President Uhuru Kenyatta in Sudan to woo investors

Today, Uhuru kenyatta arrived in Sudan there are many refugees fleeing South Sudan the politicians fighting for government in the country are from completely different backgrounds although from the looks of it Kenya's president left Kenya on a low profile. So I just would like to ask what you think of the work he has done in the past year? are Kenyan's spending, owning land and property? only because the people in places such as Mombasa are self promoting and claiming to be servants the two don't mix, despite what they are showing in the media the news there is no longer in French/English but in the native Swahili which isn't translated. The ICC trial no longer concerns president Uhuru as he goes to Sudan, traveling around in a plane unlike the vice-president who arrives on board Etihad or on board his own private plane. The president no longer has to worry about going places with a broken record. The Sudanese President Salva Kiir fighting former vice president-turned-political opponent Riek Machar as Kenyan's living in Sudan leave to arrive in Kenya's capital of Nairobi American soldiers were called there to watch after civilians and end rioting could have happened but the media is showing United Nations planes, and government officials arriving so I suppose it's not like the French occupation of Mali. Religious background a Christian looking after the Lord or looking for God in a place who's human right's record is Darfur full of hungry civilians not quite the same as Kenya. The Sudanese president is putting on a nice suite while the dictator increasingly violent activity in the capital Juba and elsewhere; Kiir is Dinka and Machar belongs to the Nuer ethnic group, and both have their staunch supporters. The dictator has on a camouflage while the policeman or opposite individual has on a uniform I just cannot tell where, who, what it's for but you know computer engineering. So is this some kinda threat to engulf whoever is strongly opposing leadership? perhaps childish if push came to shove it's unknown what were going to see next but it's maybe them standing, sitting down or leaving Sudan i'm just proud Uhuru Kenyatta TNA landed as president. He is a faithful servant who had handled the big & tall, so now God will give many responsibilities. Let's hope that the jobs these people leave behind in Sudan go to church and make up helping them get out of their country, this isn't a test.

allAfrica.com: Africa-Bound Passengers Stranded At Brussels Airport

allAfrica.com: Africa-Bound Passengers Stranded At Brussels Airport


McCain: 'Larger issue is Putin's behavior'

DW - John McCain is considered one of the most outspoken US senators. The former presidential candidate describes the conflict in Ukraine as "very dangerous," and tells DW about the importance of NSA oversight.


Former Japanese beauty queen takes on yakuza

France 24 - Ikumi Yoshimatsu, former winner of the Miss International contest, has suffered pressure and harassment at the hands of Japan’s yakuza. FRANCE 24 takes a look at her story, and a shifting tide that finds Japanese mafia facing greater scrutiny.


Congo rumba star Tabu Ley Rochereau mourned in Kinshasa

Thousands of people in the Democratic Republic of Congo have attended the state funeral of rumba star Tabu Ley Rochereau in the capital, Kinshasa. Soukous dance king rules Kinshasa Remembering Congo's rumba king

When Flights are Delayed: Unusual Airport Time-Killers

ABC News - If you've just won at bundle at the Amsterdam casino, check out the bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label King George V edition which sells for $650. Canada's Vancouver airport might be a good place for anyone who's …

BBC to Air 'Great Train Robbery' Drama as Infamous Gang Member Dies

Anthony Delano, who wrote a book about Biggs, met the criminal a number of times and described the robber as a "man with no moral compass whatever," on BBC Radio 5 live.

Inditex: Spain's fashion powerhouse you've probably never heard of

The Observer is given rare access to the reticent multinational whose clothes have become a global high street phenomenon cont'd.

The 10 best-dressed people of 2013

Who was the queen of sharp tailoring, who outshone Liberace and which baby eclipsed Harper Beckham? We present the style winners of the year cont'd


Juliette Lewis Talks Possible Oscar Nod For Role in "August: Osage County"


Nelson Mandela memorial service: In pictures

Tens of thousands of people are joining world leaders at a memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela in Johannesburg. The service is being held at the FNB stadium, where Mr Mandela made his last public appearance. It is also being shown on big screens at three "overflow" stadiums.


Obama moves left on wages to change the subject from ObamaCare

The Wall Street Journal argues President Obama is moving left on the economy to change the subject from ObamaCare.


Michelle Omo r.i.p burial sat

Hello everyone reading this i've deleted my notes. I received some sad news this past week concerning my cousins mother who once lived in New Jersey, yes she passed away from a stroke. I am told over the telephone I know who this person is I just never expected someone so gentle to be gone suddenly..she was married to my fathers brother I haven't seen them in years. She is leaving behind a femme cousin and a grown male husband of some 22 yrs it's very gloomy news so I asked to call them back but believe me news travels fast it's just impossible to get through to people expecially when there isn't any money only questions and poor answers. I was in prison they put me in a cell but I prayed and got out to talk about my experience it wasn't comfortable but this persons life ended. Before leaving I am told about another member of the family who was in a hospital bed then my uncle recently got robbed, if it's not too much to ask a moment of silence.
kupumzika kwa amani michelle yeye ni marehemu mke wa mjomba wangu william Omolo wote kutoka mpya Jersey, sisi The funeral arrangements and prayers is going on at the residence of William Omolo at 19E -Ari Drive,Somerset,N.J-08873. Phone number is 732-305-7333. The viewing will start at 10am--1200noon there after church service --refreshments served at the Mt Camel Church,350 Franklin Boulevard,Somerset,New Jersey from there we will proceed to the fundraising - scheduled on Saturday. December 7th 2013 from 700pm -200pm at--The Days Inn-Hillsborough--118 Highway 206 South,Hillsborough,New Jersey-08844.

Royals (Live) Lorde

Kanye West Thanks Russell Simmons For 'Genius' Compliment

Yahoo - Kanye West has finally received the recognition he has been craving after being hailed as a “genius” by Russell Simmons who penned a letter explaining why the rapper should be placed on high esteem.


African Airports Terminal Capacity

Airport / Terminal Building / Capacity Casablanca / New Terminal / 7.3 million Nairobi jkia / New Terminal / 20 million OR Tambo / Central Terminal / 12 million Cairo / Terminal 3 / 11 million Cape Town / Central Terminal / 8.4 million Sharm Al Sheikh / Terminal 3 / 7.5 million King Shaka / Durban Terminal / 4.7 million Vision 2030: New Terminal in Nairobi, KE to cost SH55 billion

Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi expelled from parliament

Italy's former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi expelled from parliament Read more at: click here




Product Spotlight: AP1/AP2 Koyorad Hyper Core Radiator

As you may, or may not (probably this one) know, I (Sean) have a S2000. It's a work in progress, and there is a whole list of things that need fixing, but all that aside I've been having a really fun time building it. continued

Harvard uses late surge to beat Green Bay 76-64

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) Wesley Saunders scored 20 points and Laurent Rivard added 17 with five 3-pointers as Harvard beat Green Bay 76-64 Friday night to advance to the Great Alaska Shootout Championship. The Crimson (6-1) trailed by two after allowing a 10-2 run by the Phoenix, but used their own surge to take back the lead for good. Siyani Chambers hit two layups, Rivard sank a 3-pointer, and Saunders added a jumper and two free throws to put Harvard ahead 68-59 with 2:19 remaining. Green Bay (3-2) pulled within six on a Keifer Sykes 3-pointer, but Harvard netted their last six free-throw attempts to ice the game. Chambers finished with 12 points and Steve Moundou-Missi added 10 with nine rebounds. Sykes paced the Phoenix with 26 points on 10 of 17 shooting. Harvard will play TCU in the Finals tomorrow night, while Green Bay will face Tulsa in the third-place game. more

NCAA brackets: Grammy-nominated artist Wale picks Kansas to win

CBSsports - Celebrities and other athletes pick their winner for the NCAA tournament.


French police name arrested Paris gun suspect

BBC News - French authorities have named a man arrested on suspicion of carrying out recent gun attacks in Paris as Abdelhakim Dekhar.


Far right forms anti-EU alliance

DW - They're opposed to the EU, but plan to work together in the campaign for the European election in May 2014. Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders have met in the Hague to set up their alliance.

German carmaker Volkswagen announces large-scale recall

DW - Europe's biggest carmaker, the Volkswagen Group of Germany, has announced that it is recalling more than 2 million vehicles globally. The firm noted that it needed to fix a number of technical issues in several models.


Pope Francis: corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea

Pope Francis gives fire-and-brimstone sermon, saying the corrupt should be tied to a rock and thrown into the sea cont'd

Costa Concordia: Capt Schettino 'failed to evacuate' after crewman told of flooding

Costa Concordia crewmen tell court how Capt Schettino did not evacuate ship despite warning the engine was flooding cont'd

Katy Perry, Eminem and One Direction triumph at MTV EMA music awards

Reuters - Katy Perry won the award for best female singer at the 2013 MTV EMA music awards in Amsterdam on Sunday, pipping Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus to the


Really bad bosses

Macleans - Visionary leaders get a pass for bad behaviour. For the rest, toughness is falling out of favour.


Texas and abortion: making legal inaccessible

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans Thursday allowed a key component of Texas’ new abortion-restrictive law to go into effect. The provision forces doctors to have admitting…


Iverson officially retires at 38

WASHINGTON, Oct. 30 (Xinhua) -- Eleven-time NBA All-Star guard Allen Iverson officially announced his retirement on Wednesday, ending a 15-year NBA career during which he was name MVP in 2001. The 6-foot guard, who was selected in the Philadelphia 76ers with the No. 1 overall pick in 1996 draft, had won NBA scoring titles in four seasons. He averaged 26.7 points in his career, which ranked 6th in NBA best scoring list. He guided the 76ers into the NBA Finals in 2001, losing the title to Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 in the end. He had played for Philadelphia 76ers, Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons and Memphis Grizzlies in his career. "I gave everything I had to basketball," said Iverson, who attended the news conference with his mother and three of his five children. "The passion is still there but the desire to play is not. It was a great ride." Iverson, who enjoyed his best career highlights in Philadelphia, said he would be a 76er "until the day I die".


New York Today: Hurricane Sandy, One Year Later

NYT - What you need to know for Monday: commemorating the storm, a new mayoral poll and Lou Reed's debut. The Sounds Of New York City, Circa 1920

Putin says Sochi will be fully tolerant

SOCHI, Russia -- President Vladimir Putin promised Monday that gay athletes and guests at the Winter Olympics in Sochi will feel at ease, seeking to assuage fears fueled by a recent Russian law banning gay "propaganda." Speaking at a meeting with heads of Russian winter sports federations, which was also attended by visiting IOC president Cont'd

Could Xbox One and PlayStation 4 actually fail?

Digg - It is difficult to quantify failure or success in the games console business. But for Sony and Microsoft, a ten year plan to sell at least 100 million units each of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 must be counted as a useful, albeit ambitious benchmark.

Phillips Confirms Bayonne Sacking

Wales scrum-half Mike Phillips is to take legal action after his contract was terminated by French club Bayonne. The 31-year-old, who started for the Lions in both of their Test wins in Australia this summer, allegedly arrived drunk for a video analysis session on 11 October. Bayonne are yet to officially confirm his sacking but their chairman Alain Afflelou told French newspaper Sud Ouest on Monday morning: "It was him or me. I could not have stayed in a club with such disagreement.


Chick & Ferrari

Hello there this is going to be an entry i'm typing up on from the notepad I was gone away from my desk. I was with my family yeah my cousins hanging out watching television, mom asked us to go get a byte to eat since we had spent the Wednesday night at their home. Normally following behind listening to Nicky Minaj or someone but usually it's like I pulled up and was suprised because his wife wasn't in. So I handed him the stuff I had packed up before leaving things like, onions, flour, cheap food from the store mom called me said hey i'm over here in the store why not come join me i'm inside Cost-Co. I had just been driving outside leaving the crib to go to the bail bond man. However, I noticed school kids sometimes walking even during school hours the nice car was a black benz with nice rims so I took a look otherwise known as a rim shot at the wheels. Yes, I had been gone so the call from mom kinda took some attention away from the times when I am outside and driving past the tow truck, something told me to watch out because next time if i'm not behind it I may get punched in the face. Sorta like mom wanted me to go visit my cousin it was fun I mean she's been married now for awhile, they are both black parents the restaurant where we went to eat served chinese food. So I walked in after stepping out of the new car which I had to drive to go see them i've got a cousin who kinda like wasn't able to report to school. So I recall asking her why? she may have said it's because there are too many kids doing stuff; so I ignored everything and walked back downstairs chilling inside my cousin house. We however left arriving at Kohl's parking listening to Justin's new song the man inside was carrying a toddler so I didn't want to bother asking if the child was a boy or a girl. The store sold nice stuff we even went to pickup a flyer because i'm looking at houses. I had alot of fun this sunday will be my birthday I turnberry thirty three. I am thankfull for Salute La Familia, things falling apart I got, the food & culture, the future ahead and the wisdom God has & what I have experienced. Indian Ocean: 20 best places to stay

China´s Jiaolong submersible set for Indian Ocean CCTV News - CNTV English

China´s Jiaolong submersible set for Indian Ocean CCTV News - CNTV English


Saudis put the brakes on women driving protest

France 24 - Saudi authorities have warned that protesters or online backers of a planned October 26 protest against a ban on women’s driving face arrest. If many powerful Saudis believe women should be allowed to drive, why is the issue so contentious?

French forces to combat Mali 'terrorists', says Hollande

France 24 - French President François Hollande said on Friday that French, Malian and UN forces had launched a large-scale military operation in Mali to combat terrorism and restore stability in the country ahead of legislative elections.


Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Pose In The Buff For French Magazine

You probably didn’t see this coming. Scratch that, you probably did. Since they stepped out on the scene arm in arm with matching kicks and fro yo cups last March, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been very public with their love. Now Kim and her baby daddy put it all out there— literally—for a very public display of affection. The two pose bare in a steamy embrace for the cover of the French magazine, L’Officiel Hommes. We’re used to seeing Kim in very little, and after all, Kanye knows his “girl became a star all from a home movie.” Most expectant parents pose with belly bumps on display, these two opted for the… ummm.. road less traveled? Not sure how their baby girl will feel about this one when she grows up. Obtained from www.styleblazer.com

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian! With Love from FashionTV

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian! With Love from FashionTV | FashionTV Video Archive | fashiontv.com


Italy to triple Mediterranean naval and air units to address migrant safety

Enrico Letta announces military and humanitarian mission after 390 deaths from capsized vessels 'turn sea into a tomb' cont'd.


Italy: on the brink, once again

When you have a man who is incapable of separating his fate from his country's fate, you have a recipe for disaster cont'd.


Huge salvage vessel may help lift Costa Concordia wreck

BBC - The wreck of the Costa Concordia cruise ship could be loaded aboard a colossal salvage vessel after a deal was struck with a Dutch company.

Rant: Job Search @ Dallas/Ft-Worth

Something happened I will have to find another job..I was arrested at the airport asking about what happened, why they couldn't allow people who didn't pass the screening exam and they told me it's because of security that many of the prospective people who go in there don't get a badge. I happened to be hired then sent there and returned only to get caught by the police inside the office. I flunked the test they give for all badge holders applying for work at the international terminal. Before the exit thursday I was called by the access control office asking me to wait for my background to clear earlier yesterday morning at around 8 am they said it wasn't going to work because of the test result. I am told to wait awhole year before I can retake the exam it's a big problem talking about it but I spoke to the security officers who arrested me in their office at Terminal D access control..because I was asking too many questions and trying to force them to allow me to take an exam. I also was asked to go to my bosses office to ask them why I couldn't get access to the cyber computer following my appointment inside the access control office. There is nothing my employer could do so I told them "bye" I was going to search for another job they're on the upscale side not talking just asked to apply only to ignore the warnings, I kinda thought otherwise. Yours Tru, EoO

U-God Slams RZA’s Record Label

XXL - Whether it’s internal squabbles about playing shows or inter-fan arguments about what direction the group should go next, the Wu-Tang nation is a country often filled with strife. Despite the recent publicity bump that the Clan got following Drake’s name-checking of the group throughout his latest album, Nothing Was The Same, and the subsequent buzz about a remix to the track “Wu Tang Forever,” it often feels like they can’t catch a break after the recent cancellation of the group’s headlining Rock The Bells appearances.

Mala Rodriguez And The Women Of Latin Hip-Hop

NPR Blog - The genre has some of the most creative, politically savvy, intelligent female personalities in the industry, made by artists as different as Chile's ...


EU collects 'too little' data on anti-Muslim attacks

DW - British organization Tell Mama collects statistics on incidents of violence and hostility against Muslims. Some experts now accuse EU countries of not running a similar, large-scale database.


Raiding Kris's wardrobe? Kylie Jenner, 16, dresses beyond her years in mature outfit as she enjoys a day of shopping in LA

Raiding Kris's wardrobe? Kylie Jenner, 16, dresses beyond her years in mature outfit as she enjoys a day of shopping in LA Read more: htlink

Hey mac

I am at home it's a quiet evening i'm inside there are scattered clouds the sky is perfect for flight so I am with somebody explaining what went wrong at the office. But now that I am done explaining I find it silly but still very cold to be sharing this information. I don't like to waste time but I posted bond after speaking to the judge in the city of Grapevine Texas where I was taken this morning on 2 charges but they're misdemeanors i've got to find a place to work otherwise I don't see myself going to the dallas international airport to do the same thing again. It was like I didn't resist arrest and they took me into a squad car yesterday afternoon the police tell me I was caused trouble with the security guard and seated before turning into a heckler. So I plead not guilty to trespassing but was bonded out total cost for each offence is $2,000. Anyway I went back following entering the office to speak to the person in charge there and she asked me nicely to go and talk to my boss. So I am going back to speak and when I arrive I am told to sit down and listen so I begin arguing and wave them goodbye so I leave the premises and try driving it's here that I call the police who tell me there is nothing they can do but it was not obvious at the time I was going to meet up with them for arrest. I didn't want to run or nothing so I just called the office where I had been wasting my breath explaining to the person who was in charge, she called the man who sat me down and told me to shut up or leave the office and building. The police then arrested me but it was indoors so I sat down in the office where they had to think where to take this issue next, so I am put inside a squad car where I begin to wonder why I even bothered. I went to the jail and had to sit and follow pilot flying over the prison but this was the only problem. I am a blogger and on one of the blog websites which I am the administrator I added before leaving for bed last night the term "terrorist" so the slide show has been on since I need to switch it off. So I am asked to step into the office but refuse.

Tom Clancy's Pop Culture Legacy



Kenya: Immigration Problem

Having just found this article about Norway's new government concedes on oil, immigration for support Norway's second female premier was elected but it's a big difference from what's happening in Kenya at the moment they seem to be listing numerous accusations about Westgate when really the main problem is Immigration. So I took down a list of things they mentioned during this news segment hoping to explain further because it's a serious issue that could affect how your local governments function. Security policy Porous somalia & kenya border a challenge unscrupulous gov't agents to blame immigration lapses fake documents used to enter Kenya Following the news briefing I want to appologize for the way I type it's not because i'm a civilian but a concerned citizen witnessing various marches and announcements about MLKing i'm now able to explain further why I find immigration to be a serious matter. Just to realize your citizenship is a serious matter as an american I sometimes get caught up in the fiasco of trying to answer to certain people I don't know, and cannot see. Generalizing the wealth gap which puts the poor at the lower level and single minorities candidates from various ethnic backgrounds, on line and on television directly next to the left. It's well evident the term Genocide made the news and the word Immigrant takes up some of the attention specifically because I just want to say it's not alright to see time going to waste by Americans for the news mentioned immigrants who are part of the history in their country it's being abused by people I will not mention any names but certain episodes about South African soccer have painted a bad picture of Africans some who I suppose travel to Kenya. I don't get puzzled if I was asked about intelligence gathering and the business of drones or using cellular communication during traffic viewing the news channel and am told about someone who could become president of the United States Barack Obama, you can find mentioned in the presidents speeches his own father someone unknown from Kenya. So as time went by I seem to find Senator Susan Collins of Maine but without my brother who seemingly doesn't worry about the situation I see him being put through. I lost him he was deported so i'm on the telephone trying to answer certain questions concerning citizenship this was serious because it's become a joke each and everyday waking up to the same environment. This is America and not Europe the politics overseas isn't as terrible as some may think of it to be but it's getting there America turning out to be the bad apple at a point where your government may be monitoring you because you've got beef with your ISP someone in another country such as with Egyptians. I am not stupid but following the elections I just wanted to know does anyone care what kind of car they should own? find all those conferences and meeting to be kinda like hidding the real reason we have him in office, so I ask anyone with any knowledge to do something about straightening the Wahhabist Islam & Jihad a war against Christians.. If possible the military i'm not a fool so to be clear decide not to argue about those things they're senators who run the streets and/or Federal Economy. By shutting down the entire United States post office and offices just puts African-American's like me backwards it drives me insane. So each morning I try to follow the news and am told about Egypt, Syria and most recently Iran's new president Hassan him and Barack Obama following their UN speeches world enemies it's the politics of world peace that places government agenda's in danger. So for instance I cannot help but say thay i'm a U.S citizen and am able to provide a "Visa" but if that's all there was to it the matter wouldn't be brought up I met a chief once who didn't say much other than ask about the things I owned. How many cars? where I worked? what I wanted to do next about repairing the family? Why I wasn't going to be able to continue attending to my business if my performance wasn't kept up. So I just responded with the usual I will certainly be there but really there is going to come a time when I will not be around to do such things for anybody. So what they really need to do is arrest these suspects who plot to overthrow military institutions and politicians who bother innocent men and women by harrasments and bribes. The challenge should be to investigate why immigration is so terrible? why criminal per·pe·tra·tors get away with terrorism from entertaining us normal d2d citizens who aren't suspicious.


Cruz batting sixth as Rangers' designated hitter

The Rangers, hoping to feed off some karma of past playoff success, asked pitcher Colby Lewis to throw out the ceremonial first pitch for Monday's tiebreaker game against the Rays. "It means a lot," Lewis said. "I have been here four years and hopefully they can get something worked out and I can be here for a fifth year. It shows what kind of organization this is and where I want to be. So to get this opportunity when I'm just taking up locker space, it means a lot."

What is the problem with Kenyan techprenuers?

A few weeks ago, I was speaking to my friend and the topic of iHub came up and she made it clear that she can no longer hire or engage someone whose main achievement is working from the iHub. My friend is one of those well adjusted and grounded people cont'd

Revealed: Who Paid For The Westgate Attack? Follow The Money!

Revealed: Who Paid For The Westgate Attack? Follow The Money!


Status Update

Hello, i'm just wanting to stay posted on everything happening within my weblogs, so far there have been innumerable failures so I realize that these are just blogs and nothing more. My blog is a great place to find information relating to social connections i'm not dating anyone but find it justifiable to ask for help when I need it, as a single person it's become very lonely my luck may have changed since visiting a couple of very strange places, and helping some friends. I dunno how to say this but the term "friends" is a term I don't like to label myself & others. Because i'm a nice person I try to look into another persons perspective although since going by a prison, sitting inside a restaurant because I wanted food, asking for loose change, helping someone grab a bite to eat and various other errands i've become cold. So instead of acting like I don't believe in God or what it takes to earn a living i've challenged the way I think to believe that it's tough luck making it in a world where you notice abnormal things but just cannot do anything about where to go next. I have endured pain it's not spain or mexico it's not an argument but a rather harsh warning to make certain changes, so how can this relate to someone who doesn't work? it's true I notice the same argument being placed on me as a person who has yet to accomplish school etc. So I just want to share how difficult it's been to bounce around without speaking to my friends this is the only opportunity where I can explain the reason I haven't spoken to anyone i'm not going to run around chasing anyone because having several blogs doesn't make you wealthy or intelligent it just makes you unapologetic having to go where nobody is going. Writing about things on these blogs has caused me to understand the reason why there is so much silence but still violence affecting my world, so I don't mind coming here to be the coach/administrator.


European shares jump as US Fed sticks to stimulus program

DW - European stock markets have surged strongly after the US Federal Reserve surprised investors on Wednesday by leaving its monetary stimulus program unchanged. Germany's blue-chip DAX index hit a new all-time high.


Google Retools Search Engine

Google has quietly retooled the closely guarded formula running its Internet search engine to give better answers to the increasingly complex questions. Read more: cont'd

Hong Kong’s Millionaires Sprouting Like Dandelions

With a whopping 36% growth rate, Hong Kong's millionaires club just got that little less exclusive Read more: article


Rays All but Crush Yankees’ Wild-Card Hopes

With a shut-out loss, the Yankees were eliminated from the American League’s first wild-card spot Tuesday as they fell six games behind the Rays with five to play. Yankees offer fans 2014 tickets after Mariano Rivera bobblehead fiasco


Deadly mall assault caught police off guard

Another officer who spoke to the Sunday Nation said police have for years warned that Westgate Mall was a high risk target for terrorists. “They have finally done it and the tragedy is that we did not know,” said the officer, who had gone shopping in the mall before the attack occurred. He said that together with the people hiding in the toilet, they barricaded the door. He hid his official ID as a precaution.

Westgate Mall

Hello, I just got the news about an hour ago police shooting incident at the Westgate Centre mall in east africa; nairobi. I guess they asked these people inside the shopping mall who appeared to be muslim to leave/exit the premises "gunshots" could be heard etc.. .What happened next 39 innocent victims various people injured those claiming responsiblity include Al-Shabbab & Al-Qaeda main aim to spread a propaganda war. More: Scenes from the Nairobi Westgate shooting Huge cocaine haul seized on Air France plane in Paris Kenya shopping centre attack


Tom Hanks, CNN co-produce 1960s documentary series kicking off with Kennedy assassination

Tom Hanks, CNN co-produce 1960s documentary series kicking off with Kennedy assassination Read more:


Made in America: a look inside Motorola's Moto X factory

The Verge - An old Nokia facility has been resurrected to crank out 100,000 new smartphones per week

Watch the full Burberry London fashion show shot entirely with an iPhone 5s (Video)

Since leaving Apple is all everyone is talking about the cellular phones be on/off but as soon as the class start your focused. So I walked past the customer svc counter and there isn't anyone over there where did they go? it happened all so suddenly like a dream you know taking an idea and blowing it all out of proportion. Walmart is artsy with it's fancy commercial i'm not against it's fantastic drive to please consumers drive paste there just to get to the highway sometimes it's a new store in a cool neighbourhood. If people really want an Apple there are other brands winning it takes effort the cellular phone market is high tech could have been old or cheap expecially when the stuff at Walmart gets way more buzz. So since you can find whatever you want at their music section where Apple computers are sold, I don't think there is anywhere else I could come to for me to get my hands on their concepts. A fortune 500 company putting it's merchandise on sale like that is incredible I see some noodles but don't want to offer them so maybe might need to obtain the late Steve Jobs book. So I been wondering where else to accelerate my technology africans aren't bothered just notice the GPS and satellite companies making moves I am beginning to wonder just like he did about cleaning up and setting up shop, the look alikes it's not a joke, the videogames and obvious wealth increases nobody else left but me here. Want to get wealthy attempting to get thru towards the performers leave Walmart & businessmen alone just promote Macintoshes.

'GTA 5': 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Cheats, Codes, Tricks, Tips And Hints For PS3

'GTA 5': 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Cheats, Codes, Tricks, Tips And Hints For PS3


Nina Sky – Your Favorite Twins

Nina Sky – Your Favorite Twins

Navy Yard Washington massacre

Today I was at the D/FW Airport attempting to exit but couldn't offer the booth $2 because I don't have any stickers. Just yesterday when I arrived from leaving home I heard about the Washington Massacre which happened at the Naval Station or "Yard" as some may call it right before entering the access control office to obtain a security clearance badge. I don't have any money this is just an attempt to pay off a bill which is owed to Mastercard, since I was the only person watching from Terminal D a woman stopped by to tell me that "there is always something happening" but I didn't want to hold a conversation I had to be there tuesday @2pm not monday. Yesterday was just one crazy morning I was seated at the traffic light nearby where I stay at and as soon as I get on the highway I see smoke coming from the tailpipe of this one car I really didn't hear music it's in the morning i'm running the errand. Until like I got to hear what happened in DC something happened a few passengers walking by, unlike the police officers going behind a certain lady 2 cop cars Samsung showing CNN some cars pumping gas i'm not at home i'm at the aiport gone towards the south exit not concerned about Asian. So I want to ask does everything have to be so complicated I didn't bother asking the passengers any more questions because i'm over here watching the television some cops following me though I suppose they were searching for weapons. I was running short of breath maybe because I had gone past a middle school where kids walk normally standing outside early morning rush hour. Just without the traffic some cars on the road I feel sleepy some convo and music otherwise I needed to get this complete before Business ends. I left but it's like everytime i'm leaving them their giving me a hard time with the questions about money, so I kinda got offended by them because the dude asked for my driving license and i'm unable to cough out $4.

After I was done speaking to the office the lady called and told me about the process I had left her desk to go past the Avianca offices door it's clearly midday and the television is showing something different from the previous episode so I didn't watch the entire clip but missed the International news.

Avianca in Colombia cancels some domestic flights amid pay dispute

Reuters - Colombian airline Avianca has canceled 160 domestic flights through next Wednesday after pilots demanding higher pay refused to work overtime, the company said.


Kenyan politicians to blame for ICC trials, Kofi Annan says

Nation - Mr Annan recounted in his commentary the terms of the agreement he brokered in his role as chairman of the African Union Panel of Eminent African Personalities.

He noted that the Waki Commission, formed to investigate responsibility for the violence, concluded that the killings and destruction were "not just spontaneous, but, in at least some areas, a result of planning and organisation, often with the involvement of politicians and businessmen."


Riley Cooper, Cary Williams scuffle

Williams has a history of on-field incidents. He was fined twice last season, while playing for the Baltimore Ravens, for extracurricular behavior. He and Jackson were fined $10,000 for after-the-whistle shoving in a game between the Ravens and Eagles. Williams was fined $15,750 for a late hit against Denver. He was also caught shoving an official in the Super Bowl.

Just last month, Williams was tossed out of a joint practice session with the Patriots for getting into a facemask-grabbing tussle with a Patriots wide receiver.

"He tries to annoy receivers," Jackson said. "We have to show we're tough, too."


Deadly Kenyan Crash Underscores Traffic Safety Woes

NYTimes - A passenger bus flipped over along the curve of one of Kenya’s notoriously dangerous roads, shearing off the roof and leaving 41 people dead.

Lord Ashdown: Britain 'greatly diminished' after Syria vote

Telegraph - Former Liberal Democrat leader Lord Ashdown says he thinks Britain "is greatly diminished" and feels "depressed and ashamed" following yesterday's Commons vote on Syria action.

Housekeeping and Other Feudalisms: an interview with Athina Rachel Tsangari


Jay-Z Interview in the Power 105.1 Karmaloop Studio | Karmaloop TV

Jay-Z Interview in the Power 105.1 Karmaloop Studio | Karmaloop TV


Samsun is a city of about half a million people on the north coast of Turkey. It is the provincial capital of Samsun Province and a major Black Sea port.


Syria defiant as UN chemical probe nears end - Associated Press - POLITICO.com

Syria defiant as UN chemical probe nears end - Associated Press - POLITICO.com

Ad of the Day: Audi Finds a Most Unlikely Endorser in the Boxing Ring

You're not the first guy who climbs into the ring and beats the crap out of the second guy. You're the third guy who makes sure the two muscle... At the same time, referees, generally speaking, are easily replaced—as are the regular process guys that keep the trains running in less glitzy industries than boxing. Do you want to be that guy? The one who disappears into a dark tunnel and metamorphoses into a hatchback?


Boating bounces back — with luxury appeal as well

Boating bounces back — with luxury appeal as well

Read more: link


Syria crisis: warplanes spotted in Cyprus as tensions rise in Damascus

Signs of advanced readiness at likely hub of air campaign as UN inspection team comes under fire near site of alleged chemical attack cont'd


North Korean Defectors Tell U.N. Panel of Prison Camp Abuses

NYTimes - The first United Nations commission charged with investigating North Korea’s human rights record began public hearings in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Accounts of Syrian Prisons Describe a Volatile Mix of Chaos and Control

NyTimes - Reports from former prisoners reveal partial breakdowns of order inside the country’s prisons and detention centers, laced with episodes of unpredictable cruelty.


Rapper 2 Chainz arrested in Oklahoma City

Blame it on Virgin media store I think it wasn't a good idea to begin with, listening to the dj's mention the story took too long to get them off the tour bus if the 9 hours mentioned is correct. It had been a boring weekend nothing happening except Alex Rodriguez allegations in most newspapers, why Miami Airport 24/7 put expensive cars on the runway? that Chris Brown saga with Rihanna surely caused alot of scrutiny as time passed it continued to downtown Boston & New-York Yankees appearing calm and well prepared but something was up. I was interested in other things so perhaps the traffic lights proved that the people sitting in the stadium weren't able to see anything happen it could have been raining causing blackouts and still nobody would even care. But I have yet to see him performing on stage, if you watch mtv it's strange to see so much talk about just one person a crime and punishment ordeal personal warning to avoid conflict with executives. I thought rap was sci-fi until this took place you just cannot turn down the noise following what you perceive to be correct what could be happening, it's clearly a setup the main reason wackness happens if ’2 Chainz’ released from jail after police discover narcotics on tour bus. It's good to be free but then again if you look around there are alot of haters out there who don't want to hear about your sunshine. Personally I don't have enough money to keep up with such people "rappers" I myself have tried to rap but I think they are playing to win and not loose. Some of us want to win but I think rappers have a complex way of showing their feelings it's portrayed in music video's. I was told to turn off the radio only to be told to switch it off again so we could find where we were going maybe it was up to the lord to see that person make it out alive get in/out of trouble. I've been hearing about OKC since the tornado touched down but the Cowboys are expected to have their act together because he probably felt like his compatriots weren't gonna roll deep without him, they arrested them because of suspicious behavior like they do them drug lords from Mexico. He probably wanted something from T.I and Lil Wayne it felt like they arrested The Goonz Squad, what i'm trying to say is perhaps Jay said it best from "Izzo" track. Anyway it's impossible to say where they were going next? but from looking at the tour bus my guess is there just isn't going to be anymore problems. I've only purchased his album one time 2 Chainz is famous for his multicultured stunts, who watched Sucker Free they showed a performance? stop the beefing. If there is something you have a problem with it's not good to start asking questions, these things set off alarms cost money and, frankly I don't would not like to go after something I cannot see where i'm going have to be in the front not the back. So from their stand point the bus got pulled over but i'm just thinking it was a big argument over record sales and cash flow, in those parts of the country nobody can help you. Let's watch and see if things improve otherwise the wheelchairs are going to have to be allowed into these altercations. A·san·te!



Last night, I was asked to go oudoors to grab some food mom was starving I agreed. I took off for the local fast food restaurant and happened to be thinking about a better location, so I went past Jack In The Box heading for Burger King. At the traffic light i'm turning left and thinking if they didn't close down that 7-11 I would be in there. It's the second business that's closed down and they closed off the windows it was completely gone i'm sorry there is nothing I could do to stop them from closing it down. Across from it there is a Taco Bell I went to eat there before departing for Orlando, Florida it appears like there is nothing going on over there. Usually in the evening there is so much traffic i'm rolling by there and hear tires screaming it's busy, there is also a Mcdonalds I was in there buying chicken nuggets. So anyway, I arrived and ordered some food but as soon as I returned mom was upset with me because I didn't get what she had wanted from the fast food joint. I was very sorry and promised I would return with the correct order which was a chicken hamburger, some
large fries and milk shake. I think it was rude but I didn't care I was about to eat the ceasar salad wrap, turkey burger and fries. For the drink were 2 Mango smoothies which I think could have tasted better. I just drank one this afternoon it was sitting in the fridge so I dropped three ice cubes into the cub but no luck getting it to freeze, I watched the lady at the Jack in the Box pour Vanilla into the cup. It was very late around 12am but i'm usually out running around in the middle of the night now that I am no longer working at the airport. I thanked mom for helping me register the car at the department of motor vehicle I was just there and using the cellular at the counter, the lady asked me to switch it off I called her from there to ask for her driving license number. I dunno who is going to inspect the car tag is supposed to be done by this month this car i'm driving isn't very fast but i'm going to see if I can repair the axle and suspension the Arlington police were on patrol.


Report: Chinese military engaged in 'extensive cyber espionage campaign' - Feb. 19, 2013

Report: Chinese military engaged in 'extensive cyber espionage campaign' - Feb. 19, 2013

Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets Style: GQ.com

Nine Things Every Man Should Have in His Pockets Style: GQ.com

African sprint heroines welcome new era

Okagbare said she was confident she could go on and keep being a flagbearer for the continent.

"When I won the long jump bronze at the 2008 Olympics I was only 19 and still naive," she said.

"But as I grew through the years I learnt so much. At first it was difficult to cope with the pressure and what people were saying. But athletes don't go out to fail and when they do it is really tough for them.

"Now I don't pay attention to what people say and I don't worry about what may come in the future.

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More than 200 dead after Egypt forces crush protest camps

Reuters - Egyptian security forces crushed the protest camps of thousands of supporters of the deposed Islamist president on Wednesday, shooting almost 200 of them dead in the bloodiest day in decades and polarizing the Arab world's most populous nation.

Egypt fears fresh confrontation as West deplores bloodshed


Romanian Art Thief Offers Works in Return for Dutch Trial

Bloomberg - The suspected ringleader of a band of thieves who stole artworks by Picasso, Monet and Matisse from a Dutch museum still has access to five ...

Beyoncé, Jay-Z vacation seemingly stirs Cuba anti-travel bill in US House

Beyoncé, Jay-Z vacation seemingly stirs Cuba anti-travel bill in US House

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Kenya Airways CEO says losses from airport fire $4 million so far

"We have lost revenues of about $4 million," Naikuni told journalists at JKIA on Sunday, according to local media reports.

Naikuni was touring tents that have been erected as a makeshift terminal outside the airport in Kenya's capital.

Sinking Florida resort villa evacuated

CLERMONT, Fla. (AP) — A sinkhole cracked the foundation in a villa housing vacationers at a central Florida resort near Disney World on Sunday, causing the building to slowly sink and prompting the evacuation of the hotel, authorities said.


Nairobi Airport Fire

The fire at JKIA happened overnight and from the looks of it the fire was caused, by accident
at the arrival terminal. I was looking at some planes departing and it just sounds like there isn't anyone there able to handle operations it's that dangerous. But following what appeared like the last departing flight I sense something was going to happen because Ethiopian Airlines normally lands over in that section, but after their 787 was grounded it caused all this confusion and now planes can be seen just tearing up the runway.

Something had to happen because it's sad to see so many civilians just ignoring people's demands and i'm no ordinary passenger i've been to this place on two separate occassion and this took sometime to engulf. I wonder how they handled it did the fire engines arrive on time? it looks like airlines from various places had to be re-routed to either Eldoret, Mombasa, Dubai, Burundi, Kigali, Uganda or Addis Ababa Ethiopia all the smoke نیچے it's the busiest airport in east africa.

But why did this happen? it's like they don't even care who they offend but it's now talk of the town. I wonder if it could have been avoided with the airport being a major place for tourist travel, but since I went there I didn't see much. I used the bathroom and washed my hands but the passengers seated nearby weren't interested in coming there. I could see it in their eyes they just wanted to start something not leave empty handed the duty free in mombasa I hear is where the trouble started. Sometime at the end of April, 1968, President Jomo Kenyatta suffered a heart attack at his Bamburi home in Mombasa.

The President, who fell into a coma for three days, had been driven to the Coast. The port isn't very important but I want to blame the employees for starting the fire and for creating poor work environment for instance I don't think they hold high safety standards and conditions there lucky nobody was injured.. .also blame our former leader the one who was supposed to take care of this architectural land mark instead they park their european sedans without saying anything the bus is leaving sometime, the scene at the airport is alarming but many people know about these issues they just don't say anything. Just recently someone asked about obtaining a visa and I mentioned certain strategies people use to get in thru the border but isn't it for education purposes? aren't you entering on business or are you coming to cause problems? it's like a tug of war.

Because you've got the athletes, cargo companies, spies, civilians, biz, drug lords and gangsters moving in and out of there what else happened? are they still going to strike? how much will it cost to build a new terminal? so much potential with little rewards it's like a lost cause it's made public how the JKIA landmark caught fire. This airport will have to either be demolished or reconstructed if only the city council will come to it's senses and help protect it from damages.


Watch Prada Models Watch TV in the 1950s

The creative agency AMO continues to mine midcentury mundanity for Prada's latest concept video, in which everyday actions are distorted and distilled into a noirish sequence of animated images. Fall clothes — in all their printed, wasp-waisted glory — take center stage as models act out ordinary tasks that become more mysterious and interconnected throughout.

Selena Gomez Talks Working with Stargate, Ester Dean on 'Come & Get It': Video

Selena Gomez talks..

Since coming back from Orlando, FL I been listening to alot of music and would like to include this fact on this blog, about hearing them play latino's while over there. Over where we are there isn't much else happening however "Jay Hoova" been getting buzzed because of the new album "Carta Holy Grail" sitting inside store shelves. I guess how i'm going to get to own a copy the last few trials were total accidents but Chief Keef's Finally Rich album is all i've been playing it's not so bad. Just disappointed having to rudely wake up to search for a Blackberry. Sudden changes the plan isn't to leave something I see behind if your going to obtain a copy just make sure it's not done the upside down way, I find it hard to grab something I cannot afford. So the radio is just a point of contact because they don't want to give audience a wrong sign, it's about sales not chart toppings. Listening to Mariah Carey I ask all the time I figure to ignore the lamer sentiment coming from across the airwaves i'm not at the pacific beach so it's silly just going into a store and leaving with a rap album. Just look at all the music that's not being obtained isn't anyone thanking God for his protection bring out the goods. Whatever it may be just don't look to trust yourself for wanting to own a copy of something going to that place alone sometimes it's difficult. I want to own something other than what I want even if it's selling it's about the miracle of hearing someone's talent and abilities, their looks and desire to be with you.

Maybe Miami Heat who just have the basketball championship ring and trophy because it looks cool but it's hard to win it's not easy. How about them has anyone been trying their luck with Mexican music it's not all about Latino's Tejano it's like a fever that cannot blow or end. I don't look down on them artists because they sound good but it's about time. Ace Hood, Ricky Ross and Future got on set and made a video making history and earning them some credit. Me I think the term "city" lost pazzaz when it tried to get hold of the new wave but is this going to get live and explode or is the wave going to take an offer it cannot refuse something about it doesn't sound right. Me I think Miami is still just like the Bad Boy movie it's portrayed well but can they leave it for the West Coast? Is this wave going to be get stuck of the realness see it's still just like juvenile hell.

Reality seems to indicate this co·los·sal reward so I doubt if I could branch far away from that genre this vibe really it's a lonely one. Taking us into the danger zone if anyone is interested in hearing them sing not too much else to add i'm not going to darken the spot I will leave it alone even if it went off. I am not going to accelerate the obvious fact that it cost to be the boss it's not obviously a missing fact everyone heard about it or talk wrongly about this track I cannot achieve that position but it rang a bell. I was leaving the parking lot one morning when someone nearly slammed into me i'm not going to get banged up or be involved in a car accident but if you heard otherwise I didn't buy anything. Finish line someone is upset it's that personal at times a friend explaining to you someone's rhymes like I give a f#@k. If anything all i'm asking for is more gas an opportunity to get down there not walk down stay down get high, move out but Shout Out is better it's just a stage and an audience. It's about time I heard someone understand where it all happen start it up and that's really South America.

There are bigger challenges flying over me even without a friend to pull me thru, winning is a sad tale just for champs.


Africa to grow 5.5% per annum, but risks remain

Zawya - Africa is now the world's fastest growing continent and is set to grow at more than 5.5% per annum for the foreseeable future, according to the latest report from the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group.

IN PICTURES: Pope blesses Rio Olympic flag



Asiana jet crash further tarnishes Korean carrier's safety record

Reuters - Asiana Airlines, the South Korean carrier whose Boeing 777 crashed while landing at San Francisco airport on Saturday, had been trying to clean up a tarnished safety record that included two other fatal crashes in its 25-year history.

Asiana says pilot of crashed plane was in training


The ultimatum

Morsi’s ouster spells trouble for region’s other Islamist movements

Egypt orders arrests of Muslim Brotherhood leaders as interim president takes office

In the past few days I have heard alot about the turmoil in egypt it's crazy I dunno how they can stand up all day long, how could someone survive this and still be able to oppose leadership of president.. I watch the protests only to second guess if something had indeed gone wrong I could see the protests chanting, throwing rocks, troops exercising readiness, a show of peace and a danger tone from revelations. Whether it's to oppose a person they put into office or if it was just to show how much power they can share with others is clearly a true lie. Likewise Egyptians are live from Tahrir-Square does anyone say anything they should allow the governor also to step down. I don't dislike their taste it's just goes to show how bad they are there as a result, I don't think it should be a final selection to see people like ousted deposed Mohamed Morsi being thrown around. But it happens on the other side yet nobody does anything to heal their wounds. That is not to worship the person(s) causing all the bloodshed and anger look inside. Sometime ago their new sworn president took office doesn't it worry you that extremists flock to the middle east when trouble persists. It just looks like their covering up a hate crime that has already caused a mess, I cannot return to the old days when we thought of them as our friends but only to ask I tell you the truth who controls the country is it God or the Devil? Obama expressed deep concern about the military takeover Wednesday, and he cautioned Egypt’s new rulers against acts of revenge or retribution.

What’s Arabic for Schadenfreude? Middle East Reacts to Morsi’s Ouster

An Elected President Has Been Deposed: Egypt’s Party Looks Premature

After Morsi’s Ousting, Egypt Swears in New President, Cracks Down on the Muslim Brotherhood


In Mandela, Obama Found a Beacon Who Inspired From Afar

President Obama, who has begun a weeklong trip to Africa, had been hoping to meet with the ailing Nelson Mandela, as he did in 2005, when he was a senator.

Propeller Gets $1.25M From A16z, ffAngel, Everyone Good Basically

Tech Crunch - Like a less-complex Appsify.me or a Testflight for normal people, Propeller aims to democratize the app store. When launched, Propeller will eventually let people who don’t know how to code build their own native, not HTML5, mobile apps.


Audi, Toyota duel headlines at Le Mans

Audi, Toyota duel headlines at Le Mans

The Legendary Jaguar D-Type Returns to Le Mans

Toyota racing earns Le Mans podium

Picture Special - We sent ace photographer JULIET LEMON out and about to lap up the magic of Le Mans with her camera lens. Among others she bumped into ...


With Germany up next, U.S. focused on making World Cup

WASHINGTON -- Along with all the double-decker buses and the crowds at the National Mall, the German soccer team went on a tour of the ...


The Lone Ranger: Featurette - Cowboy Boot Camp - Watch Latest Movie Trailers, Interviews, Clips and Videos

The Lone Ranger: Featurette - Cowboy Boot Camp - Watch Latest Movie Trailers, Interviews, Clips and Videos

Pakistan Female Fighter Pilot Wins Battle of Sexes


Status Update

Today, I am going to update my blog with this post before beginning the strike I would like to continue posting despite the feedback and obvious cash shortage as an entrepreneur with a life one should avoid anger so i'm here to tell you from experience that it's not going anywhere. While seated here I think the webpage has been a nice place to do share my interest for information technology things change it's a mad world without blog and stuff well I want to ask what you think about it now being offline? I haven't been able to find the time for it so post it notes my existence clever. So another post is just taking it back to basics however events in the media has painted a bad picture. Forced to rethink options no need to get loud everything is work I put these things together the goods but, I am able to see and highlight where i've already gone to it's sad to say two things cannot work for the benefit of one how obvious to me as a writer that I need to watch where I was going. It began one day I went to the Borders bookstore nearby a place I drive by to get to sometimes i'm not going to say what happened otherwise because it's a public place. I just had $20 so I wanted to grab some music and what I left with was something else nobody would bother obtaining but it came in a box with a compact disk inside.

I started to wonder why it happened why is it you cannot find work yet the media is full of violence and accidents and why is everything cheap, why everyone talking about their riches, their wealth but listen only place to go is outside I showed up at home it's a small world that evening stuck to my mind. Not only that i've tried not to loose any sleep over it all about communicating and attending college over the internet my life is just about being a webmaster here at home. That's all there is to do and since 2007 it's been all i've heard happen an interest for the Olympics i'm not getting rich but as the time goes by all there is to do is watch espn News. The only place there is to go is outside I don't want to ask anymore questions it's too boring but the news is full of rioters and all so I want to be kind and ask you to raise your IQ find something to do. It's as if the net is slowing down too silent it isn't like it used to because these things get sold and they break down "I can read between the lines" no use running a bad show. In another instance where I seem to be getting ignored by family members I suppose this has caused some turmoil if you ask someone the answer is just rude so I want to switch to celebrating.

I am going to have to find a way to communicate with god, I am going to have to accept certain feelings towards other humans, I am not going to see anyone anytime soon it was a good idea if you ask me, I am unable to talk about certain things especially the traditionalism anymore than I already have. I want to own land and become a farmer or the mafia hitman. I would like to have gain power thru american express start a family it's difficult staying out of these triangles etc, i'm going nowhere how about the threat level aren't you thankful. I would want to appear like the "bad apple" i'm not "evil" but it's madness I hope there wasn't a sign of where it could have happened.

But why all this clamour from looking at the riots people seem to just want to throw rocks at the police and get away with it since going to the police station I figure it's not going to take long for them to explain to bloggers something. So much bad publicity has created tension and on behalf of the people working here I just want to ask excuse me appologize about seeing the middle east go the way it has gone but only because of the media. It's not a long story but we all just continue reacting the way we have despite our anger and remorse and self-reproach the newspaper is not interesting place to box your opponents why not try acting with some intelligence some of them are good. So I feel the need to reflect with the sad news continue posting messages, responding to what has been happening.

Just don't do something it helps if you control yourself looking down at what everyone is talking about the conversation isn't possible because I cannot find something being a role mode even if the community turns it's back on these days is hard the walk is judged based on character lack of interest puts me nowhere closer than where i'm supposed to be going I cannot drop out moving on, hate don't dislike others because anything can happen. I am not a leader or anything I go to the stores and walk outta the club, please don't be upset about the money a computer only get's older with time value the family, friends, lessons learned I don't want to see a big crowd fighting let's be calm behave yourself with the little God has granted you. Don't become violent next to the camera and television reporter that's wrong. I just want to abide by the law even if whoever I know hates me justice our budget here at eoo-networkz isn't paying the bills my aim is to be a socialist, progressive, modernizing myself, the environment, keep up with the street tomorrow, work to achieve from hard work thereover, hereunder, whatever, whenever, whereever.

Slight fall in world's children without schools

bbc.co.uk - The global figure for the number of children without access to schools has fallen to 57 million, according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation.


Hay Festival 2013: Hans Blix: 'Some Iraqis think the war was my fault'

Telegraph - Swedish politician and diplomat Hans Blix talks to David Blair about being the only man who could have potentially prevented the Iraq War - but didn't.

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily

Exclusive: Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama article

Gaza gastronomy

A women's collective is serving up traditional homemade Palestinian dishes – with an authentic taste


Paris Jackson rushed to hospital after slitting wrist in suicide attempt: sources

Paris Jackson rushed to hospital after slitting wrist in suicide attempt: sources

Read more: go here


Assad says Syria received first S-300 shipment from Russia

Assad: We received 1st batch of Russian S-300 missiles

Israel says "checking" report Syria received Russian S-300

In interview with Al Manar, Syrian president says more shipments of S-300 anti-aircraft missiles will arrive soon; adds the Syrian government will not stop Syrian groups attacking Israel in order to liberate the Golan. read more

Israel says will act to prevent S-300 missile systems from becoming operational

Yori Antar: mbaru niang preservation, flores island, indonesia

A local architect has started a movement to preserve local building culture and tecniques, beginning with a almost-forgotten tied bamboo conical read more


Brazil's Neymar admits to nerves ahead of joining Barca

"What I feel are chills in my stomach," the gazelle-like forward said referring to his impending move before adding that the nerves would not distract him from the Confederations Cup.

The tournament being played in six cities in his home nation is a warm-up before Brazil hosts the World Cup finals next year. more

Fighting in Syria, Hezbollah charts risky course

The giant posters of Hezbollah fighters killed in Lebanon's wars with Israel still dot the picturesque landscape of southern Lebanon, the few remaining reminders of some of the epic battles that once made the Shiite guerrilla group and its leader Hassan Nasrallah heroes in the Arab world.


Jet diverted to Stansted after two passengers 'tried to storm' cockpit

Two men who tried to burst into the cockpit of Pakistan International Airlines flight from Lahore to Manchester Airport were in police custody last night.

Obama tackles Guantanamo, drones in security speech

France 24 - US President Barack Obama on Thursday announced plans to scale back US drone strikes against extremists abroad and launched a new bid to close the Guantanamo Bay military prison, in a major foreign policy speech after weeks of domestic scandals.

The Vixen Q&A: Somaya Reece Clashes With Rappers' Girlfriends, Denies Friendship With Kat Stacks And More

The Vixen Q&A: Somaya Reece Clashes With Rappers' Girlfriends, Denies Friendship With Kat Stacks And More


Sleek, Sexy, And Supportive! - Kim Kardashian: Official website

Sleek, Sexy, And Supportive! - Kim Kardashian: Official website

Liberace finally plays the Cannes Film Festival

USA Today - The flamboyant piano player comes to life in the Cannes competition film 'Behind the Candelabra' starring Michael Douglas and executive produced by Jerry Weintraub, who was a friend.

Egypt troops in Sinai sweep mistakenly hit funeral

go here

The 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - Premiere

Stars attend various premieres during the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. cont'd

Will Sky City in China Become the World’s Tallest Building?


Jodi Arias asks jurors to spare her life

CNN - Jodi Arias, after indicating she would ask a jury to sentence her to death after her murder conviction, instead pleaded that her life be spared Tuesday, saying she could teach people to read in prison and make a positive impact on inmates.


Harper waxes eloquent on the environment

With several dozen protesters outside the venue and a couple of probing questions from the floor about Canada's environmental record, Harper defended his regulatory approach to emissions reductions as the most …

Diani Beach wallpaper

Diani Beach wallpaper

24 hours before Mayweather vs. Guerrero



Facebook becomes police's new favorite weapon
Siemens cuts 2013 outlook amid weak industrial demand


Selena Gomez Rocks A Bikini In Miami

The 20-year-old former Disney star was spotted working on her tan with some pals, as they spent time around the pool on Saturday. Gomez donned a multi-colored cont'd.


A doctor for the poor

Michalis Charalampidis is unemployed, but still has lots of work to do. He volunteers as a crisis doctor in Thessaloniki, offering medical advice and treating the poor. The catch: they pay nothing and he earns nothing.


The making of a very Middle Class Monarch

The making of a very Middle Class Monarch

Read more: DailyMail


Emirates flies into 25th successive year of profit

Capital.co.ke - The Emirates Group has announced its 25th consecutive year of profit and company-wide growth ending the year in a strong position despite continuing high fuel prices and a weak global economic environment.

The group’s 2012-13 annual report shows the company posted an US$845 million net profit, up 34 percent from last year.


GOP's Perry 'welcomes' Obama to Texas

President Obama is headed back to Texas this week, and Republican governor Rick Perry and his people couldn't be happier about it.

When he visits Austin on Thursday, Obama "will find a state that has been very successful in creating jobs and a healthy state economy," Perry's office said in a statement.

Autopsy reveals Michael Jackson's secrets

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner returns to service in Ethiopia flight

An Ethiopian Airlines 787 Dreamliner has flown from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, the first commercial flight by the Boeing aircraft since all 787s were grounded in January.

Italian minister removed after a day for gay 'ghetto' comment

Italy's equal opportunities minister has been removed from her post only a day after being sworn in to the new government, after saying homosexuals invited discrimination by "ghettoising" themselves.


German police hope to use new spyware

German investigators are hoping to gain greater access to telecommunications data in order to combat terrorism. But there is controversy over the spyware they want to use to keep tabs on private computers.

German fighters in Syria raise red flags at home

DW - Germans are fighting alongside Syrian rebels against their common enemy, Bashar al-Assad. Security officials in Germany worry that the fighters will return as terrorists. But can they accurately be termed "jihadis"?

The German chancellor's Polish roots

The family tree of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has caused excitement in Poland. Her grandfather Ludwig Kazmierczak was Polish, and fought against the Germans in World War I.


Dutch Queen Beatrix abdicates in favour of son

BBC - Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicates in favour of her son Prince Willem-Alexander - an event being celebrated across the nation. Netherlands' Queen Beatrix gives farewell speech Netherlands welcomes first king in 120 years


FBI agents search Rhode Island home of Boston bomber's widow and 'take sample of her DNA after that of a woman is found on one of the devices'

FBI agents search Rhode Island home of Boston bomber's widow and 'take sample of her DNA after that of a woman is found on one of the devices'
Read more: link

Brazil telecoms hang on to profits as sales stagnate

SAO PAULO - (Reuters) - Brazilian phone companies relied on cost cutting and data-hungry cellphone plans to maintain profitability in the first quarter as quickening inflation and a saturated mobile market slowed sales growth to a trickle, according to a Reuters poll of analysts.


Older Boston bombing suspect spoke of "jihad" with mother: report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The older suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings spoke to his mother about "jihad" in a 2011 phone call secretly recorded by Russian officials, CBS News reported on Saturday.
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Rant about Boston

Since the authorities have apprehended the people who did this I just wanted to add my dime and nickle, to explain how I came around to finding this from CNN. I heard something about the incident but didn't know where it happened until I switched on the computer. It's in the afternoon and I normally get these kinds of alarming news segments unofficially online, so the television may have been on but the story caught my attention. What you see is people running but where are the bystanders I am supposing the marathon comes on normally like a suprise to those who watch extreme sports or are tuned into major networks. The tv is everywhere I was traveling and watching Fox a major network which is sometimes the first place I come to locally. The level of trust can be alarming because I am told certain things and certain things happen in my life that I cannot control but they still strike me by suprise who and what may have happened is none of my business and regardless of whether it's silent here in Texas accidents happen there is just no explaining where they are going to happen next and what we are to do about it the response and so forth. I want to say that bystanders have a responsibility to intervene you maybe don't want to become a statistic but from the looks of the explosive device used I wouldn't challenge a terrorist from the far east with credentials and right in front of various flags it's like illiteracy came to a climax and media frenzy we all just gave into the news feed immediately. I am not a psychologist but I heard about Facebook and was even warned by someone not to post anything regarding the incident, I find the level of information i'm receiving disturbing because I know for a fact there was something relating to me a pressure cooker and the face of a madman out to paint a clear picture of where the next problem and/or trouble is going to lead to. I am not in control of my finances so perhaps it's a professional hitman out to boost his ego because if you think about it controlling the situation is what that dude did for a number of days. His family may have been asked to step outside and speak to the media but what about the citizens and the way they reacted post information time and press briefing. At the white house press briefing Jay Carey appears to be the only person leading us into the fiasco. So i'm just throwing guesses because the suspected person(s) involved were two brothers I had a brother but he's not here to explain why he hasn't been speaking to us. Are we living in some kind of German tank where America is the wide load? Jay-z visit to Cuba. A NYTimes article asks if we as citizens of the U.S need to respond if a crime has been committed I believe not because in a city like Boston where stuff happens all the time, the entire country kinda expected it to happen I make mistakes all the time but I suppose it's not because of my status and knowledge of terrorism. The city is at fault and no matter what you tell me I stepped into a troubled situation the Boston marathon should have been stopped or something should have been done to curve the ball. Sometimes while driving I ran into a traffic stop and everything appears fine but turning to the right and I see a smoke flare and there was a car moving fast away from me. The brand of car I don't want to name but they were right in front of me a very serious situation because I can see a police woman and she is trying to control the situation, I didn't see the MLK special on CNN but I think it had something to do with the level of inscience and unscholarliness, again I am only speaking in regards to my safety and the destination I was traveling to that morning it's not funny. I missed how they said he was gunned down and to tell the truth I could see the entire thing taking shape with the dreaming and everything life just switched off into number one. If asked Have you ever been a bystander when somebody has gotten hurt, either physically or verbally? What did you do? Why did you make that decision? I didn't sit down but we live right next to the border and everything stops when your indoors as soon as you step into a store to buy something it's usually not with a person you dunno it's with a person who is getting paid more than you. So it's perhaps about the paycheck but how dangerous is it going to get with all the festivals and culture events shaping our lives why bother a baseball game make it there. Psychologically I attended college courses regarding this matter and I feel like the president is trying to say leave the girls alone but the situation room is ringing it on I don't want to lie and say I wouldn't fail but just because I tried does mean I am going to fail at something. I try to reach out to speak to women about stuff all the time it doesn't work, they appear to be bored with men and out of their minds some are friendly but others are a challenge conversations happening together in secret. I cannot be involved with anyone in that part of the world because they didn't do what they were supposed to do which is protect the visitors at the event, but I am supposing it's because of a simple blame game between the Olympic committee and the city itself try and find them on CNN you notice they continue to speak to us like we are tourists with money. I don't want to work there but if they hire me i'm going to keep my eyes open because it's obvious they are gunning down people for no reason. I'm at college and finding out about gangsters sitting down and taking it from politicians but why, on this blog I have mentioned the incident it wasn't all that bothersome until I recall hearing some sad news. I was on my way to the terminal and the news camera's are sometimes over inside there interviewing people I guess to find the right choice of words we have been brought to a point of no return and America cannot turn away from the smoke. I witnessed the incident and said I don't believe it I don't care if they apprehended the suspects if this never happened would we even know? I know when I should get involved and that is when it's said and done with. I cannot offer my help so I just want to send my condolences to the family of this young man who i'm told took his life the day after the bombing in Boston. Anytime you are pushed to follow others it's always appropriate to leave the arguing divert the problem leave the situation, I don't think it's about terrorism but peer pressure and showing off, so long for the air, wind and gas money. I had called Brooklyn east but something took place in Boston, I got a call from Canada but something happened in Boston, London, Paris, Budapest it's all familiar soon as this ends perhaps those kids come to their senses.