MTV’s ‘Skins’ Creator Fires Back: ‘Our Approach Is Not Careless’

A week ago Monday, MTV rolled out its latest series Skins, which quickly became the source of both record ratings and scores of media stories. Now, the show's co-creator has decided to weigh in on the growing controversy that's caused six sponsors to pull out of the show. read


Album Review: Ghostface Killah

In the Golden Age of hip-hop, the Staten Island boys were the rap crew, ... Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, The Dirty Version, or Supreme Clientele, anyone?).


Kanye West's Chicago Restaurant Shuts Down, "It's Unfortunate"

In December 2008, rapper E-40 announced the closure of his own popular Fatburger franchise in California. The hip-hop mogul has confirmed the ...


China Goes to Nixon

China has stumbled into a monetary muddle that’s getting worse with each passing month.


Fiat workers torn between past conquests and uncertain future

A battle over groundbreaking changes at Fiat's flagship plant in Turin has stirred a heated debate about the future of Italian industry and the defence of workers' rights.


Brazil floods: Army deployed in Rio de Janeiro state

Brazilian soldiers have arrived in Teresopolis, one of the towns worst affected by deadly mudslides in the state of Rio de Janeiro, to assist with the rescue efforts.

Anonymous urges global protests

A group of self-styled internet freedom fighters have called for a global day of action in protest at attempts to close down Wikileaks.


Algorithms Take Control of Wall Street

I notice the computer but haven't yet found an appropriate reason to trust it with making a money transfer. A person can punch in numbers but the result isn't just going to be a number but, a lasting effect from the overall process. It's possible that some traders just don't want to stop entering this algorithm instead think of loosing. Taking risks to gain profit search to their level of thinking. Meanwhile there was this announcement on the radio what about monitoring and securing that complex organization? if it's smart money your wanting a great source of info from the Street.


Wiz Khalifa Praises 'Black And Yellow' Producers

With "Black and Yellow," Wiz Khalifa went from heralded underground artist to one ... The music that we were making is real potent. It was like, 'We got to do it [and collaborate].' " The rapper made his name with a

No trousers day on New York subway

Thousands of New Yorkers have taken part in the tenth annual No Pants Subway Ride event.


Reality Series Follows Women of DPD

I caugh an episode of The Show but didn't understand why they allowed viewers so close up anything can happen. If someone you know is always trying to stay out of trouble this should be interesting. Best to practice caution especially after the recent events i'm talking about newspaper articles and not giving you advice at law. I sometime think it necessary to obtain such help. When ask of it, but it's come to my attention and I want to let blog visitor know about analysing the event.

Japan Keeps a High Wall for Foreign Labor

I was recently tuned into watch Japan tv but it does appear like Japan is losing skilled talent across industries, experts say. They show reporters but look at the headlines and notice a minor traffic accident. They offer viewers two reporters on FNN although they no longer provide news in English. So perhaps nearby construct something besides a billboard I know internet tv is wasted but I wouldn't go crazy about it. Japanese Flower festival is held on the 3rd to 5th of May.


Halliburton Worker on Smoke Break Missed BP Well Data

A Halliburton Co. technician missed key signals that BP Plc’s doomed Macondo well was on the verge of blowing out because he was taking a smoking break, a federal investigative panel heard. Cont'd

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Tokyo’s Fiscal Reckoning

Looks like it’s almost time for another change of leader in Tokyo. … That has the potential to blow out the budget in spectacular fashion.


Chrysler, Fiat Not Merging

Sergio Marchionne told reporters that he has no intention to merge the operations of Fiat and Chrysler. To some, that will signal trouble in paradise; others will see it as evidence of the CEO's caution and forethought as he retools a troubled company. We tend to side with the... WSJ