Pope Francis’ familiar denunciation of ‘ideological extremism’


Intelligence is nothing without attitude

Daily Nation - Now that we know this, we can chart our success path in school, at work or at home simply by purposefully working on our attitude.

China’s Xi to get pomp-heavy welcome, but maybe not a warm one

Observers said there is little personal warmth, and even less trust, between Xi and Obama as the White House prepares to roll out the red carpet with a pomp-filled arrival ceremony Friday.


Tunisian border guard killed in 'terrorist' shootout

Tunisian border guard killed in 'terrorist' shootout
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Embrace diversity and see each other as human for progress, says US president

Embrace diversity and see each other as human for progress, says US president
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The Secret to Kerry Washington’s Balancing Act

How the Scandal star stays cool, calm and totally in control.


China appears to be working on third airstrip on disputed South China Sea islets: expert

(Reuters) China appears to be carrying out preparatory work for a third airstrip in contested territory in the South China Sea, a U.S. expert said on Monday, citing satellite photographs taken last week.


Jaguar Land Rover previews videogame-inspired Virtual Windscreen technology

Following the recently previewed Transparent Bonnet virtual imaging system, Jaguar Land Rover has now released a video showcasing its Virtual Windscreen, a system that offers an enhanced ‘virtual’ view of the road or race track.


OutKast movie


At West Point, Annual Pillow Fight Becomes Weaponized

NYT - Photos posted later on Twitter show plebes, as freshmen are called, with bloody faces and bloody pillows, and at least one person being loaded into an ambulance.

Nairobi nurses strike continues after talks collapse

NAIROBI: A meeting between Nairobi County government officials and striking health workers to resolve the workers standoff collapsed Tuesday.

This comes after a lack of solidarity between the health workers threatened to undermine their quest.

Path unclear for Doha as Nairobi inches closer

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UK property investment firm to list on Nairobi bourse

NAIROBI, Kenya, Sep 7 – St Paul’s Property Trust Plc has announced plans to list on the Growth Enterprise Market Segment (GEMS) of the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE).


A Note to Minors:

Please read disclaimer

This is important. Right now there is a 17-year old boy facing charges as an adult for having pics of himself on his phone. It’s not worth the risk.

Ben UFO cancels North American gigs due to visa issues

"The most recent holdup has been totally without explanation," Ben UFO says in a statement.

Deputy President William Ruto on arrival at JKIA

Received by Deputy President William Ruto on arrival at JKIA from a State Visit in Italy.

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake won't seek re-election

MSN - Rawlings-Blake, 45, has no plans to seek another office. She briefed her Cabinet and staff on the decision this morning.


Khalifa international stadium takes shape in qatar ahead of 2022 world cup

proposed as a host venue for the 2022 football world cup, the redevelopment of qatar’s khalifa international stadium is nearing completion.

D/FW Airport will probably need sixth terminal this decade

I just would like to speak about the last part of the article which mentions the A380 because I usually go into the airport to help people leaving their friends so I notice stuff when i'm leaving/entering the terminals. I once noticed a plane it was a Qantas Plane parked at the gate meanwhile we're moving past so I wanted to talk about how they talk about upgrades yet it doesn't seem like the people visiting the terminal are even interested so like I said just passing by. I am no airport expert it's not easy getting from point A to B at Dallas/Ft-Worth Airport there aren't alot of people looking at you just to get you to hand them flyers it's ridiculous I once worked there the talk about Airlines is garbage it's very dangerous especially after closing hours when everyone is gone and i'm unable to even sleep. Because it's not my responsibility chatting about stuff to do with American Airlines, but I notice the police car parked next to me at the light. I was expecting to get work but since there's nothing I wanted to share less with you, the airport has been around handling traffic it's quiet since last working there I get upset but I will continue praying that they do something about improving how they handle individuals walking and parking at the airport. The cost of buying stuff in that place isn't cheap you
can suffer all you want but because Airbus is making all these promises to folks some got locked out when the 777 came into service. Speaking to me I seem to think anytime I go to ask for something at the airport they just lie often it's either the airliner Qatar or Emirates to make the announcement. Some of these business agreements do sound appealing it's however costly because planes crash just imagine DFW Airport mishandling flights loosing employers and corporations. Funny thing is an A380 is supposed to be this marvelous object the aircraft you notice over there don't look anything like 777. So how come they call them A380's? why is it we're forced to live without jobs when the airport is nearby? I know about the 80's I doubt how seeing stuff like that get's you into problems it's impossible working over there the traffic has increased I don't think the new terminal is going to help get you paid. It's always good going there but with these silly issues and mistrust I don't think flying from Dallas is going to be anything cool people looking sad terrorists not to blame there's just nothing left they construct homes and ignore the problems. It's an Airbus vs Boeing sort of complaint but at the cost of customs getting employees outta the way. Just so travelers can walk in/out with toll tags pass by the terminal see for yourself there's nobody doing anything whatever. A construction worker quickly instructs me on how to reverse but they've completely got it backward at the airport properties are costly. Something funny that happened? I was looking at the plane it's a parking spot the sole purpose to carry whatever somewhere. The entrances/exits are attracting flights that area is starting to suffer especially from the crime and punishing plague from toxic bio hazards surfacing towards the airport. Who should they contact OSHA? the DHL building is over there you notice the disappearance whoever's moving away from there in their brand new European beamer your quickly led into a street taking you even further into their present lies going past Amazon. Check out these developments because i've noticed enough.

On another matter, Donohue acknowledged that a second airline is talking about bringing the largest passenger aircraft in use, the Airbus A380, to the North Texas airport.

Emirates Airline, which flies from Dubai to D/FW, will replace a smaller Boeing 777 with the A380 in October. That would make Emirates the first carrier to put an A380 on a D/FW route. Donohue said another airline is considering A380 flights as well.


Uhuru to grace Kenya Week at World Milan Expo 2015

President Uhuru Kenyatta is in Italy for a four-day official visit to Italy.


How US students get a university degree for free in Germany

BBC - While the cost of college education in the US has reached record highs, Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for German and international students alike. An increasing number of Americans are taking advantage and saving tens of thousands of dollars to get their degrees.

Rant: The College Store Closing

I would like to post this rant I thought about because i'm not attending college but people keep requesting that I go to school. It appears as though this is the only spot or place to obtain books at a cheap price. I have run into sites which sold travel tickets and flights vacations, when I returned from my cousins wedding, they all pointed towards these travel sites for some odd reason I was wondering why this bug. It's no wonder they call me on the phone forcing me to talk about things like when can I return to Florida? I don't know who these people are? what could have caused the problem. I thought it was odd I had to sit and browse websites selling travel tickets.

Where is the college store located? I searched for their address and only thing I can find is the one next to my mothers home so many cars speeding thru there i'm wondering why my professor sent her students downtown. I spoke to her and she tells me she has since quit and been fired so the bad luck isn't her fault no need to look down or around just listening to planes taking off from the airport the noise is repetitive.

What were you doing there? I was looking to find exam papers at a cheaper price everything went well because I lost a position at the airport this company hired me right before I filed my taxes I was terminated for being rude to a customer and when did you go there? for what? Who is that lady customer? What did she want? What was she looking for?

Who did you speak to? I spoke to someone calling themselves the intern so they just stood there next to me shouting questions I wasn't allowed to sit down but when I left they must have even searched my apartment townhouse you cannot trust someone preaching about making money across from this restaurant I normally go to for food.

Where was it located? The college store near this college I attend is closer to me somewhere nearby. But the one near the University closed down it used to be I could walk in and get stuff, remember asking for directions anyway I was there trying to get a job and they didn't respond. Where did it move to? Prior to the attacks on 9-11-2001 I made a visit to the University bookstore it just so happens the parking lot is across the street from it. A friend told me about the stuff that happens during lunch break I wasn't paying attention until when my grandmother came to visit and I went there to look around. After parking I became disappointed because I couldn't be at two places at the same time nobody around just parked cars now days, near the library you notice nothing but problems the downtown parts of this town is a scary place. No sky scrappers the last time I was taken to this music studio and the few buildings had broken glass it's a trend i'm noticing while looking around broken windows.

Was it for a job work placement? I really needed to work way back in 2003 so this man calls me to schedule an interview it never amounted to anything. But someone took me to a restaurant across the street anytime I go there there's a problem. They got this Italian restaurant and i've been inside once this one kid drove a BMW I guess it doesn't matter now but I didn't hear anything after I broke my car door, looking for a job. So while trying to repair it one afternoon I notice they're fixing this sedan and it's a 745 Li anyway it just so happens I needed to drive for an interview at the airport sure rings a bell into mind.

When was the last time you were seen there? I normally drive by but haven't gone back since last week I went past the location just last week trying to take an online exam but parking has become better they have cops patrolling. Otherwise the business building used to get crowded the University constructed some new facilities, they however don't provide access on local TV in the evening it's so boring. After the cable boxes got hacked and Katrina happened I am guessing it's how these script kiddies get involved and took over the government doesn't sound strange doesn't matter to me where they're going or what kinds of toys he drove. I had to leave it was silent just sounding silly no need hoping that getting hired wasn't going to solve my problem so I tried ordering Americano to an audience that employee wasn't being honest. I've been locked up several times because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time i'm not lying because I don't have many friends in the industry so whatever I see and hear brings problems.

Do you enjoy reading books explain further? I still enjoy reading it's just impossible trusting hackers to tell me they're being honest when I listen to them talk. Especially after you've been to county jail the circus act just keeps unfolding with collaborations. If you been to North Texas and noticed the garbage taking place within the tollway especially in the morning there are no bathrooms it's upsetting extravagance at the cost of loosing loved ones and having no friends, family members not speaking owning a computer is hard.


Sacha Jenkins On His Must-See Hip-Hop Fashion Documentary “Fresh Dressed”

The Hundred - We interviewed Sacha Jenkins back in January about his powerful documentary on hip-hop fashion, Fresh Dressed, when it was screening at ...