Iverson officially retires at 38

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Eleven-time NBA All-Star guard Allen Iverson officially announced his retirement on Wednesday, ending a 15-year NBA career during which he was name MVP in 2001. The 6-foot guard, who was selected in the Philadelphia 76ers with the No. 1 overall pick in 1996 draft, had won NBA scoring titles in four seasons. He averaged 26.7 points in his career, which ranked 6th in NBA best scoring list. He guided the 76ers into the NBA Finals in 2001, losing the title to Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 in the end. He had played for Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies in his career. "I gave everything I had to basketball," said Iverson, who attended the news conference with his mother and three of his five children. "The passion is still there but the desire to play is not. It was a great ride." Iverson, who enjoyed his best career highlights in Philadelphia, said he would be a 76er "until the day I die".


New York Today: Hurricane Sandy, One Year Later

NYT - What you need to know for Monday: commemorating the storm, a new mayoral poll and Lou Reed's debut. The Sounds Of New York City, Circa 1920

Putin says Sochi will be fully tolerant

SOCHI, Russia -- President Vladimir Putin promised Monday that gay athletes and guests at the Winter Olympics in Sochi will feel at ease, seeking to assuage fears fueled by a recent Russian law banning gay "propaganda." Speaking at a meeting with heads of Russian winter sports federations, which was also attended by visiting IOC president Cont'd

Could Xbox One and PlayStation 4 actually fail?

Digg - It is difficult to quantify failure or success in the games console business. But for Sony and Microsoft, a ten year plan to sell at least 100 million units each of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 must be counted as a useful, albeit ambitious benchmark.

Phillips Confirms Bayonne Sacking

Wales scrum-half Mike Phillips is to take legal action after his contract was terminated by French club Bayonne. The 31-year-old, who started for the Lions in both of their Test wins in Australia this summer, allegedly arrived drunk for a video analysis session on 11 October. Bayonne are yet to officially confirm his sacking but their chairman Alain Afflelou told French newspaper Sud Ouest on Monday morning: "It was him or me. I could not have stayed in a club with such disagreement.


Chick & Ferrari

Hello there this is going to be an entry i'm typing up on from the notepad I was gone away from my desk. I was with my family yeah my cousins hanging out watching television, mom asked us to go get a byte to eat since we had spent the Wednesday night at their home. Normally following behind listening to Nicky Minaj or someone but usually it's like I pulled up and was suprised because his wife wasn't in. So I handed him the stuff I had packed up before leaving things like, onions, flour, cheap food from the store mom called me said hey i'm over here in the store why not come join me i'm inside Cost-Co. I had just been driving outside leaving the crib to go to the bail bond man. However, I noticed school kids sometimes walking even during school hours the nice car was a black benz with nice rims so I took a look otherwise known as a rim shot at the wheels. Yes, I had been gone so the call from mom kinda took some attention away from the times when I am outside and driving past the tow truck, something told me to watch out because next time if i'm not behind it I may get punched in the face. Sorta like mom wanted me to go visit my cousin it was fun I mean she's been married now for awhile, they are both black parents the restaurant where we went to eat served chinese food. So I walked in after stepping out of the new car which I had to drive to go see them i've got a cousin who kinda like wasn't able to report to school. So I recall asking her why? she may have said it's because there are too many kids doing stuff; so I ignored everything and walked back downstairs chilling inside my cousin house. We however left arriving at Kohl's parking listening to Justin's new song the man inside was carrying a toddler so I didn't want to bother asking if the child was a boy or a girl. The store sold nice stuff we even went to pickup a flyer because i'm looking at houses. I had alot of fun this sunday will be my birthday I turnberry thirty three. I am thankfull for Salute La Familia, things falling apart I got, the food & culture, the future ahead and the wisdom God has & what I have experienced. Indian Ocean: 20 best places to stay

China´s Jiaolong submersible set for Indian Ocean CCTV News - CNTV English

China´s Jiaolong submersible set for Indian Ocean CCTV News - CNTV English


Saudis put the brakes on women driving protest

France 24 - Saudi authorities have warned that protesters or online backers of a planned October 26 protest against a ban on women’s driving face arrest. If many powerful Saudis believe women should be allowed to drive, why is the issue so contentious?

French forces to combat Mali 'terrorists', says Hollande

France 24 - French President Fran├žois Hollande said on Friday that French, Malian and UN forces had launched a large-scale military operation in Mali to combat terrorism and restore stability in the country ahead of legislative elections.


Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pose In The Buff For French Magazine

You probably didn’t see this coming. Scratch that, you probably did. Since they stepped out on the scene arm in arm with matching kicks and fro yo cups last March, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been very public with their love. Now Kim and her baby daddy put it all out there— literally—for a very public display of affection. The two pose bare in a steamy embrace for the cover of the French magazine, L’Officiel Hommes. We’re used to seeing Kim in very little, and after all, Kanye knows his “girl became a star all from a home movie.” Most expectant parents pose with belly bumps on display, these two opted for the… ummm.. road less traveled? Not sure how their baby girl will feel about this one when she grows up. Obtained from www.styleblazer.com

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian! With Love from FashionTV

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian! With Love from FashionTV | FashionTV Video Archive | fashiontv.com


Italy to triple Mediterranean naval and air units to address migrant safety

Enrico Letta announces military and humanitarian mission after 390 deaths from capsized vessels 'turn sea into a tomb' cont'd.


Italy: on the brink, once again

When you have a man who is incapable of separating his fate from his country's fate, you have a recipe for disaster cont'd.


Huge salvage vessel may help lift Costa Concordia wreck

BBC - The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship could be loaded aboard a colossal salvage vessel after a deal was struck with a Dutch company.

Rant: Job Search @ Dallas/Ft-Worth

Something happened I will have to find another job..I was arrested at the airport asking about what happened, why they couldn't allow people who didn't pass the screening exam and they told me it's because of security that many of the prospective people who go in there don't get a badge. I happened to be hired then sent there and returned only to get caught by the police inside the office. I flunked the test they give for all badge holders applying for work at the international terminal. Before the exit thursday I was called by the access control office asking me to wait for my background to clear earlier yesterday morning at around 8 am they said it wasn't going to work because of the test result. I am told to wait awhole year before I can retake the exam it's a big problem talking about it but I spoke to the security officers who arrested me in their office at Terminal D access control..because I was asking too many questions and trying to force them to allow me to take an exam. I also was asked to go to my bosses office to ask them why I couldn't get access to the cyber computer following my appointment inside the access control office. There is nothing my employer could do so I told them "bye" I was going to search for another job they're on the upscale side not talking just asked to apply only to ignore the warnings, I kinda thought otherwise. Yours Tru, EoO

U-God Slams RZA’s Record Label

XXL - Whether it’s internal squabbles about playing shows or inter-fan arguments about what direction the group should go next, the Wu-Tang nation is a country often filled with strife. Despite the recent publicity bump that the Clan got following Drake’s name-checking of the group throughout his latest album, Nothing Was The Same, and the subsequent buzz about a remix to the track “Wu Tang Forever,” it often feels like they can’t catch a break after the recent cancellation of the group’s headlining Rock The Bells appearances.

Mala Rodriguez And The Women Of Latin Hip-Hop

NPR Blog - The genre has some of the most creative, politically savvy, intelligent female personalities in the industry, made by artists as different as Chile's ...


EU collects 'too little' data on anti-Muslim attacks

DW - British organization Tell Mama collects statistics on incidents of violence and hostility against Muslims. Some experts now accuse EU countries of not running a similar, large-scale database.


Raiding Kris's wardrobe? Kylie Jenner, 16, dresses beyond her years in mature outfit as she enjoys a day of shopping in LA

Raiding Kris's wardrobe? Kylie Jenner, 16, dresses beyond her years in mature outfit as she enjoys a day of shopping in LA Read more: htlink

Hey mac

I am at home it's a quiet evening i'm inside there are scattered clouds the sky is perfect for flight so I am with somebody explaining what went wrong at the office. But now that I am done explaining I find it silly but still very cold to be sharing this information. I don't like to waste time but I posted bond after speaking to the judge in the city of Grapevine Texas where I was taken this morning on 2 charges but they're misdemeanors i've got to find a place to work otherwise I don't see myself going to the dallas international airport to do the same thing again. It was like I didn't resist arrest and they took me into a squad car yesterday afternoon the police tell me I was caused trouble with the security guard and seated before turning into a heckler. So I plead not guilty to trespassing but was bonded out total cost for each offence is $2,000. Anyway I went back following entering the office to speak to the person in charge there and she asked me nicely to go and talk to my boss. So I am going back to speak and when I arrive I am told to sit down and listen so I begin arguing and wave them goodbye so I leave the premises and try driving it's here that I call the police who tell me there is nothing they can do but it was not obvious at the time I was going to meet up with them for arrest. I didn't want to run or nothing so I just called the office where I had been wasting my breath explaining to the person who was in charge, she called the man who sat me down and told me to shut up or leave the office and building. The police then arrested me but it was indoors so I sat down in the office where they had to think where to take this issue next, so I am put inside a squad car where I begin to wonder why I even bothered. I went to the jail and had to sit and follow pilot flying over the prison but this was the only problem. I am a blogger and on one of the blog websites which I am the administrator I added before leaving for bed last night the term "terrorist" so the slide show has been on since I need to switch it off. So I am asked to step into the office but refuse.

Tom Clancy's Pop Culture Legacy



Kenya: Immigration Problem

Having just found this article about Norway's new government concedes on oil, immigration for support Norway's second female premier was elected but it's a big difference from what's happening in Kenya at the moment they seem to be listing numerous accusations about Westgate when really the main problem is Immigration. So I took down a list of things they mentioned during this news segment hoping to explain further because it's a serious issue that could affect how your local governments function. Security policy Porous somalia & kenya border a challenge unscrupulous gov't agents to blame immigration lapses fake documents used to enter Kenya Following the news briefing I want to appologize for the way I type it's not because i'm a civilian but a concerned citizen witnessing various marches and announcements about MLKing i'm now able to explain further why I find immigration to be a serious matter. Just to realize your citizenship is a serious matter as an american I sometimes get caught up in the fiasco of trying to answer to certain people I don't know, and cannot see. Generalizing the wealth gap which puts the poor at the lower level and single minorities candidates from various ethnic backgrounds, on line and on television directly next to the left. It's well evident the term Genocide made the news and the word Immigrant takes up some of the attention specifically because I just want to say it's not alright to see time going to waste by Americans for the news mentioned immigrants who are part of the history in their country it's being abused by people I will not mention any names but certain episodes about South African soccer have painted a bad picture of Africans some who I suppose travel to Kenya. I don't get puzzled if I was asked about intelligence gathering and the business of drones or using cellular communication during traffic viewing the news channel and am told about someone who could become president of the United States Barack Obama, you can find mentioned in the presidents speeches his own father someone unknown from Kenya. So as time went by I seem to find Senator Susan Collins of Maine but without my brother who seemingly doesn't worry about the situation I see him being put through. I lost him he was deported so i'm on the telephone trying to answer certain questions concerning citizenship this was serious because it's become a joke each and everyday waking up to the same environment. This is America and not Europe the politics overseas isn't as terrible as some may think of it to be but it's getting there America turning out to be the bad apple at a point where your government may be monitoring you because you've got beef with your ISP someone in another country such as with Egyptians. I am not stupid but following the elections I just wanted to know does anyone care what kind of car they should own? find all those conferences and meeting to be kinda like hidding the real reason we have him in office, so I ask anyone with any knowledge to do something about straightening the Wahhabist Islam & Jihad a war against Christians.. If possible the military i'm not a fool so to be clear decide not to argue about those things they're senators who run the streets and/or Federal Economy. By shutting down the entire United States post office and offices just puts African-American's like me backwards it drives me insane. So each morning I try to follow the news and am told about Egypt, Syria and most recently Iran's new president Hassan him and Barack Obama following their UN speeches world enemies it's the politics of world peace that places government agenda's in danger. So for instance I cannot help but say thay i'm a U.S citizen and am able to provide a "Visa" but if that's all there was to it the matter wouldn't be brought up I met a chief once who didn't say much other than ask about the things I owned. How many cars? where I worked? what I wanted to do next about repairing the family? Why I wasn't going to be able to continue attending to my business if my performance wasn't kept up. So I just responded with the usual I will certainly be there but really there is going to come a time when I will not be around to do such things for anybody. So what they really need to do is arrest these suspects who plot to overthrow military institutions and politicians who bother innocent men and women by harrasments and bribes. The challenge should be to investigate why immigration is so terrible? why criminal per·pe·tra·tors get away with terrorism from entertaining us normal d2d citizens who aren't suspicious.