Flag Taken Down

The Confederate flag was today taken down it was marked as a symbol of hate I sit here today to explain to you a few things about the protests which have been exploiting the civil war. Flag debate intolerance focus some of the next presidential candidates speaking putting republicans in a bind, candidates some offering not to attack fellow republicans. Politicians such as Hillary Clinton speaking to this crowd a few moments before the tragedy in South Carolina. She spoke about republicans for not responding immediately request to "Stop" it. Donald Trump has been talking exactly he's taped into anger about immigration. The republicans word is he's gone Ross Perot costing the republicans not to enter the White House twice. Donald Trump on television shouting to viewers about Hispanics & Latinos for allowing politicians from Florida and wherever else to run for president, illegal immigrants there is a part which feels uneasy too many crossings Trump leads latest GOP poll. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton trash talk about hacking computer users who have to listen to talk about e-mails doesn't she realize the errors which had misplaced many documents, these include files but nobody is going to challenge a former first lady so she goes around frustrating people about misplaced e-mails I don't think it's right. I listen to the radio I know about public television I think it's a scapegoat attempt by the federal government and her to control people she is manipulating me and everyone who trusted them while in the White House. Next, I think the e-mail practice accusation is complex it places abuse on front stage they've been talking about it but I think it's starting to sound like a murder case. Since I recently misplaced information it's crazy to avoid hearing the words coming from Clinton it's not funny looking at them in public and in business innovation summits putting certain individuals on blast doesn't Congress care? where is she taking all this? someone needs to ask her to leave the arguing behind it's confused America please make judgement. Equally frustrating it's not an illusion but they've got people getting away with hacking it's malice I can no longer trust others not even family, i'm no author but lately cable TV has become boring.

Donald has been told to tone it down leaders chairman had phone conversation a 45 minute conference calling to congratulate him he was asked to tone down his rhetoric he said absolutely sure. The confederate flag is essentially a racist symbol I dislike guns so they took it down following the church massacre, the rush to avoid peace I notice illegality. The problem is people certainly think it couldn't take place but like the sinking of a famous ship it has been taken down. The thing is now stored at a museum in South Carolina the governor Nikki R. Haley emphasized it's use and told journalists and reporters and the public she wasn't going to avoid doing what they asked to be done. Talk about avoiding conflict the flag throughout history was despised by African-Americans especially cultures who defy the American government Militias what happened to history I didn't imagine this was going to happen but they brought down our symbol a representation of the American Civil War. Conversely it was a sign of hate in South Carolina it needed to be brought down the bill has passed a Confederate flag taken off the flag pole no longer a symbol of victory, in it's place stands other publicly disliked monuments. It needed to be taken down and moved to a colder much more crowded location it appeared ridiculous nobody knew about it, but I noticed the public, army hummer vehicle and trucks carry it around to distract Americans from believing the historic event which happened inside North America. Certain protesters got angry about this happening although nobody has so far claimed responsibility they brought up the massacre, events leading to the flag being taken off the pole isn't anyone moved to tears? I am African-American here to tell you I am not going to look for it anymore I will shut down my computer until something is put there. Anytime your lost a symbol representing love, peace and happiness get's tarnished and they instead put a wall, I would like to be shown my way out of here because racism comes and goes it's going to become worse a lot worse because I think we've done enough to blacken African-American history. I heard enough i've seen it before it doesn't upset me but if it did, I wouldn't fight it because i'm smart I know the difference between World War One/Two, the holocaust in Europe, the Wars in the Middle East and the Church shootings in America. So as to place the issue of intolerance we can push another often unknowingly it makes someone brave they become famous politicians it's illegal and dangerous it created nothing but problems for the U.S Army to be rude and angry. With this intention I would like to see less rioting in America less activities involving young males now that the rioters have stopped abuse for the law has ended police patrol the street. The law used criminals to shape our future now take for instance crypton furniture it makes a mockery of those excuses, riding the bus reminders of freedom fighters from the American history channel. Foreign intruders people made to choose searching for our freedom under the assumption of education and freedom, making a choice moving from points looking for opportunities hidden and coming from under the covers.

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