Syria defiant as UN chemical probe nears end - Associated Press - POLITICO.com

Syria defiant as UN chemical probe nears end - Associated Press - POLITICO.com

Ad of the Day: Audi Finds a Most Unlikely Endorser in the Boxing Ring

You're not the first guy who climbs into the ring and beats the crap out of the second guy. You're the third guy who makes sure the two muscle... At the same time, referees, generally speaking, are easily replaced—as are the regular process guys that keep the trains running in less glitzy industries than boxing. Do you want to be that guy? The one who disappears into a dark tunnel and metamorphoses into a hatchback?


Boating bounces back — with luxury appeal as well

Boating bounces back — with luxury appeal as well

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Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus

Signs of advanced readiness at likely hub of air campaign as UN inspection team comes under fire near site of alleged chemical attack cont'd


North Korean Defectors Tell U.N. Panel of Prison Camp Abuses

NYTimes - The first United Nations commission charged with investigating North Korea’s human rights record began public hearings in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Accounts of Syrian Prisons Describe a Volatile Mix of Chaos and Control

NyTimes - Reports from former prisoners reveal partial breakdowns of order inside the country’s prisons and detention centers, laced with episodes of unpredictable cruelty.


Rapper 2 Chainz arrested in Oklahoma City

Blame it on Virgin media store I think it wasn't a good idea to begin with, listening to the dj's mention the story took too long to get them off the tour bus if the 9 hours mentioned is correct. It had been a boring weekend nothing happening except Alex Rodriguez allegations in most newspapers, why Miami Airport 24/7 put expensive cars on the runway? that Chris Brown saga with Rihanna surely caused alot of scrutiny as time passed it continued to downtown Boston & New-York Yankees appearing calm and well prepared but something was up. I was interested in other things so perhaps the traffic lights proved that the people sitting in the stadium weren't able to see anything happen it could have been raining causing blackouts and still nobody would even care. But I have yet to see him performing on stage, if you watch mtv it's strange to see so much talk about just one person a crime and punishment ordeal personal warning to avoid conflict with executives. I thought rap was sci-fi until this took place you just cannot turn down the noise following what you perceive to be correct what could be happening, it's clearly a setup the main reason wackness happens if ’2 Chainz’ released from jail after police discover narcotics on tour bus. It's good to be free but then again if you look around there are alot of haters out there who don't want to hear about your sunshine. Personally I don't have enough money to keep up with such people "rappers" I myself have tried to rap but I think they are playing to win and not loose. Some of us want to win but I think rappers have a complex way of showing their feelings it's portrayed in music video's. I was told to turn off the radio only to be told to switch it off again so we could find where we were going maybe it was up to the lord to see that person make it out alive get in/out of trouble. I've been hearing about OKC since the tornado touched down but the Cowboys are expected to have their act together because he probably felt like his compatriots weren't gonna roll deep without him, they arrested them because of suspicious behavior like they do them drug lords from Mexico. He probably wanted something from T.I and Lil Wayne it felt like they arrested The Goonz Squad, what i'm trying to say is perhaps Jay said it best from "Izzo" track. Anyway it's impossible to say where they were going next? but from looking at the tour bus my guess is there just isn't going to be anymore problems. I've only purchased his album one time 2 Chainz is famous for his multicultured stunts, who watched Sucker Free they showed a performance? stop the beefing. If there is something you have a problem with it's not good to start asking questions, these things set off alarms cost money and, frankly I don't would not like to go after something I cannot see where i'm going have to be in the front not the back. So from their stand point the bus got pulled over but i'm just thinking it was a big argument over record sales and cash flow, in those parts of the country nobody can help you. Let's watch and see if things improve otherwise the wheelchairs are going to have to be allowed into these altercations. A·san·te!



Last night, I was asked to go oudoors to grab some food mom was starving I agreed. I took off for the local fast food restaurant and happened to be thinking about a better location, so I went past Jack In The Box heading for Burger King. At the traffic light i'm turning left and thinking if they didn't close down that 7-11 I would be in there. It's the second business that's closed down and they closed off the windows it was completely gone i'm sorry there is nothing I could do to stop them from closing it down. Across from it there is a Taco Bell I went to eat there before departing for Orlando, Florida it appears like there is nothing going on over there. Usually in the evening there is so much traffic i'm rolling by there and hear tires screaming it's busy, there is also a Mcdonalds I was in there buying chicken nuggets. So anyway, I arrived and ordered some food but as soon as I returned mom was upset with me because I didn't get what she had wanted from the fast food joint. I was very sorry and promised I would return with the correct order which was a chicken hamburger, some
large fries and milk shake. I think it was rude but I didn't care I was about to eat the ceasar salad wrap, turkey burger and fries. For the drink were 2 Mango smoothies which I think could have tasted better. I just drank one this afternoon it was sitting in the fridge so I dropped three ice cubes into the cub but no luck getting it to freeze, I watched the lady at the Jack in the Box pour Vanilla into the cup. It was very late around 12am but i'm usually out running around in the middle of the night now that I am no longer working at the airport. I thanked mom for helping me register the car at the department of motor vehicle I was just there and using the cellular at the counter, the lady asked me to switch it off I called her from there to ask for her driving license number. I dunno who is going to inspect the car tag is supposed to be done by this month this car i'm driving isn't very fast but i'm going to see if I can repair the axle and suspension the Arlington police were on patrol.


Report: Chinese military engaged in 'extensive cyber espionage campaign' - Feb. 19, 2013

Report: Chinese military engaged in 'extensive cyber espionage campaign' - Feb. 19, 2013

Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets Style: GQ.com

Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets Style: GQ.com

African sprint heroines welcome new era

Okagbare said she was confident she could go on and keep being a flagbearer for the continent.

"When I won the long jump bronze at the 2008 Olympics I was only 19 and still naive," she said.

"But as I grew through the years I learnt so much. At first it was difficult to cope with the pressure and what people were saying. But athletes don't go out to fail and when they do it is really tough for them.

"Now I don't pay attention to what people say and I don't worry about what may come in the future.

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More than 200 dead after Egypt forces crush protest camps

Reuters - Egyptian security forces crushed the protest camps of thousands of supporters of the deposed Islamist president on Wednesday, shooting almost 200 of them dead in the bloodiest day in decades and polarizing the Arab world's most populous nation.

Egypt fears fresh confrontation as West deplores bloodshed


Romanian Art Thief Offers Works in Return for Dutch Trial

Bloomberg - The suspected ringleader of a band of thieves who stole artworks by Picasso, Monet and Matisse from a Dutch museum still has access to five ...

Beyoncé, Jay-Z vacation seemingly stirs Cuba anti-travel bill in US House

Beyoncé, Jay-Z vacation seemingly stirs Cuba anti-travel bill in US House

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Kenya Airways CEO says losses from airport fire $4 million so far

"We have lost revenues of about $4 million," Naikuni told journalists at JKIA on Sunday, according to local media reports.

Naikuni was touring tents that have been erected as a makeshift terminal outside the airport in Kenya's capital.

Sinking Florida resort villa evacuated

CLERMONT, Fla. (AP) — A sinkhole cracked the foundation in a villa housing vacationers at a central Florida resort near Disney World on Sunday, causing the building to slowly sink and prompting the evacuation of the hotel, authorities said.


Nairobi Airport Fire

The fire at JKIA happened overnight and from the looks of it the fire was caused, by accident
at the arrival terminal. I was looking at some planes departing and it just sounds like there isn't anyone there able to handle operations it's that dangerous. But following what appeared like the last departing flight I sense something was going to happen because Ethiopian Airlines normally lands over in that section, but after their 787 was grounded it caused all this confusion and now planes can be seen just tearing up the runway.

Something had to happen because it's sad to see so many civilians just ignoring people's demands and i'm no ordinary passenger i've been to this place on two separate occassion and this took sometime to engulf. I wonder how they handled it did the fire engines arrive on time? it looks like airlines from various places had to be re-routed to either Eldoret, Mombasa, Dubai, Burundi, Kigali, Uganda or Addis Ababa Ethiopia all the smoke نیچے it's the busiest airport in east africa.

But why did this happen? it's like they don't even care who they offend but it's now talk of the town. I wonder if it could have been avoided with the airport being a major place for tourist travel, but since I went there I didn't see much. I used the bathroom and washed my hands but the passengers seated nearby weren't interested in coming there. I could see it in their eyes they just wanted to start something not leave empty handed the duty free in mombasa I hear is where the trouble started. Sometime at the end of April, 1968, President Jomo Kenyatta suffered a heart attack at his Bamburi home in Mombasa.

The President, who fell into a coma for three days, had been driven to the Coast. The port isn't very important but I want to blame the employees for starting the fire and for creating poor work environment for instance I don't think they hold high safety standards and conditions there lucky nobody was injured.. .also blame our former leader the one who was supposed to take care of this architectural land mark instead they park their european sedans without saying anything the bus is leaving sometime, the scene at the airport is alarming but many people know about these issues they just don't say anything. Just recently someone asked about obtaining a visa and I mentioned certain strategies people use to get in thru the border but isn't it for education purposes? aren't you entering on business or are you coming to cause problems? it's like a tug of war.

Because you've got the athletes, cargo companies, spies, civilians, biz, drug lords and gangsters moving in and out of there what else happened? are they still going to strike? how much will it cost to build a new terminal? so much potential with little rewards it's like a lost cause it's made public how the JKIA landmark caught fire. This airport will have to either be demolished or reconstructed if only the city council will come to it's senses and help protect it from damages.