Hello, today is my court date I am all set I depart home early in the morning to drive to my place of Birth. I am being charged with criminal trespassing i've already been arraigned in Grapevine after getting arrested at DFW, I stay somewhere away from this location. During my arrest I was served food and provided a cell I made a free phone call to my relative who helped me get out. I would like to thank the city of Grapevine for giving me work I was speaking to a lady there who sells cologne near the food court this person didn't do much other than request for security roaming around this mall. I went there without fuel in the car the next week to ask for work at J.Crew, I once was employed here I recall driving away early one morning the night of Black Friday I was employed at Abercrombie & Fitch as a sales representative. While getting my paycheck I noticed the patrons who appeared to be latin the mall is often empty but on this day the place of work is full of customers, I would usually walk in and begin work instructing whoever asked about the dressing room. My boss requested that I obtain appropriate shoes such as the Mens Taylor Swift's.

I was given work but they didn't pay much I had to avoid arguments with the supervisor because he requested that I do certain things go somewhere arrange items, so on Black Friday they asked me to work overnight and it's here that I started to notice the challenges of working at a clothing store. The hiring manager wrote me up description as follows, Anonymous is not incompliance with look policy on Sunday, December 5, 2010. Anonymous and I, Anonymous, have both spoken to him about the company policy and he continually fails to meet standards. He has not shaven and his shoes are not in look policy. He has come to work several times and I have had to speak to him about this over and over. The Company expect employees to perform in a certain way whether as musicians or secret shoppers asking female staff members for contact information, spying on neighborhood stores, avoiding to enter discussions about the shopping mall didn't help me one bit so the boss lost interest and I had to leave this mall.

I am being summoned to report to court today I would like to mention that I don't know the length of time I will be incarcerated, I look forward to recovering from the experience and perhaps enjoying a meal. I got no work, got no car, petrol, oil, and gas cannot buy stuff. I have been training and staying offline i've been banned from certain chat rooms but i'm not a trouble maker you don't need to get ahead of me, thanks for all your help.


Please be advised the above referenced case has been set for hearing on Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 9:00 AM in Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 3. Tarrant County Criminal Court No. 3 is located on the seventh floor of the Tarrant County Justice Center 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth, Texas.

Please contact my office the day before the hearing to confirm your appearance and receive further instructions regarding your case and the status of your account.


Attorney at Law

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