Kenya Airways Reports Second-Half Loss as Attacks Scare Visitors

Bloomberg - Kenya Airways Ltd., sub-Saharan Africa's third-biggest carrier, posted a second-half loss after attacks by Islamist militants in the country and a ...


UN Environment Assembly Meeting Kicks Off in Nairobi

Ethiopia Government - The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) meeting kicked off (June 26, 2014) in Nairobi. More than 1 300 high level participants, ministers, chief justices, economists and civil society leaders from around the more


2014 Fifa World Cup: Where are the 12 host stadiums in Brazil?

BBC Sport - From the Amazon basin in the north to the banks of the River Guaiba in the south, 12 stadiums across Brazil will play host to matches at next summer's World Cup.

Danger Pay and Immunity for SF Headed To Iraq | Military.com

Danger Pay and Immunity for SF Headed To Iraq | Military.com


Sao Paulo protest turns violent as World Cup game ends

Reuters - A street demonstration in Brazil's biggest city ended in violence on Thursday as anti-government protesters vandalized cars and banks and police responded with tear gas.


America Spends More On Military Than the Other Top 10 Countries Combined

$682 billion. 39% of global military spending. More than the entire GDP of Norway. article

A Militant Group Rears Its Head in Kenya Again

Time Magazine - The country becoming breeding ground for al-Shabab

I wasn't looking forward to seeing a Kenyan bending working at the farm but the media isn't asking questions like they used to in a formidable fashion, they have instead found old adversaries people to plagiarize and write these articles on the web. Just look at the news what is the person typing as the news headline speeds across the television. What could they be imagining or thinking? what kind of job is that their doing. Just doing that typing start thru a hidden agenda for the listener onlooker am I a part of the audience. I was looking at the news which appears to taking everyone by surprise who is going to believe such a headline? why all this acting about movie making at a time when the millennium was driven it came it's now gone. What is all this about the high cost of hosting a sporting event not even about commercials those women? listen to the rain when is it going to return? ok look at Malaysia aren't they confused unlike the Japanese. Who is going to help the Chinese? what is God going to do are the departing passengers upset over what people think about carrying notebooks? why share your hatred towards a Islam but they own businesses and live large? was that really the London based branch of Al-Qaeda and why the Boston bomber trial move to Washington, DC? are you listening the poverty level is making noises which I sometimes cannot comprehend I wasn't interested but watch Amistad they are several am not going to buy anything i'm just talking here.

50 Cent Weighs In On T.I., Floyd Mayweather Altercation Via Instagram

Hiphop DX - 50 Cent makes light of the situation in fake phone call to his former business partner.

Status Updated

The blog is doing okay nothing special to say because it's been some time since I last said something, the World Cup in Brazil started this past week so whatever happens after it's over will determine the future and look of things. So far I've been meeting old friends I didn't know what to say at first it just seem like nobody really care what happens anymore after you faulted another human being but human rights matters in case you didn't know. I don't know where your going, where your taking it, what you could be talking about, why your doing what your doing, from the look of it life was a lot better before I realized it was raining and i'm walking home I notice all these people shutting down the whole block with their mentality, skill, new ideology and finesse, i'm talking about the trendsetter mentality. The borough this is where it's from, someone doing wrong thinking I don't know and cannot mention it, I just heard a foul song the lyrics extreme but we all just ignore the warning because we like to get to where we're going it's unattractive. I just hope your not talking to me because i'm not a retard I can read between the lines. So much hard work gone to waste with people in the newspapers taking lives as you try to accomplish what appears to be real goals, real achievements you people are wild, take it easy.


Facebook Rants of Interest

I Obtained these excerpts from certain Facebook followers people following Kenyas Uhuru Kenyatta please read:

A lot has been said about the mistreatment of individuals who appear to be against the Americans. Sometimes though I have to blame the Israel nation because they have ignored human rights meanwhile at the cost of students who attend school with very little money. Just because your an immigrant in another nation trying to make it for instance helping your family with the bills, working for a fortune 500 company, trusting the law enforcement in that particular nation to see your point of view, I just suggest you know your rights don't expect to be liked because your country is giving out promises such as land etc. If anything Israel will take the blame even if it means misrepresenting their stance at the united nations, I for instance was arrested because I keep my mouth shut as people get jobs and are offered opportunities in higher learning environments. So I just know there are people especially in the middle east who don't like Israel because they have land which they don't want to share instead they show it off and hope that someone such as Nicholas Sarkozy the former French president can listen to them. Politicians aren't concerned about the welfare of any government they just laugh and make the news. Help me as well as others look into those in Israel for answers it's about individual achievement sometimes factor in deciding which nation should get anything at all. I hope the world bank is listening switch topic just don't look like they care about the welfare of arab settlements in Israel land.

Uhuru Kenyatta's statement on Mpeketoni killings unfortunate, says Raila Odinga

CORD co-principal Raila Odinga. He has faulted President Uhuru Kenyatta's remarks on Mpeketoni, terming them unfortunate.

Read More: http://t.co/0T5zzR1o2e



Today I came across a tweet posted on @Royceda59 about Massive Challenge: Road to Total Slaughter Profile @watchLOUD


Wake up 2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup Diary The 2014 world cup starts tomorrow meanwhile a few news sources have been portraying Ultra violence just before the start of the sporting event. I am at home and looking to watch this on live television unlike the last World Cup which took place in South Africa. The threat of disruption or hooliganism during the event in Brazil didn't hide the fact that some have to be told they weren't at all important, furthermore the high cost to attend those sports matchups increasing. So even if you have pride because of the fact your country is going to play soccer is a fun sport to play and watch are fans ready? The media haven't left any headlines unread, for likewise instances from before when there was an oil spill which happened off the coast of Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina, London Olympic, the air traffic before/after the events in Great Britain etc.

I usually notice stuff prices going up I hardly ever leave with something I intend to use but it wasn't about security threat that brought police an/or spies to second guess what could go wrong on live television, before South Africa. But in fact many things did happen what else could they have done to make it better for visitors I heard enough incidentally the Opening ceremony wasn't shown so I missed something. Please tune into watch the 2014 World Cup as it started who will play, who will win, what will happened? it looks hard from the look of it. Singularly, no misconceptions bringing in tourists to Brazil I never been there my first few encounters of the sporting event venues takes it's own course suddenly leaving the prostitution and poor to fend for themselves.

Sometime it's the technology which makes me forget about the stadiums, since I can remember the soccer teams entering the stadium kind of took away the attention for the looser. It's going to happen during the nighttime, there's hardly going to be any pain if you choose to travel there so the recap for the World Cup will be repeated hopefully just like the Winter games from Sochi Russia. I am not a rich millionaire but I just gave someone $100s to host a party for this event back home in Kenya leaving us penny less. I am not stupid I wouldn't know what happens in South Africa but definitely let's thank Pele and their government for letting it happen again in 91 Brazil.

Events like these normally leave you without much do say or do but lately it's been breaking bad just looking at the riots and bickering. The shows must go on so not to tarnish or trash the event i'm talking about professionals having to travel to exotic places to share with the world cup host real sportsmanship. Brazilians normally take doing things their way even if it's putting a single player on the hot seat of course, just like Golf whenever you have sometimes just a few players playing golf searching for golf balls. Nobody knowingly cares about what brought these tourists to Brazil, who they are, what they are going to do etc but the Lord may definitely shows them love for paying up.

On television, newspapers, magazines, interview sessions and on the field. The coaches have been waiting to play so going outside is definitely going to bring back memories & leave a mark on your finances. As usual whatever, whoever is in charge of FIFA as a rule players such as Michel Platini and the Nations. Let's just say the World cup is really an incredible sport to play sight to witness. Although changes happen i'm going to follow as many games as possible, despite the entertainments from Brazil taking matters to a whole another level subsequently the substitutes, prostitutes and gangster villains posing a threat of violence at the maximum. Go ahead ask if i'm interested to play you in this game? since Rio De Janeiro has disco to Bodega.

Kenya’s Kim Kardashian Vera Sidika Sparks Outrage with Admission of Skin Bleaching – Video

There’s a new beauty trend catching on in Africa, especially among female glamor models, video vixens, and socialites. A few days ago, Kenya’s very own Kim Kardashian, named Vera Sidika, went on the record with an admission that she’s had skin bleaching.

Brazil leader defends World Cup in speech

Yahoo Sports - Brazil's president took to the prime-time airwaves Tuesday night to deliver a pre-recorded speech in which she tried to rally the nation behind the World Cup, an event that has stoked countless protests from those angered by the billions spent on the event opening this week. President Dilma Rousseff rebuked the ''pessimists'' against the Cup, saying they've already lost. She called on all Brazilians to support the national team regardless of their political persuasion or whether they fully agree with the nation hosting the event. An Associated Press investigation earlier this year found that big construction firms responsible for building the bulk of the stadiums, roads and other works had dramatically increased their campaign contributions since Brazil was named as the host of this year's Cup.

AD CAMPAIGN: Tarun Nijjer for Burberry, Fall/Winter 2014

Models: Cara Delevingne (Women), Malaika Firth (New York) & Tarun Nijjer (d1 Models London)
Ad Campaign: Burberry, Fall/Winter 2014
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Elliot Smedley
Hair: Unknown
Makeup: Unknown

Source: marc10 @ tfs


Airlines show gains in traffic, key revenue figure

American and Southwest report increases in May traffic; key revenue figure on the rise click here

Seven firms resume night travel

Daily Nation - Seven bus companies have been allowed to resume night passenger transport after they attained the compliance levels for public service vehicles.


Upon his return, Raila has unveiled ‘wedge strategy’

Daily Nation -
Upon his return, Raila has unveiled Cord’s “wedge strategy” reminiscent of the hard-nosed wedge politics of the 2005-2007 period.

In returning to wedge politics, Raila seems to have rejected the idea of building Cord into a “royal opposition” as a government-in-waiting and offer alternative policies and visions of power within Parliament. Instead, it has embraced the idea of a “rogue opposition” challenging Jubilee power on the streets through mass protests as the surest pathway to power before or by 2017.

Cord’s new wedge politics is preying on existing tensions, divisive issues and social grievances such as national security, crime, ethnicity, poverty, corruption and the war against al-Shabaab in Somalia to galvanise support.

By returning to wedge politics, ODM hopes to reassert Raila’s intellectual and political leadership of the opposition. It also expects to split Jubilee apart, leading to a “revolution” or ensuring that Uhuru Kenyatta becomes a one-term President and winning the 2017 election.

Well before the general election many politicians formed coalitions that appeared to be innovative moving the country forward but often ending up being foiled or put off like joker. Because of what the Kenyan leader at the time did to enter into office I thought it was a game at first, constantly worried about making ends meet when really they already insulted Cord members by sending them stolen ballot boxes plenty of wrong mistakes about respect. For instance when the cabinet reshuffling happened and everyone thought politicians had all the power parties we're the next best thing winning is. After arriving back to America returning from travel before leaving BBC shed some light about Cord it was during Katrina that I scheduled an escape. So I left America to go back into Africa thru Europe in 2005 then indeed I noticed DW-TV talks on Quadriga about the future of these seldom heard of winners in the Kenyan politics, of course it was danger finding this kind of news but since I don't attend rallies where else but from Germany. I learned about the nice homes I could build the lucrative episode financially I could have ended up outside and perhaps even thrown some dollars to help get the losses back I tried to understand my sanity for democracy in Europe final. But I don't know who exactly what I was looking at or talking about, it's like a strategy which makes and places your livelihood with friends in jeopardy. I noticed the spotlight pointing towards TNA now when really things didn't appear that way when I left home. But people sometimes forget when asked about who the screen really belonged to the Blackwood, Hollywood or Bollywood inside truths outside assumption it sounded cool at first but now I am beginning to believe it's a cheap ticket back to fool another famous politician to like celebrity status in/out of office. I paid attention but only granted I could be given a second choice Americans buy and sell stocks yet don't understand how to go about obtaining and selling what they buy. I notice familiar faces wearing shiny suit talking from back home, it was then that I realized some politicians were just ignorant about their welfare and didn't really care what they said because all they want is to scapegoat and take power. To some it appears like there's control but whoever is controlling it does want to share his/her sentiments often in public on stage with the audience. So if at all your unable to remove your name from the list of hacked individuals then your luck has run out, it's in the news and all over the newspaper i'm talking about putting someone's business out there without first asking them if it's okay it doesn't happen by accident.


daniel libeskind's 60-storey century spire in manila breaks ground

construction is underway in manila at the site of the daniel libeskind designed ‘century spire‘, a 60-storey mixed-use tower.


Chinese govt urging banks to remove IBM servers: Report

ZD Net - Summary: The Chinese government is urging its domestic banks to replace high-end IBM servers with locally-manufactured servers in the wake of the US-Chinese hacking scandal, according to a report by Bloomberg.

Brazilian government hit by cyberattack

ZD Net - Summary: Internal communications platform has been targeted by hackers.