Gianni Infantino pulls off stunning victory to win FIFA presidential election

Dallas News - I have been having problems with my cable box to put it another way I haven't been seeing much respect for the sport in terms of visualizing and understanding who and what happens on the field. Ever since watching a matchup during one of these public holidays someone pointed me towards realizing there needed to be something said and done about getting the rights to watch such events, I was in East-Africa and they had a passion for the sports namely it's well worth saying they didn't have to send the trophy there for others to see. I don't know about you but during the holidays the only thing I want to watch is sports I been complaining to the point where my own mother has refused to allow me to stand in places that don't support the sport, desolate untenanted areas such as auto parts stores where you can just walk in and make decisions. I think because they show special teams and announcements it's going to be a challenge standing up when everyone has been sitting down and vice versa. This appears to be a worthy candidate the photo however shows him to be a rogue maybe if everyone could stop being rude to one another and celebrate the many occasions, the instances FIFA has played and done a good job. I really wish the candidate was me but I've run into people who don't necessarily care they just want their cash and that's final. Good luck to him provided they take the sport of soccer where future players and coaches have taken it where to next? nothing more to say.

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