Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Announce Plans to Divorce

Yahoo - It’s a sad day for Hollywood royalty: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are splitting up after a decade of marriage. The couple confirmed the end of their marriage with a


Iggy Azalea Blames Britney Spears for 'Pretty Girls' Not Being a Hit

Yahoo Music - Iggy Azalea is back on social media, and it’s safe to say she angered a few people with her remarks during a Twitter Q&A with fans about the lack of chart success with her Britney Spears collaboration “Pretty Girls.”


Sky contemplates F1 takeover -- report

LONDON (AFP) - British-based satellite broadcaster Sky is mulling over a £4.5 billion ($6.8 billion, 6.06 billion euros) bid to take a controlling stake in Formula One, potentially trumping a Qatari-backed consortium's plan to seize control of the sport, the Sunday Times reported.


interview with stacy barnes, design lead at IDEO.org

Design Boom - stacy barnes’ role is to help IDEO.org think strategically about how we position ourselves in the world.

Nanotechnology: Armed resistance

Nature.com - Nature assesses the aftermath of a series of nanotechnology-lab bombings in Mexico — and asks how the country became a target of eco-anarchists.

Nas Says America Is “Selling a False Dream”

XXL Mag - This is a controversial issue but I blame those rioters for crowding the streets with those kinds of troubling topics and conditions which make the town a place to fight and conduct warfare citizen bully, it doesn't matter who's doing what where say what because of freedom and tax system. Certain sensitive issues create trouble for naysayers who act innocent willing to overpower the police for example obtaining weapons?? it's a sin the morals which are enacted by forefathers and presidential candidates. It had to have created an escape hatch for freedom fighters and historic figures. We really need to stop investigating one another and pursue other dreams other nations make us look bad but it's not wasn't a terrifying end, stop all the lying and racial hatred win over votes depending on who you think should be on top confronting such situations.

Morgan: United States not the favorite for Women’s World Cup

Goal - U.S. women's team star Alex Morgan has high hopes, but told Goal she does not consider the squad the favorite to win the 2015 Women's World Cup.

Mumias Sugar Factory Tour

Today I handed over a 1 billion shillings cheque to Mumias Sugar Company towards its revival. I will closely monitor...

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Deputy President William Ruto and I on a conducted tour of Mumias Sugar Factory in Kakamega County.

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Addressing Kakamega residents following a tour of the Mumias Sugar Factory in Kakamega County.

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Love and Terror in the Black Church

NY Times - I was entering a sanctuary, a sacred space to speak the word of the Lord and to lift the spirits of God’s people. But I was also entering a black church, a site of particular power in this country, and a site of unspeakable terror.


In Newark, a Vertical Indoor Farm Helps Anchor an Area’s Revival

AeroFarms is partnering with RBH Group, Goldman Sachs, and Prudential to transform former steel mill in Newark, NJ into their new corporate HQ and corporate farm that will be the world's largest indoor vertical farm for baby leafy greens.


AeroFarms, a company producing herbs and vegetables in an indoor, vertical environment.


Why Madonna's 'Bitch I'm Madonna' Video Is the Video She Needed to Make

For MDNA, Madonna didn't do too much… but she did perform at the Super Bowl less than two months before its release. The pop superstar got to perform her "Give Me All Your Luvin'" on the biggest stage in the world days after the song hit the Internet, and the lead single quickly became a top 20 hit.


Review: Breakin’ Convention (@Bconvention) 2015 !

Iamhiphopmagazine - Since becom­ing a glob­al­ised entity, Hip-Hop has become a lense through which the prac­ti­tioner sees the world; and their art becomes a pro­jec­tion of this real­ity. From social calls to action to show­boat­ing dis­plays of ill skills: Breakin’ Con­ven­tion show­cased more elec­tri­fy­ing diversity than cas­ual observ­ers of either dance or the Hip-Hop-sphere would hope to expect.

Diplo on Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding and Why He Was So Hard on Zedd « Radio.com

Diplo on Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding and Why He Was So Hard on Zedd « Radio.com


A Daily Dose of Architecture: Book Review: Saarinen Houses

A Daily Dose of Architecture: Book Review: Saarinen Houses: Saarinen Houses by Jari Jetsonen, Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen Princeton Architectural Press, 2014 Hardcover, 224 pages I have never been to ...


Sometimes Heartbreak Takes a Hostage

For Björk, a New Album, ‘Vulnicura,’ and a MoMA Show article

Africa must talk to teens about sex to avert new AIDS crisis: TRFN


Billboard Cover: Britney Spears

Billboard Cover: Britney Spears on Why Her Vegas Residency 'Clicked,' Being Inspired by Celine Dion and a New Album Not Being a 'Full Priority'

Migrants in hunger strike at France-Italy border

Ventimiglia (Italy) (AFP) - Dozens of migrants refused entry into France went on hunger strike Saturday at the border crossing in Ventimiglia in Italy, where they organised a sit-in and threatened to block traffic.

French border police told AFP

Read more: go here

Get Your Ass to Space

Gizmodo - This is an amazing time for space exploration, with expansions to the International Space Station, successful launches of private spacecraft from SpaceX, and the Martian rovers continuing their epic journey across the Red Planet’s surface.


25th African Union (AU) Heads of State and Government Summit

Hello, Today I was watching the final moments of the Le-Mans 24 Hour race and would like to post this update because the country has been celebrating and buzzing with events. If you look at the headlines corruption and theft etc have been mentioned plenty, the eradication of poverty, illiteracy, disease, terrorism, the environment the response to emergent threats at various counties. What takes place during the week is reported in the news don't know exactly when citizens are going to sit and debate these matters, since attacks in Garissa, Kenya. What took place as gunmen drove towards a University College campus and opened fire the security guards weren't called i'm sure it doesn't matter if the campus was a haven for criminals it's not very unusual for such a scene to be depicted on television screens.

People who live and had to sit reading the headline in those areas have access to cars didn't someone attempt to provide their assistance, but turn around and become a scapegoat? someone walking can get upset and react to what already happened in the media the other way correct. If you went to the holiday celebrations rally at the park the presidents speech wasn't very clear it was alright they talked and left in a motorcade. I had to view it online didn't sound like they were ashamed to be there but I myself am a victim I paid attention am not a coward sitting in a prison. They then went to the railway engineers the company constructing the countries main projects to hear what they had to say, they have made promises to look forward to better faster reliable transport. I want to let it be known this is an important milestone for the Kenyan railway system an important construct costing millions. Can we agree about something despite the travel ban imposed on travelers arriving from the Middle East the schedule remains the same a phone has been ruled out, it doesn't cause train crashes but human error does. The leader has been to many areas parts of East-Africa talking to foreigners sometimes for hours, days. Who is wondering about the farming industry? the titles handed out what does all this mean from a foreign standpoint let's dialog, citizens need to be told not to despise his gratitude as third president. Just like in Asia when peasant workers and miners encounter accidents they need compensation how about now? these counties make news headlines do we need to read between the lines honestly. What made the news? East-Africa sits and responds to terrorists in Garissa, the railway construction it doesn't appear worth it mining and promoting criminal wrongdoing the confusion must end. Let's promote tourism settlements like in South Africa promotes hatred I know enough about where I came from since leaving Nairobi Africa has become a thing of the past with stars taking the front seat. The railway does look "worth it" mining and promoting your governance when the tourism sectors takes a beating no laughing matter it became dangerous I notice certain crowds leaving let's deDeescalate it. As president Uhuru Kenyatta visits specific countries let's hope he's not lambaste him in public, the weather has been rough the Vice President and him stand next to these construction projects the railway masterminds. When is he going to address cabinet there are view points the media highlights to the public. How many diplomats number unknown their maybe not on the agenda but international participants looking forward to visiting aren't listening to leaked information. Let's make sure that nothing ends up on the front news that puts freedom in jeopardy items such as the nations flag following these violent reactions, things which never work. Financial the president maybe does want to depart in a hurry, onto places nobody has seen or heard of what about the countries history? just to talk about promotions and the Olympics now the Fifa scandal. A kenyan abroad does intend to obtain merchandise and be given support a donation perhaps no matter the consequence of someone's positive/negative response towards them.

Hulkenberg wins Le Mans in Porsche one-two

Yahoo UK - Porsche ended Audi's winning run at the Le Mans 24 Hours race on Sunday with a one-two finish and Formula One driver Nico Hulkenberg triumphant at his first attempt. The German, driving the number 19 works Porsche he shared with New Zealand's Earl Bamber and Briton Nick Tandy, took the chequered flag for the marque's first win at the Sarthe circuit since 1998. It was Porsche's 17th Le Mans win.

Porsche wins the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans

Ford’s Returning to Le Mans to Kick More Euro Ass

The Debate Over 2 Auto Racing Series Is in the Details

Does Rachel Dolezal's Lie About Her Race Discredit Her Civil Rights Work?

Essence - Officials are now investigating whether Dolezal violated the NAACP code of ethics by falsely identifying as African American.


Rant: SNTweet

Silicon Valley: Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had it tough

I just watched the news about twitter reshaping it's strategy and whatever else they are asking from viewers because they want a new CEO. It's alright for it to come up with such an idea to begin with I first noticed the social network site when someone mentioned where they were supposed to be during that particular day, anyway it was a unique post I didn't expect such a statement to reach a climax or culminate into naming itself after google. What bothered me is these tech companies try and get rich from users let me explain take two letters from the alphabet, don't you realize it's English. But does anybody care about about tech giants making money the old school way someone is actually learning from such a conversation. It could have been named something else not twitter, this sounds very much like a convention center nightmare. Because I wasn't looking forward to using something I noticed placed under ticket master, someone could get it confused with someplace uncommon to most people. So i'm upset with the way this startup came up with the name and then the simple way it's used you type in a sentence and it's stacked over other words. I didn't come up with the idea to use simple sentences but since I no longer work I find it challenging for such a thing to be covering up office employees mistakes. A CEO should take responsibility for not just who puts on the pants or how you get to actually purchasing the pants, techies avoid the argument they create pitfalls when they talk on and on about bitcoin, when really the garbage is full and some inventor is getting rich controlling the way people think. I listen to a lot of music why don't they just come clean and explain exactly to people why the war in Iraq was fought the way it was? why the war on drugs is publicized the way it is? why certain individuals end up taking the blame when things like the flag get burned. If you ask me I think twitter should be blamed for many things not just for the webcam, waste of time cash shortages, loud music etc. But for the way it's users have turned against freedom and justice in America and instead ignoring the many cultures which built and trusted the web for media publicity. Much happens on a typical day sometimes the media posts news articles tweeting is a waste of my time, I wasn't all too impressed to have arrived for a music concert and people acting a certain way, could it be because the web is no longer safe. Should I be concerned about where they're taking the last dollar i'm worried about when the CEO steps down what will & won't happen? they have biz startups all over town some don't look to be making a single dime. But I noticed the immigrants hired to work at fast food joints at the airport etc at such a place they're not from silicon valley or cash strapped California, they're foreigners unable to buy land. Is the media trying to emphasize to people that certain individuals who did surf the web cannot, get employment or whatever penniless lazy. I don't want to buy into it but communicating like that through the cyber maybe isn't cheap it costs I want a job to but i'm looking employment is like loathing but the rich living in north america got stuff to buy. How come Twitter isn't helping make computer use affordable? why argue it's anti-trust anyway for them to sell chicken and offer computer users personal information sorry if I made immigrants upset. I filled my taxes and my IRS return isn't what I had expected i'm confused it's either their entitled to run with doing that online it's getting all the attention because it rhymes with me personal name. It didn't take much to make it work why think about deleting images when really your all they focus on next to work at the office? why fall short of expectations life is short profit doesn't mean anything to a boss for certainly the show ends people's feelings get hurt. Because of this kind of website it's now easy to share information no matter you race or ethnic background. Something they desperately don't own, inventors should know better than to just manipulate the economy with an internet startup such as twitter.


Video of officer who drew gun on black teens raises tension

I wasn't looking forward to viewing this on television it happened this past weekend, I normally realize someone is being ignorant when they refuse to talk or act in disobedience to someone's home & family. I had friends and we would walk to the store it's all over the globe now and I don't know how to explain over a computer what should and shouldn't get done, where we need to go. Alot happens communicating and showing up at the wrong time is probably the reason that starts conflicts, someone's home should not be disrespected I realize and understand that part of the argument. On the weekend many things happen people sometimes go to the area and local shopping mall not everyone has cash, the fact that there isn't anything to do puts local residents and neighborhood watch on high alert. I always used to run into away from school it's a mistake a misfortune walking past someone's home gives the audience the assumption that everything is is going to be all right it isn't your going to be bullied for it. Your left to control someone else's mistakes all the time I hear about the hate and the lying, Texans are loosing ground because of such accidents. Instances where nobody is to blame but your parents and individuals screaming ignoring their own trouble arrest them. I am not saying these children aren't to blame but come on? how many times is someone going to witness a black man getting murdered or arrested? because he got a nice car or didn't know the law. The police patrolman has to take the blame it just appears like there is a cover up real problems plaguing that community, it could be anything silence etc. I would like to know from the news report what that girl wearing a bikini has to say, she seemed to be shouting loud remarks is she abnormal? I had they organized a protest after the girl's father flipped enough about the verbal beat downs. Maybe sometime we respect young girls and don't harass the ladies like they did that girl and those young men. McKinney Mayor says the incident was "not indicative of our community""It does not define us."

Teen arrested at McKinney melee tells his story

Jarring Image of Police’s Use of Force at Texas Pool Party

American inaugurates 787 in latest step of fleet renewal

Flight Global - Flight AA2320, the Fort Worth, Texas-based Oneworld Alliance carrier’s first revenue Dreamliner flight, departed Dallas/Fort Worth International airport at 07:31 local time bound for Chicago O’Hare International airport with a water cannon send off.


The Drum Broker Presents - Behind The Beat with Havoc | Hclass Entertainment

The Drum Broker Presents - Behind The Beat with Havoc | Hclass Entertainment


Meet the woman at the heart of the Supreme Court's Abercrombie decision

Abercrombie’s Legal Defeat—and Its Cultural Failure

The Supreme Court’s busy month is underway, with major rulings expected on same-sex marriage, lethal injection and the Affordable Care Act. This week's opinions involved a free speech case and that of Samantha Elauf, who was denied a job at an Abercrombie & Fitch clothing store in 2008 after wearing a hijab during her interview.

Kylie Jenner Blasts Chris Brown For Offensive Caitlyn Jenner Meme | Global Grind

Kylie Jenner Blasts Chris Brown For Offensive Caitlyn Jenner Meme | Global Grind


Texas Lawmakers Pass Bill to Allow Concealed Carry at Public Colleges

If governor signs bill, openly carrying guns on campus would remain prohibited cont'd.

Texas Lawmakers Pass a Bill Allowing Guns at Colleges

Inspectah Deck Discusses Drake's "Wu Tang Forever"

"I didn't understand how this is a dedication to Wu Tang," he says.

Wu Tang's Inspectah Deck wasn't exactly a big fan of Drake's Nothing Was The Same cut "Wu Tang Forever."


Slide house by y+M design office frames views of coastal hyogo

the dwelling's primary façade features an array of box-like frames that not only ensure privacy, but also act as brise-soleil - protecting against (read more)

Flight Attendant Disciplined After Muslim Woman Says She Faced Discrimination on Flight

Yahoo! News - A flight attendant who refused to give a Muslim passenger an unopened can of Coca-Cola, allegedly telling her it could be used "as a weapon," will no longer be serving customers for that airline, the company said today.

In today's statement, the company noted that all employees for Shuttle America who deal with customers "undergo cultural sensitivity training, and United will continue to work with all of our partners to deliver service that reflects United’s commitment to cultural awareness."

Playstation 4

It was an interesting matchup the Finals aired on Sports ESPN/ABC doesn't matter what went down it was sorta like a close tie but it did appear like they were shouting at each other. I noticed from the clips before the commercial how one of the Warriors was screaming at his teammate to box them Cavaliers, I wasn't looking forward to seeing stuff like the basketball getting shot right before half time but that's when I lost interest and switched it off. They weren't even serious because it started well I do assume the close tie was going to maybe last until the last minute but why show them winning or beating Cleveland when it's OT Two minutes left i'm not into drinking minute maid but why all the closeness and uncomfortable look on the basketball court. Lebron James was ridiculed before the finals but I think he tried to speak to his teammates and media about the backlash of any looser hating on them. So it simply wasn't a win/win situation they did the same thing they've done to get them on top Golden State always pulls out some kind of trick question and generally it's to make their opponents loose, if your following up on the finals let's just say one coach kinda controlled the court because it's the end and i'm returning to find the other guy standing around walking away with his staff it's game over. I like the term creative because it's unusual the team which is most in control of the final destination of the game may end up winning anytime anyplace. The Warriors went ahead 108-98 on free throws with 1:16 to play. James' layup with 8.9 seconds left accounted for Cleveland's only points in overtime. James, who missed three shots and had two turnovers in overtime, walked off the court in frustration as time expired. Incredible season at the end of the game they asked Curry about what he thought about the game and the guy just dissed the mic going on about something I don't exactly know what he said but it looked like he screwed the fans with some yellow kicks. Meanwhile notice Cavs' Irving being evaluated by team doctors afterwards I see him throw his Cleveland jersey and ignoring the craving to continue showing up playing along as a team next to Lebron James. I intend to see them accomplish the next to last mission especially with this kind of squad.


U.K. State Surveillance Powers Challenged Under Human Rights Law

Tech Crunch - A case is being heard in the U.K. High Court today and tomorrow, brought by civil rights campaign group Liberty and two MPs: the Labour Party’s Tom Watson and the Conservative’s David Davis. They are challenging DRIPA on Human Rights grounds — referencing


Rappers aren’t shy when it comes to showing off their extravagant lifestyles, but have you ever wondered how much money they actually have? Nikki Minaj has a net worth of roughly $50 million, but that’s nothing compared to the rappers who made our list.


EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Jenner on Her Racy Social Media Posts: 'I Don't Really Regret Anything'

“You are always going to have haters and negative comments… so we try not to read them,” Kylie added.

Maria Sharapova loses to Lucie Safarova in upset at French Open

Sporting News - Lucie Safarova reached her second grand slam quarterfinal with a 7-6 (7-3) 6-4 victory over defending French Open champion Maria Sharapova on Monday.

Helping Kenyans Find Their Voices

Boniface Mwangi gave up photography so that he could stimulate political discussion through protest art go here.

Meeting with the SGR Team at the CRBC Voi Camp

Meeting with the SGR Team at the CRBC Voi Camp. My Government has started negotiations with the company building the...

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday, May 26, 2015

National Security Surveillance, Communication and Control System

Earlier today, I oversaw the official hand-over of the first phase of the National Security Surveillance, Communication...

Posted by Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday, May 23, 2015

Google Centralizes Privacy And Security Controls On New Web Dashboard

Google this morning announced an improved set of privacy controls for online users, as well as a dedicated website that attempts to answer people’s concerns regarding Google’s data collection practices across its online properties.

Hip-Hop Speaks Out on Excessive Police Force

In the Fusion short film Black White & Blue, Hip-Hop artists...