FBI, Secret Service investigate reports of cyber attacks on U.S. banks

California wine country quake losses seen in the billions

NAPA Calif. (Reuters) - The strong earthquake that jolted residents of California's historic Napa Valley wine country out of their beds in the wee hours on Sunday caused insured property losses likely cont'd.

Sunday's #earthquake in #California left more than $1B worth of damage--among top 10 costliest http://cnnmon.ie/1vfLqWe

3.9-earthquake struck 7mi from Napa at 5:33 a.m., two days after damaging 6.0 temblor http://lat.ms/1zy1LmZ


Visit Florida

I recently took a trip to central Floridato visit a place called Orlando. After arriving at around 4PM we stopped by several places and had to cut the visit short because I was with my family and we had left on short notice to go visit this area for the second time. The way we left I will never forget because it was early Sunday morning and we have this child with us and she is very small five people parked nearby the Dallas/Fort-Worth airport south entrance, I happen to be sitting in the back seat when all the rain started pouring after leaving my cousins. We arrived at the airport by bus and/or taxi doesn't matter what you call it some lady introducing herself said she was from Kenya and appears to be dressed in a red coat, similar to the prefects at my junior high school they can be strict and unable to do anything except get you fired up. So I was looking at the way they handle bags and someone from TSA didn't want to allow me to travel with my bag so I was discussing the carry on or bags fly free concept and he refused and told me to get back there and give it to the lady at the counter. Going to Florida again after last year where we stayed for a couple of days I am not going to say anything about the Caribbean but it was near that area Cuba, Bermuda etc. While seated buckled up ready for take off I notice an even bigger plane parked next to my flight this aircraft known as the S80, why doesn't American treat it's passengers to comfort by using a plane like a 737? it however left before I could do anything. But they need to order some new jets the S80 is a bit small doesn't look like it was worth getting into using. Leaving Texas isn't simple but I like how they offer security using those planes in wet conditions instead of the previous one operated by Canadian Airlines one very big difference when traveling to a place you have been invited to see and are privileged to be visiting. But the air hostess said something about the plane being very hot and we had to cancel for like 40 minutes while we waited for them to cool down the engines and get people onboard. Before making it to the counter I ordered something to eat but basically feeling the pinch you know since I don't work and don't go to school, I can only do one thing and that's behave. I didn't ask questions as I went on to step into several places such as a bagel shop meanwhile seated down next to the magazine stand the gate is behind me. Also a Chinese buffet it was early morning when I walked in to eat breakfast well prepared to just hop into a plane and leave. On this journey I think the tickets cost $1000 minus the hotel. I was with my mother so she came along for the trip in order to see and do the exact same things I did when I first traveled there a few months ago. I was looking to meet friends and people who say on Facebook their from out there but I didn't find much of anything except the drive along the shopping districts, definitely intend to do it again in the near future.


Jeff Staple Asks B.O.B About Selling Snacks And The Night That Changed His Life - KLX - Karmaloop.com's Streetwear Lifestyle Blog - KLX – Karmaloop.com's Streetwear Lifestyle Blog

Jeff Staple Asks B.O.B About Selling Snacks And The Night That Changed His Life - KLX - Karmaloop.com's Streetwear Lifestyle Blog - KLX – Karmaloop.com's Streetwear Lifestyle Blog

You’re Not Dreaming: Here’s A New Video From Mobb Deep And The Lox

You’re Not Dreaming: Here’s A New Video From Mobb Deep And The Lox: Mobb Deep and The Lox team up for the reality-blurring video 'All A Dream.'
I met with Kenyans living in the US when I toured Dallas, Texas, USA.


Adidas disappoints investors with first-half earnings

Adidas may have won the World Cup, but it is losing in the eyes of investors. The company has announced a disappointing first-half finish amid great expectations.


Crypto-phones for Merkel and Co.

The German government wants to increase its anti-spying protection. 3,000 crypto-phones have been distributed to the administration so far. The Chancellery and the White House are negotiating "principles among friends."

NATO Policy: A Return to Deterrence

In the Interview: NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen


Beyonce, Jay Z running for Winnipeg

On the Run tour hits Investor Group Field on Sunday night read more.


Status Update

Since the last entry I haven't been able to say much because my computer let me break it down, got shutoff. So I couldn't believe what happened I however lost most of the information stored inside of it, despite this I just got somebody to help me with the payments I've had very bad luck but i'm still hoping tomorrow brings better answers. I just walked out of a McDonalds nearby if you been sitting on the couch I hope you enjoyed your afternoon because the news about this Ebola isn't making me like eating, but I have to order something so I looked at the dollar menu before doing anything else. I like the driving it's not as terrible as it should be the person who hacked into my phone by calling to ask if I could accept the technical support is Asian I couldn't believe what they demand i'm given three options $99 to $399 I don't mind refusing but it's very high and the techie didn't want to hear anything else so he mentioned "Microsoft Certified" before he shut down my system. I got very upset but I was looking to maybe get another hard drive or perhaps rebuild it but it's dangerous I don't want to explain to people over the phone why they shouldn't be intruders. a hoax or sudden bomb plot to take over a jetliner. A man was arrested I don't normally use e-commerce but from what I found out I really need to upgrade so much is going on my cable box is broken I have to watch television but it's on the web a lot are feeling the pinch, however the airline business isn't hiring either. But I normally go get people from the airport with the people inside the booth wondering why I don't earn a living, or make any money so I got away and didn't pBut from what I could see the planes are parked not the Aero Mexico but the Qatar Airlines I notice on the ground it's a SKY broadcast I was done for the interview, I heard something on CNN about a Malaysia Airliner crash see the smoke going up. I sometime go to the airport driving along for job interviews I see the smoke I wonder what it could mean, I've made calls to people but they don't seem to be able to help I need a job and I need one fast. On that day of the Malaysian Airline flight 17 crash I opened a bank account as I was mobbing along towards the exit last time the weather wasn't very good it was raining, but I often look around for flights while driving along the airport expressway coming home. I watched the news today about Qatar Airlines getting escorted over Ireland towards England, it was ay $3 she later added $10, I arrived for the training late but it was fun showing up. The next day I was called and told I had to report for the second day of training I guess I didn't want to go thru it again with the terminal charging for parking. Airline employees walk past passengers all the time, the airport is in a really terrible place maybe some architecture company will accept the offer to create space, and reduce the time it takes to park then fly but if they could also reconstruct the roads etc. I can be at the airport looking at cars or standing near the baggage claim waiting for people i'm there to pickup it's a hassle so the ticket machines grab my attention.. I felt lucky to have been given the opportunity to run by there. Something tells me machines are outperforming even the way we play so the little I've got to offer isn't good enough for some companies and they continue sounding the alarm. This happened sadly last week where I missed going to a Jay Z & Beyoncé: On The Run concert very sad. Stuff is expensive I don't work but the cost of shopping is going to get higher with me not having a credit card to pay for debt and taxes the way i've managed to stand up to everything.

Allen & Heath - Xone:23

RA - The Xone series of mixers from Allen & Heath are seen in booths and studios around the world, an..


Seven wins Olympic broadcast deal

Yahoo! - The Olympics are returning to the Seven Network for the first time since 2008.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has awarded Channel Seven the Australian broadcast rights for the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and Tokyo in 2020.


Egypt protests US official's aid remarks

Egypt on Sunday said it formally protested against recent remarks by US Department of State spokeswoman Mari cont'd.



Today, watching Kenyan tv they interviewed these people who are like socialites, the woman dressed fashionably and appears to be wearing glasses. What do you think about your online experience so far? is your computer doing okay and/or are you having to explain to people that you cannot afford hosting and asking for bandwith but not getting lucky. I spent the entire day yesterday explaining to someone what I've been up to the last few hours, I am not a liar or a cheat it just sounds like I had a lot going for me. I am now having to reconsider certain options having to do with relationships and the media bias, some of my friends didn't necessarily answer my calls because they shut off the web and danced away the profits. So any idea I've got has to be changed because of my financial situation be careful you don't sit down and talk to strangers, I don't want to become like Edward any more of that poor thinking is basically not going to rock the boat. I am no star and neither are you why I don't read? books are there for the taking inside the library or inside the bookstore. I would rather find a job and not spend someone's money to get the things I want, people who work aren't reading their flirting and rejecting the obvious facts. Fact is if you teach kids reasonable values other than asking strangers for directions just so to entertain others isn't a joke.