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Hello, today is my court date I am all set I depart home early in the morning to drive to my place of Birth. I am being charged with criminal trespassing i've already been arraigned in Grapevine after getting arrested at DFW, I stay somewhere away from this location. During my arrest I was served food and provided a cell I made a free phone call to my relative who helped me get out. I would like to thank the city of Grapevine for giving me work I was speaking to a lady there who sells cologne near the food court this person didn't do much other than request for security roaming around this mall. I went there without fuel in the car the next week to ask for work at J.Crew, I once was employed here I recall driving away early one morning the night of Black Friday I was employed at Abercrombie & Fitch as a sales representative. While getting my paycheck I noticed the patrons who appeared to be latin the mall is often empty but on this day the place of work is full of customers, I would usually walk in and begin work instructing whoever asked about the dressing room. My boss requested that I obtain appropriate shoes such as the Mens Taylor Swift's.

I was given work but they didn't pay much I had to avoid arguments with the supervisor because he requested that I do certain things go somewhere arrange items, so on Black Friday they asked me to work overnight and it's here that I started to notice the challenges of working at a clothing store. The hiring manager wrote me up description as follows, Anonymous is not incompliance with look policy on Sunday, December 5, 2010. Anonymous and I, Anonymous, have both spoken to him about the company policy and he continually fails to meet standards. He has not shaven and his shoes are not in look policy. He has come to work several times and I have had to speak to him about this over and over. The Company expect employees to perform in a certain way whether as musicians or secret shoppers asking female staff members for contact information, spying on neighborhood stores, avoiding to enter discussions about the shopping mall didn't help me one bit so the boss lost interest and I had to leave this mall.

I am being summoned to report to court today I would like to mention that I don't know the length of time I will be incarcerated, I look forward to recovering from the experience and perhaps enjoying a meal. I got no work, got no car, petrol, oil, and gas cannot buy stuff. I have been training and staying offline i've been banned from certain chat rooms but i'm not a trouble maker you don't need to get ahead of me, thanks for all your help.


Please be advised the above referenced case has been set for hearing on Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 3. Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 3 is located on the seventh floor of the Tarrant County Justice Center 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas.

Please contact my office the day before the hearing to confirm your appearance and receive further instructions regarding your case and the status of your account.


Attorney at Law


China Wants To Change The Internet: Less Discussion, Less U.S. Influence, China Style Control

Many Western companies are surrendering to Beijing’s rules so they can build a position in China, with an online population nearing 700 million.

Chief Keef Is Becoming A Man In L.A.

The Chicago rapper played a handful of new songs from Bang 3 at the Hologram USA offices in L.A. on Friday.

Windows 95 code apparently killed Windows 9 before it got started

Tech Radar - Claims Windows 10 was the 'pragmatic solution'


Rant About Obama: 'I'm the first Kenyan-American to be president'

CNN - I haven't been to Africa but from what I can honestly tell you i'm not into this guy's appears because I recognize the gentleman from way back in the days I was trying to study at school and went to the English class where I was told I had to go speak to the professor in his office. The class wasn't what I expected I tried to introduce myself to this woman and she caught an attitude since then I haven't been going because of the way the school treated it's students. I am African American I don't talk the way Obama does but I know where he's coming from he doesn't stop shouting East Africa at the top of his agenda, every time you listen to him he's talking about Kenya it's put a stain on the way I view Americans it's not all that now that he's become the first African American president the fact he's black doesn't make any sense I don't know how he became famous. What i'm trying to say is he arrived in Kenya and the people had been expecting them to show up but he skipped after the last attempt now they let him talk to the biz crowd in Nairobi bad idea because the whole mess started when the Police tried making the Mungiki sect play within the slums. They were beating up poor peasants and annoying the media with this mishap. So I just wanted to type something regarding this type of activity because Obama is unlike Ronald Reagan America got lucky when Reagan got on television and declared war on Communism USSR. The businesses in Nairobi should be warned ahead of time about seeing such strange objective individuals claiming to be from the East African ancestry but hanging out with at bars and socializing with strangers. Obama was elected for his second term from what I can tell you I regret even voting for him because he's got Asians fooled yet some Asians claim to know more about Africa than he does the Hawaiian island. I've been called uncle tom by some African Americans and since loosing my job I find it absurd for a black man to be wearing a tie and suit talking about stuff he should be writing, i've had jobs it's funny maybe i'm small but I know my way around such problems. Obama is hidding from the free press and representing individuals who will stop at nothing to see North America evade criminal charges they continue to "Kick It" by fooling the black population into their cowardly acts. I recognize his face this man Obama i've run into many fellows who come across like their your co-worker but very able to defeat you with their charm and phony appearance, don't you know your rights? why are Americans behaving this way? the voter turn out was good but after this visit to a country such as Kenya the weather is going to get worse for the White House. So what should Obama do next I don't want to see anything about Uhuru Kenyatta the current leader of Kenya neither does anyone I know Aliens wouldn't listen to them talking like drunks, their real killers they dress in suits but follow old traditions some of which I choose not to mention. Nothing is normal people are dying the drink epidemic is real, financially I cannot tolerate such mistakes I make less than $20 and you want to tell me I cannot board a train, get hired at Walmart, travel to Australia, play tennis, Buy nice clothes, earn a living due to some banker becoming president. It's well about time you found out where you were from and drove back home this is such a distorted misrepresentation by Americans to cover themselves after seeing something terrible, why don't we just elect a female president will that make it better/worse? I suppose I am in a position where I can remind someone to stop ordering metallic objects. It was a travesty finding nudity online the liars who cheated others where have all the good politicians gone it's time to elect the next individual because this candidate didn't sell it there was tea spilled rice.

Let's face it, Mr Obama has done a pretty good job of running our country into the ground.

But did you know that's actually been his plan ALL ALONG??

Obama has been trying to bring this great nation to its knees the whole time he's been in office, and he's attacked us in different ways.

Japan drops zaha hadid's design for tokyo olympic stadium

Design Boom - the project was initially approved in 2012, before facing criticism from a host of established japanese architects.

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at 22

Yahoo News - The parallels between Bobbi's death and her mother's are eerie. On Feb. 11, 2012, Whitney was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The coroner determined Houston, 48, accidentally drowned after taking cocaine.


Status Update

Hello, people I was watched a movie yesterday called Bad Boys II but didn't complete it the end showed a nice home. But I realized how some people didn't bother helping me get out of bed so I slept most of the time of al-Jāeezaa. Are you going to tell me you read my blog? tell me how your doing on social scene. A family member wasn't into traveling to see our village explained to me that he was in the kitchen when I contacted him in Kenya, after returning home he told me he's doing well so that's cool. I must drive the car is parked it doesn't have very much gasoline there I have counted all the coins I have got left and it's safe to say it's not too much. I been starving unable to eat anything or go to the movies I would still like to explain to you how proud I am of people who keep it dope day in and day out. At the bank I wasn't able to get anything but I celebrated my mothers birthday I am grateful haven't you watched a film go out get some fresh air. It's Friday i'm having fun typing and sharing interesting articles there is just the money problems, how many times is someone going to ignore me and not give me anything? plenty. I see rich people out there all the things you can purchase with your significant other stands out to stretch let's concentrate on doing the yoga exercise and martial arts technique every day have a wonderful weekend.

The planet's most expensive houses

GQ - An unbuilt penthouse in Mayfair has just been sold for £7000 per square foot. It may sound a little on the steep side but these properties put it to shame.

Human rights, trade and security to top agenda on Obama's visit to Kenya

France 24 - US President Barack Obama arrived in Kenya on Friday on a weekend visit that will include talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta focused on trade and investment, counter-terrorism, and democracy and human rights issues.


President Barack Obama's Kenya visit details 'leaked' in airline email

US News - Kenya prepares to welcome President Obama to the country where his father was born.

The Independent - US Secret Service agents are facing a possible security breach over Barack Obama's planned visit to Kenya after a Kenyan Airways official apparently emailed out details of the president's schedule.

Kenya Airways : KQ drops change of flight fee during Obama's arrival

It's good that the U.S president is visiting his home country of Kenya they say he's not supposed to talk about Gay's I didn't know about this until they said it. Obama will be at this exclusive sports complex in Nairobi, Kenya this weekend speaking to the public about various issues it's supposed to welcome him to East Africa, since leaving Kenya I didn't hear much talk about Obama just the unusual news reports about Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. I take it citizens intend to hear him talk about something if you enjoy watching television like I did when I went there for a funeral in 2011 follow closely. To see if any of the locals want to obtain something from the "Democratic Luncheon" which they claim is supposed to make people dance and not scream in agony. Let's not hate Americans or be illiberal perhaps if it's not too much to ask that the Kenyan government avoid being parochial by controlling the news media & Paparazzi, with requests for hotel space, computer, food, travelers checks etc. Let's get ready for President Obama expected to meet his family members in Nairobi.

Japan drops zaha hadid's design for tokyo olympic stadium

Design Boom - japan’s prime minister shinzō abe has announced that controversial plans for the country’s new national stadium have been dropped.

Crime novelist of ‘The Cartel’ calls for end to war on drugs

Crime novelist of ‘The Cartel’ calls for end to war on drugs

Interview with lyndon neri + rossana hu of neri&hu

designboom interviews the duo on their biggest influences, what advice they would give to young architects, and finds out what they're currently (read more)


Viridian development in Arlington sold for $141.4 million

Star Telegram - A Canadian investment company and a Houston-based development company partnered to make the purchase.

Drake Played A New Song At His Barber's Wedding

The Fader - It might just be a remix to D.R.A.M.'s "Cha Cha"

Ghostface Killah Is Not Happy With Action Bronson

Hello, i'm sorta like in a hurry but I would not like to hear anymore about "getting it" i'm over here attending school and all I hear about is beef. I am not going to complain anymore about my television not getting cable because i'm really not about to start crying but there is some shady stuff happening your not going to slide on that mess, but I was walking into this here library like i've done during most of the summer. I ran into a couple of females who looked really upset about something, have you been walking around a University and thinking your maybe the next victim or the next one dead? ask yourself. Life is short I understand we have to be on the run and to hear the youth getting arrested, speeding by on my way to find work and stopping to use the restroom I cannot believe the mess I am seeing in the media all that rioting, i've been out there it's dark what in the world. I have to get away regardless but i'm here thinking about getting refills and personal issues about transportation so many cars on the highway it's starting to look like a scene from a Hollywood movie, I returned the Chief Keef album because it didn't sound or it had nothing recorded on it. By the time I left the record store I was like okay it's Friday maybe the bank is still open, but on arriving at the bank it's after 6 PM and they got some Mexicans inside using the ATM so i'm standing there wondering. So anyway the females walked past I wonder exactly what was going on in the UT library and it's like the Malcolm X issue comes up because they're chatting behind my back while i'm using the Apple computer. After leaving I make a stop at the Jack In The Box the World Cup will soon be over i'm going to sip some soda on my way back to the crib. Who cares about anything these days sometimes I get the feeling to ask foreigners questions not friends with any Korean women so be that way, yeah it's lonely getting kicked around while the rest of their crew is packing up shopping mall parking lots on a Sunday evening strange right?

Toshiba Executives Resign Over $1.2 Billion Accounting Scandal

Bloomberg - Toshiba Corp. President Hisao Tanaka and two other executives quit to take responsibility for a $1.2 billion accounting scandal that caused the maker of nuclear reactors and household appliances to restate earnings for more than six years.


New Music: Joe Budden “Broke”

It wouldn’t be a new Joe Budden project without a song or two about love. That’s exactly what this is, a story about a relationship that went bad and “Broke” like skeletons, as the hook says. Joey explains how the love turned to hate when it was all said and done and there was no turning back from there. His new album All Love Lost hits digital retailers on September 25.


A Note About Our Coverage Of Donald Trump's 'Campaign'


Trance.nu - its time to say goodbye

After 12 years, tens of millions of unique visitors, thousands of articles and million upon millions of topics it's time for trance.nu to finally be put to it's last rest. It's not an easy decision to take, but its something that has to be done to preserve the good memory that hopefully all of you have of trance.nu.

Ronda Rousey mocks Floyd Mayweather after winning 'Best Fighter' ESPY

Yahoo Sports - At the annual ESPY Awards on Wednesday in Los Angeles, female UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey won the Best Fighter award over male contemporaries in UFC fighter Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, and boxers Gennady Golovkin and Terrance Crawford.

US identified 'Sarkozy the American' as firm ally, WikiLeaks says

France 24 - The United States identified French President Nicolas Sarkozy as one of France's most pro-American politicians as early as 2006 and noted that his nickname was "Sarkozy the American", according to US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks this week.

Games-Mix of familiar and new names for Team USA at Pan Am

Yahoo News - In several sports the U.S. is looking to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics, including dressage and eventing.

Natalie Coughlin Takes Two Silver Medals at Pan American Games


Leaders must put aside "narrow self-interest" to end poverty says Ban Ki-moon

Yahoo News - ADDIS ABABA (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - World leaders must put aside "narrow self-interest" to break a deadlock over how to finance the United Nation's bold new global development agenda, its Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday at the opening of a financing conference in Ethiopia.

The 405 meets Evelyn Mora and Helsinki Fashion Week: "I want to see the population believing in fashion again."

The 405 0 The future of Finnish fashion is in good hands - and one motivated set in particular. For the first time in the history of the Nordic country, Helsinki Fashion Week will be taking place throughout the first week of August among the cobblestone and regality of the Finnish capital, with the hopes of elevating the country's fashion presence and the international fashion industry as a whole. And it is HFW founder, Evelyn Mora whose creative visions have manifested.


Amber Rose Heats Up Instagram With A Barely-There Swimsuit

Another day, another viral Instagram post from Miss Amber Rose. The 31-year-old model gave her 7.1 million followers something to double-tap on Saturday when she posted pictures of herself lounging poolside in a teeny white swimsuit: Enjoying @FitTea this weekend, cleansing my body 😊 A photo posted by Amber Rose (@amberrose)... Read More

The Latest: Greek bailout talks to resume in the morning

Yahoo - BRUSSELS (AP) — The latest from Greece's financial crisis (all times local):

#‎ChooseKenya‬ ‪#‎GES2015Kenya‬

#ChooseKenya #GES2015Kenya

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday, July 12, 2015


Flag Taken Down

The Confederate flag was today taken down it was marked as a symbol of hate I sit here today to explain to you a few things about the protests which have been exploiting the civil war. Flag debate intolerance focus some of the next presidential candidates speaking putting republicans in a bind, candidates some offering not to attack fellow republicans. Politicians such as Hillary Clinton speaking to this crowd a few moments before the tragedy in South Carolina. She spoke about republicans for not responding immediately request to "Stop" it. Donald Trump has been talking exactly he's taped into anger about immigration. The republicans word is he's gone Ross Perot costing the republicans not to enter the White House twice. Donald Trump on television shouting to viewers about Hispanics & Latinos for allowing politicians from Florida and wherever else to run for president, illegal immigrants there is a part which feels uneasy too many crossings Trump leads latest GOP poll. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton trash talk about hacking computer users who have to listen to talk about e-mails doesn't she realize the errors which had misplaced many documents, these include files but nobody is going to challenge a former first lady so she goes around frustrating people about misplaced e-mails I don't think it's right. I listen to the radio I know about public television I think it's a scapegoat attempt by the federal government and her to control people she is manipulating me and everyone who trusted them while in the White House. Next, I think the e-mail practice accusation is complex it places abuse on front stage they've been talking about it but I think it's starting to sound like a murder case. Since I recently misplaced information it's crazy to avoid hearing the words coming from Clinton it's not funny looking at them in public and in business innovation summits putting certain individuals on blast doesn't Congress care? where is she taking all this? someone needs to ask her to leave the arguing behind it's confused America please make judgement. Equally frustrating it's not an illusion but they've got people getting away with hacking it's malice I can no longer trust others not even family, i'm no author but lately cable TV has become boring.

Donald has been told to tone it down leaders chairman had phone conversation a 45 minute conference calling to congratulate him he was asked to tone down his rhetoric he said absolutely sure. The confederate flag is essentially a racist symbol I dislike guns so they took it down following the church massacre, the rush to avoid peace I notice illegality. The problem is people certainly think it couldn't take place but like the sinking of a famous ship it has been taken down. The thing is now stored at a museum in South Carolina the governor Nikki R. Haley emphasized it's use and told journalists and reporters and the public she wasn't going to avoid doing what they asked to be done. Talk about avoiding conflict the flag throughout history was despised by African-Americans especially cultures who defy the American government Militias what happened to history I didn't imagine this was going to happen but they brought down our symbol a representation of the American Civil War. Conversely it was a sign of hate in South Carolina it needed to be brought down the bill has passed a Confederate flag taken off the flag pole no longer a symbol of victory, in it's place stands other publicly disliked monuments. It needed to be taken down and moved to a colder much more crowded location it appeared ridiculous nobody knew about it, but I noticed the public, army hummer vehicle and trucks carry it around to distract Americans from believing the historic event which happened inside North America. Certain protesters got angry about this happening although nobody has so far claimed responsibility they brought up the massacre, events leading to the flag being taken off the pole isn't anyone moved to tears? I am African-American here to tell you I am not going to look for it anymore I will shut down my computer until something is put there. Anytime your lost a symbol representing love, peace and happiness get's tarnished and they instead put a wall, I would like to be shown my way out of here because racism comes and goes it's going to become worse a lot worse because I think we've done enough to blacken African-American history. I heard enough i've seen it before it doesn't upset me but if it did, I wouldn't fight it because i'm smart I know the difference between World War One/Two, the holocaust in Europe, the Wars in the Middle East and the Church shootings in America. So as to place the issue of intolerance we can push another often unknowingly it makes someone brave they become famous politicians it's illegal and dangerous it created nothing but problems for the U.S Army to be rude and angry. With this intention I would like to see less rioting in America less activities involving young males now that the rioters have stopped abuse for the law has ended police patrol the street. The law used criminals to shape our future now take for instance crypton furniture it makes a mockery of those excuses, riding the bus reminders of freedom fighters from the American history channel. Foreign intruders people made to choose searching for our freedom under the assumption of education and freedom, making a choice moving from points looking for opportunities hidden and coming from under the covers.

A Brief History of Rappers Endorsing the Confederate Flag

Rep. John Lewis delivers emotional floor speech on the Confederate flag

In Charleston's wake, Clinton speaks forcefully on guns, race

Hillary Clinton calls for action on gun control after Charleston shootings

13 Reasons To Get Excited About The Pan Am Games

In case you hadn't heard, the Pan Am Games are coming. In a big way. From July 7 to July 26, 2015 — and then the Parapan Am Games from August 7 to 15, 2015.

Pan Am Games road closures


NYSE: Stock Market Glitch

Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Just Kissed And People Went Bonkers: Watch

MTV - I don't know what to say because it seem like Meek is talking on the phone or whatever. I could be on the phone trying to make a conversation and all of a sudden I cannot impress them the thing doesn't work weird but I could find many reasons why they're not kissing based on rumors or false promises whatever, ever since they crowded around the morning talk shows nothing has been the same you just want to be someplace else. Nicky Minaj however could maybe be in Africa where she's on stage performing relationships maybe don't matter but unlike what I know and have found out you cannot change women, what if you happened to see them together and start thing otherwise about others fooling around weird isn't it. One minute it's cool the next minute people ignoring you arguing happens, I would like to invite many females i've asked to become friends with it doesn't appear like they even care some just want to spoil the opportunity and make it sound like your a dumb guy. A man can lie but I had other things in mind when i'm rolling, walking or going places things just pop into mind. I heard about something they're cool I guess, I hate when that happens just because I can be lost in translation i'm religious praying is out of the question. I see the mistakes and things around me that just makes no sense where am I going. To be hallucinating about stuff behind the wheel I read somewhere they have a certain someone under surveillance because they were masturbating while driving, why? it's because their criminals and cheating happens when your a broke girl no need to explain further dropping it literally means dropping it and bouncing. But I can't put myself into their environment rap get evil what could you have done? walked away or got her attention.


Kevin McCloud: 'What I'd do about our terrible houses'

The TV presenter talks about his fight to improve Britain’s horrible housing – and why we should shrink our gardens and turn Royal Parks into allotments go here.

pavel vetrov envisions an artistic interior for a half-painted hotel

Design Boom - the kiev-based designer has conceived the interior scheme of a hotel room, which sees a clear division between white space and color.

Bombardier global 7000 luxury jet

Design Boom - we take a look at the bombardier global 7000, designed for luxury long distance travel.

Herzog & de meuron inaugurates the new bordeaux stadium in france

Design Boom - the 42,000-seat arena will host the home fixtures of FC girondins de bordeaux as well as select games during the 2016 european football championships.

Renzo piano's italian bank tower contains a public bioclimatic greenhouse

soaring 166 meters above turin, the scheme is conceived as an 'environmental and social laboratory', positioned at the center of a range of public (read more)


Lupita Nyong’o spoils guests at her dinner bash

Lupita Nyong’o spoils guests at her dinner bash
Read more at: link

Jamaican flavours coming to Corner Brook when new restaurant opens

People in Corner Brook will soon have a new international option when they're looking to dine out, when a Jamaican and Caribbean restaurant opens later this year.


What Nas Dreams For Hip-Hop

The Fader: Nas arranged his childhood bedroom like an office, and made an impact as big as his ambition.


Record number of Chinese tourists arrive in Jamaica after visa restrictions lifted

SCMP - Roughly 1,000 Chinese tourists have disembarked from a cruise ship in a Jamaican resort town in what the Caribbean island touts as a ...


Miami Times - I was looking at this news article about restaurants which opened/closed in Florida because it's midday in these parts the list is somewhat long I doubt if all of them actually closed down and what went down over there. Very interesting to realize what you can find looking at such a posting I don't have much money but would like to add my nickle and dime to help. Also since I guess the overcrowding could take customers for a ride don't exactly know who to find? but from the look of it you need a porsche parked and the valet pointing or waiting to park it. Reminds me of the time I went to look for a job and had to have someone escort me into the airport terminal, we are walking towards Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen I go past some sort of restaurant, and i'm thinking okay Pappasito's Cantina is busy I sat and waited for the interview to begin waiting almost 2 hours. They interviewed me but I never got the job I think the position got filled up I walked out of there thinking maybe that could be rapper Trina searching for bombs and helping the TSA. I obviously don't want to stop eating just because I wasn't hired i'm frustrated with the way people act sometimes I am American I don't think it's fair to find foreigners getting into the airport and chatting laughing when they don't know the half don't want to ask how far this type of hate can go. I got no money I been driving around rich people cribs I was thinking in due time the scapegoating would come to a stop but i'm not into the upper class rubbish, if your elite stay that way don't instruct me on what happened to your benz commercial it's whack, where I parked, what the hell happened at the library. Because rarely do I speed we are on the tollway I'm stepping doing 65 my cousin is asking me not to speed so I get behind a sedan and turn it up to 90 mph I got $300 afterwards but it came at a price, everyone is working yeah outside it's steaming just wanted to mention all this because I get pushed around. Very good they're opening I mean closing it must be early somebody doing something you know I would like to approach the entrance be cool about it, be able to fly there but, right now i'm going to just act right lay low because there's so much going on empty beach.

The kind of woman every man desires

The kind of woman every man desires
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South Sudan conflict: Army 'raped and torched girls'

BBC News - South Sudan's army and allied militias "abducted, torched and gang-raped girls" during fighting against rebel forces, a UN report says.