USAid 'not plotting to topple Kenya government'

BBC World - I take the current state in which this country has placed itself to be a very dangerous one having to notice the criminal suggesting that amongst members from both the ODM & TNA but frankly speaking I am not interested in what happened that week nobody is afraid of the outcome especially in some of these European countries such as Ukraine and Greece. Violence is a serious matter why don't they stop closing down and laughing at us and begin finding new ways to avoid arrest engage in dialog for a better future. I am a African America I know about the escalating demand for power at the place of work food, violence which is openly shown to the media and newspapers, you cannot just sit and imagine your life is going places because what your after is probably not on the mind of a person somewhere else in our world take for instance Japan. The security of the country to which your traveling to is unknown Kenya appears to be completely out of options and is planning to approach the matter again on Friday the wrong way kind of like the route is over and the only new idea is to look into various cases, are the leaders setting a good or bad example? case is open to say whatever you are thinking. I don't speak a foreign language or want to let others know what The Military has been up to or is capable of doing, when I do speak to someone from let me say Venezuela making progress sounds easy but is difficult in such a poor environment a disgusting world where citizens talk about suffering I am reading the news from a computer and really cannot control what is being done to the Kenya. Why worry about what could happen in Africa or who your friends? what happened to your things? gather around strange individuals who tell you their interested but are just out to destroy and deny you permission especially when family is involved. I am talking about the way President handled his case is handling his success out front the news isn't worth listening to because it's back to school for some university students communicating isn't a thing of the past, buying stamps is a matter of the present how? when there isn't anything to collect. Why? when there isn't a credit card to use? the silence is making me ask if there was anyone interested in the first instant and in front of the entire country poorly why suggest otherwise? it is very soft a bad publicity stunt to have been involved in such problems. When I travel it's usually on short notice someone making a suggestion as we eat since I lived with mom there in 2005 all they showed on national television were prisoners being carried on buses and the citizens showing their arrogance towards the silent war of attrition or peace as it sometimes appears to become. Now that there is a new leader who has become president everything appears to be functioning better, except for the Syrians in the middle east, Americans in Afghanistan, French in Mali or North Africa, Ukrainians in Germany or The Netherlands immigration at the borders has become very cold an obvious applause to the unsuspecting scholar. Kenyans appear overwhelmed with the crisis so I went about meeting with some friends to ask what they think about life and it's like they are brainwashing them and breaking the law by raiding the television stations, appealing to foreign entertainment as they continue to show how some are being beaten and punched around in public, there is no point even asking about how it all started with the last elected president coming into office. Who cares everyone know what to expect from a poor economy as road construction requires money. The fact that people just don't want to appear at fault on atrocities and corrupting of another tradition, the United Kingdom arrested Mau-Mau members and broke laws in secret until this day they don't seem to want to take on new challenges such as offering work to immigrants who are brought in from other nations. I came here in 1991 and so far I have been able to read newspapers but making a living in such a location isn't simple it's hard sorry for the inconvenience nobody came to help me but family I suppose it was like a surprise. Mistreatment of troops and economics quitting jobs and coming to America to be asked about terrorism, for the land they are selling and the poor way they paid back East-Africans to improve a land which you know was going to be difficult to have discovered. These white people who owned or controlled East Africa during the old colonial days I am not the boss but someone needs to mention to those politicians that it's about new leadership nothing else it is about religion or maybe independence, freedom. Like where they are in France and parts of Asia, Malaysia, Thailand, India?? or as you may well have noticed a Hawaiian. Life under the leadership of these seven politicians hasn't been very forthcoming TNA does have it's rewards but they want to live like Jesus in Hebrews & Jews from Israel it's cool but at what price. Introduce me to my own kind and construct new places to travel to what stranger I need to go look for, when my identity get's taken from me I just imagine that there is someone somewhere who maybe doesn't know what I am going thru or why I went off to work. It just goes to show the future with no heat and having the seasons turn without anyone missing their wife it get's hard but until someone explains to the current president what the truth about humanity is he's never going to see the point in living as a Kenyan citizen. That's not coward or hippie a threat to him listen our society can improve it's a mission some people may have to realize understand what did happen in public right in front of others sometime the unknown happens. In order to win sometimes stupidity needs to end the music needs to be shut down or revoked, stopped it needs repair black and achievement of dreams. Sometime does mean the night is going to end after leaving a public mall where I can watch a movie move past alone, I admit it because in order to solve the problems we all need to have the answer explained to us check it out.

allAfrica.com: Kenya: New Police Standing Orders Launched

allAfrica.com: Kenya: New Police Standing Orders Launched

Papoose talks Remy Ma coming out 2014 + holding her down for 6 years!

RA Photos

Checked out some photos Wrong Cops Night: Mr Oizo & Guests at Zig Zag Link Miami Rebels present Benoit & Sergio (Live) & Sishi Rosch at Treehouse Miami Bread & Butter with Andre Galluzzi at Basing House Therapy Sessions / World Of Drum & Bass / Junglist Massive at 4KM

Motorbike operators in Nairobi ordered to end operations by 8pm

Police have ordered motorbike operators to end their operations by 8 pm daily as part of an efforts to contain violent crimes in ...


Obama: Boring and meaningless

Pravda.ru - U.S. President Barack Obama is very active in condemning the actions of the authorities in Venezuela, Ukraine, and Syria. Yet, he does not see the deaths in similar circumstances in Egypt, Bahrain, or Thailand. This is not a political shortsightedness but an elaborate chess game participation in which Obama is denying.


Mexican Kingpin El Chapo Guzman Hid In Secret Tunnels And Sewers Before Being Captured

Forbes.com - In a press conference in Mexico City Saturday afternoon, parts of which were shown on CNN in the U.S., El Chapo was shown neatly shaved, wearing black denim pants and a light shirt, while being escorted by Mexican Marines.

Dutch cap historic speedskating run with two golds in team pursuits

USAToday.com - With each passing speedskating medal, Dutch craftsmen were hard at work, creating room for another memorial.


50 Cent Pens Indie Deal With Caroline/Capitol/UMG



Lisa Kudrow testifies in $1.7M lawsuit filed by former manager over 'Friends' residuals

The 'Friends' actress appeared in Santa Monica court on Thursday to take the stand in a trial brought on by her ex-manager, Scott Howard.

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The gaffer

Before Sunday's game against his former club, Tottenham Hotspur, Sky Sports met Norwich City manager Chris Hughton to discuss life as a manager in the Premier League, dealing with the spotlight and his coaching principles in an already eventful career read more


Charting punk from East Berlin to Moscow

DW - The Eastern Bloc punk scene represents a blind spot even for many punk fans. But the musical avant-garde at work behind the Iron Curtain provides a wealth of inspiration stretching back to the late 70s.


TrackDuck – A Tiny Web Site Build Tracking Startup – Appears To Be On A Roll

Web development can be a complicated process which can go on too long because so much of the time is spent on really poor communication and mis-understandings. Project managers, designers and developers have to approve lots of detail while also incorporating feedback. Trackduck is a visual feedback and issue tracking startup for small and mid-size organisations and freelancers, with backing from… read more


[Photo] Inside a U.S. C-130H during a night air cargo drop over Afghanistan

[Photo] Inside a U.S. C-130H during a night air cargo drop over Afghanistan


Assemble Papers - of our favourite small footprint residential projects in Melbourne is the Law Street House, lovingly built by the hands of owner-architects, Bruno Mendes and Amy Muir of Muir Mendes. A poker-faced plate steel façade conceals the second storey within a cleverly-angled roof pitch. Overall the effect is clean and contemporary while retaining the quintessential ‘houseness’ of the site’s former Victorian worker’s cottage. 


Roc the coat: Singer Rita Ora looks stylish in her beloved loud graphic print jacket and trilby hat as she jets home to London

Roc the coat: Singer Rita Ora looks stylish in her beloved loud graphic print jacket and trilby hat as she jets home to London

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Team Austria

I haven't been listening to her albums in fact when I heard the first single to Good girl gone bad I almost died but you know it's biz first dreamliner's second. I think she's talented and very beautiful sometimes you cannot get a message from her so I put them up on my wall but people have a problem, I do get kinda puzzled when I see her with another woman..I don't mind the lesbian flirt thing but if she's got something to say then why not say it to me. I am just a regular g...uy I got feelings too you know so when I heard about the Caribbean I am excited but I think they have gone crazy. Even if I think the news girl Samantha J is worth talking to women are nothing but trouble, so because I don't want to fail this course I figure it's well worth the time to travel to Africa and see what's going on in that part of the world. But yeah Rihanna is gorgeous she just needs love and attention the way nobody else can and to receive that kind of attention from me you need money and must be success story. I was just thinking to not get her current status as a woman confused with the way people view her maybe it's not meant to be but I definitely need to reach her to tell her how much I can take care of her and be her friend. Happy valentines!

Empty Seats Frustrate Crowds at Early Sochi Events

“What do I do now?” asked a woman who gave her name as Marina, who said she had made a five-hour drive from the city of Krasnodar, with a ticket for luge in hand, and then waited four and a half hours at the accreditation center.

One man simply gave up, waving his tickets in the air and saying: “Anybody here interested in skiing?” artice


Civil Society to Egypt: Release Alaa Abd El Fattah And All Unjustly Detained In Egypt

Eff.org ~ Egypt's military "interim government" has been putting activists and journalists in jail left and right, chilling freedom of speech and almost all forms of political organizing or expressions of opposition. Popular blogger and acitivist Alaa Abd El Fattah is among those wrongfully detained for no crime. Alaa had long advocated for Internet freedom in the Middle East and now dozens of organizations around the world are calling for his release.


Nike Releases Kanye West's Air Yeezy II Red Octobers In Surprise Release

Hiphopdx - Nike has released the Kanye West-designed Air Yeezy II sneakers, which have been nicknamed the Red Octobers. The product sells out in minutes.


Lauryn Hill Sings Beatles’ Tribute ‘Something’ on ‘Letterman’

Theboombox.com - Lauren Hill makes a rare television appearance and we are grateful for it. The rapper-singer performed the Beatles classic 'Something' on Late Night with David Letterman in honor of the group’s U.S. television debut on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' 50 years ago.


Nairobi County hikes parking fees

Is the Nairobi county government justified to adjust parking fees by over 100

Standard media

I am here at home very bored but listening to the news i'm okay up to the minute watching athletes arriving in Sochi 2014, looking at the hotel rooms some of them appear to be flooded with water. From the look of it some of the bathrooms aren't well constructed so the people there are complaining saying something about the bad service they've received from the Sochi Olympic staff, so I just wanted to type something about what I have already seen.  It's approaching 7 PM there is nobody home accidents happen depending on to who they happen to and where your leaving home to arrive at your destination.. .this may take a long time having to travel across the world.  It takes a long time to get to your destination for example the weather it's cold one day then snowing the next day, at this time of the night a park or a movie theater at the local mall sounds like the best place to drive to. So I checked for movie show times i'm well prepared ready to leave the house to go watch a film. If you would like to do something after a long day outdoors or buy something park close to the hospital makes sense, the traffic isn't the only thing confusing today I am breaking into my mothers home. Well it's the space and a bunch of other reasons why I left whoever I was with to come back, I just left them there I was told someone was in the hospital. So I am on my way to the mall it felt like there isn't anyone but these people here waiting to hear a sermon from a well known figure in the Christian television scene. It also appears like it's going to be a long wait before we see anyone on stage here in Dallas good weather should do it, I am all set I know exactly where to go lucky there aren't any accidents on the way to the event.

The sirens have been blaring I am told about the home protection or alarm sounding making the police arrive just after waking up from my dreams and nightmares. But that's just what sound I hear next to the window. We arrive i'm out walking sometimes alone i'm not yet about to leave my car but I walk into the shopping mall opening the door to enter in. I got no money I am here with my mother and auntie who left to take me but they're searching for coats and I keep asking them for money so I leave to go look around there isn't anyone available but some employee who is helping customers and I want to ask about cologne so I walk away to make a phone call. I had to sit and wait outside, but the reason their getting tickets is because you showed the police officer wearing a yellow jacket the television is sometimes on I don't know who could be watching.. .this news clip is about parking spots I can only imagine seeing the Ksh. 300 printed on the paper how will someone go about taking care of it? the amount isn't printed on these ticket which can be obtained from Ticketmaster if you ask me there could be something wrong with getting just any ticket doesn't matter where you get it. It doesn't look right no idea why they speed and get tickets cars break down a car could be right next to you and nobody would even notice in the underworld nothing much happens but you recognize others doing questionable things, someone pulled over. Nairobi police wash cars and keep traffic and stadium empty on this day however I am looking at the signs which seem to point to the camera. The roads are empty and dark nobody around during the night but maybe a single car, this just goes to show people living how terrible things can become when your sent to go buy something and you don't have a job. I feel sad when I was given a ticket this just goes to show why you cannot be confused about a ticket handed to you by a cop. You ask them about why they got written up for parking illegally or a moving violation long time. Everything cannot be moving whenever you want it to sometimes it's about dialog with a professional hitman. These things start after making a gas purchase at the local store I've got to balance my options because i'm not near home, after we enter to purchase a ticket/merchandise we need to think smart about those things.. .in this instance the only things i'm doing is guessing about what I am able to say. It's just a movie doesn't tell me what to expect after it's over it will never get me anything like into a new car it doesn't interest me. So I leave, but I will return like those arguments we make after arriving where we are walking to rapper who changed the game and stood in front of the television to play a game. Us thinking about the game making plans and looking forward to putting our game music on.


Status Update

Hello, as far as I am concerned the blog is doing okay there are some interesting posts about entertainment which I would like to share with my audience. The upcoming winter games are scheduled to begin shortly, I was looking at the stadium and it looks unique the venue design isn't bad it's going to be a lot of fun looking at this if interested in seeing athletes from various countries who have been warned not get into all the corruption costing $50 billion. Otherwise I wish I was going to Sochi I dunno where it is I hear it's in Russia anymore information regarding things I dunno cannot be made at this time but I will be looking at the opening ceremony. I have seen sports broadcasts before sometimes it's in your face, for instance when I walked into our local electronics store to purchase something. It kinda appeared like they didn't even want to help someone talk about Sony, but it's viewed better the television maybe isn't what someone can sit down and imagine viewing put into layman's terms this is going to be a costly event. I dunno how I will be able to follow everything but it's going to happen I just think people need to be prepared and stop playing with the games we need something to look at even though sometimes it's technical making someone like those big visual electronics or aides. The Sochi Olympics will begin on Friday February 7 with the opening ceremony, and close on Sunday February 23.


I was betrayed, says former boxer Okusi | Nairobi News

I was betrayed, says former boxer Okusi | Nairobi News

How to manage a traumatised kid | Nairobi News

How to manage a traumatised kid | Nairobi News


Nas Announces the Year of Illmatic XX: A Celebration of the Landmark Album That Made Him an Icon

Allhiphop - Nas also announced that he will be performing the entire Illmatic album on tour this year, including at his scheduled performance at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival April 12th and 19th.



Stay Home, The Terrorists Win

It's not safe to be outside certain places if your not spectating like a tourist returning from the beach..all that's left is the time clock dropping hints chiefly after they make announcement on air about the threat and you take it like the media is spying/looking at foreigners the wrong way. They already told people about getting stuff from the mall or outside the shops, meeting friends inside or outside I don't expect paparazzo and newspapers but just think after what's been shown it's not simply handed to you, it's not that kind of world anything can happen. Sitting idle in someone's crib and wondering what else can take place? I have to traveled leaving and coming back into town it just looked cold and gloomy. Because we are maybe trespassing you can find people parked and chatting at the marketplace some passing us it's expensive but I notice the groups and looks. But our ride hit a snag so after they tell the whole world there certainly was going to be something happen the partying getting in public in the late hours of the morning..a GS truck passed us and overall speed of civilian movement within the country very dangerous. If you ask me the only thing you can do to deter terrorism is to be vigilant and aware of your friends..what are they talking about? i'm alone here and I think it's over if your arrested because you are looking, listening to some cops.




The Fantastically Over-the-Top Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

Over mountains, over enemies, and completely over the top: The strange and wonderful Mercedes -Benz G-Class, née Geländewagen, has been patrolling the roads—and even, on occasion, the off-road—for 35 years now. For