Frankfurt Motorshow: Porsche 911 in Motion

The Frankfurt Motorshow was home to the latest inclination of the iconic Porsche 911. Now there is an available video to see how the car performs outside of the showroom floor. While the exterior looks like past additions except for the 3.9 inch longer wheelbase, one will notice that the interior is much more Panamera-like due to the raised console. It also boasts a seven-speed manual gearbox, 34.4mpg fuel figure and 194g/km emissions rating. Check out the video above.


Review: Dreamhouse

I was just sitting down looking at some of these headlines only to discover some stuff about the actor. Although I would much rather not look deeply into all of this it appears as thought his latest film adaptation isn't cool. After watching the dreamhouse trailers it was kinda suprising the music keeps playing sorry to suprise you sicko. Anyway I must have been looking at it from a different kinda perspective, everyone really wants a new home. In case your lost this is the best of daniel craig i'm posting this because I enjoy sitting in movie theaters. I don't know anything about New England i'm normally just rushing in to look at a movie, what it sounds like is a rumble in the jungle. Soon as you see the trailer and listen to what the girls are saying you immediately begin to second guess. Coming from down where I am living I usually have found watching flicks such as these to be a nightmare because how else is someone going to know it by asking.


Michael Jackson death: Judge refuses to sequester jury in trial

LA Times - Michael Jackson death: A judge rejected a defense request Thursday for round- the-clock sequestration of jurors in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson's personal physician. High drama and emotional scenes that marked the life of the king of pop star Michael Jackson were back at full play as the trial into his death opened in a California court on Tuesday. Jackson doctor delayed calling ambulance, trial hears Cont'd


Sony Clip-on Screen Attachment Makes Vaio Laptops 3D

Sony said Tuesday it will sell a screen attachment for its Vaio laptops that allows users to view 3D movies and images without ... Cont'd


Converse First String Dr. J Pro Leather Horween

Converse announces the launch of its First String Standards Dr. J Pro Leather shoes featuring Horween Leather. Honoring the legend of Julius “Dr. J” Erving and the shoe he made history in, Converse recreates the classic silhouette in two all-new premium crafted versions using ultra-premium Horween Chomexcel® Leather from the legendary Chicago-based tannery


Hackers hit Japan defence industry

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd says its computers have been hacked into. Cont'd. One newspaper said the target was Japan’s biggest defence contractor’s factories


Rick Perry's Social Security Extremism: Why It Will Sink Him

I happened to be watching the Republican debate and stood up thinking why should a woman be our next president. There were smart answers sometimes I dunno how to read in between the lines but PBS tried to take everyone back to the days of Bush vs Clinton. If you watched the debate you probably would have asked Romney vs Bachmann. When was it going to air because local sources mention the Texas governor traveled to California for a debate. The only way out is this fiery talk from Mitt Romney about social security and corporate mismanagement. I don't even want to ask what they have planned in Boston it just be feeling like torture. I wasn't looking for a showdown Michele Bachmann who simply stayed silent didn't add much except scan Perry's "crony capitalism” he was insulted. On Friday night, comedian Jay Leno pressed Bachmann on the “mental retardation” claim. Bachmann may be on to something here. If she can just get people to quit asking about the “mental retardation” flub.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, round three

Even though Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have fought twice before, their score remains unsettled. The fighters' 2004 featherweight title bout...

Mayweather drops Ortiz, takes WBC welter belt

LAS VEGAS (AP)—In just one round, Floyd Mayweather Jr. got a head butt, a kiss and a hug from Victor Ortiz. He responded with a right hand that ended a bizarre fight early. Mayweather remained unbeaten and did it in emphatic fashion Saturday night, stopping Ortiz at 2:59 of the fourth round to take the piece of the welterweight title Ortiz brought into the ring.


Good credit ratings can pay off for small firms in many ways

Having good credit ratings lowers interest rates for small businesses. But it can also boost sales and bring better payment terms from vendors.

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Kelis upset by 'slave' insult in London

Singer claims she was racially abused while queueing at airport after travelling back from the Bestival festival on the Isle of Wight. Kelis, 32, said none of the other passengers on the plane she had just flown with, who were also queueing, intervened.

Plenty of Chatter About a New iPhone

A Sprint Nextel sales associate told TUAW that the carrier has started briefing its employees on an imminent Sprint iPhone 4 launch. The briefing reportedly told the sales team that Sprint will begin offering the iPhone 4 in October 2011 (next month)...


Economics Works Backwards Now

Economics Works Backwards Now I didn't catch the After president spoke I happened to get it at the end when he's standing shaking hands I knew it was finished Anyway the evening went like this I was at Walmart Supercenter with my mom who had asked me earlier if I wanted to go visit a friend who lives nearby. I am looking at the unemployment situation like gosh I sat down and it's over. Here looking all this time why doesn't someone give me a call? i've expected to buy or get some kinda loan instead feeling the pinch from technological unemployment. Coming out from the situation knowing I had to move into a spot where I once worked to learn about kindness. First I shouldn't have missed the event which was talked about loudly and clearly. Secondly is the president is always in the public eye there is no excuse so I asked for the people I was with to hurry. Perhaps I was being nosey trying only to impress myself and not the female crowd. How many times does the president have to get on stage? beside's visitors from various places aren't recognized just listen to the crowd in Detroit. And showing up for the press briefing like it's a security conference makes him look big and tall. I seem to think there is money in the bank. It's not yours - it's not mine there are more than enough college radio station dj's on the airwaves. Who really wanted for you to stand up inside a Walmart that evening? do you really see the point i'm trying to make? a grocery store should open it and not question the illusion. There was something to purchase a product unable to give to someone the chance to be man. There aren't many jobs and there isn't a sense of class I drove away listening to the radio thinking why am I listening to this and not the president. Why was the car parked I was sitting at the traffic light looking to return home. I want to see myself succeed finding that job but not loose it.


In Beijing, a second life for the National Aquatic Center

Affectionately known as simply the Watercube during the 2008 Olympic games, the Beijing National Aquatics ...


Texas Wildfires

Atlantic - The area of the Texas wildfires, superimposed on the 10 biggest cities in the US. Huffington Post - Bastrop, Texas Wildfires: Firefighters Work To Contain The Blazes. Universe Today - Texas Wildfires Seen from the International Space Station

Top five tips to avoid digital identity theft

The best defence against losing your identity is being aware of how cybercriminals steal it in the first place.

Dow: London 2012 will be a positive recycling story

The London 2012 Olympic Games will be a great opportunity to communicate and educate the consumer about the importance of recycling packaging, according to Closed Loop Recycling managing director Chris Dow.


How to Get the Most Out of Your IKEA Shopping Experience

How to Get the Most Out of Your IKEA Shopping Experience Offering Americans rock bottom prices on unique Swedish home furnishing products that are made more affordable than you could possibly imagine. Use my tips to utilize the most of your next trip to IKEA.

After the CEO, Yahoo needs to fire its board

What Yahoo needs to do is be honest with itself and divest everything that links it to the past of the Internet. It needs to sit down and see what are the core assets that help the company move forward. Whether it is Yahoo Japan or its Alibaba stake, it is time for Yahoo to lock in the gains.


Lenovo Claims Samsung Galaxy Tab Sold Just 20,000 168

Lenovo believes early Samsung GTab sales very low read more.


IKEA founder 'was Nazi recruiter'

IKEA's billionaire founder Ingvar Kamprad was a member of the Swedish Nazi party and was such a concern to secret service they opened a file on him, according to a new book.