Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths

They announced that French warplanes had been monitoring the "No Fly Zone" shortly afterwards I notice on the screen a Jet Fighter maybe from the French Military falling down, it had caught on fire the Navy soon arrived as rebels from the opposing side taking up refuge. They show ununiformed members of the rebel coalition patrolling the long stretch of road at Benghazi. Prime Minister David Cameron appears to have agreed to support anyone willing to keep the peace in Libya, as darkness fell there is some information that Ghaddafi compound is under UN surveillance after the 100th missile get's fired towards the main rebel strongholds within the "No Fly Zone" Mr Cameron said the decisions taken in Paris before the first strikes had the support of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan and Morocco. There is heavy gunfire aimed at tanks before The President talk from Brazil it was said he discouraged the wholesale destruction of civilians and the bloodshed caused by armed guerillas. The Tomahawk missile is reviewed on the early show, during the weekend I checked the press conference from Paris HIllary Clinton arrived to discuss Libya. She is reported to have said "Killing of civilians in Libya leaves world no choice but to threaten military action."

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