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Hello, i'm sorta like in a hurry but I would not like to hear anymore about "getting it" i'm over here attending school and all I hear about is beef. I am not going to complain anymore about my television not getting cable because i'm really not about to start crying but there is some shady stuff happening your not going to slide on that mess, but I was walking into this here library like i've done during most of the summer. I ran into a couple of females who looked really upset about something, have you been walking around a University and thinking your maybe the next victim or the next one dead? ask yourself. Life is short I understand we have to be on the run and to hear the youth getting arrested, speeding by on my way to find work and stopping to use the restroom I cannot believe the mess I am seeing in the media all that rioting, i've been out there it's dark what in the world. I have to get away regardless but i'm here thinking about getting refills and personal issues about transportation so many cars on the highway it's starting to look like a scene from a Hollywood movie, I returned the Chief Keef album because it didn't sound or it had nothing recorded on it. By the time I left the record store I was like okay it's Friday maybe the bank is still open, but on arriving at the bank it's after 6 PM and they got some Mexicans inside using the ATM so i'm standing there wondering. So anyway the females walked past I wonder exactly what was going on in the UT library and it's like the Malcolm X issue comes up because they're chatting behind my back while i'm using the Apple computer. After leaving I make a stop at the Jack In The Box the World Cup will soon be over i'm going to sip some soda on my way back to the crib. Who cares about anything these days sometimes I get the feeling to ask foreigners questions not friends with any Korean women so be that way, yeah it's lonely getting kicked around while the rest of their crew is packing up shopping mall parking lots on a Sunday evening strange right?

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