I am ready for 2017, warrior Raila assures supporters after crowning

I am ready for 2017, warrior Raila assures supporters after crowning
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Grammy award winning R&B artist Mya Marie Harrison is visiting the city for the first time and Nairobi News got the opportunity for a one on one interview with her. She is scheduled to perform at The Plot concert on Saturday night at the Ngong racecourse water front. In the interview, she talked candidly of her passion More.

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Trump’s Biggest Test: Can He Build Something That Inspires Awe?

NYT - Here’s how President-elect Trump could unify a bitterly divided America, provide well-paying jobs to many of the millions of disaffected workers who voted for him, and lift the economy, stock market and tax rolls.


Pioneering woman Chinese fighter pilot Yu Xu killed in accident

CNN - One of China's first female fighter pilots and a member of the country's air force aerobatics team was killed in a training accident over the weekend, according to Chinese state-run media.

Get the Goods - Super Street Garage is Open

Get the Goods - Super Street Garage is Open: Get all shirts, stickers,license plate frames, and other Super Street gear at superstreetgarage.com.

AutoFashion USA's 10th Annual VIP Festival

AutoFashion USA's 10th Annual VIP Festival: For the last 10 years AutoFashion USA has been holding their VIP festival, a celebration for a movement that they have been connected to since the beginning.


On Election Day, the Hillary Clinton White Suit Effect

NYT - One of the more unexpected turns in a very twisted (in all senses of the word) electoral season has been the sudden emergence of a fashion statement that should, if all goes according to plan, reach its apogee on Tuesday, Election Day.


NATO Trains Afghan Tactical Air Controllers as Civilian Casualties Rise

The Diplomat - Civilian casualties caused by pro-government forces rose 42 percent, which includes 72 percent in casualties from air strikes by the Afghan Air Force.


World Series: Here’s How the Chicago Cubs Won Game 6

This game could put a dent in the high ratings that the World Series has been getting to date, although I am sure the Chicagoans are all still tuned in. It is amazing how many Cubs fans are here.