U.S. Fifth Fleet says won't allow Hormuz disruption

(Reuters) - The U.S. Fifth Fleet said on Wednesday it would not allow any disruption of traffic in the Strait of Hormuz, after Iran threatened to stop ships moving through the world's most important oil route.


Mass March by Cairo Women in Protest Over Abuse by Soldiers

NYTimes ~ The demonstration grew by the minute into an extraordinary expression of anger at the treatment of women by the military police.

Social-Minded Hip-Hop Is Making a Comeback ~ The rappers Common and Kendrick Lamar demonstrate that that message-driven hip-hop has begun to find a home again.

What to Do, and Not Do, About North Korea ~ Waiting to see what develops in North Korea feels familiar, and that’s what we should do: wait and see.

A Searing Family Drama Reveals a Human Side of Iran ~ The director Asghar Farhadi says his “Separation,” which opens in New York and Los Angeles on Dec. 30, is about “human problems,” not politics.

Long Career but Still Learning ~ After a six-decade stage and film career, Christopher Plummer still has plenty of acting work. “I want to be able to play as many things as possible,” he says, “before I croak.”

Intrepid Boy on the Trail of Mysteries ~ Steven Spielberg’s “Adventures of Tintin” brings to computerized life a boy of pluck, ingenuity and derring-do.

North Korea’s Succession Unfolds in Cloud of Mystery ~ South Korean researchers are seeking clues about whether Kim Jong-un can assert control over the monolithic dictatorship that was led by his father, Kim Jong-il.


The Best Two-Year Technical Degrees to Get You in the Market for a Job

www.dcccdinfo.net— Find out which technical degrees result in the highest pay and best employment opportunities.


Happy Holidays

Dear reader, Happy holidays, the administrator of this blog would like to wish visitors a Merry Christmas. I'm not going to erase it because I like to post things on it. Sincerely Yours, Adm 2011: Year in Review

Air France Flight 447's Final Minutes Reconstructed

Mr. Otelli's latest edition drew a stern rebuke (PDF) the French aviation safety bureau BEA (Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses pour la sécurité de l'aviation civile) in October for his publishing of sensitive information from the Air France 447 voice data recorder.


Should the graffiti in Libya be erased?

The former Libyan regime stifled voices and the arts in all its forms for decades. But the explosion of graffiti that has followed the fall of Colonel Gaddafi has presented the country with a dilemma - should the murals, many of which are political, be erased or celebrated?


Apple not worried about Kindle Fire, says analyst

Apple isn't losing much sleep over Amazon's Kindle Fire and in fact believes such low-priced tablets could ultimately bump up demand for the iPad.


The Kindle Fire Is On Fire; Amazon Expected To Ship 3.9 Million This Quarter

techcrunch.com - The Kindle Fire looks like a bona fide hit right out of the gate. New estimates from IHS iSuppli have Amazon shipping 3.9 million Kindle Fires this quarter, which would make it the No. 2 tablet after the iPad 2 (with an estimated 18.6 million shipments). The Kindle Fire will become the No. 1 Android tablet by a wide margin (the Samsung Galaxy Tab is the next biggest, with an estimated 1.4 million shipments). To put this 3.9 million number in context, just remember that the very first quarter Apple sold the iPad back in the September quarter of 2010, it sold 3.3 million. So the Kindle Fire sold more in its first quarter than the iPad did in its first quarter on the market. Of course, Apple sold 7.3 million iPads the second quarter it was on the market, which was the 2010 holiday quarter.



Hello, it's beginning to seem like the Holidays for those browsing the blog i've been browsing the Google News and alot has been happening lately to do with Egyptian politics and Crypto etc. It was Black Friday I read about rapper on the cover of GQ; I didn't do very much outside I noticed shoppers crowding department stores. I didn't sleep on seeing the repeated attempts to highlight former spots i've been to. That is very cold for AT&T to give up more channels for a day and then remove it who did what???? I don't mind because I really didn't expect for my cable to get so many channels right on Thanksgiving day. Wanted to shop until I dropped but the channels went off as Cyber Monday appeared the channel lineup disappeared. So i'm back to basic cable however I had called dish satellite network to ask for new service and am told I needed credit. I was to find a Career Development Center to apply for jobs you know Texas is not the state you want at without income, but it turns out some University students are searching to find new jobs also. Last month one car was involved in a car accident so I didn't respond like holy smoke done in the previous cases, I hear it mentioned every now and then and dunno what else to say. Take a look at this map of traffic fatalities in the U.S since 2001. I've got to realize it's not just about obeying the speed limit - it's about more sometimes driving lessons can help do more than find a parking spot doing it right goes along with it. So much turmoil happening in the world alot of it concerning the euro-bond much rioting taking place but why? it's the end of the month. It's the end of the year and not much knowledge is being placed for the baby boomers. America is going through some trivial times what I say isn't going to end in the newspapers, but since my last purchase at the newsstand does sound very suitable for me. While here in Texas i'm certainly bored so what does winning really stand for? the holiday season a signature out from The Book of Revelations. L8r!

Why America Is Doing A Lot More Good In The World Than You Think

Look beyond foreign aid. A friend was recently debating the question of whether or not the U.S. is generous with foreign aid. One of his colleagues..cont'd.