Dear Forbes: This Is Why Iggy Azalea Doesn't 'Run' Hip-Hop

Huffington Post - The Internet is currently on fire following a piece on Forbes that was initially titled "Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman" but was changed after the backlash forced Forbes to realize what an absurd claim they were making.

LE$ – Formula 1

LE$ – Formula 1


#YesAllWomen: Rebecca Solnit on the Santa Barbara Massacre & Viral Response to Misogynist Violence

#YesAllWomen: Rebecca Solnit on the Santa Barbara Massacre & Viral Response to Misogynist Violence

Apple CEO Tim Cook's letter to employees announcing Beats deal


Times of India

The Apple deal to purchase beats looks good I mean they're making Dr.Dre a Billionaire so I consider him to be a wizard of the hip-hop music industry, a lucky chap there is maybe nobody else in the industry with this kind of money Apple is spending $3 billion to purchase Beats Music and Beats Electronics. No matter where you are sometimes change takes the better part our mindset and it doesn't matter who you know people are going to be people. So even if this does make Dr.Dre a rich billionaire we all know what this sounds like, I enjoy listening to music and no matter who I listen to or am asked to tune into I cannot do what Apple has done to make technology what it is today. I could be arriving/departing my lifestyle doesn't have much to do with how music should sound I just watch the news and figure doing what I can to make ends meet, getting rich from someone else isn't what i'm able to do because I don't consider the luxury lifestyle funny. I was flying into Houston and listening to some Japanese music and who cares what could be happening to the things i've done to make others upset, I think your entertainment could be about settling grievances but at this time arriving safely is all I care about. As soon as I am finished listening to something I wouldn't care what was going to happen because I don't like to find stuff missing and i'm sure you don't either. People who rob others make our culture look terrible so if you aren't very interested in money but instead care about clearing the bar struggle by traveling and opening to foreigners. I first discovered iTunes in my apartment while attending University I considered their advertisement appealing but before long Rolex took over, after this silent challenge to try understanding religion and why politics mattered I realized all executives want is to loose focus and confuse others. Today all you ever hear about are the corporate take overs and antitrust lawsuits but none of it is creating a difference so it's good Apple acquire Beats Electronic because nobody knows where Interscope came up with the money. Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre will join Apple okay I haven't seen anyone asking exactly who these people are? and where they came up with the idea? where they're going to take entertainment? it's busy i'm looking to buckle up instead of getting out there to spend $1000 on furniture and nice things. I no longer attend school but thieves are getting away with my idea, time to partition split it evenly break it all down follow the leader. Something happened people get fired and given the cold shoulder someone had to have taken something.

Apple buying Beats for $3 billion

CNN - Apple is officially buying Beats for $3 billion, just shy of the rumored price leaked a few weeks ago, the companies announced Wednesday.


Rita Ora Teams Up With Adidas

I would like to share this article with you it's about Rita Ora the British chanteuse speaking about her shoe game from Cannes Film Festival in France. I am a fan of the sneaker ce they start to get old I start to ask why I even bother wearing them to work because I do recall loosing a pair soon afterwards I notice my co-worker wearing a pair. I however never bothered to ask why I guess they are sold at the Chinese stock market in large numbers because you don't know why people buy them, where they've been boots probably do a better job but people just think because you've got them they can carry you anywhere and everywhere. Aren't Chinese people big sneaker fans take a look at Malaysia they're always on television I doubt if my relation to their style appeals to people like me with ambition. I obtained my first pair while in Kenya maybe go to give them one more try but until I can do that i'm not going to look at someone's feet because design is hard you know? it's about understanding what exactly Adidas headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany requires from consumers. I have found other brands which don't boast about their quality Adidas sounds good & appears trendy for several reasons I regret wearing them try Fila because the sports athletes who wear their shoes get wronged by the media, it's like obtaining a something worthless after I've wasted my money on something else Adidas isn't going to hire their going to continue selling the same classic pair of shoes no matter what it isn't going to wear out the journey either begins or ends inside an Asia part of the world a place many people don't see called sweat shop. Please don't tell the problems affecting this company they just sound cool but it putting visitors thru so much I just had to look at them and post something on this blog i'm going to ask someone to obtain them for me nevertheless try Lacoste.


Ottawa probes GM ignition switch complaints

Globe and Mail - The fatalities, crashes and recall of about 2.6 million vehicles arising from the failure of ignition switches in such GM vehicles as Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion compact cars, have led to lawsuits in both Canada and the United States, a $35-million (U.S.) fine levied against the auto maker by the U.S. government and promises that the company will change the way it addresses safety issues.


The hopes of North Korea’s ‘Black Market Generation’

Hillary Clinton encourages people to think she’s hiding something

Floyd Mayweather Reveals What Started the Conflict Between Himself and T.I.

Floyd Mayweather Reveals What Started the Conflict Between Himself and T.I. http://cmplx.it/1khPcZl

Kenya enacting new regulations to control use of petroleum revenues

The government is set to enact laws to regulate use of petroleum revenues following continued oil discoveries in the country.

National Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich said the new regime would prevent oil incomes being used for items such as public sector wages.

More: Mounting calamities an indication that Kenyans need to pray



Greets, it's been awhile since we last talked the blog is taking up so much of my time. It's morning here in Texas I am at home still but having very poor luck with getting what I want from others, sitting down at the computer now there isn't much else to tell someone because i'm unable to help them as the day begins and ends. Since last week I have been listening to the radio but it's not like i'm interested in always publishing blog entries but I went to look for work. It turns out I was at home I don't know what made me do it but I called this company to ask if they were hiring? so they told me they were but it's over the phone. So I left home to drive but as soon as I arrived i'm going inside the building and their talking about something so I decided to tell people on this page how difficult it's become controlling egos. I however didn't talk because I was entering the elevator and unable to cancel the help I've received from my mom since she's asked that I go get some petrol. It was early in the week I am sitting down trying to begin my week when all of a sudden we're walking around Wal-Mart and i'm looking for deodorant and soap to take home, this one lady she has her back turned towards the isle as i'm assisting her to picking up something she's dropped. I was unable to stop from asking if I could go get something from the store I was told the gas I was using wasn't right but I ignored the comment and just tried to think it wasn't such a problem. I had been at home when a man knocked on the door to tell me I didn't couldn't work for a living since I don't have money I just agreed and turned my computer on which is in the office, I often have to apply for jobs some decide to call and I answer but it's not important mentioning here because their not serious. So the man called me to speak to me I responded by asking if they have jobs? they said they hired a company to do it for them, so I had to leave in a hurry to go outside to take mom to the bank. But as I was outside waiting in the car there's traffic going past I begin to think how long I've lived in this city it's almost 18 yrs and nothing has changed, someone exiting the bank it's beginning to get old I suppose the winter really battered me and i'm soar I need to work to help pay bills at home. We decided to go out for some Chinese since it's along the way we drove past to arrive at the bank a place i'm always going to take my mother, they recently built this new bank which belongs to Bank of America, I know what it is so I open the door to speak to someone walking out it's early in the morning. I think i'm having problems communicating with others but okay it's as serious as it sound I have to cancel my memos, declare bankruptcy, quit attending college, make friendships last, get disciplines etc. Because even if I don't have got the job i'm praying that something comes up, it's taking up space to live at home with my mother. I don't care if they opened a new bank or how many places cancel my request to work for them, it just sounds like they told me to shut the hell up because i'm not dreaming about dream liners it's 4 AM here. At the China King the place where we went to eat after leaving Chase bank i'm sitting inside eating when all of a sudden I realized the BMW parked outside, and someone leaving with it immediately after we begin to eat food. It's slow out here at the airport you see things, police waiting to arrest someone next to parking talking on the phone. The radio however sounds like the medium which people use to chat with another on TV I was watching an interesting news episode. This one Nun appears and I am calm as if I didn't notice my cousin's Ford Taurus with a yellow jacket on the drivers seat, it's uncommon to see familiar scenes i'm paranoid I need to ask more questions the attire which they use to park planes you know the clothes. I got one of them after I was hired but the job not serious I have to keep coming up with a reason why I shouldn't work there. But after she told me I couldn't come back ever again I walked out after all Cargo jobs aren't paying me i'm not going to be able to make them hire me I had enough. I even recall going to Mercedes Benz afterwards to check out the parking lot, I parked my car then entered it's about to rain this looks nice. How many miles does it have? how much does it cost? who is going to buy it? the thunderstorms would soon make it rain i'm driving home feeling alright because I did everything in my power to apply for a job let's hope I get a call. During the interview I was asked a few questions which I replied subsequently I came to see if I could get hired not look downstairs she said she was going to call me after speaking to the headquarters about rehiring me, now I know it's going to work I thought to myself as it began to rain this war of the worlds. So I am hoping for them to see something valuable in me she gave me her number so I walked into the airport just one more time to see if I could get my job back, it appeared okay until she told me she didn't find me interesting and that they couldn't do it. I was really upset I made excuses but what she told me sank in I have been trying not to cry but i'm a grow up eternally speaking from the heart, this company doesn't rehire people who've come and gone. I did everything in my power to shine some light it's however taking up so much power I was looking down on them like it's easy but it's impossible so I am looking around elsewhere. The man said something about never coming back he mentioned the time and i'm like okay sir, the lady who I saw with for my interview me told the General Manager who explained that it was going to be awhile before I could get a job there.



Architectural Urbanism: Seoul/Melbourne

This exhibition is concerned with urban design and the long-term sustainability of cities in the Asia-Pacific region, drawing on the work of architects from Seoul, South Korea, and Melbourne, Australia. The first instalment took place in the Korean National University of Arts Gallery last year. The second stage is now open at RMIT Design Hub.


Making Muslim Terrorists

Making Muslim Terrorists ~ How the police state creates enemies.

Missing Malaysia Airlines plane was ‘shot down in military training exercise’, book claims

Times of India - On Monday, just 71 days after the Boeing 777 vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, "Flight MH370: The Mystery" will go on sale in Australia, Sun-Herald reported.


India's Narendra Modi leads conservatives to election day victory

LA Times - India’s conservative opposition party won national elections in a landslide, results showed Friday, riding a message of optimism and clean, business-friendly governance to a historic parliamentary majority that could profoundly change the direction of the world’s largest democracy.

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Wu Disciples: Michael Jackson Hologram performance at the Billbo...

Wu Disciples: Michael Jackson Hologram performance at the Billbo...

The Verdict on Nicole Kidman's Long-Awaited Grace of Monaco: Boo

The Atlantic - The treacly Grace Kelly biopic opened Cannes to a less-than-thrilled response.

African Writers Call for Release of Zone 9 Bloggers in Ethiopia

African Writers Call for Release of Zone 9 Bloggers in Ethiopia


Virgin America Reports April 2014 Operational Results

Virgin America today reported its preliminary operational results for April 2014 and the first four months of the year.

Royal Caribbean: We Like Big Ships and We Cannot Lie

Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) is doubling down on the mega cruise ship. The company currently operates the two largest cruise ships, Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas, with a third Oasis-class vessel set to join its fleet in spring 2016.


The Improbable Rise of Rita Ora: A Guide for the Modern Day Celebrity

She’s gone from singer to model to actress to all-around famous person in the blink of an eye. Rita Ora is just one of a new class of social media-fueled celebs who seem to do it all. go here.


Jennifer Lopez V. Rihanna: Epic Booty Battle At iHeartRadio Awards

Baby got back! Both sexy stars playfully posed, showing off their round derrieres — but who deserves to win this showdown? go here.