Hip-Hop Stars Support Mississippi Rapper in First Amendment Case

NYT - It is true that Johnny Cash did not actually shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Bob Marley did not actually shoot the sheriff. Treating rap lyrics differently, Killer Mike said, “persecutes poor young men based on their class and color.”

Yes I listen to music rap and hip-hop my only wish is for it to be artsy not rude and disrespectful to animals. How come a song isn't powerful enough to build a town why dress up then in suits and nice clothes? what's next. The Supreme Court has been cutting back on students’ free speech rights, but the leading precedent still seems to limit school officials’ power to censor speech to things said at school.

They got so many people getting arrested it's not funny so I don't know what to say when spies get in the newspaper, or women get harassed into giving money. Just recently I went to the bank so I couldn't ask for money you may look bad but you ain't got nothing, nowhere to go, nothing to do show some class.

It does seem like their quickly putting blame on Jamaican's but we as African-Americans need to be less opinionated and more concerned with the underworld and the black social causes, they've got business in the underworld which tolerate mistakes but some don't Bob Marley and The Wailers didn't want for individuals to not have a good time. Shouting and screaming at concerts, putting your fist in the air, rioting, it could come as no surprise but I don't support them comparing these musicians to criminal. We can all get punished I don't often get caught up in the drama and selection process, I don't hate others to my surprise however they got offenders. We all may have to join the real world and the underworld because history matters. Maan, I really wanted to speak to my friend about being the public enemy and scapegoat sometimes you go the wrong direction when asked to do something.

I don't know where their going when they talk about the Supreme court support for and tolerance towards rap music it's often a blame game because stuff happens for a reason it goes to your mind and people start taking sides making the observer feel overwhelmed with guilt. No matter the cost it's not cheap all their products have to sell your not thinking how silly it is to be walking by a salesman and he's busy helping the next customer. We had to learn the hard way introducing one to the other but this is America not Africa they got many things going on not just the Judge getting his/her ticket but the Doctor testing his/her attention with a patient.

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