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The U.S. Navy Wants to Show China Who’s Boss

Foreign Policy - In a growing military rivalry with Beijing, U.S. commanders are looking for new anti-ship missiles and rewriting their war-fighting doctrine in the Pacific.


Hip-Hop Stars Support Mississippi Rapper in First Amendment Case

NYT - It is true that Johnny Cash did not actually shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Bob Marley did not actually shoot the sheriff. Treating rap lyrics differently, Killer Mike said, “persecutes poor young men based on their class and color.”

Yes I listen to music rap and hip-hop my only wish is for it to be artsy not rude and disrespectful to animals. How come a song isn't powerful enough to build a town why dress up then in suits and nice clothes? what's next. The Supreme Court has been cutting back on students’ free speech rights, but the leading precedent still seems to limit school officials’ power to censor speech to things said at school.

They got so many people getting arrested it's not funny so I don't know what to say when spies get in the newspaper, or women get harassed into giving money. Just recently I went to the bank so I couldn't ask for money you may look bad but you ain't got nothing, nowhere to go, nothing to do show some class.

It does seem like their quickly putting blame on Jamaican's but we as African-Americans need to be less opinionated and more concerned with the underworld and the black social causes, they've got business in the underworld which tolerate mistakes but some don't Bob Marley and The Wailers didn't want for individuals to not have a good time. Shouting and screaming at concerts, putting your fist in the air, rioting, it could come as no surprise but I don't support them comparing these musicians to criminal. We can all get punished I don't often get caught up in the drama and selection process, I don't hate others to my surprise however they got offenders. We all may have to join the real world and the underworld because history matters. Maan, I really wanted to speak to my friend about being the public enemy and scapegoat sometimes you go the wrong direction when asked to do something.

I don't know where their going when they talk about the Supreme court support for and tolerance towards rap music it's often a blame game because stuff happens for a reason it goes to your mind and people start taking sides making the observer feel overwhelmed with guilt. No matter the cost it's not cheap all their products have to sell your not thinking how silly it is to be walking by a salesman and he's busy helping the next customer. We had to learn the hard way introducing one to the other but this is America not Africa they got many things going on not just the Judge getting his/her ticket but the Doctor testing his/her attention with a patient.


Land protest paralyses transport along Nairobi-Mombasa Highway

Land protest paralyses transport along Nairobi-Mombasa Highway Read more at: link


Special Occasion

Hello, I left the crib today to go take part in a ceremony at Methodist Chapel exact same location where my mom has been employed. The woman I am supposed to be married to showed me a good time I wasn't paying attention but as soon as I walked in I wanted to sit to the right side but I went all the way forward and had to sit in the front, I kept telling myself that I needed to set a good example. Besides that i've now been searching for a relationship mom has been praying that I find someone so it was a particularly special day sitting next to someone who is supposed to be leaving tomorrow morning. I was asked a few questions and like my relative told me nowday's these ladies require you to have money and some kind of a modern appearance and a smile i'm not a bad person why would I leave her behind I look forward to treating her with kindness during the distant relationship me and her have chosen to share. After the ceremony we walked out and met mom she was speaking to someone there were no camera's or paparazzo nobody special just three Christmas trees and some co-workers. I tried to keep updated regarding severe storms phones were buzzing I kept getting alerts about the weather during the evening my phone was on me I put down my cell it's really wack. It was inevitable I would end up meeting someone, I tried downloading the news from the Caribbean to make it look like I cared or wanted to meet that man who said he was the chaplain after arriving he began asking q's.


All Mariah Carey wants for Christmas... is a festive streaming payout

The Guardian - Star’s All I Want for Christmas Is You hit has now been streamed 100m times on Spotify, generating estimated royalties of $66k in the last week


Pressure grows on Obama Administration to call persecution of Middle Eastern Christians a genocide

Daily News - A growing coalition of American clergy, scholars and experts want the U.S. State Department to recognize the acts committed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria as a genocide against Christians.

Arlenis Sosa Takes a Winter Spa Escape in PORTER #12

Sinuous - Dominican model Arlenis Sosa breaks away for a little spa time in Net-A-Porter‘s Porter Magazine #12 Winter Escape 2015. The issue, which debuted its 100 Incredible Women list is available now on newsstands.


Obama says Trump exploiting fears of blue-collar men about economy, demographics in campaign

US News - Trump has called for temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U.S., and has made inflammatory comments about Hispanics and others.

Donald Trump Has Something to Say About the Miss Universe Mistake


Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Announces Updated Economic Impact Figures, Outlines Future Vision In State of the Airport Event

Dallas Fort Worth International (DFW) Airport warmly welcomes more than 63 million customers along their journey every year, elevating DFW to a status as one of the most frequently visited superhub airports in the world. DFW Airport customers can choose among 149 domestic and 57 international nonstop destinations worldwide.



How James Bond rescued filmgoers from the Spectre of Americanisation

Spectre review: James Bond is back, stylish, camp and sexily pro-Snowden


Spectre: the villains, the women, the ending – discuss the film (with spoilers!)

Kenya's shilling eases, stocks close higher

NAIROBI (Reuters) - Kenya's shilling eased on Wednesday due to increased dollar demand from companies across all sectors to meet their obligations before they close for the holidays, while stocks rose.


Japan Airlines increases its DFW-Tokyo route to daily service

Star Telegram DFW AIRPORT Japan Airlines will increase its new service between Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Tokyo’s Narita Airport to daily flights in March, the Japanese carrier announced as it restarted flights at DFW.


Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas closed on Oct. 30, management works to reopen

Biz Beat Blog - After Forest Park Medical Center in Dallas closed suddenly on Friday due to a lending issue, its management company is looking for ways to resolve the problem and hopes to reopen soon, but isn’t certain exactly when.


FIFA presidential candidate Sheikh Salman expects more arrests

Sky Sports - FIFA presidential candidate Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa believes there will be further arrests in the ongoing investigation into football corruption.


Things I’ve Learned: Natalie Madeira Cofield - Austin Monthly - December 2015 - Austin, TX

Things I’ve Learned: Natalie Madeira Cofield - Austin Monthly - December 2015 - Austin, TX

Status Update

Wassup everybody, thanks again for hitting me up the blog is doing fine we're just short staffed and I've been attempting to reach out see who can help me find work and as far as I am concerned nothing. Anyway despite feeling bleak I recently helped my mom purchase her first automobile it's a Toyota I drove it to Pizza Hut and along the way I forgot something so after arriving at home I discover what I left behind to my surprise they're talking about Justin on the radio. Along the way I have to stay on the phone sometimes driving past my old place of work it's during the evening it's been a long road having to drive to the liquor store and then back going past a recently opened KFC. I needed to return because she hands me some chicken and I'm thinking about the song I had been playing inside the car I made a right turn and parked the Toyota, meanwhile I got very little left in my bank account but I needed to get there real fast.

Lately we've been making moves and creating stuff it's going to be difficult balancing work and telling folks I am a writer but the blog is in good shape I may have to go there personally it doesn't seem like I'm getting any help. I contacted my brother or should I mention I talked to him over the phone he didn't say much so I mentioned that someone called me on my phone to tell me I had to select a shift to work, once I got there I realize it wasn't going to take me to paradise. But I learn nonetheless look around this sounds like he doesn't think I'm especial enough to talk to either way I still like meeting him/her online Facebook asked for my credit card details at the job a gentleman inside tells me his name it was Dr. Dre.

Thanks for coming I just wanted to share with you the reason I got this stuff on the web it's so that whoever comes in contact with me is able to read. I don't have much to do since loosing two jobs at my first place of work it was almost time to leave when I am told I wouldn't be needed for much longer. I recall this happening when I showed up to work as a package handler and this kid tells me he wasn't going to need me so I left, however the following week I realize my efforts wouldn't be needed for much longer. The shift supervisor asked that I step into the supervisors office to explain to him the fault in my evaluations I had missed doing something and he wrote me up, so I notice them not talking to me I follow sometimes when I get blamed for not doing a good job. By this time I'm fed-up I heard somewhere something about layoffs and I didn't think showing up like that was going to cause trouble they terminated me regardless I think because of family problems or something to do with someone accusing me of something. When it was time to clock out and go home I just decided maybe best to help my supervisor she was behind me doing all the work and I was laughing underneath I was closely watching but she appeared to be on the hard rock part of the ordeal. So she calls me out she wasn't speaking to me we had been flirting and I lost it I told them they needed better workers, I had found another job so the manager who had been walking back and forward asked me to go wait for him in the office. So I left the trailer to go wait in the break room on my way there I notice my co-worker he had some checks in hand. I was asked why I had left early to go home so I tried explaining that it had to do with getting a second job I was trying to make the smooth balance in order to get money and perhaps be able to work both jobs wassup with that? I responded but it didn't help he just told me to get back to work. Within minutes the lady I was working with comes in and tells him that I was a slacker so I started to shout and whatever it was time to go home but he said we are both to blame for how slow production had become. So on that evening I silently left to go away it's caused me to really think about getting on the road and moving to another city because all I got is this car.

Social media has made the fashion show even more relevant in real life, says Chanel President

Telegraph Fashion Director Lisa Armstrong got the lowdown on why Team Chanel spent six weeks and who-knows-how-many-millions creating the latest Metiers d’Art show in Rome.


Ethiopia's Dibaba Crowned 2015 World Athlete of the Year - allAfrica.com

Ethiopia's Dibaba Crowned 2015 World Athlete of the Year - allAfrica.com

Russia says has proof Turkey main consumer of Islamic State oil

It said its satellite surveillance had captured hundreds of trucks crossing the border in that area back in the summer, and that since then there had been no reduction in the flow.

The defense ministry officials said the information they released on Wednesday was only part of the evidence they have in their possession, and that they would be releasing further intelligence in the next days and weeks.

Who’s that girl: Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley

Carrie Fisher: I felt pressured to lose weight for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars actress slams cinemas who refuse to show Lord's Prayer ad

Who’s that girl: Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley

J.J. Abrams' Surprising Criticism Of Daisy Ridley's Early Star Wars Performance


Grand Prairie moves to deter cargo theft

’Sting trailers’ offer glimpse into cargo thieves

Dallas News - With four major highways cutting through its city limits and one of the largest industrial parks in the country, cargo theft is something that Grand Prairie has placed a law enforcement emphasis on lately.

'Sting trailers' offer glimpse into world of cargo thieves

Dubai sharpens eyes on roads with more radars

Khaleej Times - The new radars can catch erring vehicles coming from both directions and those that do not leave sufficient distance between vehicles.