End of Combat Mission

Last night combat brigade rolled/withdraw from Iraq into Kuwait end of operation iraq freedom 7 yrs 5 months longer than World War 2. Secrecy at night 50,000 $1 trillion no longer american war. Is this the end? combat troops yes the war isn't really over rebranded helping iraq transition 2100 people take on military functions buying car equipment. What kinda day? for the troops know because if staying will be deployed to Afghanistan problems Shiite Sunni can the Iraq do it. I am watching the situation room now and they are leaving only a number on ground thousands working at the embassy continue in different form just changing relationship of the combat morale.


'Anti-Facebook' eyes launch date

An open alternative to Facebook will be launched on the 15 September, the developers of the Diaspora project say.

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10 things pres Obama must do in 10 weeks

President Obama is facing criticism that his message has gone off track at a crucial time for his party and administration. With the midterm elections just 10 weeks away, the president's approval ratings are at their lowest.



So as I was looking at the calendar there are still some few weeks left until the Summer officially ends. While i'm seated here at my computer I realize the XP computer is asking for upgrades. It's a kind of mess but I am able to listen to new music without creating anything. Just radio I feel the vibes where is it all going are you interested because i'm here listening to new music and dunno if I should be carrying on without mentioning these artists; people you and I know their videos are on television I just don't want to sit here alone. How I found out about the fires from Russia, I was sorta suprised because I didn't know about their number one search engine Yandex. President visit to the United States appearing on the evening news if you didn't notice. Facebook is taking up most of my social time making me change around privacy settings instead of showing concern for my climate.

Top 10 best digital compacts: ultra-compact cameras

Big zooms, massive sensors and manual controls are all very well, but sometimes the most important thing of all is to have a digital camera you can fit in your pocket

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Poll: One In Five Americans Incorrectly Call Obama Muslim

The survey, conducted by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center and its affiliated Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, is based on interviews conducted before the controversy over whether Muslims should be permitted to construct a mosque near the World Trade Center site.

Inside Soccer City Johannesburg

as the main stadium for the 2010 world cup, soccer city in johannesburg played host to the opening ceremonies, a number of matches and the final game. designboom was given a personal tour of the facility by gavin tucker, senior architect with boogertman and partners, the design firm behind the project.


Rap Retirement Plans

One writer looks at the hypocrisy and impulse rappers use to wave retirement. Does it say something about them, or about the yearning for appreciation that 2010 Hip Hop yields?


Taylor Swift bowls 'em over in Arlington

Taylor Swift bested Justin Bieber to secure a spot in ... the International Bowling Museum?!


Rihanna featuring Eminem 'Love the way you lie'

Hellow Yellow!: Rihanna featuring Eminem 'Love the way you lie' of...: "In the words of the great Lady Gaga: THIS LEFT ME SPEECHLESSSSSSS! You know, when I first saw the pics from the photo-shooting last week I..."

Browser 'Privacy Modes' Not So Private After All

All the major web browsers have a privacy mode that's supposed to cover a user's tracks after he or she finishes an Internet session, but a trio of researchers have found those modes fail to purge all traces of a Net ...


So you wanna be a Test Kitchen intern.... Meet Joe Moon

Whoever likes eating at their favorite restaurant know that i've been munching alot lately dunno whay maybe it's because my mom's b-day was last month and i've wasn't able to purchase anything. Since last month I went to the movies once and couldn't get around much besides going to my uncle's to drop off some luggage. Before seeing Karate Kid I was at the store grabbing a t-shirt you know and trying to get into the club. This however didn't work I am short of money nowdays because my hours have been reduced and i'm hating cause I don't have got a nice ride.

So you wanna be a Test Kitchen intern.... Meet Joe Moon


Innovators gather for 'techonomic' summit

Google and Hewlett-Packard are just two of the companies represented at the inaugural Techonomy conference, which is taking place near Lake Tahoe and is focused on the economic power of innovation cont'd.


Cheap ticket

Spirit airlines have never been on this airline but after seeing that ceo selling/buying a cheap ticket speak to the media i'm asking myself why I don't travel as much as I should. With innovations such as this new Tesla roadster are consumers going to take the risk of speeding through past the counter to a gas/electric powered automobile? if you've ever been to the port you often have to ask for the rental counter a local airport isn't going to offer you the amenities a large hub provides. What's next for these new inventions and brand names which never existed. You can try finding where your going, nowdays getting from point A to B isn't as simple as you would think. I've been asked to go help take a car for repairs but couldn't find the address because of my decision not to take a map. A map is good but the gps is very expensive. It's the cost that always takes precedent over the service i'm only looking for my destination. How many are out there driving for miles unable to arrive on time? i'm certain that whoever got their travel arrangements taken care of it certainly would never be me. I see the point the ceo is trying to make putting everything into a bundle and offering the viewer a rough estimate, it's just hard to interpret over the counter companies. What do I see it's the competition taking most of the space, citizens need to unite against thses sorts of privileges that nobody bearly knows how to do.


Google: The search party is over

Yes, the company is still growing at rates that would be the envy of the rest of the Fortune 500. But its core business is slowing, its stock is down, its Android mobile platform generates scant revenue, and competition (hello, Facebook) is fierce. Can Google find its footing in this brave new world?


An Influx of leadership

How is everybody doing i've so far started to keep track of stocks on my homepage, this is risky because bloomberg tv is already doing that you get the idea surf to it check out my biz and begin guessing about the kinda organization i'm offering biz clients.

Right now the amount of ideas is overflowing I noticed the numb brain freeze which was a cause of me getting others to help me. The obvious is they went as fas as repairing this old computer system, i'm no repair man I just doubt if I can do without an Apple computer. Have you been to the store and seen their display? if I could afford it my leadership credentials could help focus. The Kindle is available and I seem to think the small sized biz concept is getting plenty of buzz.

What next for me it's to continue screaming about a webhost, it certainly isn't easier the cost is perhaps never going to get paid for. I just intend to lay low, keep a tab and balance the budget my bank has been recently bought over. This puts leadership behind and focus in front where I see this ending up is really at the office. As a lawyer may get fired but he/she is capable of using language that is far much more better for you instead of you drowning. I do intend to make personal progress I am entitled to complete my learning. I needed to explain to everyone why I believed in seeing the freedom writers movie.

Microsoft issues 'critical' patch for shortcut bug

Parking Lot Pimping: The Funkmaster Flex Car Show from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

Cybersecurity: Your Guide to Protecting Yourself Online

Microsoft has issued a "critical" security update to fix a flaw in the way Windows handles shortcuts.