Director Barry Jenkins and Actress Naomie Harris on 'Moonlight'

'Director Barry Jenkins and actress Naomie Harris join us to discuss their film, Moonlight cont'd.

Pop Star Yuna On Working with Usher, Wearing a Hijab, and Being a Feminist

Right, say her millions of fans worldwide, including celebrity admirers like Gigi Hadid and The Roots. They've made her new album Chapters a global success, pushed her single Crush into Billboard's Top 10 slot, and voted her into MTV award shows. And now, they're showing up in droves for her first-ever world tour.

Downtown Dallas: A Turnaround Built on Parks, Arts, and People - Urban Land Magazine

Downtown Dallas: A Turnaround Built on Parks, Arts, and People - Urban Land Magazine: Converting offices to residences—and creating valuable parkland—helped lure people and development back to the urban core.


The Next Great Recession is HERE. The Next President Doesn't Matter - They Can't Save You. You Need CASH

In a few short months, no matter who the President is, the US economy is going to implode. There is too much global chaos in the financial markets (more below) and our banking policy over the last 20 years has left the government no way to correct things.


Status Update

Nothing much to add i've been offline for a long time, I hope things are going well in here. It's Fall I just left our local mall where I went inside the Parks Mall to look around the theater see if a certain movie was playing, but there's nobody standing in line so I left. I'm usually the one attempting to look for stuff to purchase I wanted something. I wanted to watch a movie but I wasn't dressed for it, i'm confused and I have doubts about what I need to do about it just happened awhile ago. I work Monday thru Friday you can find me on Facebook let's chat despite disliking work, the blog is doing fine after I erased several of them so now only left with three easy job. Also my prayers go out to the people of Thailand who just lost King Bhumibol at Sriraj hospital. Thailand mourns their King may he rest in peace, more information here. The government has declared a year of official mourning and asked the people to avoid "joyful" activities for 30 days. The world's longest-reigning monarch died in Bangkok on October 13. He had been in poor health in recent years but his death still shocked the nation of 68 million who openly expressed their grief. I'm not a Thai but being in Bangkok and witnessing it left me feeling the pain of their loss. Quote from Haslinda Amin Facebook page


The sneakerboot sector is rapidly expanding, due in part to a number of brands gearing up for the oncoming winter in the Northern Hemisphere. New Balance have made their most adventurous move yet with the Niobium Boot.




Why Jacque Maribe Is President Uhuru's Favourite Journalist

Kenyans - President Uhuru Kenyatta was on Tuesday inadvertently caught on camera admitting that Citizen TV political affairs reporter Jacque Maribe was his favourite journalist.


USS Benfold Hosts Warfare Tactics Instructor during Valiant Shield 2016

USS Benfold Hosts Warfare Tactics Instructor during Valiant Shield 2016: A warfare tactics instructor embarked USS Benfold (DDG 65)during Valiant Shield 2016, a biennial, joint-training field exercise.

U.S. Navy ship targeted in failed missile attack from Yemen: U.S. link


DP William Ruto Sues Boniface Mwangi Over Twitter Message

Kenyans - Deputy President William Ruto on Friday finally filed a defamation suit against human rights activist Boniface Mwangi.


Hot Chicks Love Fast Cars

Hot chicks have always had a love for fast cars. If you don’t believe us then just check out the videos below featuring a few of the sexiest chicks alive riding shotgun in speeding car

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