American Airlines files for bankruptcy

American Airlines, the U.S.’s third-largest airline, and its parent company AMR Corp. are filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, the Globe and Mail reports. Like other U.S. airlines, the company has struggled for year with high fuel costs and labour disputes. Unlike some of its competitors, however, it failed to return to profitability in the past couple of years. Company president Thomas W. Horton replaced chief executive Gerard Arpey, who stepped down. The airline reassured customers that it would continue to operate flights, honour tickets, as well as the AAdvantage frequent-flier program, and take reservations normally while it undergoes restructuring.


Benetton's most controversial adverts

Will a picture of the Pope kissing Ahmed el-Tayeb, Sheikh of the al-Azhar mosque, encourage fashion savvy shoppers to ditch Uniqlo and buy their brightly coloured jumpers from Benetton instead? Probably not. But it does remind the public that the Italian brand has quite a history of provocative campaigns.

Julian Assange Changes Lawyer In Sweden For Second Time

STOCKHOLM -- WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday asked to change his lawyer in Sweden for the second time since he was accused of sex crimes in the Scandinavian country. Assange has replaced Bjorn Hurtig ...


Why Hiring Billy Crystal Isn't Enough: 10 Changes the Oscars Must Make

Y! - Recruiting a Beloved Former Host May Salvage This Year's Academy Awards, but Radical Moves Are Required If the Oscars Want to Regain Relevance


Dallas mayor says no immediate action on Occupy activists after judge OKs eviction

Occupy Dallas attorney Jonathan Winocour argued the city's position was unclear and left his clients with too many "ambiguities" regarding whether or not protestors were violating the terms of their agreement with the city. Occupy Dallas



The blog has recently undergone some change you will notice the design has been changed, I hope it's not too much of a problem. I have yet to find a better font so please make sure to comment on the news posts so much happened and I really liked making the transition. I went to East Africa this past May and got to see it again for the second time around. There wasn't very much happening there we arrived in the evening time to view all the Nairobi citizens, compared to Japan it's really not a very clean place. So I stayed with family and they really opened up to us by driving my family to see the coast, it was a very interesting experience. I hope to find a more convenient way to use the internet so far i've managed to travel alot and I intend to make it wherever and whenever. Bye~


Suarez: When Is a Democracy 'Good Enough?'

Watch a preview of the NewsHour's two upcoming pieces from Nicaragua below, and read Ray Suarez's reflections on the political situation in the country.

AMD Layoffs Maul Marketing, PR Department

AMD's initial layoff announcement yesterday implied that the dismissals would occur across the company's global sales force. While that may still be true, it has Cont'd.


MI6 role in Libyan rebels' rendition 'helped to strengthen al-Qaida'

Secret documents reveal British intelligence concerns and raise damaging questions about UK's targeting of Gaddafi opponents Cont'd.

Gaddafi buried in unmarked grave in Libya desert to avoid creating shrine

Bodies of dictator, his son and a general are given full Islamic rites and washed by relatives and sheikhs before secret burial Cont'd


Keeping up with Kim Kardashian in Miami: A weekend in Florida's chic party metropolis

If you're a fan of the newly single Kim Kardashian – or just want to catch a glimpse of her famous derriere – head to Zuma restaurant, an off-shoot of the ...