Status Update

Hello, people I was watched a movie yesterday called Bad Boys II but didn't complete it the end showed a nice home. But I realized how some people didn't bother helping me get out of bed so I slept most of the time of al-Jāeezaa. Are you going to tell me you read my blog? tell me how your doing on social scene. A family member wasn't into traveling to see our village explained to me that he was in the kitchen when I contacted him in Kenya, after returning home he told me he's doing well so that's cool. I must drive the car is parked it doesn't have very much gasoline there I have counted all the coins I have got left and it's safe to say it's not too much. I been starving unable to eat anything or go to the movies I would still like to explain to you how proud I am of people who keep it dope day in and day out. At the bank I wasn't able to get anything but I celebrated my mothers birthday I am grateful haven't you watched a film go out get some fresh air. It's Friday i'm having fun typing and sharing interesting articles there is just the money problems, how many times is someone going to ignore me and not give me anything? plenty. I see rich people out there all the things you can purchase with your significant other stands out to stretch let's concentrate on doing the yoga exercise and martial arts technique every day have a wonderful weekend.