Remembering Congo's rumba king

When Flights are Delayed: Unusual Airport Time-Killers

ABC News - If you've just won at bundle at the Amsterdam casino, check out the bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label King George V edition which sells for $650. Canada's Vancouver airport might be a good place for anyone who's …

BBC to Air 'Great Train Robbery' Drama as Infamous Gang Member Dies

Anthony Delano, who wrote a book about Biggs, met the criminal a number of times and described the robber as a "man with no moral compass whatever," on BBC Radio 5 live.

Inditex: Spain's fashion powerhouse you've probably never heard of

The Observer is given rare access to the reticent multinational whose clothes have become a global high street phenomenon cont'd.

The 10 best-dressed people of 2013

Who was the queen of sharp tailoring, who outshone Liberace and which baby eclipsed Harper Beckham? We present the style winners of the year cont'd


Juliette Lewis Talks Possible Oscar Nod For Role in "August: Osage County"


Nelson Mandela memorial service: In pictures

Tens of thousands of people are joining world leaders at a memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg. The service is being held at the FNB stadium, where Mr Mandela made his last public appearance. It is also being shown on big screens at three "overflow" stadiums.


Obama moves left on wages to change the subject from ObamaCare

The Wall Street Journal argues President Obama is moving left on the economy to change the subject from ObamaCare.


Michelle Omo r.i.p burial sat

Hello everyone reading this i've deleted my notes. I received some sad news this past week concerning my cousins mother who once lived in New Jersey, yes she passed away from a stroke. I am told over the telephone I know who this person is I just never expected someone so gentle to be gone suddenly..she was married to my fathers brother I haven't seen them in years. She is leaving behind a femme cousin and a grown male husband of some 22 yrs it's very gloomy news so I asked to call them back but believe me news travels fast it's just impossible to get through to people expecially when there isn't any money only questions and poor answers. I was in prison they put me in a cell but I prayed and got out to talk about my experience it wasn't comfortable but this persons life ended. Before leaving I am told about another member of the family who was in a hospital bed then my uncle recently got robbed, if it's not too much to ask a moment of silence.
kupumzika kwa amani michelle yeye ni marehemu mke wa mjomba wangu william Omolo wote kutoka mpya Jersey, sisi The funeral arrangements and prayers is going on at the residence of William Omolo at 19E -Ari Drive,Somerset,N.J-08873. Phone number is 732-305-7333. The viewing will start at 10am--1200noon there after church service --refreshments served at the Mt Camel Church,350 Franklin Boulevard,Somerset,New Jersey from there we will proceed to the fundraising - scheduled on Saturday. December 7th 2013 from 700pm -200pm at--The Days Inn-Hillsborough--118 Highway 206 South,Hillsborough,New Jersey-08844.

Royals (Live) Lorde

Kanye West Thanks Russell Simmons For 'Genius' Compliment

Yahoo - Kanye West has finally received the recognition he has been craving after being hailed as a “genius” by Russell Simmons who penned a letter explaining why the rapper should be placed on high esteem.


African Airports Terminal Capacity

Airport / Terminal Building / Capacity Casablanca / New Terminal / 7.3 million Nairobi jkia / New Terminal / 20 million OR Tambo / Central Terminal / 12 million Cairo / Terminal 3 / 11 million Cape Town / Central Terminal / 8.4 million Sharm Al Sheikh / Terminal 3 / 7.5 million King Shaka / Durban Terminal / 4.7 million Vision 2030: New Terminal in Nairobi, KE to cost SH55 billion

Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi expelled from parliament

Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi expelled from parliament Read more at: click here