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Okay reader this is a status update to let everyone know that this blog is up and doing well. Despite the changes and lack of feedback i've been thinking to continue with this service. Not to get over confident I haven't been out there as much as you'd think I should, but i've heard enough and am going to just say I like movies and long walks in the park. This follows the disaster which struck Japan, I dunno what to say it's all over the news and I even caught up with their news what an accident. It may not be easy displaying everything there is to learn about Tokyo, it's now a dangerous subject because many lives are missing or lost. My prayers go out to the citizens who have lived there. President Obama said the United States “stands ready to help” Japan deal with the aftermath. “Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the people of Japan,” he said in a statement.

OP-ED: The collapse of Detroit

De-industrialization, racism, stagnation — is the Motor City our future? L.A. Times


PBS Transcript

This could go on for a long time William Fallon had an idea of the time it took to see us through the Iraq War. A use of force regime crumble Libya goes into exile, coalition and it's commanders will have to be closed off soon. Sitting at home in from of my television as they prepare to set up parallel structure Nato plans to get control, the structure is greatly legitimate and burden is difficult to operate will need to be corrected. Samuel says U.S to be involved Obama thinks that will not be the case for much longer.

Fukishima restart plant tomorrow recovery efforts in Sendai. Lives have been lost many have gone missing two day mother 16 yrs old search & rescue and human needs food, electricity, water issue like blackouts. The shelter a huge problem since end of World War 2 helicopter was returned very enormous challenge, encouragement for people around the world trying to understand. The Japanese media and various journalists who are talking hope for Japan leaving will be easier than going the situation about cooling systems. As the only reactor remaining is left a pool is the only main task left for an engineer. To ring the alarm a team of 700 Engineers will have to stop the radiator leaks. Government hasn't been clear expert predict a need to be clear to help contain this environmental catastrophe. However it's not food a cautious attitude has to be taken towards understanding their language, a safety conditions of the reactor get worse.

At&T merges with T-Mobile wireless carrier i'm currently using. This combination and talks of both telephone companies joining together creates a reduction of share prices. After the approval from regulators and the FCC mixed of what the impact of this could mean for business. It could be added spectrum service could decrees as well. Wireless phone prices shouldn't that trend increased consolidation trends for the past decade. Merger is the large total cost $39 after approval by the FCC low cost broadband At&T competitive pricing after advertising I will have to make similar concession. Public knowledge nobody is using those phone text messaging from African government giving licenses to cell phone providers, 4G technology owns it subscribers says Medley Global. The purchase underwriting choices up to the consumer to pick what they consider best, your not locked extra fee pay is heavy fees and costs implicating for voice service. T-Mobile lower cost carrier from Germany a flexible promoter able to fight through the tough times. What drives the wireless industry? perhaps it's the FCC.


Listen: Secret Libya Psyops, Caught by Online Sleuths

They announced that French warplanes had been monitoring the "No Fly Zone" shortly afterwards I notice on the screen a Jet Fighter maybe from the French Military falling down, it had caught on fire the Navy soon arrived as rebels from the opposing side taking up refuge. They show ununiformed members of the rebel coalition patrolling the long stretch of road at Benghazi. Prime Minister David Cameron appears to have agreed to support anyone willing to keep the peace in Libya, as darkness fell there is some information that Ghaddafi compound is under UN surveillance after the 100th missile get's fired towards the main rebel strongholds within the "No Fly Zone" Mr Cameron said the decisions taken in Paris before the first strikes had the support of Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan and Morocco. There is heavy gunfire aimed at tanks before The President talk from Brazil it was said he discouraged the wholesale destruction of civilians and the bloodshed caused by armed guerillas. The Tomahawk missile is reviewed on the early show, during the weekend I checked the press conference from Paris HIllary Clinton arrived to discuss Libya. She is reported to have said "Killing of civilians in Libya leaves world no choice but to threaten military action."


RSA Hacked

Network security vendor RSA has announced that they have been the victim of “an extremely sophisticated cyber attack.

Read more: http://technorati.com/#ixzz1H6J4yL00


Michael Anti: Blogging the gap between China and Japan

At the end of a three-month stay in Japan as a visiting fellow at the University of Tokyo, Michael Anti, the Chinese journalist, researcher, media activist and blogger, talked to GV Japan about his current mission: facilitating understanding between Japan and China.


Huge Earthquake Triggers Tsunami Off Japan’s Coast

A tsunami hit the coast of northeast Japan on Friday in the aftermath of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake about 80 miles offshore.

The yen fell broadly and slumped to a two-week low against the dollar on Friday after a major earthquake.

In late Asian deals on Friday, the yen declined against other major currencies after a strong earthquake hit Japan's north-eastern coast


A perfect storm of various problems could threaten Saudi rulers

As the wave of protests crashing through the Arab world shows no sign of abating, concerns are mounting over the stability of one of the richest and most influential countries in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.


Facebook tells Netflix: Watch your back

Facebook is putting a big scare into Netflix Inc. and its stockholders. The social-media kingpin has struck a deal with Warner Brothers to distribute films.


New York’s Push For Hybrid Cabs Gets Struck Down By Supreme Court

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If you don't already know by now China is booming yet nobody seems to care, I hope you didn't miss noticing this is the next largest market for hardware and since leaving my last place of employment where computers got an upgrade I am wondering if Facebook is really the cause of this last blackout? are they serious about their ethics and business practices? it could be too much stress when asked about my retirement planning I couldn't think of anything else. This could be too much jargon seeing that social network won an Oscar, and communication with my manager about receiving my paycheck to walk up to it and notice the word enterprise application what does it have to do with anything? are all the changes i've made going to help me get up out of here? I said no but this only because i'm new to socializing online. In a fast economic region such as the U.S our structure isn't trustworthy for a picture is worth a thousand words. Either way i'm not known along Wall Street so on certain days when sitting down and/or looking into a tv. Some of my friends are not people I know personally I cannot access anything but I feel it's antitrust a lame way to be trying to even explain everything. It's a bit too fast i took a look at peoplesoft while standing there trying to clock in for work. There is no caring how to go about it, just looks like a quick way to get on Forbes i'm sorry but facebook should be doing all of that and not Oscar. There is't a cost but the incentive to obtain cash sorta like paypal and former alaska governor Sarah Palin who got her yahoo mail account hacked by a hacker. There isn't a cost but the incentive to obtain money or manage contacts why try if technology really does indeed say nothing but make a mess? this kinda creates a bank atmosphere where your sitting down and looking to go old school. I see users whom i've added but do not like to unlike you just because you got an excuse written down, if writing isn't something you enjoy doing facebook entries aren't much but a backdoor entrance to someone else's unwanted commenting and is probably isn't worth using due because of brainwash from biz television. I cannot understand their privacy policies getting criticism I don't want the unwanted BBS feel to it, what is it? facebook is probably not as complicated as you think. But I just checked and there is a number seventy eight under my link profile. Facebook is turning out to be very complicated I could understand if it was something like an internet service provider. To use it and post various headlines makes it one of the easiest websites to crack, I cannot find where to do such a thing. So maybe tell me your not just socializing but listening to an explanation about a minor misdemeanor traffic offense.

In first steps, new Dallas Mayor Caraway presses statehouse agenda

Dwaine Caraway hit the road for the first time as Dallas' newly minted mayor Tuesday, leading a delegation to the Capitol to press lawmakers on the city's agenda.

Caraway, who became Dallas' chief official Friday, kept to a whirlwind schedule and pledged to do what he could to stave off possible budget cuts.

"We'll do everything possible to escalate the city's agenda," he said.

The trip marked an unveiling, of sorts, for Caraway, the former mayor pro tem, and he seemed keenly aware of his new title's gravitas and duties. He acted every bit like Dallas' ambassador, leading a small delegation of city officials around the statehouse corridors and politely greeting lawmakers from across Texas.