25th African Union (AU) Heads of State and Government Summit

Hello, Today I was watching the final moments of the Le-Mans 24 Hour race and would like to post this update because the country has been celebrating and buzzing with events. If you look at the headlines corruption and theft etc have been mentioned plenty, the eradication of poverty, illiteracy, disease, terrorism, the environment the response to emergent threats at various counties. What takes place during the week is reported in the news don't know exactly when citizens are going to sit and debate these matters, since attacks in Garissa, Kenya. What took place as gunmen drove towards a University College campus and opened fire the security guards weren't called i'm sure it doesn't matter if the campus was a haven for criminals it's not very unusual for such a scene to be depicted on television screens.

People who live and had to sit reading the headline in those areas have access to cars didn't someone attempt to provide their assistance, but turn around and become a scapegoat? someone walking can get upset and react to what already happened in the media the other way correct. If you went to the holiday celebrations rally at the park the presidents speech wasn't very clear it was alright they talked and left in a motorcade. I had to view it online didn't sound like they were ashamed to be there but I myself am a victim I paid attention am not a coward sitting in a prison. They then went to the railway engineers the company constructing the countries main projects to hear what they had to say, they have made promises to look forward to better faster reliable transport. I want to let it be known this is an important milestone for the Kenyan railway system an important construct costing millions. Can we agree about something despite the travel ban imposed on travelers arriving from the Middle East the schedule remains the same a phone has been ruled out, it doesn't cause train crashes but human error does. The leader has been to many areas parts of East-Africa talking to foreigners sometimes for hours, days. Who is wondering about the farming industry? the titles handed out what does all this mean from a foreign standpoint let's dialog, citizens need to be told not to despise his gratitude as third president. Just like in Asia when peasant workers and miners encounter accidents they need compensation how about now? these counties make news headlines do we need to read between the lines honestly. What made the news? East-Africa sits and responds to terrorists in Garissa, the railway construction it doesn't appear worth it mining and promoting criminal wrongdoing the confusion must end. Let's promote tourism settlements like in South Africa promotes hatred I know enough about where I came from since leaving Nairobi Africa has become a thing of the past with stars taking the front seat. The railway does look "worth it" mining and promoting your governance when the tourism sectors takes a beating no laughing matter it became dangerous I notice certain crowds leaving let's deDeescalate it. As president Uhuru Kenyatta visits specific countries let's hope he's not lambaste him in public, the weather has been rough the Vice President and him stand next to these construction projects the railway masterminds. When is he going to address cabinet there are view points the media highlights to the public. How many diplomats number unknown their maybe not on the agenda but international participants looking forward to visiting aren't listening to leaked information. Let's make sure that nothing ends up on the front news that puts freedom in jeopardy items such as the nations flag following these violent reactions, things which never work. Financial the president maybe does want to depart in a hurry, onto places nobody has seen or heard of what about the countries history? just to talk about promotions and the Olympics now the Fifa scandal. A kenyan abroad does intend to obtain merchandise and be given support a donation perhaps no matter the consequence of someone's positive/negative response towards them.

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