China thwarts Google's detour around censorship

China thwarts Google's detour around censorship

Scion iQ

The production version of the Scion iQ will make its debut at the New York Auto Show next week reports Bnet. Shown at the same show last year, but in concept form (above) we don’t expect the road-ready car to be nearly so wild.


Google China redirects to Hong Kong

Google is redirecting visitors to its Chinese website to Google Hong Kong because of concerns about censorship and hacking. Bobbi Rebell reports.


5 Ways to Improve IT Effectiveness

Most CIOs think their information-technology departments will be misaligned with business needs amid an economic recovery cont'd


T-mobile Maps

I recently damaged my wireless phone it got flooded by water, the problem was that this phone Co t-mobile wasn't going to replace my cell phone I wasn't the primary accountant, it happened last month. A couple of weeks ago I’m now able to say that I don't have to spend so much effort trying to argue about the directions. After misplacing my cellular phone I had to replace it so I walk into the store to ask about fixing it and was given directions to another store where I could find a repair man. So i'm upset but willing to drive that way no gasoline. So i'm challenging myself to fix the problem don't really know what i'm going to say but it's at Dallas I had just been there moments ago. T-mobile tried to persuade me to go towards a closer location I told them I wanted the device repaired a.s.a.p this is way out line the All Star game would be starting soon attached to buildings are banners showing basketball players I believe the basketball game started that evening. So i'm moving through the service rd it's nearly late afternoon traffic; and here I come with a damaged cellular phone. It was here that I asked for work without any luck. The next stop is a burger joint where I sat down and wrote on the application I want work anything open? the place I was going to is nearby. I just had to leave their parking lot someone's pushing a Ferrari off on the service road. I pass the burger shop and motel at the hwy and made stops before arriving at my destination the location was somewhere next to a hospital. I walked into the gas station and took off without saying a word driving around in Dallas in a car out of gas far from home with no funds. So when I returned and i'm told that I need $ to replace it so I felt dissapointed wonder why I drove all that way. The Dallas traffic is confusing but with some nicety. I couldn't think of any other reason why I spend so much time indoors. Don’t know how many other electronica fans there are out there. Most of the stuff I listen to is Trance because the radio in the ride doesn't work. Listen to the radio from home is cool, I listen to radio streaming from the web for fun this is about my journey to town.


Official Google Blog: A new approach to China: an update

So earlier today we stopped censoring our search services—Google Search, Google News, and Google Images—on Google.cn. Users visiting Google.cn are now being redirected to Google.com.hk.


Reports: NHL wants to impose head-shots rule now

TORONTO -- The NHL wants to adopt a new rule against blindside hits to the head before the end of this season, according to two reports Wednesday.



Rant: Computer New/Used

I just left my chat room on ICQ where I normally have been sitting at since the afternoon there is nobody to talk to but from the looks of it my computer isn't the latest brand but a less affordable model weakly carried here. I was thinking I haven't had a job although lately from blogging it's what I’m able to handle, the profit received from the sale of a computer. This is something I’ve done to make a dollar sometimes it's a waste but is more than enough. What if I told you last offer was just $180 with the previous computer sitting on the floor I’m just concerned about making it because I don't like junk laying around. With my hard drive being so hot and the screen being so slow wouldn't offering them to a dealer for recycling be understandable. It appears as though my chances of obtaining anything worth more than $17 isn't possible, next to the Apple display I fancy owning a better computer. So I asked the techie from the store to offer me the latest Windows OS overall cost extreme without FX motherboard and various components to buy I don't regard using this PC anymore as useful. I'm just wasting time trying to look cool when really virus and computer security, protecting my system causes bugs. I don't know if a motherboard like mine is effective anymore on the web since all I’m searching for is money Pay pal is here but for anyone with ugly computers I may need to change it to the slow lane.



Wayne's Women

Ladies love Weezy. Look back on a history of his (alleged!) female flings. I surfed that site to look for a link for tha illest magazine and seen a flooded headline. With all the info which has been provided by them your just going to have to make room fo Lil-Wayne music.

Jay-Z's Sneaker Rewound

Sneaker Blog Complex did a check recently and brought up the S.Collection:Jay-Z's Greatest Footwear moments a basic slideshow of sneaks from the rap executive. See how Hov stepped up his shoe game over the years.


Political Standoff Puts Kenyans’ Rage in Focus

There could be something to learn not earn from this scandal but whose to blame? It’s just a fact of communicating through trusted parties which solves many of the problems faced in Nairobi, KE. It turns out that even the documentaries about the women knowing how to spend their profits doesn't do the job of making sure no violence takes place. I suppose the government decade’s to do away with seeing progress and instead situate all their beliefs on correspondent that is courageous to take all the blame. Before all this happened they showed parts of Nairobi slums places I’ve not been to but would rather never want to walk through, just because the students don't have books doesn't mean they will not end up being profiled on television. The boarding school is where they showed prospective candidates with higher IQ's than me. I don't feel like I’m welcome into such a conversation because the Prime Minister holds the microphone and talks even over the President's commercial antihero vociferous conjugation. It's as though during the violent protests nobody cared and confrontations only happened inside our homes at the living room. I could remember returning from my classes and wanting to have something to make me travel to that side of the globe but after seeing the clashes I just shutdown in disbelief. But now that the leaders are getting along everything is supposed to get solved immediately I just don't have any ideas at the moment about what grains and rice shipments have to do with reading the Nairobi newspaper. Farmers are supposed to handle such things not politicians who are given the luxury of taking full control of the economy, military, utilities, infrastructure, transportation and tourism. With the cost of tuition going up every year I don't expect to be completing mine anytime either, mainly because I don't own a good sedan. But if I had it my way I wouldn't be bothered with going to the bank after having lunch, where are all the Kenyan spies and secret police? maybe the citizen's need to know more than what is being displayed for the president and vice holds most of the power. Corruption is an epidemic that needs your attention each and every one holding foreign currency is responsible for such things. It must be that the number of politicians isn't shrinking Africa has got to spread the wealth amongst the countries surviving the economic hardships to pull us forward. Starting a political upheaval such as the taking away of money from those who desperately need it is wrong, what needs to be done is for these two candidates to brainstorm not feed on what's already taken place. If this government becomes paralyzed student's will not attend to their studies, don't assume that the push forward isn't coming from the Maasai child studying on Nazi territory, the Bukusu child crossing the road in Argentina, the Luo educated in Berlin and the Swahili scholar in Mexico. Since 2007 what has the country done to move it out of debt? is the president doing all that is possible to maintain those internet cyber's and secure the capital city from foreign invaders. I didn't like the bloodshed and I rather see the citizen from the republic getting respect to a stand ovation and not having to control what they do even behind closed doors. If the authority spoke about me I would tell him off, if the leader of the violent clashes spoke to me I would tell him off. It's just a matter of time before we're all sitting down in the same places with the same frown on the face claiming to be getting it better and faster. I want to know where I’m going I waited for the election results but it now seems as though the election results have come running after me wit more fire burning. The NSE should be warned such a matter, will cause deadlock because politics is long and very easy turning inside out. I just want to see the right leader getting put into that office, one has the funds while the other is nowhere in sight should they both receive a compensation? that could depend on who’s outdoors there listening.

Riding a Bus Into South Africa's Future

A new rapid transport system exposes lingering divisions in a city where much is seen through the prism of race.

The system promises to ease the hardship of millions who live in townships far from cities, but opponents are pushing back.



Drivers complain that Toyota's fixes didn't work

Don't have anything else to say about the recall of those Toyota's, Are you interested? people on tv talked and it seem as though 5.3 million recalls had been discovered and their making adequate repairs. It's uncertain now the position of the executive at the assembly plant although supreme I noticed smart design; Toyota President Akio Toyoda testified before reporters and House Oversight Committee hearing. I even shared a twit Chinese Toyota drivers crash President's apology. If you prefer calling them direct about this rap.

Toyota Recall

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The German passport is losing its appeal

Fewer foreign residents of Germany chose to become naturalised German citizens last year than in any previous year since reunification in 1990.


A Progressive and Tested Policy for Job Creation

A Progressive and Tested Policy for Job Creation

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