My Christmas message to the nation

But Christmas reminds us that there is time for rebirth; that there is time for reconciliation. read more

Colombia confirms crashed plane was out of fuel

Capital FM - Preliminary investigations have confirmed that a plane that crashed in the Colombian mountains last month killing 71 people including most of a Brazilian football team was out of fuel, officials said Monday.

MR President – This is your citizen’s opinion of your leadership

Kenya-Today - My Citizen’s plethora of a diagnostic profile evaluation, and assessments offers insights into a leadership ability that lack thereof. I may be overly analytical, very theoretical, and subject to bias… a better way to assess someone’s leadership prowess, is to give them some responsibility and see what they do with it.


Game of the Year: Jordan Minor’s Actual Games of the Year

For too long the definition of 'Game of the Year' has been unfairly narrow. How boring is it to see every website shower the same stale AAA games with praise at the end of each holiday season? So at Geek.com we're doing what we can to put a stop to this in Game of the Year, a new column celebrating worthy alternative picks for the year's greatest game regardless of genre, platform, year of release, or even quality.

ISIS-linked news agency releases video of Berlin attacker swearing allegiance to the radical group

Washington Post - The 24-year-old Tunisian suspect Anis Amri, who was fatally shot by police early Friday in Italy, had pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, a self-proclaimed “caliph” of the Islamic State.


Swatch Club - XMAS 2016 Event

For the last day of the event, members divided into language groups and split up around the city to discover the architectural wonders of Rotterdam. click here


Status Update:

Hello everyone, it's been a long time since I posted something about myself i've been firing up my notebook hoping to get hired somewhere but this appears to be just a lie. I walked into the offices of CAS and even made calls to New York JFK asking for a job, because they had called me and asked that I "come here" I agreed but never heard from them. So I been calling and it's made me think twice about going to the airport to ask for work. I been busy so much so that I tried UPS and sorry I showed up late I went there early one morning to find that all they were doing is taking down names and not giving me a job. I been praying I have lost touch with the online way of living but keeping up with Facebook unless you been living under a bridge you know what that is anyway, i'm just here to explain why I been gone for so long. These misconceptions from prospective employers happen so I wouldn't bother them any more i've been on the road rolling around and as a matter of fact my car needs to be repaired so I was waiting maybe until end of this week to get paid so I can get out there and shop. Thanks a lot for coming to my blog and passing thru I appreciate it, I attempted to have a shop where I could make some money and become like the next president elect it's on Amazon i've got some items still waiting to get paid for. But what I really wanted is a new car I been driving a lot lately and was hoping I could get something like this car, to explain further I know I don't have money but maybe one day I wake up and roll into one of the dealers and perhaps am able to afford it. Since I haven't been chatting I been looking around and is it just me that needs pajamas from the mall? I don't think so. Maybe there's a reason I heard the radio and really wanted to be in the air if 24 karats looks magical to you since, I can remember going to the mall and noticing the diamonds we weren't there for that though it was for a Roseta Stone the web got plenty of stuff. I had a word with the sales person at Helz pointing out the black rolex which I know someone wanted good luck Trump. I know better my cousin recently got her children from the hospital so I been making visits with my mom now that it's Christmas there isn't much to say I just hope your doing fine and staying on top of the game. Since leaving my last place of work I realize how much we want to obtain new stuff so I will be praying that you get what you want to have from Santa-Claus. I have good intentions for our country i'm forced to wake up and get out there unlike some of you weekend fans don't quit your jobs. Thanks a lot for surfing.

U.S. to disclose estimate of number of Americans under surveillance

Clapper, who is stepping down next month, suggested in April that providing an estimate of Americans surveilled under Section 702, a figure some have said could tally in the millions, might be possible, while defending the law as "a prolific producer of critical intelligence."

Land Rover's beachgoer

In the latest new spot to make our weekly viral video charts, Land Rover highlights the fun side of the midsize crossover. In “Weekend ...

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Land Rover sets sail on epic quest

Land Rover is teaming up with the UK's most successful sailor and with a former McLaren Formula One team principal in a 110-million-pound ...



‘Unpresidented’ Trump tweet on China sets off deluge of mockery

The post ‘Unpresidented’ Trump tweet on China sets off deluge of mockery appeared first on Capital News. read more


How Trump can beat Putin at his media game

Jeffrey Gedmin is a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a senior adviser at Blue Star Strategies consulting firm and former president and chief executive of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Gary Schmitt is co-director of the Marilyn Ware Center for Security Studies at the American Enterprise Institute. When will the president-elect catch on that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been taking the United States to the cleaners in the media and information game? read more


2017 Mercedes GLS-Class First Drive

2017 Mercedes GLS-Class First Drive: Mercedes-Benz is entering a new era of luxury and technology with their 2017 GLS-Class giving customer the experience of an S-Class with the utility of an SUV.

2017 Aston Martin DB11 - Review

2017 Aston Martin DB11 - Review: The 2017 Aston Martin DB11 might be a make or break car for the English car builder but can it compete with the best from Germany?

Watch: An Unfiltered Conversation About Abortions and Black Women

Politicians threaten to reverse Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood faces accusations of “genocide” and Black wombs are named the most deadly place for babies to live. But beneath the controversy are the painful and rarely recalled stories of the women who have experienced abortion personally.

In farewell to troops, Obama urges restraint in using military force

Military Times In what was effectively his farewell speech as commander in chief, President Barack Obama had a simple message for troops assembled at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida: Thank you, your sacrifice made a difference.

Defense News Trump Tweets US Should Cancel Air Force One Replacement

President-elect Donald Trump on Tuesday said he wants to cancel the plan for a new Air Force One design.

RA Poll: Top DJs of 2016

The 2016 polls begin with the RA readers' top DJs of the year. click here


Meteorologist Remeisha Shade leaves NBC 5

Looks like there’s been a change in the weather at KXAS/Channel 5, especially on weekends.

NBC 5 confirms that Remeisha Shade, who has primarily been doing weather on the weekend-evening newscasts since late 2010, has left the station.

Read more here: link

The ‘white heat’ and vulnerability of improvisational jazz

PBS - What is improvisational jazz all about? Saxophonist Jonathan Redman and pianist Brad Mehldau agree that the answer is vulnerability. Their musical genre requires players to follow one another’s lead — often letting another performer dictate the musical conversation. Jeffrey Brown sits down with Redman and Mehldau to discuss emotion in their art and why “it’s a great time to be a jazz musician.”


Italians head for polls in referendum as Europe looks on

Sky News - The referendum vote has been seen as a way for supporters of populist and extreme parties to vote against the establishment.

Italians are heading to the polls in a referendum which could have significant ramifications for the whole of Europe.


I am ready for 2017, warrior Raila assures supporters after crowning

I am ready for 2017, warrior Raila assures supporters after crowning
Read more at: link



Grammy award winning R&B artist Mya Marie Harrison is visiting the city for the first time and Nairobi News got the opportunity for a one on one interview with her. She is scheduled to perform at The Plot concert on Saturday night at the Ngong racecourse water front. In the interview, she talked candidly of her passion More.

Facebook NairobiNewsKE


Trump’s Biggest Test: Can He Build Something That Inspires Awe?

NYT - Here’s how President-elect Trump could unify a bitterly divided America, provide well-paying jobs to many of the millions of disaffected workers who voted for him, and lift the economy, stock market and tax rolls.


Pioneering woman Chinese fighter pilot Yu Xu killed in accident

CNN - One of China's first female fighter pilots and a member of the country's air force aerobatics team was killed in a training accident over the weekend, according to Chinese state-run media.

Get the Goods - Super Street Garage is Open

Get the Goods - Super Street Garage is Open: Get all shirts, stickers,license plate frames, and other Super Street gear at superstreetgarage.com.

AutoFashion USA's 10th Annual VIP Festival

AutoFashion USA's 10th Annual VIP Festival: For the last 10 years AutoFashion USA has been holding their VIP festival, a celebration for a movement that they have been connected to since the beginning.


On Election Day, the Hillary Clinton White Suit Effect

NYT - One of the more unexpected turns in a very twisted (in all senses of the word) electoral season has been the sudden emergence of a fashion statement that should, if all goes according to plan, reach its apogee on Tuesday, Election Day.


NATO Trains Afghan Tactical Air Controllers as Civilian Casualties Rise

The Diplomat - Civilian casualties caused by pro-government forces rose 42 percent, which includes 72 percent in casualties from air strikes by the Afghan Air Force.


World Series: Here’s How the Chicago Cubs Won Game 6

This game could put a dent in the high ratings that the World Series has been getting to date, although I am sure the Chicagoans are all still tuned in. It is amazing how many Cubs fans are here.


Director Barry Jenkins and Actress Naomie Harris on 'Moonlight'

'Director Barry Jenkins and actress Naomie Harris join us to discuss their film, Moonlight cont'd.

Pop Star Yuna On Working with Usher, Wearing a Hijab, and Being a Feminist

Right, say her millions of fans worldwide, including celebrity admirers like Gigi Hadid and The Roots. They've made her new album Chapters a global success, pushed her single Crush into Billboard's Top 10 slot, and voted her into MTV award shows. And now, they're showing up in droves for her first-ever world tour.

Downtown Dallas: A Turnaround Built on Parks, Arts, and People - Urban Land Magazine

Downtown Dallas: A Turnaround Built on Parks, Arts, and People - Urban Land Magazine: Converting offices to residences—and creating valuable parkland—helped lure people and development back to the urban core.


The Next Great Recession is HERE. The Next President Doesn't Matter - They Can't Save You. You Need CASH

In a few short months, no matter who the President is, the US economy is going to implode. There is too much global chaos in the financial markets (more below) and our banking policy over the last 20 years has left the government no way to correct things.


Status Update

Nothing much to add i've been offline for a long time, I hope things are going well in here. It's Fall I just left our local mall where I went inside the Parks Mall to look around the theater see if a certain movie was playing, but there's nobody standing in line so I left. I'm usually the one attempting to look for stuff to purchase I wanted something. I wanted to watch a movie but I wasn't dressed for it, i'm confused and I have doubts about what I need to do about it just happened awhile ago. I work Monday thru Friday you can find me on Facebook let's chat despite disliking work, the blog is doing fine after I erased several of them so now only left with three easy job. Also my prayers go out to the people of Thailand who just lost King Bhumibol at Sriraj hospital. Thailand mourns their King may he rest in peace, more information here. The government has declared a year of official mourning and asked the people to avoid "joyful" activities for 30 days. The world's longest-reigning monarch died in Bangkok on October 13. He had been in poor health in recent years but his death still shocked the nation of 68 million who openly expressed their grief. I'm not a Thai but being in Bangkok and witnessing it left me feeling the pain of their loss. Quote from Haslinda Amin Facebook page


The sneakerboot sector is rapidly expanding, due in part to a number of brands gearing up for the oncoming winter in the Northern Hemisphere. New Balance have made their most adventurous move yet with the Niobium Boot.




Why Jacque Maribe Is President Uhuru's Favourite Journalist

Kenyans - President Uhuru Kenyatta was on Tuesday inadvertently caught on camera admitting that Citizen TV political affairs reporter Jacque Maribe was his favourite journalist.


USS Benfold Hosts Warfare Tactics Instructor during Valiant Shield 2016

USS Benfold Hosts Warfare Tactics Instructor during Valiant Shield 2016: A warfare tactics instructor embarked USS Benfold (DDG 65)during Valiant Shield 2016, a biennial, joint-training field exercise.

U.S. Navy ship targeted in failed missile attack from Yemen: U.S. link


DP William Ruto Sues Boniface Mwangi Over Twitter Message

Kenyans - Deputy President William Ruto on Friday finally filed a defamation suit against human rights activist Boniface Mwangi.


Hot Chicks Love Fast Cars

Hot chicks have always had a love for fast cars. If you don’t believe us then just check out the videos below featuring a few of the sexiest chicks alive riding shotgun in speeding car

Read More: Hot Chicks Love Fast Cars - | click here


It’s Not Like Hollywood: Why U.S. Airstrikes Go Awry

WASHINGTON — If there is a single link between the wars fought by the United States in the Middle East and Afghanistan, it is the long list of errant airstrikes carried out by American warplanes. Weddings, funerals, hospitals and friendly forces have been mistakenly attacked, with each strike prompting fresh outrage.


Trey Songz Rides In Rongai Matatu After Landing in Nairobi

Kenyans - A top American singer, who arrived in Kenya on Monday and is set to feature in the fourth season of Coke Studio Africa, surprised many after he chose to ride in a Rongai Matatu popularly known as Catalyst.

The Weeknd Announces New Album ‘STARBOY,’ Reveals Artwork


Kenyan woman divorces her busy husband

NAIROBI, KENYA: A man who was too busy with his business to spend time with his spouse has lost his family following a divorce suit.


Larry Page's grand plan for Google looks more like a mess than a success

Yahoo - It's been a year since Larry Page launched his new master-plan to change the world, creating a parent company called Alphabet that overhauled the structure of Google.


Puff Daddy on President Obama: I Think Black People "Got a Little Bit Shortchanged"

Puff Daddy appeared on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton on Sunday to discuss opening a new charter school in Harlem, his thoughts on President Obama, and the upcoming presidential election with candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Meet the guy who is helping Cam Newton 'be known for hats'

But the more Newton and Hernandez talked, the more they agreed the quarterback needed his own style, which doesn’t come cheap. The hats typically run from $1,200 to $2,500 each, depending on how rushed the order is.


2016 MTV VMAs: Unseen Moments From the Show, Red Carpet and the Audience!

Britney Spears Reacts to Performing After Beyonce at the VMAs

2016 MTV VMAs: Unseen Moments From the Show, Red Carpet and the Audience!

Camila Cabello Leaves Fifth Harmony Concert Early Due to 'Anxiety'

Us Weekly - The local news outlet reported that a member of Fifth Harmony explained to the audience that Cabello left because of a wardrobe malfunction. However, she never returned to the stage.

The Top 10 Hip Hop Singles & Videos Of The Week: Drake, Gucci Mane & Master P

Hip-hop DX - This week’s top 10 singles and videos includes a breakdown video of how to effectively beat Drake in a rap beef. Elsewhere, Gucci Mane recalls the time he got robbed and Master P and The Game team up for “Heaven For A G.”


Vice-President Ruto Threatens Jubilee MPs inside His Home

Deputy President William Ruto on Wednesday morning ordered Jubilee Members of Parliament (MPs) to pass a report by the Joint Parliamentary Select Committee that bars party hopping or leave the ruling party.

Kenyan rapper Wangeci demands pay from Techno mobile company

As an artist our image and likeness is our source of livelihood it is our bread and butter. It is not okay to misuse and take away from us when we work so hard to build ourselves.”

#payartists #respectartists #technocomeclean

Why Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is in Kenya [PHOTOS]

Kenyans - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a surprise visit to Kenya.

SpaceX rocket explodes at launch site in Florida

Daily Nation - A dense plume of black smoke filled the air following the blast, television images showed.

Mark Zuckerberg headed to Italy after earthquake

CNN Money - Mark Zuckerberg is flying to Rome to chat up local Facebook users, days after a devastating earthquake struck central Italy.

Earthquake in Italy: What we know - The latest on the earthquake in central Italy.


Prince Dead at 57: Inside the Legend’s Final Days, Last Performance

Prince Was Writing a Memoir Before His Death
At an event announcing the project in March, the seven-time Grammy winner said that the memoir would cover, among other things, his 2007 Super Bowl XLI halftime show, which is remembered by many as one of the best — if not the best — of all time.

Prince Dead at 57: Inside the Legend’s Final Days, Last Performance

Madonna Is 'Devastated' Over Prince's Death: See Her Tribute

French Montana and Iggy Azalea Keep Dating Rumors Going With Trip to Mexico

French Montana and Iggy Azalea Keep Dating Rumors Going With Trip to Mexico

Read More: French Montana and Iggy Azalea Keep Dating Rumors Going With Trip to Mexico - XXL | link

From: 411 Molo
To: Iggy Azalea & French Montana

Neat knowing about you two getting together on a boat there are so many places to go to such as the French Riviera, I was just been released from lockup i've been home for about 11 days and have had some time to think about where I lived. I didn't know I was such an uncoordinated individual until the law requested for me to tell everyone what I had learned after my experience confined to a cell inside County Jail, State Hospital etc. I told them how I felt about pushing people around it's not everyday that you get woken up and asked to eat three times a day, read this and do that, so I accept pushing people as the only thing I did learn and wanted to share with y'all while in jail. This is just something I posted I don't mind having seen you together it's all good, I am not as talented as you two, I cannot think of a song but when I do it better not be about a monkey. I believe Iggy Azalea to be talented so is French Montana, I hope they can both work on presentation but this rumor is certainly going to have me rolling for a few more days. Thank the lord for his blessings I got two artists sitting on a boat next to each other, I got nothing more to say or do but thank the lord for his miracles each and every season.

French Montana and Iggy Azalea Keep Dating Rumors Going With Trip to Mexico

French Montana and Iggy Azalea Keep Dating Rumors Going With Trip to Mexico

Read More: French Montana and Iggy Azalea Keep Dating Rumors Going With Trip to Mexico - XXL | link

From: 411 Molo
To: Iggy Azalea & French Montana

Nice to hear about you two getting on a cruise there are so many places to go to such as the french riviera, sad to know I just been released i've been home for about a week and have had some time to think about how I live and act. I didn't know I was such an uncoordinated individual until the judge asked me what I had learned after my experience confined to a cell inside Tarrant County. I told them how I felt about pushing people around it's not everyday that you get woken up and asked to read the bible, read this and do that so I accept pushing people as the only thing I did learn while in jail. This is just something I posted I don't mind having seen you together it's all good, I am not as talented as you two, I cannot think of a song but when I do it better not be about a monkey. I believe Iggy Azalea to be talented so is French Montana, I hope they can both work on presentation but this rumor is certainly going to have me rolling for a few more days. Thank the lord for his blessings I got two artists sitting on a boat next to each other, I got nothing more to say or do but thank the lord for his miracles each and every season.

Beyoncé's Mom Tina Knowles Stands Up For Colin Kaepernick [PHOTO]


On Saturday morning (August 27), rapper/songwriter Rhymefest was robbed at gun point by an unidentified man in his hometown, Chicago. As a prominent public figure of Chicago‘s Southside, Rhymefest has been working tirelessly to prevent the ongoing violence that plagues his community.


Status Update

If your searching for some of my blogs which I had been maintaining they've been removed. I decided to shut them down because they were taking up so much space it was ridiculous anyway, if you want to know which ones I took down the list is here after this note. But why when there's nothing to do? I guess the reaction I was getting from onlookers they just kept punishing me I guess it sounded cool at first then it came apart. It just wasn't working like the reboot for the show Dallas making things happen just didn't look real, I wrote down the ideas and come to think of it I wasn't going to just waste my time I dunno who made me do it but creating a blog is pretty easy you just need to learn how to moderate and administer them. Until I felt that there wasn't going to be a need to write on blogs, I could use that time to build other things instead and make better sense work. So now that they're down I feel like it's no longer a gamble no longer a myth not having to use them their down, they weren't on my to do list no importance. Writing doesn't come easy to some people, a blog had numerous problems unlike what you think imagine de-linking leads to those near mishaps from well scripted, coding, social networking to poor web scripting. I think I checked even the biz news and everyone is just asleep on the things I posted etc I learned alot. In addition I spent time thinking during the Rio Olympics why I wasn't able to travel to Brazil it was easy?? I answered because I tried to maintain a weblog make money. It's because of people and my safety as well as yours that they stopped where I was taking all that work my fault I dunno. To tell the truth it became obvious how someone would just go on insulting me so the gamble, I can think on my own now work better you don't need to show me much enough. Additionally I was locked up and it made better sense saying nothing to anyone during the awards where was I?? so now I can dream and work there's space to imagine my way through trouble. You know i'm financially not able to obtain anything, not updating made them look awful. Now their gone there's more time to think more space during those sad moments. I realize it wasn't important it couldn't work maybe some other time like a sound from Baduism, immediately I assume it's one of two things. If you would like to compete do it read more about the games just do you do what you feel like.

Itemize Entertainment
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Eclipse Transportation
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

KDF Weblog
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Murphy Performance
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

JPS Medical

Omolo Design
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Weft Investing
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Dallas Cowboys Football
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Restaurant Italia
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

Film Blog
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

San Marco Mobile
Deleted Aug 22, 2016

ST Aerospace Co
Deleted Aug 23, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg headed to Italy after earthquake

Mark Zuckerberg is flying to Rome to chat up local Facebook users, days after a devastating earthquake struck central Italy.

Judge Jeanine Lays Out All the Things the Democratic Party Has Done for the Black Community

Sunday, Judge Jeanine Pirro praised GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent minority outreach comments on her Fox show, “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”


Finally Home

Finally able to make a post it's been almost five months since I said much but i'm finally able to post at least something. I been away from my desk nothing to fear it's what i'm watching I guess with several blogs to run I barely have time to speak to folks. I ran into someone awhile ago you know introductions are an obsession I have done enough, hand shaking to know what to do when you meet someone who's done some work on bikes. I was at the North Texas State Hospital which is nearly 3 hours away from the Tarrant County jail, I wasn't able to leave but I ran into a person who has done many things to shape the motorcycle biz; anyway we fooled around and spoke somewhat about how to ride and his collection of ammunition which I thought was dangerous so I tried not speaking to him too much. So I asked him what about the work he's done towards motorbikes and he told me a thing or two about the imprint on the back of his Harley Davidson t-shirt he has on. Which didn't resemble black it was faded out, so I kept quiet and tried to make sure that I was able to remember the title name since they've been building custom chopper bikes now for years. I hope your looking at this from the stand point of engineers and are not afraid to push up on stuff. I am finally back at home my car is in the garage I am unable to move it, I think the stickers are old but I will be out on the road soon as I get a job. I been gone but it wasn't long I heard so much about the "N word" that I don't feel it necessary to use it. On Friday I packed up my things and was told to wait for my ride, I may have left those dudes at the hospital but I promised to put in a word about them in case I got out. I ate three times a day and caught up with the action you know the fighting over territory, the constant request to eat noodles, the visitors, the prayer etc. I will try not getting drunk despite my loneliness inside NTSH that place did plenty to feed us and provide me with a place to sleep, I deny smoking a cigar while using someone phone outside. But I called home to speak to my cousin who agreed to come get me from outside the Justice center. I called my cousin to come get me it was 5 months I am guessing since leaving home to go to court when I got released right at the front of the court house I made up my mind. No fooling around with drugs especially alcohol, they called me to go speak to the judge it was around 10 AM and I had been thinking about leaving jail the previous day so I thank everyone for their support.


Panama Papers Leak Signals a Shift in Mainstream Journalism

WASHINGTON— Four years passed between The New York Times’s first article based on the Pentagon Papers and the end of the Vietnam War.

Two years passed between The Washington Post’s first story establishing Richard M. Nixon’s link to the Watergate burglary and Nixon’s resignation from the presidency.

Last week, Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson of Iceland couldn’t make it 48 hours before having to step aside after the disclosure of the shady bank dealings contained in the Panama Papers, some of which involve him.

This Is the Weirdest Nike Sneaker Ever

When you're constantly looking to innovate and push the boundaries of design, you tend to do quite a bit of experimentation. In a recent post by NikeLab on its Instagram account, a photo was shared of one of these experiments and what could possibly be the weirdest Nike sneaker ever seen.

Check Out the First Trailer for the Shia LaBeouf-Produced, Flying Lotus-Scored 'LoveTrue'

Premiering this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. link


The Burglar’s Guide Has Arrived

At long last, after more than three years of research and travel, A Burglar’s Guide to the City is finally shipping.

Beyonce: Formation World Tour


Ride better, live better

The Shorthorn - Employees at a little corner bike shop, Front and Center Cyclery, often welcome Arlington’s bike riders with a fist bump to avoid a greasy handshake.

Martin Scorsese film recalls martyrdom of Japan's hidden Christians

Ban on Christianity in early 1600s, the focus of film called Silence, forced converts to practise in secret, leading to a localised form of the religion still practised by a few dozen people today Cont'd.

ICC Case against Vice-President of Kenya


Getting Ready with Mary J. Blige

The Coveteur - There's a small handful of dream scenarios that just kind of scream, 'Oscar night'. The type that truly capture the idea of real, unabashed Hollywood glamour.


Jacob Zuma denies acting dishonestly over home improvement scandal

South African president addresses nation amid speculation that he could be forced to resign if key ANC figures abandon him cont'd.


Famed Architect Zaha Hadid Dies In Miami Hospital At 65

Famed Architect Zaha Hadid Dies In Miami Hospital At 65: Iraqi-British architect Zaha Hadid, whose modernist, futuristic designs included the swooping aquatic center for the 2012 London Olympics, has died at age 65.

Morning News Roundup: Zaha Hadid Architects and AECOM Unveil 2022 FIFA World Cup Stadium Design, BMW Launches Planning Competition

AECOM and London-based Zaha Hadid Architects unveil the design for Al Wakrah Stadium, home to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Zaha Hadid Architects took inspiration from a "dhow," a traditional Arabian pearl fishing boat.


Michelle Obama doesn’t show the bruises after seven years

Newsday - I recently attended a White House event that featured the cast of the Broadway hit “Hamilton.” But it was the host for the occasion who was most impressive: first lady Michelle Obama, still standing tall, chin up, despite nearly eight years of enduring the kind of crudities that the wives of some of the current presidential candidates are starting to get a taste of.

Laurel Elementary honored for school breakfast program

One way to overcome the stigma is to serve breakfast to all students in the classroom, which 92 schools in Prince George's County do — including Laurel Elementary — through the Maryland Meals for Achievement Program. To be eligible to participate, at least 40 percent of a school's students must be eligible to receive free and reduced price meals.

New Music: K.Camp “Slum Life”

With Future and The Weeknd’s “Low Life” getting new life after the video release, K.Camp has decided to drop his own rendition of it. He’s done it for countless other tracks in the past and this EVOL single is no different. Could a new project be on the way soon?

Confusion Inna Babylon: Tale Of Jamaica

ThyBlackMan - The world views Jamaicans as a conscious people when in reality they are unconscious, burdened by the psychological effects of a colonial education system, poverty, malnutrition, and mass unemployment/underemployment.

Yeah Rapper, Athlete Economic Buffoonery keeps our people Broke.


Massive Robots Keep Docks Shipshape

WSJ - Overall, TraPac’s automation will cost roughly $1 billion in public and private funds once the entire terminal is automated, and executives say they aren’t sure when the investment will pay off. “It’s very much a moving goal post,” said board member Mr. Stone. “It takes a long time to realize the return.”

Still, some workers find benefits as the technology takes hold. On a recent afternoon, 57-year-old crane operator Jesse Martinez lowered shipping containers the last few feet of their journey on to truck trailers, using a computer from an air-conditioned office building at TraPac.


Jewel continues to shine through struggles, success, relationships

Jewel continues to shine through struggles, success, relationships: Singer–songwriter Jewel is a testament to survival through art. For more than 20 years and a dozen studio albums, she’s channeled hardships and success with her music — from homelessness, fame, parental estrangement, marriage and divorce.


1996 Honda Accord - Follow The Leader

K-powered Accord coupe built to inspire cont'd.

Kendall Jenner for VOGUE (April 2016)

In the magazine they visit with her and some of her friends, follow her for a few days to witness her entrepreneurial skills first hand, learn about how she became such a social media giant and more. The spread was shot by Mario Testino and will only be sent out to subscribers in New York and Los Angeles. Below is a video of Kendall and Gigi Hadid having a sleepover party in Chanel.


The Source - A$AP Ferg recently revealed the release date (April 22) and artwork for his forthcoming sophomore album, Always Strive And Prosper, and yesterday unleashed a new single, the ScHoolboy Q-featured “Let It Bang.”

It Didn’t Have to Happen: Phife Dawg, Diabetes, and Black Health by Law Ware

Blogger In the 2011 Documentary Beats, Rhymes, & Life: The Life and Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, Phife said of his love of sweets: “It’s really a sickness … Like straight-up drugs. I’m just addicted to sugar.” There we have it. Mystery solved. Diabetes killed Phife. He was vocal about his struggle with the disease since the 1990s—and it is a message we still need to hear.


Celebrating the nostalgic power of graphic design and packaging

Celebrating the nostalgic power of graphic design and packaging: Nostalgia is a very powerful thing. When done well, branding and packaging are very powerful things too. Tapping into all of these fonts of power is London’s Museum of Brands, an enormous and comprehensive celebration of the brands of yore, and with them, the lives of the people who bought them.

Maximize SaaS Revenue | @CloudExpo @_ANEXIA #IoT #SaaS #IaaS | @CloudExpo

Maximize SaaS Revenue | @CloudExpo @_ANEXIA #IoT #SaaS #IaaS | @CloudExpo


MH370: Possible debris found in Mozambique arrives in Australia

Two years after MH370 went missing, key questions remain for family members. CNN's Saima Mohsin reports.


Mya Talks New EP 'Smoove Jones,' Love & Feminism

Billboard caught up with the singer shortly after her Feb. 14 release of Smoove Jones to chat about her inspiration, stance on feminism and love life.


Slow Life: Strength in numbers

By discovering records from the past, this Berlin collective and label is carving out a fresh new sound. Matt Unicomb unpacks their distinctive style.


Is Trump the American version of Berlusconi?

Khaleej Times - In fact, few media tycoons - Berlusconi owns Italy's main commercial television channels and several daily newspapers (either directly or through his family) - have ever been as freewheeling in their use of libel litigation to silence journalists and other critics. The famous Italian anti-mafia writer Roberto Saviano referred to Berlusconi's "mud machine," with which he would smear anyone who dared stand in his way. (Full disclosure: As Editor of The Economist, I was the target of two libel suits by Berlusconi.)



Lakers defeat Warriors for biggest upset in NBA regular season history

The Los Angeles Lakers pulled off the biggest upset in NBA regular season history Sunday afternoon, defeating the Golden State Warriors 112-95 at the Staples Center.


Macklemore Regrets Not Warning Iggy Azalea He Was Name-Checking Her in 'White Privilege II'

Y! Music - The Seattle rapper dished out bars about the perception of white acts in hip-hop who have been accused of appropriating the culture. Macklemore references Iggy Azalea, Elvis Presley and Miley Cyrus during a verse where he rhymes: “You’ve exploited and stolen the music, the moment/ The magic, the passion, the fashion, you toy with/ The culture was never yours to make better/ You’re Miley, you’re Elvis, you’re Iggy Azalea.”

Azalea even kicked up dust on her Twitter following the song’s release by tweeting, “he shouldnt have spent the last 3 yrs having friendly convos and taking pictures together at events etc if those were his feelings.”)


-Pentagon sells smart bombs to Turkey

The sale, announced on Tuesday, comes at a crucial time for Turkey’s military, which continues to be heavily embroiled in attacking theKurds in the volatile northern part of Iraq.

Critics are going too easy on Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I fear this review makes it sound like I'm down on The Force Awakens, but I'm really not. It is full of delightful moments and fantastic new characters. The acting is uniformly phenomenal. I already have tickets to see it again.

Rubio, Cruz wage battle for second - and to stay alive

GCONEW - While Donald Trump appears headed for a big Super Tuesday, the outcomes for Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are less certain when the GOP presidential primary balloting closes Tuesday night.

Tyga Reveals Why Paul McCartney Was Turned Away from His Grammys After-Party

The rapper took to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to explain.

That's funny I been to many places and wasn't able to get in I don't know about you but it's silly trying to get into clubs without cash money, it's the main reason I don't like certain types of females. I had just left the crib after returning from Taco Bell I was at the movie theater watching this flick called Karate Kid anyway I even stopped to grab some CD's but ran into some customer I assumed were Asian gangsters. I remember it was just before the World Cup matchups in South Africa. A lot of crazy stuff happening this morning I wasn't going to get upset and throw some bottles but it definitely could have been presented in a better way, after getting past the drive-thru I arrived home without blame them dudes at the window must have been a bit too excited or even against me.

I wanted to get out there I had been indoors all week so I wanted to see what was happening, at first I got lost but then driving at night was nothing new to me I do it often. I tried getting some money but it's nothing secretive. I don't often get invites either unlike when we would go to NYC during the weekends and have no way of coming back. I used to live back in New-Jersey nowday's "less talking" happens but it's on a sad note a level he may have found high thinking it's always seeming climactic. I even get to hear the threat level on the radio station sometimes. I make wrong decisions it's annoying but let me tell you there is something over there which you need to notice. I was in an Arab country we trying to catch our flight me and mom it's early morning we needed food we refused to go get me something to eat. So I started to ask what was going on and as soon as I see the whole picture I reach for the GPS to tell me how far before getting to Houston our destination. After arriving in Kenya I go to bed and wake up to find everyone crowding in front of the White House because, Osama was no longer alive he got killed.

I go to Mcdonald's but I got no money you see what I mean getting into the clubs or catching trips inside taxi's cabs, horseback riding, reading a newspaper etc, anything is possible. As a matter of fact I while roaming around Nairobi, KE and early in the morning they're holding prayers it's so loud, someone a Muslim prayer during a tornado like thunderstorm someone asking if it would wipe away our belongings. Yes late in the evening sometime early going to the bus station to pick someone up and we got no time for conversation less time to look at news it's hard. But I got people telling me about wealthy neighborhood's unlike poor ghettoes there's no money no job, because of my age, ethnicity, codes certain stuff isn't allowed it's like strict enforcement at fashion shows what you saw was rubbish your attire can ruin everything even at restaurants you wouldn't believe it. Some things you catch others you don't it's just bizarre how people refuse to co-operate you've either got it or you don't, in or you out, arriving/going/leaving, entering/never leaving. It's somewhat like at the border if you've got no point walking in there without carrying credentials and dressed to impress who's going to give you anything understand.

What upset me about it is as soon as I arrived I parked my car across the street and compared to the last time I went to this location, something weird took place. I got out of my car and I didn't bother to look but it seem like partying got out of hand and stuff going down you see folks talking, from over here it did seem ruined, it wasn't until I drove back from the venue outside nearby I discover some beer bottle laying there and a police woman coming towards me. They were like asking me for $5 at the entrance and I told her I didn't have it could I be allowed to get in for free? I spoke then left I heard it cost $10 I drove all the way out to D-town and like always I didn't have money. Depending on what you recall does anyone remember the radio van parked outside the entrance booth outside a club next to the mix master. I waited there alone standing while someone ran inside coming back without entering the event, I even had my own relative show me how you couldn't get into certain places late at night the club. Once I walked away trying to sit at the bar I looked down and there were some broken bottles of liquor out on the street. So compared to the last time I noticed a law enforcement officer rolling by, it wasn't going to get any worse because of soccer world-cup outdoors clubbing to see another waiting to perform in D-town. Because of God but anyway it was cool leaving without getting caught up that club was packed late that evening.


Manhattan photographer says two Georgia clothing companies are illegally using his images of Aaliyah

A photographer who shot some of the last portraits of Aaliyah says that two clothing companies are illegally using the images

BMW’s Stalled Growth Engine Opens Door to Luxury-Car Top Spot

Bloomberg -- As BMW prepares to celebrate its 100th birthday next week, Mercedes-Benz is out to spoil the party. Mercedes has its best shot .

Gianni Infantino pulls off stunning victory to win FIFA presidential election

Dallas News - I have been having problems with my cable box to put it another way I haven't been seeing much respect for the sport in terms of visualizing and understanding who and what happens on the field. Ever since watching a matchup during one of these public holidays someone pointed me towards realizing there needed to be something said and done about getting the rights to watch such events, I was in East-Africa and they had a passion for the sports namely it's well worth saying they didn't have to send the trophy there for others to see. I don't know about you but during the holidays the only thing I want to watch is sports I been complaining to the point where my own mother has refused to allow me to stand in places that don't support the sport, desolate untenanted areas such as auto parts stores where you can just walk in and make decisions. I think because they show special teams and announcements it's going to be a challenge standing up when everyone has been sitting down and vice versa. This appears to be a worthy candidate the photo however shows him to be a rogue maybe if everyone could stop being rude to one another and celebrate the many occasions, the instances FIFA has played and done a good job. I really wish the candidate was me but I've run into people who don't necessarily care they just want their cash and that's final. Good luck to him provided they take the sport of soccer where future players and coaches have taken it where to next? nothing more to say.


The return of Kim Jong-un

MSN - I wasn't looking forward to typing this but I would like to share what I think about the Korean government and it's people. I think they're cool to be given the benefit to be on a James Bond flick named Die Another day coupled with, marching next to one another with weapons, life couldn't be anymore dangerous. Their reporters aren't hiding from scrutiny ask any foreign media source since I came across this one magazine about politics called "Current Affairs" the item looked small placed at the bottom of a stack of newspapers at the bookstore, during those days I normally just witnessed patrons sitting there ordering tea. I sometimes would step inside to get a book or if I was with my mother she would be in there studying while I waited for her to finish. The item didn't catch me by surprise I wasn't about to just sit there and watch the Matrix Reloaded so I left home to go in search of stuff to read and that thing bothered me, but because it obviously had a resemblance to Red Herring I wasn't going to pass the opportunity. I want to mention that I been noticing and hearing the news about North & South and it's puzzling, I can be in search of stuff to read from the newspaper stand and here is this country which cannot seem to stop battling the other for supremacy. They're very corrupt so much so that it's not easy getting a good feed on the news especially when your away or a traveler with little time to use Social Networks. I don't want to ignore the few times I've been forced to follow other folks who don't live close to me they are across town, the ghetto bird helicopters and instances where I found Noodles thrown or left on the table leave me no choice but to post this entry. I don't work and haven't been able to find a job it's been years since I left school but my car is parked out there whoever got some change for me to wash my clothes, I can be on my way to work and having to walk into areas where I feel unsecure the Military news stories are available but it doesn't make me bulletproof people like him make sporting events stellar. I don't know about you a milkshake or two doesn't bar merchants from from selling them cheating on them etc. Do they know about the imprisonments how far could someone be requesting to be taken? it goes to show what someone could doing in the middle of the night, their society is poisoned, murder, harassment etc it used to be cool beans but not anymore. I don't know about superb all they've been doing is rising to the occasion claiming extreme terror and control of other nations. What's a leader supposed to do next? How will they repair both sides? who knows since it all began late one summer afternoon. Prison is real out here in today's world a lot happens and nobody knows what to say and do, I wouldn't like to be sent to Cuba over something I experienced, all your likely to understand is the issue having to do with tribalism Obama slapped them with sanctions.

Life could be better beyond these circumstances driving Japanese cars within The States I am forced into the arrogance of not being able to obtain albums like, The Miseducation of Lauren Hill, conversely Teflon Don and so on.

The allies also say their annual springtime military drills will be the largest ever. South Korea’s defense minister said Thursday that about 15,000 US troops will take part, double of the number Washington normally sends.

The North says the drills are preparation for a northward invasion.

Seoul defense officials also said that they began preliminary talks on Feb. 7 with the United States on deploying the Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense, the same day North Korea conducted what it said was a satellite launch but is condemned by Seoul and Washington as a banned test of missile technology.

Gangsters Out Blog: Two L.A. police officers charged with sexual assau...

Gangsters Out Blog: Two L.A. police officers charged with sexual assau...: Reuters is reporting that "two Los Angeles Police Department officers have been charged with repeated sexual assaults on four women ...


Former semiconductor facility in Arlington is under contract

The former National Semiconductor property on Bardin Road in Arlington is under contract to a buyer that appears to have plans to redevelop the property.

Read more here: link


How to reap big with smart inter-cropping

- This is Caleb Omolo’s five-acre farm at Koderobara in Rongo, Migori County. Mr Omolo has inter-cropped 100 different food crops with promising yields showing all over his farm. The farmer also has 10 bee-hives hanging from mature grafted mangoe trees which are just about to start flowering. The farm is expertly organised anyone visiting will fall in love with its layout almost instantly.


Fed-Ex Ground

I would like to share this entry because I used to work for the company and happened to find this interesting, it's about small business for anyone wanting to know or use their services. They hired me to work as a package handler and I worked there making $9.96 an hour I however got hired somewhere else a place called Gate Gourmet. I put in so many applications but Fed-Ex hired me to work the afternoon pre-load shift or something. This sounded confusing because when I showed up for work they were constructing the entryway and had us check in at the booth or whatever, I would sometimes come back to ask if I could go in and work but left my wrist band in the car. It became bothersome having to do all that changing of gear so while I was about to go home one day they terminated me. It's because of a dispute I had with the supervisor she asked that I come into the office to speak to my manager. The manager told me to wait in the break room to be told I wasn't going to be employed anymore so I just stood there wondering what else was left to do, I had made some mistakes loading the truck I understand the job was difficult but it was time to clock in/out. I wasn't interested in the way they treated employees because the work I heard thru the grapevine was stressful. This may help anyone wanting to do biz globally, compared to UPS I don't know where else you can go, what else you can do to repair a damaged reputation. The other job sent me packing also I was looking to perhaps continue showing up and giving strangers rides before arriving, I wasn't offered a raise just a t-shirt and a photograph. I requested that they offer me incentives like for instance instead of standing in the cold freezer, hand me a SIDA badge, I'm told this violates company rules.


Lebron James Sells Miami Mansion

Basketball star LeBron James made headlines when he announced he was leaving the Miami Heat for his hometown team the Cleveland Cavaliers. click here


Airlines Do Fixes on the Cheap by Sending Planes Abroad to Unlicensed Mechanics

Alternet - Maintenance is yet another cost-cutting measure, but with potentially dangerous consequences.


Status Update

Hello, wassup? I just wanted to let visitors of this blog know that I will not be able to post updates, the reason is it's been three weeks since I was unable to completely shutoff my Lenovo. I went to work out or whatever and when I returned home from the fitness center a police woman knocked on the door in response to a fire alarm that had made her come to my home, it's weird because the same thing happened late one evening when I couldn't remember the fire alarm passcode. Soon after shutting it off or recalling the password which I entered into the machine a fire truck pulls up and I had to explain to them what I was doing. The notebook during the Christmas holidays couldn't shutoff so I had to sit there at my desk thinking about the New-Year etc, unfortunate because I wasn't able to understand the chat session it was just after using search engine(s) from my wireless cellular T-Mobile phone that I was able to locate a number after quickly shutting it down I called them. Lenovo asked for a serial number from underneath the notebook someone hacked into my computer no further problems. Not funny because I was introduced to someone who didn't even have a Facebook account, they in turn had to fly back home after the holiday's on short notice, she promised she was going to come back I cannot believe this happened lately it's been practically impossible staying awake. But in my opinion I think she got away with finding where I stayed I don't trust people who approach you and convince you their beautiful etc. This problem occurring shortly after hearing tornado warnings and sirens from a thunderstorm. To my surprise it was unable to shutoff but that's not a surprise I have issues with Microsoft sometime after obtaining the computer I installed an Operating System which I searched for and downloaded Windows 10, I am unable to use the notebook so you will not be getting regular updates from me until further notice.


Wiz Khalifa Plays "KHALIFA" Album For Airline Passengers

Hip-Hop DX - Wiz Khalifa's "KHALIFA" album is scheduled to release this month.


10 ways Diaspora folks keep it Kenyan while living abroad

SDE.co.ke - Diaspora folks may be the most condescending and annoying lot, but what you cannot fault is their immense love for their motherland. While living abroad often gets into their head, they certainly wish things were different and they will probably troop back home to live happily ever after.