Cheap ticket

Spirit airlines have never been on this airline but after seeing that ceo selling/buying a cheap ticket speak to the media i'm asking myself why I don't travel as much as I should. With innovations such as this new Tesla roadster are consumers going to take the risk of speeding through past the counter to a gas/electric powered automobile? if you've ever been to the port you often have to ask for the rental counter a local airport isn't going to offer you the amenities a large hub provides. What's next for these new inventions and brand names which never existed. You can try finding where your going, nowdays getting from point A to B isn't as simple as you would think. I've been asked to go help take a car for repairs but couldn't find the address because of my decision not to take a map. A map is good but the gps is very expensive. It's the cost that always takes precedent over the service i'm only looking for my destination. How many are out there driving for miles unable to arrive on time? i'm certain that whoever got their travel arrangements taken care of it certainly would never be me. I see the point the ceo is trying to make putting everything into a bundle and offering the viewer a rough estimate, it's just hard to interpret over the counter companies. What do I see it's the competition taking most of the space, citizens need to unite against thses sorts of privileges that nobody bearly knows how to do.

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