Miami Times - I was looking at this news article about restaurants which opened/closed in Florida because it's midday in these parts the list is somewhat long I doubt if all of them actually closed down and what went down over there. Very interesting to realize what you can find looking at such a posting I don't have much money but would like to add my nickle and dime to help. Also since I guess the overcrowding could take customers for a ride don't exactly know who to find? but from the look of it you need a porsche parked and the valet pointing or waiting to park it. Reminds me of the time I went to look for a job and had to have someone escort me into the airport terminal, we are walking towards Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen I go past some sort of restaurant, and i'm thinking okay Pappasito's Cantina is busy I sat and waited for the interview to begin waiting almost 2 hours. They interviewed me but I never got the job I think the position got filled up I walked out of there thinking maybe that could be rapper Trina searching for bombs and helping the TSA. I obviously don't want to stop eating just because I wasn't hired i'm frustrated with the way people act sometimes I am American I don't think it's fair to find foreigners getting into the airport and chatting laughing when they don't know the half don't want to ask how far this type of hate can go. I got no money I been driving around rich people cribs I was thinking in due time the scapegoating would come to a stop but i'm not into the upper class rubbish, if your elite stay that way don't instruct me on what happened to your benz commercial it's whack, where I parked, what the hell happened at the library. Because rarely do I speed we are on the tollway I'm stepping doing 65 my cousin is asking me not to speed so I get behind a sedan and turn it up to 90 mph I got $300 afterwards but it came at a price, everyone is working yeah outside it's steaming just wanted to mention all this because I get pushed around. Very good they're opening I mean closing it must be early somebody doing something you know I would like to approach the entrance be cool about it, be able to fly there but, right now i'm going to just act right lay low because there's so much going on empty beach.

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