Today, watching Kenyan tv they interviewed these people who are like socialites, the woman dressed fashionably and appears to be wearing glasses. What do you think about your online experience so far? is your computer doing okay and/or are you having to explain to people that you cannot afford hosting and asking for bandwith but not getting lucky. I spent the entire day yesterday explaining to someone what I've been up to the last few hours, I am not a liar or a cheat it just sounds like I had a lot going for me. I am now having to reconsider certain options having to do with relationships and the media bias, some of my friends didn't necessarily answer my calls because they shut off the web and danced away the profits. So any idea I've got has to be changed because of my financial situation be careful you don't sit down and talk to strangers, I don't want to become like Edward any more of that poor thinking is basically not going to rock the boat. I am no star and neither are you why I don't read? books are there for the taking inside the library or inside the bookstore. I would rather find a job and not spend someone's money to get the things I want, people who work aren't reading their flirting and rejecting the obvious facts. Fact is if you teach kids reasonable values other than asking strangers for directions just so to entertain others isn't a joke.

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